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Sundarakandam !! 35. Sri Rama Lakshmanayo: Anga Lakshana Nirupanam / Sita enquires Hanuman to describe the physique of Rama & Lakshmana !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Thama Thu Rama Katham Shruthva Vaidhehi Vanarashabath |
Uvacha Vachanam Santhvam  Idham Madhuraya Gira ||
Kvathey Ramena Samasarga: Katham Janasi Lakshmanam |
Vanaranam Naranam Cha Kathamaseeth Samagama: ||
Yani Ramasya Lingani Lakshmanasya Cha Vanara |
Thani Bhooya: Samachakshva Na Mam Shoka: Samavisheth ||
Keedhrusham Thasya Samsthanam Roopam Ramasya  Keedhrusham |
Katham Uru Katham Bahu Lakshmanasya Chashamsamey ||
Yevamukthva: Thu Vaidhehya Hanuman Maruthathmaja: |
Thatho Ramam Yaya  Thathvam Akhyathumupachakramey ||
Sita after listening to the description about Rama by Hanuman, best among the Vanaras, she began to speak “ Oh! Vanara, how did you meet Rama? How did you know Lakshmana? How did the union between Vanaras & Humans take place? Oh! Vanara, kindly narrate the characteristics of Rama & Lakshmana that would curtail my sorrows.  Kindly narrate the appearance of Rama & Lakshmana, and each and every body parts like thigh, arms etc.. 
Yani Ramasya Chinhnani  Lakshmanasya  Cha Yani Vai |
Lakshithani Vishalakshi Vadhatha: Shrunu Thanimey ||
Rama : Kamalapathraksha: Sarvabhootha Manohara : |
Roopadhakshinya Sampanna: Prasootho Janakathmajey ||
Thejasadhithya Samkasha: Kshamaya Prithvisama: |
Bruhaspathi Samo Budhdhya  Yashasa Vasavopama: ||
Rakshitha Jeevalokasya Swajanasya Cha Rakshitha |
Rakshitha Svasyavruththasya Dharmasya Cha Paramamthapa: ||
Ramo Bhamini Lokasya Chathurvarnasya Rakshitha |
Maryadhanam Cha Lokasya Kartha Karayitha cha Sa: ||
Archishman Architho Athyarththam Brahmacharya  Vrathesthitha: |
Sadhoonam Upakaranjjya: Pracharascha: Cha Karmanam ||
Rajavidhya Vineetha: Cha  Brahmananam Upasitha |
Shruthavan Sheelasampanno Vineetha: Cha  Paranthapa: ||
Yajurvedha Vineetha: Cha Vedhavidhbhi: Supujitha: |
Dhanur: Vedhe Cha Vedhe Cha Vedhangeshu Cha Nishtitha: ||
Vipulamso Mahabahu: Kambugreevaha: Shubanana: |
Goojathru: Suthamraksho Ramo Devi Janai:shrutha: ||
Dhundhubhiswana Nirghosha: Snigdhavarna: Prathapavan |
Sama: Sama Vibhakthango Varnam Shyamam Samashritha: ||
Thrishthira: Thripralamba: Cha Thrisama: Thrishucha Unnatha: |
Thrivalivan Vyavantha: Chathu: Vyanga: Thrishirshavan ||
Thrivalivamsvyavanthascha Thuryanga Sthirshirshavan |
Chathushakalash Chathurlaikha Chathushkishkushachathu: Sama: ||
Chathushkala: Chathu: Lekha: Chathushkishku: Chathu: Sama: |
Chathurdharsha Samadhvandha: Chathu:Dhashta: Chathu:Gathi: ||
Dhasha Padmo Dhasha Bhruhath Thribhi: Vyaptho Dhvishuklavan |
Shadunnatho Navathanu: Thribhi: Vyapnothi Raghava: ||
Sathyadharma Para:  Sriman Samgraha Anugraheratha: |
Deshakala Vibhagajjya: Sarvaloka Priyamvadha: ||
Bhratha Cha  Thasya Dhvaimathra: Soumithri: Aparajitha: |
Anuragena  Roopena Gunai: Chaiva Thadhavidha: ||
Thavubhou Narashandhoolou  Thvadharshana Samuthsukai |
Vichinvanau Mahim Kristhnamasmabirabhi Sangathau ||
Hanuman began to describe the uniqueness of Rama and Lakshmana after listening to Sita, “ Oh! Vaidhehi/ Kamalapathrakshi, who has beautiful eyes like lotus flower, it is my extreme delight and fortune to narrate the appearances of Rama & Lakshmana, although you are completely aware of it.  Oh! Vishalakshi/Lady with wide beautiful eyes, listen to me carefully to my description about Rama & Lakshmana.  Oh! Janakathamje/ daughter of King of Janaka, Rama has the eyes resemblance to lotus flower, he is charismatic, compassionate, and he has possessed the virtue and honesty by birth.  He has the radiance of Lord Aditya, he has the patience like the Mother Earth, and he has the wisdom & Knowledge like Sage Brihaspathi and Prowess like Lord Indra.  Rama is the conqueror of enemies, protector of all the living beings and his own people.  He is the protector of righteousness and his character.  Oh! Bhamini, resplendent Rama observes chastity, protect virtuous, he is well are of the actions and its consequences.  He is well trained from royal institution; possess eternal wisdom and knowledge, he venerates Brahmin and priestly class, he is upright and modest.  He is excellent in Yajurveda and its applications, well versed in Vedas and Vendanga, he is exceptional in archery as well.  Oh! Devi, Rama has broad shoulders and long arms, shell shaped neck, hidden collar – bone, beautiful red eyes and well respected by people.  He has the voice like the sound of kettle-drum, radiant skin tone, he is well built and has the complexion of Shyamavarna, every limbs of chest, waist, fist, eyebrows, arms, soles, hair locks, testicle, knee, navel, abdomen, rim of eyes, nails, palms, are symmetrically arranged.  He has equally matched fourteen pairs of limbs of eyebrows, nostrils, eyes, ears, lips, nipples, elbows, wrists, knees, testicle, loins, hands, feet, and thighs.  His four teeth at both the ends of upper and lower jaws are very sharp.  His gaits are similar to the walks of lion, tighter, elephant and bull.  He has possessed attractive lips, chin and nose.  He has shining teeth, eyes, skin tone and soles.  He has eight long limbs of arms, fingers and toes, eyes and ears, thighs and shanks.  He has ten limbs like lotus, he has ten ample limbs, and he performs the religious rites, worldly riches and sensuous delight at three times a day.  Rama is the personification of righteousness and prosperity.  He finds immense pleasure in facilitation and reception, he is well aware of allocation of time and place, he is a sweet talker to all.  Lakshmana/Aparajitha, who is the younger brother to Rama, delight of Sumithra, is equivalent to the appearance, righteousness and qualities of Rama.  These two glorious brothers Rama & Lakshmana are tigers among men are earnestly waiting to see you and conducting rigorous search for you all over the Earth, eventually came in contact with us.  These two brothers are wandering all over the Earth in search of you, ultimately met Sugriva, Lord of Vanaras, at the top of Mount Rishyamukha surrounded by wood.  Sugriva was dethroned by his elder brother Vali and expelled into the wood; we are serving the Lord of Vanara who is true to his promise.  These two brothers in the attire of an ascetic, wielded with marvelous bow appeared in Rishyamukha.  Sugriva got alarmed after seeing these two stunning men Rama & Lakshman, immediately he settled on the hill top and commanded me to approach them.  I have met the valorous Rama & Lakshmana of marvelous appearances and offered my salutation.  These two brothers were compassionate, after listening to the appalling situation of Sugriva.  They ascended on my shoulder and I took them to the mount Rishyamukha, I have explained the unpleasant situation of Rama & Lakshmana  to Sugriva.  These two brothers have engaged in a fruitful conversation with Sugriva, eventually a close alliance was formed in between them.  The Lord of Vanara Sugriva and Lord of Earth Rama has formed a close association with each other and gained mutual confidence.  Rama pacified Sugriva, who was banished from his Kingdom by his elder brother Vali for the sake a woman, Ruma.  Lakshmana described the pitiable state of Rama after the abduction of Sita to Sugriva, consequently Sugriva became dismal like sun in the hours of eclipse.  The multitudes of ornaments dropped by you at the time of abduction by Ravana, was handed delightfully to Rama by the warriors of Vanara, but they were unaware of further actions of Ravana.  I have handed all those jewels to Rama, shortly he became unconscious and the jewels were scattered all over the place, these ornaments aggravated the pain in  Rama, who has the appearance of deity,  he kept the ornaments close to him and grieved bitterly, he was heartbroken, lied on the ground for a long time.  Later, I have appeased him and made him to settle.  Rama and Lakshmana closely examined the ornaments and gave it back to Sugriva.  Oh! Arye, virtuous Rama is tormented with extreme grief like a live volcano; he is tormented with sleeplessness, grief and sorrow, like living in the middle of burning house.  He is besieged at the separation from you, like a huge mountain quivered by earthquake.  Oh! Nrupathmaje , Rama is not finding any pleasure while moving through the marvelous wood, lakes, waterfalls etc..  Oh! Janakathmaje, resplendent Rama will destroy Ravana and his relatives and liberate you.  On that day of alliance between Rama and Sugriva, it was decided that Rama will conquer Vali and Sugriva will take appropriate measures for the search of you.  Shortly, Rama killed Vali, King of Vanaras in a vicious                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              battle and these two princes Rama & Lakshmana arrived in Kishkindha, eventually Rama crowned Sugriva as the King of Kishkindha.  Oh! Devi, in this way the close association of Rama with Sugriva took place, I am Hanuman, kindly recognize me as the messenger of them.  Sugriva deployed mighty Vanaras in to ten directions to conduct meticulous search for you, before long all those mighty Vanaras had set out for rigorous search in all directions of the Earth.  Angadha, son of Vali is a splendid warrior left with one third of his army, set out for thorough search for you, number of days and nights have passed in vain, we were in utter grief and desolate, lost our track in the greatest Mount Vindhya.  We have decided to sacrifice our lives due to fear of mighty King Sugriva, we were already elapsed the time limit and we were totally dejected due to the failure in our task.  We conducted rigorous search in wood, mountains and inaccessible places for you, we could not make trace of you, at that moment we have decided to give up our lives.  Oh! Vaidhehi, we were all calmly waiting for death, Angadha, excellent monkey warrior, son of Vali was completely immersed in the ocean of sorrow, lamented over the loss of you, death of Vali and Jatayu, and we were all heartily willing to give up our lives.  At this moment, we have witnessed the King of Birds, Sampati lamenting over the death of his brother Jatayu, he enquired us “Oh! Vanarothama, kindly narrate who and how did my younger brother Jatayu was killed?” further Sampathi narrated the death of Jatayu who was killed in Janasthana by a dreadful demon while protecting you.  Oh! Vararohe/Lady with slender waist, Sampathi son of Aruna informed about the existence of you in Ravana’s palace.  We were thrilled at the information and preceded our journey in the leadership of Angadha through the Vindhya to northern shore of the ocean.  We were all worried after witnessing mighty ocean; I have removed the trepidation of the Vanaras who were anxious to cross the mighty ocean of hundred Yojana.  I have seen the city of Lanka filled with dreadful demons in the night, I have seen you and Ravana immersed in grief.  Oh! Anindhithey/ Unblemished, I have narrated all that had happened in real, kindly recognize me as the messenger of Rama.  Oh! Devi, I have made an effort to come here on behalf of Rama, I am the minister of King Sugriva and son of Lord Vayu.  Rama, excellent man among the wielders of bow is safe, virtuous Lakshmana, who is always immersed in the service to his brother also safe.   Oh! Devi, I am interested in the welfare of your husband Rama, arrived here at the command of King Sugriva.  I can assume any form at my will; I was wandering alone without anyone’s assistance, eventually arrived in southern direction.  I shall remove the grief of the warriors of Vanaras who were lamenting over the disappearance of you, I am fortunate enough to witnessing you.  Oh! Devi, it was my great luck that the crossing of mighty ocean did not go waste.  The valorous Rama will kill the demon King Ravana along with his friends and relatives and release you.  Oh! Vaidhehi, Kesari, great monkey warrior already proceeded from mount Malayavan which is one of the well know mountains to Gokarna.  All the deities and Rishis earnestly prayed to Kesari, my father to vanquish the demon Shambasadhan at a sacred shrine near sea shore.  Oh!  Maithili, I have born to Kesari with the grace of Lord Vayu,  I am Hanuman well known for my activities.  Oh! Vaidhehi, I have described the characteristics of your husband to gain your trust. Oh! Ananghe Devi/unblemished, Rama will liberate you from here very shortly.”  The above words of Hanuman inspired Sita to gain confidence, she was already emaciated with utter grief, she was extremely happy, and her eyes were filled with tears of joy.  Vishalakshi who has wide beautiful eyes shone brilliantly like moon released from the clutches of Rahu.  Sita realized Hanuman as the messenger of Rama, consequently he continued “Oh! Maithili, I have informed you in order to appease you. I would like to hear from you, what I should do? What is agreeable to you? I am going back now.  Oh! Maithili, Shambasadana was killed in a battle by Kesari, prominent monkey warrior at the persuasion of deities, I am born to Lord Vayu and I have possessed equivalent strength of him.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!