Sunday, 18 May 2014

Balakandam !! The birth of Lord Rama & His brothers !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Thatho Yagna Sampathey Thu Rithunam Sath Samathyayu:
Thatha: Cha Dwadhashey Masey Chaithrey Navamikey Thithau ||
Nakshathrey Adithi Dhaivathye Sva Uccha Sanastheshu Panchashu
Graheshu Karkatey Lagne Vakpatha Indhuna Saha ||
Prodhyamaney Jagannatham Sarvaloka Namaskritham
Kausalya Anjanayath Ramam Sarva Lakshna Samyutham ||
Vishno: Ardham Mahabhagam Puthram Ikshvaku Nandanam
Lohithaksham Mahabhahum Raktha Oshtam Dhundhubi Swanam
The celestials were highly pleased with the offerings made by King Dasaratha in the sacrificial fire and returned to their abodes.   Eventually King Dasaratha along with his wives returned to their Kingdom of Ayodhya accompanied by numerous guides, assistants after the successful completion of Ashwamedha Yaga and Puthra Kameshti Yaga.  The prominent Kings who were present on the occasion were extremely delightful and returned to their Kingdom after paying obeisance to Sage Vashishta, the associates of the Kings were happy to receive fine clothes as gifts.  The procession of Vedic scholars and King Dasaratha along with his wives entered the city of Ayodhya accompanied by Sage Rishyashrunga and his wife Shantha, King Romapada and the entourage of him.  The remaining months King Dasaratha was completely absorbed in the pleasing memory of the birth of their children.
The six seasons have passed in the twelfth month, on the ninth day of the month Chaithra, with the birth star Punarvasu and Aditi as the presiding deity of the star, the five planets such as Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus were in highest of the positions.  On that auspicious day, Kousalya gave birth to a son with all divine features like lotus-eyes, long arms, pink colored lips, voice of drumbeat.  Rama who was a personification of Lord Vishnu was adored by the three worlds was born in the Ikshvaku Dynasty.  Kousalya shone in the brilliance of her son just like Aditi who once stood out with her son Lord Indra, King of Lords.  Kaikeyi gave birth to Bharatha who has possessed all the virtues and valor of Rama was born with the birth star Pushya.  Sumithra gave birth to two sons namely Lakshman and Shathrugna with the birth star Ashlesha.  Thus, the four divine children born to King Dasaratha were virtuous and valorous with attractive physical features.  The celestial Gandharvas & Apasaras were singing and dancing in a state of ecstasy, there was reverberation of divine instruments like drum-beat, deities showered flowers and it was the day of grand festivity for the people of Ayodhya.  The streets of Ayodha filled with numerous dancers and singers and the celebration was at its peak.  King Dasaratha profusely offered affluence to the performers; Brahmins received abundance of money and cow as alms.  After eleven days of birth, Sage Vashishta performed the naming ceremony of the children, the elder one was named Rama, Kaikeyi’s son was named Bharatha, and Sumithra’s sons were named Lakshman and Shathrugna respectively.  In this way, King Dasaratha offered abundance of wealth to the Brahmin, valuable gifts to the people of Ayodhya and mass feast on the various auspicious occasions of his children like naming ceremony, Annaprasam/feeding the child with grains for the first time, hair removal of the child for the first time and Brahmopadesham/sacred thread ceremony  etc..  Rama gained a special place like Lord Brahma in the heart of his father and the people of Ayodhya as well.  These four children were scholars in Veda & sacred scriptures, virtuous, valorous, highly intellectuals and equally interested in the welfare of their subjects.   Rama surpassed with his brilliance, honesty and compassion and dear to the world as the cool breeze of moon.  Rama excelled in the art of archery, chariot fighting, horse fighting, elephant fighting and he was remarkably obedient servant of his father.  Lakshman was amiable and follower of his elder brother from childhood, he devoted his entire life in the service of Rama and remained in the shadow of Rama.  The love and compassion shared between the two brothers was marvelous, Rama does not eat or sleep without his younger brother Lakshman, when Rama leave for hunting expedition it was Lakshman rush behind him with bow and arrow.  Shathrugna was dearer to Bharatha and all his elder brothers, Bharatha protected him as his life.  King Dasaratha was blissful like Lord Brahma and the deities in the heaven, watching his sons grew more compassionate to each others with all those virtues.  These children have profound knowledge in Veda and Scriptures, gifted with abundance of propitious qualities and knowledge in archery and armaments, they delightfully served their father.   King Dasaratha was desirous of performing marriage of their sons, discussed the matter with the family priests and relatives.  It was the moment; Sage Vishwamithra arrived at the doorsteps of King Dasaratha.  Sage Vishwamithra spoke ‘Let the King Dasaratha be informed that I, son of Sage Gadhi from Kushi dynasty has arrived to meet him’.  The assistants were rushed to convey the message to King Dasaratha, eventually King Dasaratha with the priests arrived to receive Sage Vishwamithra with all honors like Lord Indra ceremoniously greets Lord Brahma.  Sage Vishwamithra was received with great hospitality, enquired the welfare of the family of King Dasaratha, well-being of the people of his Kingdom, treasures, friends and relatives.   Sage Vishwamithra enquired about the performance of rituals and social works etc..Later he was greeted Sage Vashishta and the sages assembled and enquired their well-being too.  Sage Vishwamithra along with King Dasaratha, Sage Vashishta and sages assembled were took their seats on the marvelous hall of assembly.  King Dasaratha was joyous at the arrival of Sage Vishwamithra and spoke “I consider your arrival as mortals attaining ambrosia/nectar, downpour in a dry land, a barren father begetting a progeny through his chaste wife, regaining the lost treasures; I heartily welcome you to the great city of Ayodhya. Oh! Illustrious Brahmin I am delightful at your arrival and you are the most eligible recipient to receive your choicest object from me.  I am fortunate to have your presence and my life is flourished, oh! Rajarishi, I venerate you, for all that have attained through your severe penances and became the supreme saint.  Though your arrival was surprising and shocking to me, but I have attained the devoutness of a pilgrimage from your divine appearance.  I would like to hear your purpose of arrival and I would treat it as a blessing to serve you.”  Thus, the righteous King Dasaratha gave a humble speech which was pleasing to the ears as well the hearts of the people assembled and Sage Vishwamithra as well.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Balakandam !! Contribution of Celestials to assist Lord Rama & The birth of Vanaras!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Maya Vidha:  Cha  Shuram Cha Vayuvega Saman Jave |
Nayajnan Buddhi Sampannan Vishnu Thulya Parakraman ||
Asmharyan Upayajnan Divya Samhanananvithan |
Sarva Asthra Guna Sampannan Amrutha Prashanan Iva ||
Apsarasu Cha Mukhyasu Gandharvanam Thanu Sucha |
Yaksha Pannga Kanyasu Riksha Vidhyadhari Sucha ||
Kinnarinam Cha Gathreshu Vanarinam Thanu Sucha |
Sthri Jathvam Hari Rupena Puthran Thulya Parakraman ||
Thai: Megha Brindhachala Kutha Samnibhai: |
Mahabalai:   Vanara Yuthapa Adhipai: ||
Bhabhuva Bhu: Bhima Sharira Rupai: |
Samavrutha Rama Sahaya Hetho: ||
Thus Lord Vishnu attained the position as son of the righteous ruler Dasaratha, Lord Brahma addressed the deities “Let mighty and valorous assistants be formed to the blameless and valiant Lord Vishnu, who is the preserver of the Universe, let the monkey-shaped progeny of males and females equivalent to the valor of Lord Vishnu be procreated from the physique of prominent Asparas, Gandharvas, Yakhas, Pannagas, Kinnaras, Vidhadharas.  They shall be the wizards of miracles and audacious, they will have the speed of Lord Vayu, bestowed with high intelligence, knowledge of well execution of strategies, divine physique, extremely aggressive and high determination, like the deities who have thrived for the elixir of immortality”.  Long ago Lord Brahma has created Jambavan, prior to all deities as a model of creation.  The deities prepared to contribute their sons after listening to Lord Brahma.  The Sages, Siddhas, Vidhyadharas and Charanas have created valiant sons as Vanaras, Lord Indra procreated the valorous Vali who has the physique of Mount Mahendra, and Lord Surya procreated Sugriva.  Sage Brihaspathi contributed Thara, a female vanara who excels by her intelligence in the monkey race, Gandhamadhana was the creation of Lord Kubera, Lord Vishwakarma procreated Nala, Lord Agni contributed Neela who outshined in brilliance and courage, Ashwinikumaras procreated Maindha and Dwividha with marvelous appearances, Lord Varuna procreated Sushena and Sharabha formed out of loud thunder,  Lord Vayu gave birth to marvelous and adventurous Hanuman who has the swiftness of King of birds Garuda, son of Vinatha and the celestial vehicle of Lord Vishnu.  He surpassed all the Vanaras in might, intelligence and courage.  Thus deities have created numerous courageous Vanaras for the annihilation of the demon King Ravana.  These powerful, giant, and valorous Vanaras attained their growth as desired by Lord Brahma and the deities, those were male and female Vanara and bears.  Several thousands of Vanaras were procreated by deities, sages, Gandharvas, eagles, Yakshas, Nagas, Kimshupas, Siddhas, Vidhyadharas, Uragas, Charanas and  Apsaras from their bodies.  They were free to live in the woodlands, their might were equivalent to lion or tiger and they had the skill of change their appearance at their own wish.  They were great warriors, used sharp teeth and nails, giant stones and trees as their weapon.  They were mightiest to uproot the trees and mountains, they were fast and furious.  They were capable to cross huge ocean, swiftly travel through the clouds and thrash the ground with their might.  They can freely move in the woods, they scare the birds with their deafening shriek.  Thus deities have procreated millions and millions of noble Vanaras as chief of warriors who can change their appearance at their will.  These prominent Vanaras created numerous vanaras of their own were dwelled in the woodlands and Mount Rikshavatha.  All the Vanaras like Sugriva, Hanuman, Nala, Neela remained as brothers of mighty King Vali, son of Lord Indra.  All those Vanaras were proficient in war-tactics and had the might of Garuda; they thrashed the pride of lions, tigers, and venomous snakes in the woods.  Vali, son of Lord Indra protected the armies of Vanaras, and bears with the power of his arms.  The major part of the earth, mountain, woodland and ocean was occupied as the place of abode of these mighty Vanaras who were born to help Lord Rama.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Balakandam !! The appearance of Yajya Purusha !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Thatho Narayano Devo Vishnu: Niyuktha: Sur Saththamai: |
Janan Api Surana Yevam Slakshanam Vachanam Abhraveeth ||
Yevam Uktha: Sura: Sarvai Prathyuchu: Vishnum Avyayam |
Manusham Roopam Asyaya Ravanam Jahi Samyugey ||
Ithi Yethath Vachanam Shruthva Suranam Vishnu: Athmavan |
Pitharam Rochayamasa Thadha Dasaratham Nrupam ||


All the deities appealed to Lord Narayana to protect the world, Supreme Lord who was knower of all spoke “Oh! Deities, advise me about the strategies of annihilation of demon Ravana “.  The deities and Sages replied in chorus “ Oh! Supreme Lord! Destroyer of enemy! Assume the form of a human and obliterate the entire clan of Ravana in a battle.  Ravana undertook severe penance for several years praying to Lord Brahma and pleased him, eventually attained several boons including he will not have fear death from deities or demons.  Ravana always had hatred towards human race and treated them as inferior,    after receiving boons he turned too haughty and harassed the three worlds, especially women.  Thus, Oh! Lord Vishnu, his death is predicted by the hands of a human. ”.  Lord Vishnu decided to choose King Dasaratha as his father on the Earth after listening to the stirring speeches of the deities and sages; it was the moment the illustrious King Dasaratha was performing Putrakameshti Yaga desiring virtuous progeny.  Lord Vishnu took leave of Sathyaloka was eulogized by deities and Rishis.


In the meantime, a magnificent form of divine being appeared from the Altar of Fire, it was Yagna Purusha who has celestial features with the height of a mountain, has marvelous and auspicious features decorated with precious jewels, valiant like a tiger, attired in bluish red sparkling clothes, radiant face and his voice was resembled drum beat, he had the mustache and hair locks of lion.  The divine Yagna Purusha was holding a dazzling and marvelously crafted golden vessel in his hands, sparkling of the golden vessels has the close resemblance to Aditya was contained the divine dessert.  Yagna Purusha spoke in a dignified voice “Oh! King Dasaratha, I am the emissary of Prajapathi.”  King Dasaratha welcomed the divine being with folded hands and requested “Oh! Lord, welcome to you, what shall I do for you?”.  Yagna Purusha spoke “ Oh! Tigerly King, You have obtained the vessel containing the divine dessert as you have propitiated the deities.  The divine dessert prepared of utmost divinities will enrich progeny and health,  by consuming the auspicious dessert you will have virtuous progeny and the purpose of this grand ritual will be rewarded.  Hence, contribute this divine dessert amongst your chaste wives.”  King Dasaratha wholeheartedly received the golden vessel contained the divine dessert from Yagna Purusha and circumambulated him with utmost reverence; shortly Yagna Purusha disappeared from the sight.  King Dasaratha was in a state of ecstasy like a pauper obtained abundance of affluences.  Eventually the palace of King Dasaratha was lit up with beams of happiness, King Dasaratha delightfully entered the chamber and instructed queen Kousalya to receive the divine dessert to beget progeny and gave half of the dessert to Kousalya, one fourth of the remaining to Sumitra, one eighth portion to Kaikeyi and one eighth portion to Sumitra again.  In this way, King Dasaratha unevenly distributed the entire divine dessert to his wives.  The queens were overjoyed at their fortune; their heart was filled with boundless happiness.  In due course time, the queens were pregnant with their child.  King Dasaratha was jubilant seeing the sparkling and evident changes in his wives; he was always delightful like the supreme Lord Vishnu who was worshiped by Lord Indra, deities and Sages.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!