Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 57. Uththara Theera Prapthi:/ Hanuman’s arrival at Mount Mahendra !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Jai Anjaneya !!

Sachandhra Kumudha Ramyasarkkanrandavam Shubham |
Thishya Shravana Kadhambamram Shaivalashadhvalam ||
Punarvasu Mahameenam Lohithangamahagruham |
Airavatha Mahadhvipam Swathihamsa Viloditham ||
Vathasamghathajathormim Chandramshu Shishirambumath |
Bujanga Yaksha Gandharva  Prabuddha Kamalothpalam ||
Hanuman Maruthagathirmahanairiva Sagaram |
Aparamaparishrantha: Pupluve Gaganarnnavam  ||
Hanuman took a giant leap on the sky, across the vast ocean at the speed of wind, moon in the sky shone like water Lilly with its constellations Pushya and Shravana as swans, Punarvasu as huge fish, mars as alligator, Swathi as waves and  Nagas, Yakshas, and Yakshas as fully bloomed lotuses.  The illustrious Hanuman, son of Lord Vayu, who was attired in white clothes moved on the sky as if swallowing the planets, darted through heavy clouds with a boisterous noise, gave out the appearance of moon; he resembled the King of birds Garuda.  Hanuman after killing multitudes of demons, causing extreme distress to Ravana and ruined the city of Lanka, bade farewell to Sita and returned to his abode.  Hanuman touched Mount Mainaka as a mark of respect, and returned with a great speed of an arrow.  Eventually, Hanuman approached Mount Mahendra which gave out the appearance of dense cloud; he produced a great roar that reverberated in all directions. Hanuman roared and whipped his tail on the ground with a great enthusiasm to meet his associates.  Those mighty Vanaras who were eagerly waiting for the arrival of Hanuman, listened his energetic voice and witnessed Hanuman.  The foremost among the warriors, Jambavan’s mind was thrilled with extreme joy and spoke “Hanuman must have accomplished the task; there is no doubt in this matter, that is why he sounded like this.”  Vanaras assembled were noticed the swift movement of virtuous Hanuman, instantly all the Vanaras were began to jump in extreme delight from their respective places, they began to fling themselves from one place to another, swiftly crossed from one tree to another and one peak to another and they have immersed in all monkey acts with an intense desire to watch Hanuman who was darting through the thick clouds, all the Vanaras joined their palms and offered salutation to him,  ultimately, Hanuman descended on the Mount Mahendra which is packed with woods.  All the Vanaras enthusiastically approached Hanuman, chief among the Vanaras and offered him various fruits and honored him,  they were happy to receive Hanuman hail and healthy.  Hanuman, excellent among Vanaras offered salutation to elderly Vanaras, Jambavan and Angadha, in return they admired Hanuman for his triumph.  Hanuman briefly informed that he has located Sita.  He seized the hand of Angadha, son of vali and settled on a distinct place on the excellent wood of Mount Mahendra.  Hanuman began to speak in a nectar like words to Vanaras “ I have found Sita, daughter of King Janaka, in the Ashokavanam, she was surrounded by dreadful female demons, she is an young woman with a single plait of hair, she is longing to see Rama, she is thin and frail due to continuous fast  and  grief of separation from her husband, she was attired in a murky saffron robe.”  All the Vanaras were extremely delightful and let out roar and various sounds, some of them waved with their tails, some of them let out the cries of joy, some of them hurled themselves from the mountain, some of them touched Hanuman affectionately.  Angadha, who was in the middle of warriors, bean to speak significant words “ Oh! Hanuman, you are matchless as you have crossed the mighty ocean of hundred Yojana, none of us could stand equal to your prowess and might.  You have marvelous devotion and dedication to Lord, you are extremely courageous and powerful, you have located the virtuous Sita, consort of Rama and soon he can get relieved out of the sorrow caused by the separation from her.”  All those mighty Vanaras took their seats on the rocks encircling Angadha, Hanuman and Jambavan, were fervently waiting to hear Hanuman, and with their palms joined, yearning to hear about crossing of the mighty ocean, sight of City of Lanka and all about Ravana and Sita.  Angadha who was seated in the middle of all the Vanaras, resembled like Lord Indra, Lord of celestials among the deities in his abode.  The resplendent Hauman and prominent Angadha who was decked in marvelous armlet stood in splendor, all the Vanaras were merrily settled on the high and large peak.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!