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Sundarakandam !! 26. Athmahathya Nishchaya:/ Sita’s decision to end her life !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Prasakthashrumukhi  Thvevam Bruvathi Janakathmaja |
Adhogathamukhi Bala Vilapthumupachakramey ||
Unmaththeva  Pramaththeva  Bhranthachiththeva  Shochathi |
Upavruththa Kishoriva Viveshtanthi Mahithaley ||
Raghavasya Pramaththasya  Rakshasa  Kamaroopina |
Ravanena Pramathyahamanitha Kroshathibalath ||
Rakshasi Vashamapanna Bhartharyamana Sudharunam |
Chinthayanthi Sudhukkarthi Naham Jeevithumupthsahey ||
Na Hi Mey Jeevithey Nartha Naivarthanya Cha Bhooshanam |
Vasanthya Rakshasi Madhye Vinaramam Maharatham ||
Sita was completely out of her usual self with face hung down, whispered to herself about her pathetic state and wept bitterly, she fell down on the ground and cried like a barmy woman “I was abducted by the mighty Ravana who has the power to assume any form while Rama was away.  I don’t want to live a wretched life in extreme anxiety and grief under the control of dreadful demons.  It is meaningless to live in the midst of awful demons, without the great charioteer Rama.  Why my heart is still alive? Why it is not giving up beating with these sorrows and grief?  It must be made of iron that is the reason it remains without any harm.  I am living a sinful life without Rama to protect me; I feel ashamed of myself, I am not a chaste wife to Rama, who is the Lord of Earth and a pleasant talker.  I am living a horrible life without my husband on the other side of the ocean, I have no interest to live, let them consume my body by cutting into pieces; I am unable to endure the grief for long time in the absence of my husband.  I will not let wicked Ravana to touch even my left foot; he is apt to be rejected for his cruel and immoral nature.  I will sacrifice my life in blaze, so that Ravana cannot get hand on me.  Rama is wise, righteous, compassionate and prominent; I doubt he too became heartless due to my misfortune.  Rama killed fourteen thousand demons in Janasthana, why he is not coming for my protection?  He is well capable to conquer powerless Ravana who had detained me under his custody.  Rama killed the mighty Viradha in Dandaka forest, why he is not coming for my protection?  Though the city of Lanka located across the vast ocean, Rama’s arrows are powerful, fierce and capable to take away the life of enemies.  Why mighty Rama is not capable to protect his dearest wife from the demons?  I suspect that Rama and Lakshmana are not aware of my existence, if Rama came to know about the plight of my situation will he tolerate?  Jatayu, King of birds, must have informed Rama about the incident of abduction by Ravana, unfortunately he was severely wounded while battling with Ravana.  Jatayu, though he was old and weak, he entered in a fight with Ravana to protect me.  If Rama came to know about my miserable situation, it is definite that he will make the Earth without demons with his powerful arrows.  Rama will destroy the City of Lanka, he will dry up the vast ocean and will destroy the glories of Ravana.  Subsequently the women in every house will undergo the same sorrows and grief which I am facing now; they will grieve over the death of their husbands.  Rama and Lakshmana will conduct rigorous search for me all over the city of Lanka, city of demons and will not leave even a single enemy.  This glorious city of Lanka will soon become a funeral ground with infinite funeral pyre crammed with vultures.  There is not much time left to turn my desires in to real, in a short while there will be mass destruction and the city will be deprived of its glory.  Once the wicked Ravana is being killed, this unconquerable city will lose its charm like a woman who lost her husband.  In a short time, I could hear the cries of woman who are grieving over the death of their husbands; the city of Lanka will be burnt by the arrows of Rama, along with its darkness and lustful demons.  Is that valorous Rama with red color on the corner of eyes aware of my existence is Ravana’s palace? There is not much time left for the execution of verdict of Ravana, which will not do any good to him, these carnivores have no virtue and are unaware of righteousness; eventually it will cause complete annihilation of their clan.  I am miserable without the presence of Rama; I am yearning for his mesmerizing appearance, if anyone to provide me with poison, I would have consume it happily and reach the abode of Lord Yama.  If Rama and Lakshmana aware of my existence, they will definitely conduct search all through the Earth
The valiant Rama must have left his mortal body on earth due to extreme grief of separation and attained the celestial world, deities, Siddhas, Sages and Gandharvas are fortunate to witness my husband who has long beautiful eyes like lotus petal or Rama who is desirous of virtuousness, intelligent and has perfect control over the senses must have lost interest in me, but only the ungrateful companions will break their friendship, Rama is not like that.  Why I have to go through these difficulties in the absence of Rama, Am I lacking virtues? all my fortunes have weakened?  I don’t deserve to live without the righteous Rama who is destroyer of enemies and a great warrior.
The two brave men/Rama and Lakshmana must have discarded their weapons in the woods and became forest dwellers depending on fruits and tubers.
Rama and Lakshmana might have killed by the wicked King of demons.  If so, it is appropriate for me to sacrifice my life, even the death is not embracing me at this moment.  My salutation to those virtuous Sages who discarded sins and controlled senses are fortunate who have no awareness of pleasure or displeasure; they need not undergo the fear or sorrow out of pleasure or displeasure.  I have no desire to live under the detention of wicked Ravana after leaving the righteous Rama who has controlled senses.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Sundarakandam !! 25. Seetha Vishadha: /Grief of Sita !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Atha Thasam Vadhanthinam Parusham Dharunam Bahu |
Rakshasinamasoumyanam Rurodha Janakathmaja ||
Yevamuktha Thu Vaidhehi Rakshasibhirmanasvini |
Uvacha Paramathrastha Bashpagadhgadhaya Gira ||
Na Manushi  Rakshasasya  Baryabavithumarhathi |
Kamam Khadhatha Mam Sarva  Na Karishyami Vo Vacha : ||
Sa Rakshasimadhyagatha Seetha Surasuthopama |
Na Sharma Lebhey Dhukkartha Ravanena  Cha Tharjjitha ||
Vepathey Smadhikam Seetha Vishanthi Vangamathmana : |
Vane Yaya Paribhrashta Mrugi Kokairivardhitha ||
The virtuous Sita was alarmed after listening to the malicious speeches of the dreadful demons surrounded by her, she continued with tears overflowing. “A woman from human clan is not appropriate to marry a demon, therefore you can eat me at your heart content and I will not heed to your words.”   Sita who is the personification of Goddess was extremely tormented by grief and separation, she was terrified by the demons and Ravana, like an animal separated from its herd was chased by a wolf, she was quivering and emaciated with sorrow.  Gradually, Sita walked near an Ashoka tree with full of flowers, held its branch and immersed in the thought of her husband, her eyes were over flowing with tears, she was pale and trembling with fear, her long single plait of hair moved like a serpent, she was in utter pain and anguish, cried calling out the names “ Oh! Rama, Oh! Lakshmana, Oh! Mother-in-law Kausalya, Oh! Sumithra , I am extremely tormented by the grief of separation from Rama, surrounded by the hideous demons, it is unfortunate to embrace untimely death for a man or woman.  I have not attained any merit, I am in a wretched state and all alone, shortly I will perish like a ferry trapped in storm in the middle of the ocean,  I am in a pathetic state in the the absence of my husband Rama, surrounded by appalling demons like a river bank destroyed by the current of water. I feel to consume toxic poison in the absence of Rama who is virtuous and has beautiful eyes like lotus, has the gait of a lion and pleasant talker.  I might have committed severe sin in previous life to experience these kinds of miseries and grief, I don’t want to live like this anymore, I am not in a position to take away my life because of the dreadful demons all around me.  It is pathetic to live under the control of these demons; I am helpless. ”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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Sundarakandam !! 24. Rakshasi Tharjjanam /Sita’s reply to demons !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Thatha: Seethamupagamya Rakshasyo Vikruthanana: |
Parusham Parushanartha Uchustham Vakyamapriyam ||
Kim Thvamantha: Purey Seethey Sarvaboothamanoharey |
Maharhashayanopethey Na Vasamanumanyasey ||
Manushi Manushasthaiva Bharyarthvam Bahumanyasey |
Prathyahara  Mano  Raman Thvam Jathu Bavishyasi ||
Thrailokyavasu Bhoktharam Ravanam Rakshaseshwaram |
Bhartharam Upasangamya Viharaswa Yathasukham ||
Manushi Manusham  Tham Thu  Ramamicchasi Shobhaney |
Rajyadhbrashtamasiddhartham Viklabam Thvamanindhithey ||
One of the demons with crooked eyes approached Sita and spoke to her angrily “Oh! Seethey, Why you are not willing to live in the palace of Ravana which is extremely pleasing to everyone with luxurious couches? You belong to human clan that is the reason you are highly praising about wifehood of a human, abandon the thoughts about Rama from your heart and mind, otherwise you will not be alive.  Accept Ravana, King of demons as your husband and sport according to your will, enjoy all those luxuries of three worlds.  Oh! Shobhane,/Lady with beautiful appearances, Oh! Anindhithey/ flawless woman, you are still longing for Rama who is exiled from his Kingdom, distressed and unsuccessful.” Sita replied with tears overflowing, after listening to the heart breaking words of demons, “All of you are speaking unkind and unjustifiable words in this matter, don’t you feel it is sinful?  A woman from a human clan cannot become wife of a demon.  I will not listen to any of your words; all of you can eat me at your heart content.  I am thoroughly devoted to my husband, though he is in a wretched state without Kingdom.  He is my master; I am fond of him, like Suvarchala to Lord Aditya, Sacchi to Lord Indra, Arundhathi to Sage Vashishta, Rohini to Lord Chandra, Lopamudhra to Sage Agastya, Sukanya to Sage Chyavana, Savithri to Sthyavantha, Srimathi to Sage Kapila, Madhayanthi to Sage Saudasa, Keshini to Sagara, Dhamayanthi to Emperor Nala, in the same manner I am also dedicated to my husband Rama of Ikshvaku Dynasty.” The demons who were already commanded by Ravana were in a state of extreme rage, frightened her with harsh words; Hanuman was thoroughly observing the scene through the cluster of leaves of Shimshupa tree.  Sita was completely besieged with fear, was surrounded by dreadful demons with axes, greedily licking their lips for human flesh, angrily spoke “This woman is not suited to become wife of King of demons.”  Sita with beautiful appearances, with tears all over her face rushed under the Shimshupa tree and settled, all those dreadful demons surrounded her.  She was inconsolable in murky clothes, threatened by the demons from all around.  Shortly, Vinatha demon with horrific appearance haughtily spoke “Oh! Sithey, It is sufficient to show extreme fondness to your husband.  Oh! Bhadre/ Lady with auspiciousness, overdoing of goodness will not contribute any reward.  You have performed the duty of human very well; it is the time to follow our words and accept Ravana as your husband, he is charismatic, Lord of demons, like Indra to deities.  Oh! Vaidhehi, leave your miserable husband Rama and take refuge in Ravana, decorate yourself in best clothes and finest jewels and become the mistress of Ravana like Swaha to Lord Agni and Sacchi to Lord Indra.   It is worthless to remain in the association of Rama who is powerless and miserable.  If you don’t follow our words, it is definite that we will eat you.”  Another demon Vikata with hanging bosom and raising fists, approached Sita in a fury, “ Oh! Maithili, evil minded, we have put up with all your unpleasant words due to sympathy towards you, Oh! Maithili, you have brought to this place which is unreachable for others, you are in the prison of Ravana which is well secured by us, and even Lord Indra cannot protect you from this palace of Ravana.  Therefore, follow my words carefully for the benefit of you; leave your gloominess and tears.  Oh! Seethey, keep yourself happy and sport with Ravana according to your will, leave this cheerlessness.  Oh! Bhiru/ Timid one, youth of a woman are not long lasting, embrace the comfort and enjoy your youth as long as possible.  Oh! Madhirekshaney/Lady with fascinating eyes, you find immense pleasure in roaming with the King of demons in the beautiful woods and mountains.  Oh! Sundari, if you accept Ravana as your husband, you can have seven thousand women under your control.  Oh! Maithili, if you do not follow my words, I will rip off your heart and eat it.”  Another demon Chandodhari of dreadful appearances with a spike approached Sita “Seeing this beautiful woman with the eyes of deer and attractive physique abducted by Ravana, rouse my desire to eat every part of her organs.”  Praghasa roared “Why do we wait, squeeze the neck of this cruel woman and inform the King that the she died, he will order us to eat her mortal coil.”  Another demon Ajamukhi declared “After killing this woman, we will share the flesh equally.  I don’t like any quarrels and we consume the flesh along with the drinks of various types.”  Instantly, Shoorpanakha spoke “I agree with Ajamukhi, intoxicated drinks are the destroyer of sorrows, we will dance and consume the flesh after propitiating Nikumbila.”  Sita who is the personification of Goddess was completely besieged by terror and anguish after listening to the heart breaking speeches of demons.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Sundarakandam !! 23. Rakshasipreranam / demons makes the situation more tensed for Seetha !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Ithyukthva  Maithilim Raja Ravana: Shathruravana: |
Sandhishya Cha Thatha: Sarva Rakshasinirjagama: ||
Nishkranthey  Rakshasendra  Thu  Punaranthapuram Gathey |
Rakshasyo Bheemaroopastha: Seetham Samabhidhruvu: ||
Thatha: Seetha Upagamya Rakshasya: Krodhamoorchitha: |
Param Parushaya Vacha Vaidhehim Idhamabravan ||
Poulasthasya Varishtasya Ravanasya Mahathmana: |
Dhashagreevasya Bharyathvam Seethey Na Bahumanyasey ||
Thathasva Yekajada Nama Rakshasi Vakyamabraveeth |
Amanthraya Krodhathamrakshi Seetham Karathalodharim ||
Prajapathi Namashannam Thu Chathurya Ya: Prajapathi: |
Manaso Brahmana: Puthra: Pulasthya Ithi Vishrutha: ||
Pulasthyasya Thu Thejasvi Maharshir Manasa: Sutha: |
Namna  Sa Vishrava Nama Prajapathi Samaprabha: ||
Thasya Puthro Vishalakshi Ravana: Shathruravana: |
Thasya Thvam Rakshasendhrasya Bharya Bhavithumarhasi ||
Mayoktham Charusarvangi Vakyam Kim Namamanyasey |
King Ravana fanned the flames of Sita, he ordered the demons assembled and returned to his palace chamber.  Immediately all those dreadful demons rushed to Sita, one of the demons swooned with anger and lashed out in anger “Oh! Seethey, you are not aware of the fortune in becoming wife of Ravana who is born in the family of Pulasthya, best among men, virtuous soul with ten heads.”  Another demon Ekajada angrily spoke “  Pulasthya is the son of Lord Brahma, he is born from the mind of Lord Brahma, prominent among the six Prajapathis.  Vishravass, who was born from the mind of Sage Pulasthya, has the radiance of Lord Brahma.  Oh! Vishalakshi,/Lady with wide beautiful eyes, Ravana is the conqueror of enemies and you are well suited to become his wife.  Oh! Charusarvangi/Lady with beautiful limbs, why don’t you listen to my words?”  Another demon Harijata, who has the eyes of cat, annoyingly spoke “You are well suited to become the wife of Ravana, King of demons who has conquered thirty three deities and King of deities.”  Thereafter appeared Praghasa in extreme fury and threatened Sita “ Do you have any good reason to refuse Ravana as your husband, who is proud of his prowess and conqueror of enemies?  This mighty Ravana will abandon all those respectable wives for you and you will be fortunate one to obtain him.  Moreover, you can acquire all those richness and luxuries in the Palace of Ravana along with thousands of women.”  Another demon Vikata spoke “ Ravana who has conquered the deities, Nagas,  Gandharvas and Dhanavas various times in the battle, has come forward to accept you as his wife.  Oh! Adhamey, Why don’t you accept the wifehood of Ravana who is a great soul, Lord of demons and an ideal husband for you?”  Another demon Dhurmukhi spoke “  Oh! Symathapangey,/Lady with concerned eyes,  you are unreasonably scared of Ravana who is like Lord Aditya, but refuse to consume by heat, he is like a wind but does not carry away.  Oh! Subhru/Lady with beautiful eyebrows, why you are not willing to accept Ravana, King of demons at whose command the trees sincerely shower its flowers, mountains and clouds pour rainfall?  Oh! Susmithey,/Lady with attractive smile, Oh! Princess, kindly understands the true and sweet words spoken to you already.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Sundarakandam !! 22. Avadhividhanam / The verdict of Ravana !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Seethaya Vachanam Shruthva Parusham Rakshaseshwara: |
Prathyuvacha Thatha: Seetham  Vipriyam Priyadharshanam ||
Yaya Yaya Santhvayitha Vashya: Sthrinam Thatha Thatha |
Yaya Yaya Priyamvaktha Paribhusthatha Thaha ||
Samniyacchathi Mey Krodham Thvayi Kama: Samuthyatha: |
Dhravathomargamasadhya Hayaniva Susarathi: ||
Vama:  Kamo Manushyanam Yasminkila Nibhadhyathey |
Jane Thasmisthanukrosha: Sneheshcha Kilajayathey ||
Yethasmathkarananna Thvam Dhathayami Varananey |
Vadharhamavamanarha Mithyapravrajithey Ratham ||
Parushaniha Vakyani Yani Yani Brahveeshimam |
Theshu Theshu Vadho Yukthasthava Maithili Dharuna: ||
Ravana was extremely annoyed by the harsh words of Sita, haughtily replied “I was conversing in gentle manner to bring you under control, but you have rejected all my words.  My desire for you has subdued my anger like an excellent charioteer chasing to get hold of a horse running through a difficult alley.  I am completely tied up with boundless desires, compassion and fondness towards you.  Oh! Varanane/Lady with attractive face, you are appropriate to be killed or humiliate because of your affection towards Rama who was exiled from his Kingdom, but I am not going to kill you.  Oh! Maithili, you are suitable to get punished for all those harsh words poured on me and you are apt to be killed.  Oh! Varavarnini/Lady with beautiful complexion,  I will spare you for another two months, after that you will be in my bed, if you are not willing to accept me as your husband, you will be put to death and serve as breakfast to me.” The young maidens of deities and Gandharvas assembled were grieved over the frightened appearance of Sita who was threatened by Ravana.  Some of the young maidens comforted Sita with the movement of their eyes, lips and faces.  Sita regained courage and began to speak beneficial words to Ravana “Oh! Rakshasadhama, there is no one to prevent you from the atrocities, because none has the desire for your welfare.  You are the one who desired for the virtuous wife of Rama in the three worlds, like Sacchi wife of Lord Indra.  Oh! Rakshasadhama, you cannot remain safe for all those sinful words poured on wife of resplendent Rama who is like an elephant in a rut and you are like a hare in the water.  You are an unashamed creature to abuse Rama of Ikshvaku dynasty and you are not even aware of him.  Oh! Anarya, I wonder how cruel and wicked are those black and red colored eyes of you which are encircling me, and they are not falling apart yet? Why that tongue which speaks ill about wife of righteous Rama and daughter-in-law of Dhasharatha is not getting slipped away?  Oh! Dhashagrivah, you are deserved to burn into ashes, I have no authority to do that without the instruction of Rama, and moreover I don’t want to cause any harm to my austerities and glories by doing that.  Initially, you are not capable to abduct me, wife of wise Rama; all that had happened were the pre-preplanned actions for the destruction of you.  Why did you abduct me in the absence of two virtuous brothers, although you have possessed huge army of Lord Kubera?” Ravana who was equal to black cloud, has well-built shoulders and neck,  gait of a lion with powerful tongue and radiant eyes, readjusting the crown, decked in attractive ornaments and garlands, turned back and looked at Sita in an agitation after listening to her harsh speech.   In the early hours of dawn, the King of demon shone with powerful shoulders and gem studded earrings, had the resemblance of Mount Mandara with its peaks crammed with Ashoka trees and flowers, like a Kalpavruksha he was the personification of spring season, whatever decorations made to a burial ground would remain appalling at the end.  Ravana was in an extreme fury, his eyes were red, and he was hissing like a serpent, began to speak in a haughty voice “Oh! Anuvrathey,/Follower of Rama, who possess no glories or wealth, I will destroy you like the sun rays at time of crack of dawn.” Further he ordered the dreadful demons gathered such as Yekakshi, Yekakarni, Karnapravarani, Gokarni, Hasthikarni, Lambakarni, Akarni, Hasthipadha, Ashwapadha, Gopadhi, Prithupadhim, Athimathrashirogrivaha, Athimathrakuchodhari, Athimathrasyanethram, Dheergajviham, Ajivhika, Anasika, Simhamukhi, Gomukhi, Sukaramukhi etc… “ Oh! Rakshasya, Janaki, daughter of King Janaka should be under my control at the earliest and you all should strictly follow my order and bring Vaidhehi under my control by force, or sweet talk or compassionate words, or by providing gifts, or by execution of  severe punishments.”  One of the demons Dhanyamalini came forward and embraced Ravana who was in an extreme rage and spoke “Oh! Maharaja, Rakshaseswara, sport with me, Sita is a wretched woman with no emotions.  It is definite that Lord Brahma did not disperse her for taking immense pleasure in the luxuries earned by the might of your arms,  pleasure derives out of the unison of the desired couple otherwise it will cause throbbing pain.”  In this way, Dhanyamalini laughingly commented and accompanied Ravana who is equivalent to dark cloud.  Ravana walked away shaking the Earth violently, leaving virtuous Sita in a state of utter dismay and anguish, he entered in his palace chamber accompanied by the young maidens of deities, Naga and Gandharva.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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Sundarakanam !! 21. Ravana Thiraskaranam / Sita’s advice to Ravana !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Thasya Thadh Vachanam Shruthva Seetha Roudrasya Rakshasa: |
Artha Deenaswara Dheenam Prathyuvacha Thatha: Shanai: ||
Dhukkartha Rudhathi Seetha Vepamana Thapasvini |
Chinthayanthi Vararoha Pathimeva Pathivratha ||
Thrunamantharatha: Kruthva Prathyuvacha Shuchismitha |
Nivarthaya Mano Maththa: Svajane Kriyatham Mana: ||
Na Mam Prarthayithum Yuktham Susiddhimiva Papakrutha |
Akaryam Na Maya Karyamekapathnya Vigarhitham ||
Kulam Samprapthaya Punyam Kulae Mahitha Jathaya |
Yevamukthva Thu Vaidhehi Ravanam Tham Yashasvini ||
Sita, virtuous and chaste wife of Rama, torment with extreme grief at the separation from her husband was inconsolable, wept bitterly after listening to the malicious words of Ravana, she placed a grass   before Ravana and began to speak faintly “ Oh! Nishachara, It is not appropriate for me to curse a sinner, don’t let your mind wander on me and keep your heart and mind with your wives.  I belong to a glorious family and married, I should not commit any deeds which blemish the grandeur of my family.  I am a wife of another person and sincerely devoted to my husband; I undergo severe austerities and will not be a suitable wife for you, behave yourself.  Oh! Nishachara, the way your wives are remains protected, in the same manner others wives are to be protected and remain yourself as an ideal husband to your wives.  Oh! Nishachara, a person who is not satisfied in his wife, fickle minded with disturbed senses, immoral person will face humiliation from others wives.  Is this city of Lanka has no virtuous people? Or you are not willing to follow any righteous deeds? Or it must be your character devoid of customs and traditions.  You are not following any righteous act; your mind is wandering in the worlds of illusion and it is certain that it will lead the complete annihilation of demons.   A person who has uncontrollable senses, engaged in immoral acts will be destroyed, even though he is a ruler of wealthy cities.  The glorious city of Lanka with full of auspicious things will be destroyed shortly because of your immoral act.  Oh! Nishachara, your destruction due to your immortal act and sinful deeds will provide happiness to others, seeing the ruin of you the people whoever humiliated by you will express their joy and they will be grateful to Almighty.  I will not get tempted to your wealth or fame; I am inseparable from Raghava like sunshine from Lord Aditya.  I have accustomed with the powerful arms of venerable Raghava, how can I get used to others?  I am an unblemished wife of Rama, who is Lord of Earth, like intellect Brahmin who is prominent in religious vow.  Oh! Ravana, let me be with Rama, like a female elephant with male companion in the woods.  Oh! Ravana, listen to my advice be a close associate of Rama, if you don’t wish for an awful death in the hands of Rama who is best among the men, he is righteous and assure protection to whoever surrenders to him.  If you wish to live long, remain yourself as a companion of Rama.  If you seek kindness of Rama, you have to send me back to him; in this way you will be fortunate, otherwise you have to face terrible death in his hands.  The Vajrayudha of Lord Indra may spare you for some time; Lord Yama may spare you but Lord of Earth Rama will not spare you, once he gets frenzy.  Soon you will hear the deafening noise of bow of Rama, like the Vajrayudha of Lord Indra.  The city of Lanka will see the powerful and fierce arrows which possesses the characteristics of Rama and Lakshmana, soon the whole city of Lanka will be crammed with the powerful arrows of Rama, eventually cause the total destructions of demons.  Rama will destroy the horrific demons like Vainatheya pick up the serpents.  My husband, destroyer of enemies will liberates me, like Lord Vishnu took three strides to recover the glories of deities from demons.  Oh! Nishachara, numerous demons were killed in Janasthana and it became the land of dead bodies, Oh! Adhama, you have abducted me from the hermitage in the absence of virtuous brothers, you are not courageous enough to stand before the powerful Rama and Lakshmana, enmity towards them would be like exposing yourself before mighty Vruththasura who has powerful arms like Lord Indra.  The fierce arrows of Rama and Lakshmana will take away your life like Lord Aditya dries up the shallow water; it is definite that you will not be freed from Rama, even if you approach Lord Kubera or Lord Varuna for protection.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Sundarakandam !! 20. Ravana Anunaya:/ Ravana begins to speak!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Sa Tham Parivrutham Dheenam  Niranandham Thapasvanim |
Sakarai Madhurairvakyairnyadharshayatha Ravana: ||
Mam Dhrushtva Naganasoru Guhyamana Sthanodharam |
Adharshanamivathmanam Bhayannethum Thvamicchasi ||
Kamaye Thvam Vishalakshi Bahumanyasva Mam Priye |
Sarvangaguna Sampanne Sarvaloka Manohare ||
Neha Kechinmanushya Va Rakshasa: Kamaroopina : |
Vyapasarppathu They Seethey Bayam Maththa: Samuthyatham ||
Svadharma Rakshasam Bheeru Sarvathaivana Samshaya: |
Gamanam Va Parasthrinam Haranam Sampramathya Va ||
Ravana began to speak to Sita who was in a pitiable state, tormented with extreme grief and surrounded by dreadful demons “Oh! Priye, you are making a futile effort to hide your beautiful physique due to fear.  Oh! Vishalakshi, you are enriched with attractive physique which is pleasing to everyone, Oh! Priye, you are most desirable, I wish you should respect me.  Oh! Seethey, there are no humans or demons with an ability to disguise, don’t be sacred of me.  It is the righteous deed of demon to abduct the women belongs to others.  Oh! Maithili,  I am tormented with extreme desire for you and I will not touch you forcibly.  Oh! Devi, trust me, don’t be sacred of me or remain distressed, or in single plait of hair, murky clothes, continuous fast and meditation, it will not do any good to you.  Oh! Maithili, you can attain beautiful garlands, ornaments, various fragrances of sandal & Agaru, varieties of magnificent attires, superior drinks, luxurious couch, and you can remain delightful in pleasant atmosphere of music and musical instruments after obtaining me.  You are precious gem among women; don’t remain distraught, get yourself decorated in best clothes and ornaments; you will be appropriate for all the luxuries after obtaining me.  Your youthful times will disappear quickly and it will not come back,  Oh! Lady with auspicious appearances, Lord Brahma, creator has invested all the beauty in you and there is no one to go with your attractive appearances.  Oh! Vaidhehi, after obtaining a beautiful woman endowed with beauty and youth like you, even Lord Brahma will not disregard you.  Oh! Lady with stunning physical appearance, my eyes wedged on your beautiful limbs.  Oh! Maithili, be my wife and leave your ignorance, you will remain the foremost of the women brought from various provinces, eventually it will bring auspicious to you.  Oh! Timid woman, all those gems I have captured, myself and my Kingdom belongs to you.  Oh! Charming lady/Vilasini,  I can conquer the entire earth for the sake of you and provide to King Janaka.  You are a matchless beauty and I don’t see any attractive woman equivalent to my prowess.  Suars and Asuras are defeated by me in various battles and they are powerless to stand against me, it is my desire to witness you with all the beautiful ornaments decked on your body, Oh! Timid lady with attractive features, take good pleasure in the luxuries and decoration, drinks and keep you delightful.  You will have the right to donate the land and wealth according to your wish; you can communicate with me freely and confidently without any fear.  Oh! Auspicious one, you can sport at your will and even your relatives can join with the grace of me, I am enriched with wealth and fame.   Oh! Beautiful woman, what you do with Rama who is clad in saffron, hopeless, with no fortune, roaming in the woods, undergoing austerities and sleeping on the ground.  I am not sure whether he is alive or not.  Oh! Vaidhehi, Rama will not get an opportunity to witness you, like moonlight covered by dark clouds. Hiranyakashipu abducted Keerthi from Lord Indra, Rama is not going get you back from my hands.  Oh!  Lady with beautiful smile, attractive teeth, eyes, /Charusmithey/Charudhathi/Charunethrey, Oh! Charming Lady/Vilasini, Oh! Timid one/Bhiru, You have stolen my heart like a serpent caught by Garuda.  I am not getting any pleasure from my wives, while seeing you in murky clothes, shrunken and with no decoration on your body.  Oh! Janaki, all those women enriched with virtues living in my palace have abundance of richness on them, Oh! Asithakeshanthey,/One with black hair,  All those women and celestial Apsaras who are best among the three worlds will serve you like Goddess of Wealth.  Oh! Sushroni/Lady with beautiful waist, Oh! Subhru/Lady with beautiful eye brows, take good pleasure according to your taste in the gems and wealth of Lord Kubera, all three worlds and in me.  Oh! Devi,  Rama is not equivalent to me in my austerities or might or wealth or brilliance or fame.  Oh! Lalane/playful, take utmost pleasures in my hordes of wealth, superior drinks and in luxuries, sport according to your will with me and with your relatives, roam freely and playful.  Oh! Timid one, get yourself decorated in precious ornaments and fresh garlands, take a trip with me on the seashore clustered with flowers and bees and in the woods.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!