Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 53. Hanumath Puccha Dhahanam / Hanuman caught up with fire on his tail !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Jai Anjaneya !!

Thasya  Thatha Vachanam Shruthva  Dhashagreevo Mahabala: |
Dhesha Kalahitham Vakyam  Bhrathu: Uththamabraveeth ||
Samyaga Uktham Hi Bhavatha  Dhoothavadhya Vigargitha |
Avashyam Thu Vadhath Anya: Kriyatham Asya Nigraha: ||
Kapinam Kilalangoolam Ishtam Bhavathi  Booshanam |
Thatha Asya Deepyatham Sheegram Thendhagdhena Gacchathu ||
Thatha: Pashyanthu Imam Dheenam Angavairoopya Karshitham |
Samithrajyathaya: Sarvabandhava:Sasuhruthjana: ||
Ajjyapayatha Rakshasendhra: Puram Sarvam Sachathvaram |
Langoolena Pradheepthena Rakshobhi: Pariniyatham ||
Thasya  Thath Vachanam Shruthva Rakshasa: Kopakarkasha: |
Veshtanthey Thasya Langoolam Jeernai: Karpasikai: Padai: ||
Samveshtyamane Langooley Vyavardhatha Mahakapi: |
Shushkam Indhanamasadhya Vaneshta Iva Huthashana: ||
Ravana, after listening to the momentous speech of his virtuous brother Vibhishana, began to speak “You have well narrated the verity about killing an envoy is forbidden, we will definitely impose severe punishment upon him.  It is believed that the tail is a most appreciated body part of a Vanara, let his tail burn and go without it, let all his relatives and associates and Kings men see him with deformed limb.”  In this way, Ravana ordered the demons to burn the tail of Hanuman and should be dragged through the City of Lanka and its streets.  Hanuman was fuming with anger, after listening to the verdict of Ravana, shortly his tail was wrapped with abundance of cotton clothes and oil sprinkled on it, in no time set out fire on it.  Hanuman who has the brilliance of Lord Surya, was extremely wrathful watching his burning tail, heaved the demons on various directions.  The demons with their families, children and elders rejoiced over the anxious state of Hanuman, foremost among Vanaras with burning tail, they fastened him and accompanied him to the streets.  Hanuman decided to use the opportunity wisely “Though I have been fastened by the wicked demons are not capable to do anything, they have sincerely followed the command of their Lord, I can fly up and break the ties, eventually kill them.  I am capable to vanquish the demons in the battle; I have to tolerate them in order to get fruitful information about the city of Lanka for the delight of Rama.  The city of Lanka and its fort was not seen by me precisely, because I have entered this city during the dark hours, therefore I can watch out the city during day light.  Let the demons fasten me, torment me as they desired or burn my tail,   I will not change my mind.”   Hanuman, foremost among the Vanaras, concealed his emotions while the wicked demons were amusingly torturing him.  Hanuman, annihilator of enemies was drawn recklessly through the city of Lanka by the demons; he remained calm and observed luxurious mansions, lush land, and beautiful path ways, and busy streets ways, network of roads, high ways, palaces and apartments in multitudes.  Hanuman was dragged by the demons through the crowded pathways declaring him as spy, women and children were came out of their dwelling place with an eagerness to witness Hanuman with fire on his tail.  Sita was duly informed about the unpleasant event by the demons, “ Oh! Sita, The Vanara with Thamaramukha/red face who had conversation with you have been mercilessly dragging throughout the city, with fire on its tail.”  Sita who was already tormented with grief, became inconsolable after listening to the painful words of demons, large eyed Sita prayed to Lord Agni for the welfare of Hanuman, “If I was devoted to my husband, if I have undertaken sincere austerities, if I am a chaste wife to my husband, kindly keep Hanuman unruffled.  If Rama has compassion towards me, if I have any fortune remains, kindly keep Hanuman unflustered.  If the virtuous Rama recognizes me as lady with chastity desirous of meeting him, kindly keep Hanuman unperturbed,  If venerable Sugriva is true to his words and capable to release me from the ocean of sorrows, kindly keep Hanuman at ease.”  Ultimately, Lord Agni shone brightly with flames high as though informing Sita about the welfare of Hanuman.   Lord Vayu, father of Hanuman also joined for the welfare of his son with cool breeze.    Hanuman was astonished to see his tail blazing, at the same time he was not experiencing any heat or pain, in its place he felt the presence of snow ball on his tail.  He immersed in various thoughts “I have formed a pleasant alliance with Mount Mainaka while crossing the vast ocean, it must be the grace of Rama, I am experiencing coolness in the air due to the graciousness of Lord Agni.  I am not experiencing any heat due to the compassion of Goddess Sita, prowess of Rama and my father’s association with Lord Agni.” The glorious Hanuman, foremost among Vanaras, took a giant leap with a boisterous roar, with his mountain sized body hurried to the main gate of the city of Lanka, stood high away from the crowds of demons.  Immediately he assumed his original form, released himself from the clutches of cord, noticed an iron rod at the arch way, he took hold of the iron rod and thrashed the guards and several demons to death.  Hanuman shone with the hue of brilliant rays, stood high with the burning tail looking over the glorious city of Lanka.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!