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Balakandam !! 77. Blissful married life of Rama & Sita !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Gathey Ramey Prashantha Athma Ramo Dhasharathi: Dhanu: |
Varunaya Aprameyaya Dhadhou Hasthey Mahashaya: ||
Abhivadhya Thatho Ramo Vashishta Pramukhan Rishin |
Pitharam Vihvalam Dhrushtva Provacha Raghunandana: ||
Jamadagnyo Gatho Rama: Prayathu Chathurangini |
Ayodhyaya Abhimukhi Sena Thvaya Nathena Palitha ||
Ramasya Vachanam Shruthva Raja Dhasharatha: Sutham |
Bahubhyam Samparishtvajya Moordhani Upaghraya  Raghavam ||
Gatho Rama Ithi  Shruthva Hrushta: Pramudhitho Nrupa: |
Punarjatham Thadha Meney Puthram Athmanam Yeva Cha ||
Dhasharatha Rama was quiet while the departure of Bhargava Rama, later the divine bow of Lord Vishnu was given to Lord Varuna.  Ragunandan reverentially greeted all the Sage Vashishta, assembled Sages and began to speak to his father Dhasharatha “  Rama of Jamadhagni has gone, you are the Lord of the land, you may order the Chathurangasena/warriors to proceed to Kingdom of Ayodhya.”  King Dhasharatha was extremely happy at the words of Rama; he affectionately embraced Raghava and kissed on his forehead.  Listening to the soothing words of Rama about the departure of Bhargava Rama forever, King Dhasharatha considered as it was rebirth of his sons.  Finally,  King Dhasharatha followed by numerous warriors arrived on the pathways to the glorious city of Ayodhya, which was embellished with flowers and various decoratives, reverberating with the divine music.  The people of the city was in a state of ecstacy, prepared to welcome the newly wedded couple and their families with various alluring fresh flowers, fragrances, camphor, vermillion etc…Finally, King Dhasharatha delightfully entered in the glorious well decorated path ways, followed by huge crowd.  As the enormous crowd was delightfully witnessing, illustrious King Dhasharatha like the King Himavantha entered to the palace followed by his sons.  In the palace King Dhasharatha was overjoyed, surrounded by the Kings of other provinces, while Kousalya, Sumithra and Kaikeyi were gleefully receiving their brides.  The womenfolk were received the propitious bride Sita, highly fortunate Urmila and Mandavi and Shruthakirthi, daughters of Kushadhvaja in a grand manner.  All the bride and bridegrooms were attired in majestic clothes engaged in the worship of deities in the sanctum followed by the Vedic chants; they had the resemblance of the ritual fire.  The princesses were reverentially paid obeisance to the elders and respectable people in the family; eventually they followed their husbands to the grand palace chambers.
Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha and Shathrugna who are well versed in the usage of armaments occupied themselves in the welfare of their Kingdom, assisted their father in the ruling of the Kingdom and looked after the welfare of its people.  King Dhasharatha spoke to Bharatha, son of Kaikeyi, “Your maternal uncle Yudhajith, son of King of Kaikeya came here to take you to his province, you may follow your uncle at the earliest.” and King Dhasharatha bade farewell to Bharatha and Shathrugna.  Bharatha who is virtuous and valorous, reverentially greeted his father, Rama, mother Kaikeyi, Sumithra and Kousalya and proceeded his journey along with Shathrugna to Keykeya province.  The valiant King Yudhajith, delight of King of Keykeya, was extremely happy, journeyed with Bharatha and Shathrugna to his Kingdom.  Rama and Lakshmana immersed in the assistance of his father in ruling the ideal Kingdom, Rama undertook various welfare activities of the people of Ayodhya at the guidance and direction of his father, engaged in pleasing activities with his mothers, immersed in educational activities with his preceptors, and review them time to time.  Rama undertook various welfare activities with utmost honesty and virtue like Lord Brahma, which pleased King Dhasharatha, Brahmins and the subjects of Ayodhya.  Likewise, Rama whose heart was vested with Sita vice versa, he blissfully sported with her many years.  Sita became most beloved to Rama by her virtues and loveliness, and Rama was an ideal husband to her took place twice fold in her heart; they were the idyllic couple who converse their thoughts by their hearts.   Sita/Maithili, who is the personification of goddess and daughter of King Janaka, is the delight of Rama who is the son of Rajarishi/King Dhasharatha, shone like the supreme Lord Vishnu with Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Balakandam !! 76. Bhargava Rama’s pride hurts!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Shruthva Thatha Jamadagnasya Vakyam Dhasharathi: Thadha |
Gouravath Yathritha Katha: Pithu Ramam Atha Abraveeth ||
Kruthavan Asmi Yath Karma Shruthavan Asi Bhargava |
Anurudhyamahe Brahman Pithur Anrunyam Asthitha: ||
Veeryaheenam Iva  Ashaktham Kshathra Dharmana Bhargava |
Avajanasi Mey Theja: Pashya Mey Adhaya Parakramam ||
Ithi Ukthva Raghava: Kruddho Bhargavasya Vara Ayudham |
Sharam Cha Prathijagraha Hasthath Laghu Parakrama : ||
Aropya Sa Dhanu Rama: Sharam Sajjyam Chakara: |
Jamadagnyam Thatho Ramam Rama: Kruddho Abraveeth Idham ||
Dhasharatha Rama, who was standing beside King Dhasharatha began to speak after listening to the supercilious comment, “Oh! Bhargava Rama, I have heard of your valiant deeds and we highly appreciate your endeavors to release yourself from the indebtedness to your father.  Oh! Bhargava Rama, you have misjudged the Kshathriyahood in me,  I will display the valor in me before you.”  Rama picked the long and powerful bow of Lord Vishnu along with the arrow from the hands of Bhargava Rama, which was already wielded with an arrow, before aiming at the target Rama furiously declared “ Oh! Bhargava Rama, You are a Brahmin and venerable to me, you are closely associated with Sage Vishwamithra, I am reluctant to release this arrow which is capable to put an end to your life.  Oh! Bhargava Rama, the speed of your mind or the unparallel merits you have earned through severe asceticism, which one you desired to take away from you? And it is definite that the divine bow of Lord Vishnu will not go waste and it will certainly reveal its ferocity to the opponent. ”  All the deities, Lord Brahma, Sages, Siddhas, Charanas, Celestial Apsaras, Gandharvas, Kinnaras, Yakshas, Nagas and Rakshasas assembled to witness Dhasharatha Rama wielded with the powerful divine bow of Lord Vishnu.  Bhargava Rama stood motionless and vigor less before Dhasharatha Rama, who was wielded with the divine arrow of Lord Vishnu, surrounded by marvelous aura.  Bhargava Rama whose vivacity was restrained by the radiance of the lotus eyed Rama, he mellifluously spoke to Dhasharatha Rama “ Oh! Kakustha Rama, once when I was donated the entire Earth to Sage Kashyapa, it was become inhabitable for me.  I sincerely followed the order of my preceptor Sage Kashyapa and I did not even spend a night on the Earth.  Oh! Raghava, it will be improper to harm my independent movement, I am capable to move at the speed of my mind to Mount Mahendra.  I have won over the realm of heaven with the power of my asceticism; therefore you can conquer it with the powerful arrow.  I have realized your divinity, that you are the supreme Lord Vishnu, slayer of demon Madhu, destroyer of enemies by the touch of the divine bow.  All those deities have come to witness you, you are unparallel and incomparable.  Oh! Kakustha, you are the lord of three worlds, and I withdraw myself.   Oh! Rama, release that unsurpassed arrow on me and I wish to depart to mount Mahendram.” Dhasharatha Rama released the powerful arrow from the divine and long bow of Lord Vishnu, instantly the Bhargava Rama vanished from the sight.  All the deities and Sages eulogized the glories of Dhasharatha Rama who was wielded with the divine bow of Lord Vishnu, eventually Bhargava Rama circumambulated Rama and went into vacuum.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Balakandam !! 75. Bhargava Rama narrates the splendor of bow of Lord Shiva & Lord Vishnu !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Rama Dhasharathey  Veera Veeryam They Shruyathey Athyathbhutham |
Dhanusho Bhedhanam Chaiva Nikhilena Maya Shrutham ||
Thatha Adhbhutham Achinthyam Cha Bhedhanam Dhanusha: Thatha |
Thatha Shruthva Aham Anupraptho Dhanur Ghruhya Aparam Shubham ||
Thatha Idham Ghora Samkasham Jamadagnyam Mahath Dhanu: |
Poorayasva Sharena Yeva Sva Balam Dharshayasva Cha ||
Thatha Aham They Balam Dhrushtva Dhanusho Api Asya Poorane |
Dhvandhayuddham Pradhasyami Veerya Shlaghyam Aham  Thava ||
Thasya Thatha Vachanam Shruthva Raja Dhasharatha: Thadha |
Vishanna Vadhano Dheena: Pramjali: Vakyam Abraveeth ||
Lord Parasurama said “Oh! Dhasharatha Rama,  I have heard about your remarkable valor and thrashing of the divine bow of Lord Shiva which was unimaginable.  It was truly mesmerizing incident, that’s why I have arrived to meet you.  I have brought another extremely powerful bow received from Sage Jamadagni, wield an arrow on it and display your proficiency to me.  After examining your capability on wielding an arrow, we will have mutual fight/Dhvandhayuddham.”  King Dhasharatha was in a pitiable state after listening to Bhargava Rama and spoke to him with folded handed “ Oh! Bhargava Rama, you are a Brahmin who undertake strict asceticism and you have put an end to the hostility towards the Kshathriyas long back, it will appropriate to bless my sons who are youngsters.  You are from the glorious clan of Bhargava who strictly follow asceticism, study Veds and scriptures.  You have already discarded the weapons as a promise made to thousand eyed Lord Indra.  You have underwent severe austerities and offered the huge part of the Earth as alm to Sage Kashyapa and proceeded to the woods of Mahendra.  Oh! Mahamune, neither Rama nor us could live in the absence of one another.”  Bhargava Rama did not pay any attention to the considerate words of King Dhasharatha, he addressed to Rama “There were two long bows which were the most powerful, designed by the deities and stunningly crafted by the celestial architect Vishwakarma.  Oh! Narashreshta, one was given to Lord Rudra/Thryambaka at the time of battle with the demon Tripura.  You have broken the magnificent bow of Tripurari, slayer of demon Tripura.  This is the second one given to Lord Vishnu by the deities and named after him and both these powerful bows are identical in the annihilation of enemies.  Once all the deities approached Lord Brahma to find the supremacy among Lord Rudra and Lord Vishnu, it created a huge battle between Lord Mahadeva and Lord Vishnu, with the ‘hum’ sound Lord Vishnu broken the bow of Lord Mahadeva and made him motionless.  Then all the sages, charanas and deities assembled before them to bring peace among the two powerful and superior deities Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Seeing the motionless bow of Lord Shiva, it was proclaimed that Lord Vishnu is supreme.  Later Lord Rudra offered his bow to the Devaratha, King of Vidheha.  This is the bow of Lord Vishnu which was handed to Sage Richika, son of Sage Brighu.  Sage Richika offered this matchless bow to his resplendent son Sage Jamadagni, my father for his righteous deeds.  When my father who was ascetically powerful was all alone and without weapon, extremely cruel Karthaveeryarjuna mercilessly killed my father.  Oh! Rama, after that gruesome incident, I have killed the Kshthriyas born thirty seven times on this Earth and took good control over the Earth.  After that I have performed severe austerities and Vedic ritual to sanctify myself and offered huge part of the Earth as alm to Sage Kashyapa, who is a Mahathma.  Later I have moved to Mount Mahendra to practice severe asceticism. Oh! Rama, I have arrived promptly after listening to breaking of the divine bow of Lord Shiva, therefore, wield this divine bow of Lord Vishnu which has mystic powers owned by my forefathers and father, keep high your Kshathriya-hood/Kshathriya Dharmam and wield this divine bow as you have wielded the bow of Lord Shiva.  Oh! Kakustha, wield the divine bow and aim with an arrow to your target, you are well capable of it.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Balakandam !! 74. Rama’s encounter with Lord Parasurama !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Atha Rathryam Vyathithayam Vihwamithro Mahamuni: |
Aprushtva Thou Cha Rajanaou Jagam Utharaparvatham ||
Vishwamithro Gathey Raja Vaidheham Mithila  Adhipam |
Aprushtva Iva Jagam Ashu Raja Dhasharatha: Purim ||
Atha Raja Vidhehanam Dhadhou Kanya Dhanam Bahu |
Gavam Satha Sahasrani Bahuni Mithileshwara: ||
Kambalanam Cha Mukhyanam Kshoumana Koti Ambarani Cha |
Hasthi Ashva Ratha Padhatham Divaroopam Swalamkrutham ||
Dhadhou Kanya Shatham Thasam Dasi Dasam Anuththamam |
Hiranyasya Suvarnasya Mukthanam Vidhrumasya Cha ||
Dhadhou Raja Susamhrushta: Kanya Dhanam Anuththamam |
On the next day morning, Sage Vishwamithra bade farewell to King Dhasharatha, King Janaka, Rama and Lakshmana and proceeded to the northern parts of Himalayas.  Shortly, King Dhasharatha bade farewell to King Janaka and proceeded to the city of Ayodhya.  King Janaka/Mithileshwara offered various riches as Kanya Dhanam, huge number of cows, thousands of magnificent shawls,  crores of silk garments, elephants, horses, chariots, warriors and hundreds of maid servants,  he also offered various precious jewels such as gold, silver, pearls, and coral as Kanya Dhanam with extreme delight.  King Janaka after offering various riches as Kanya Dhanam, accompanied his daughter for a distance and bade farewell to King Dhasharatha and returned to his palace.  King Dhasharatha along with his virtuous sons followed by warriors, keeping the sages at the forefront proceeded to Ayodhya.  Suddenly, King Dhasharatha along with Raghavas could hear the alarming screeches of birds, animals and various creatures from woods were hurried to leftward.  King Dhasharatha was mystified and enquired Sage Vashishta “ My heart is throbbing with an unknown fear, why these birds are creating frightful noises and the animals are dashing to leftward ?” after listening to King Dhasharatha’s distressed voice, Sage Vashishta informed him in a soothing words that he will let him know about what was happening and asked to ignore the screeching of birds and dashing of animals. Suddenly a whirlwind set off, it quivered the earth and uprooted the colossal trees around, abruptly the daylight has vanished and sandstorm wrapped the warriors from all sides.  Sage Vashishta, King Dhasharatha and his sons were visible, rest of them were turned into dull.  In that extreme darkness they could witness Bhargava Rama,  son of Sage Jamadagni, vanquisher of Kshathriya,  who had the resemblance of the destroyer of Tripura, Lord Rudra.  He had dreadful look, with unruly matted hair locks, irrefutable like Mount Kailash, he had the brilliance of Kalagni, un approachable for the common people, he had an axe/Parasu on his shoulder, wielded a bow on his hand.  Seeing his dreadful face blazing like ritual fire, Sage Vashishta and various Brahmins who practice ascetics and fire rituals whispered to each other “ Is he going to abolish the race of Kshathriyas once again as he was done at the time of murder of his father? Is he still in agitation against the race of Kshathriyas?”  All the Sages and Rishis along with Sage Vashishta approached Lord Parasurama and mellifluously spoke “ Oh! Rama, Bhargava Rama”.  Lord Parasurama, son of Sage Jamadhagni began to speak to Rama after receiving welcoming words from the assembled Sages and Sage Vashishta.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Monday, 23 March 2015

Balakandam !! 73. Sita Rama Kalyana Ghattam/The celestial wedding of Rama & Sita !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Yasmin Thu Divasey Raja Chakre Go Dhanam Uththamam |
Thasmin Thu Divasey Shuro Yudhajith Samupeyivan ||
Puthra: Kekaya Rajasya Sakshath Bharatha Mathula: |
Dhrushtva  Prushtva Cha Kushalam Rajanam Idham Abraveeth ||
Kekeya Adhipathi Raja Snehath Kushalam Abraveeth |
Yesham Kushalakamo Asi Thesham Samprathi Anamayam ||
Svashriyam Mama Rajendra Dhrushtu Kamo Mahipathi: |
Thatha Artham Upayatho Aham Ayodhyayam Raghunandana ||
The valorous King Yudhajith, brother of Kaikeyi and maternal uncle of Bharatha, arrived on the day of various charities done in abundance by King Dhasharatha.  King Yudhajith enquired the welfare of King Dhasharatha and spoke “ The ruler of Kingdom of Kekaya, your father-in-law enquired the wellbeing of all of you and they are all doing very well.  Oh! Rajendra, my father would like to see Bharatha, the son of my sister Kaikeyi that is why I have travelled to the city of Ayodhya.    Oh! Mahipathey, I have heard the news that you all have arrived in Mithila along with your sons for their marriage.  I had the intense desire to witness my sister’s son Bharatha and proceeded to Mithila.”  King Dhasharatha who finds immense pleasure in receiving his guests, invited Yudhajith with all the respect and honors.  On that night they all took pleasurable moments in the company of their sons.  On the next day after completing the early morning ritual, arrived in the hall where the Vedic ritual was proposed to conduct, keeping the eminent Sages at forefront. At the auspicious hour, Rama along with his brothers adorned in various jewels, tied the auspicious thread on their wrist before the prominent Sages.  Sage Vashishta said “ Oh! Narashreshta, King Dhasharatha performed the auspicious thread ceremony to their sons, and waiting for performing the remaining ceremony of marriage according to the Swadharma of the family of brides and bridegrooms”.  After listening to Sage Vashishta, King Janaka replied reverentially “Is there any need to wait for the permission to enter in to your own home? and I earnestly pray not to hesitate, Mithila is the Kingdom of yours as well.  Oh! Munishreshta,  my daughters are already present before the altar of Fire and well prepared to perform the thread ceremony, like the radiant blaze before the altar of Fire.  We are already waiting before the Altar of fire.  Let us perform the auspicious ceremony without any impediments.”  Soon King Dhasharatha entered with his four sons along with the assembled Sages.  King Janaka requested Sage Vashishta to perform the marriage ceremony of Rama.  In that grand marriage hall decked with flowers and various alluring fragrances and sandal paste,   there were various colors and patterns of vessels in Gold, earthen and various spatula and required materials to perform the ritual of fire along with necessary ingredients like Ghee, milk, water, yellow rice, sprouted pulses, rice flakes etc.. Sage Vishwamithra, Sage Vashishta, Sage Shathananda along with the eminent Sages took seat before the Altar of fire and sanctified all those materials kept before the fire of altar for the performance of auspicious ritual by sprinkling the yellow rice on them.  The resplendent Sage Vashishta overlaid the sacred grass with the Vedic chants in a particular order on the fire of alter; he prepared fire by rubbing the woods and placed it in the Altar.  Further, Sage Vashishta methodically poured the oblation to the fire along with the Vedic chants.  At that moment, King Janaka led Sita who was marvelously decked with various ornaments, before the fire of Altar and made her seated before Raghava.   King Janaka addressed to Rama who is the enhancer of delight of Kousalya,
“ Iyam Sita Mama Sutha Saha Dharma Chari  Thava ||
Prathiccha Cha Yenam Badhram They  Panim Gruhanishva Panina |”
“This is my daughter Sita, I shall wish you to accept her as your better half to perform all the righteous deeds with you, let safeness be with you and take her palm into yours.  She will be a chaste wife to you and will follow you like your shadow.”  After saying so, King Janaka poured water into Rama’s hands followed by Vedic hymns.  The divine drum beats were followed, deities and the sages assembled were showered flowers on the newly wedded divine couple.  King Janaka was in a state of ecstacy, at the successful completion of the wedding of his daughter.  Further, King Janaka offered Urmila’s hands to Lakshmana, Mandavi’s hands to Bharatha and Shruthakirthi’s hands to Shathrungna respectively.  King Janaka said “ Oh! Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha and Shathrunga, virtuous brothers from the Kakustha Dynasty, please proceed for the further ceremony without lapse of time.”  All the four bridegrooms followed by their brides, holding their hands into their, sincerely performed additional ceremonies at the instructions of Sage Vashishta, along with the recitation of Vedic hymns, the bridegrooms and brides performed circumambulation of sacred fire, Sages and King Janaka and the family of Raghu’s dynasty.  They have performed the remaining ritual according to the scriptures at the instruction of Sage Vashishta and fruitfully completed the custom.  The deities and sages were showered flowers, divine drum beats reverberated all over the place and celestial Apsaras were danced to the tune of mellifluous music of Gandharvas, in this way the grand marriage ceremony of divine couple were successfully completed.  The music and dance of celestial Gandharvas and celestial Apsaras were overflowed; the newly wedded couple took circumambulation of the sacred fire three times.  Shortly, the legatees of Raghu emerged from the wedding hall with their wives accompanied by families and Sages and Rishis.    King Dhasharatha affectionately looked at his sons and daughter-in-laws.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Balakandam !! 72. Bharatha & Shathrugna’s marriage proposal to the daughters of King Kushadhvaja !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Thama Ukthavatham Vaidheham Vishwamithro Mahamuni: |
Uvacha Vachanam Veeram Vashishta Sahithey Nrupam ||
Achinthyani Aprameyani Kulani Narapungava |
Ikshvakunam  Vidhehanam Na  Yesham Thulyo Asthi Kaschana ||
Sadhrusho Dharma Sambandha: Sadhrusho Roopa Sampadha |
Rama Lakshmanayo Rajan Sita Cha Urmilaya Saha ||
Vakthavyam Cha Narashreshta Shruyatham Vachanam Mama |
Bhratha Yaviyana Dharmascha Yesha Raja Kushadhvaja: ||
King Janaka described the lineage of Vidheha, eminent Sage Vishwamithra and Sage Vashishta approached the King Janaka and replied “ Oh! Narapungava, Ikshvakus and Vidhehas are matchless dynasties with prominent Kings of incomparable valor and glories.  The marriage alliance of Rama and Lakshmana to Sita and Urmila is the perfect association of bridegroom and bride of righteousness and charm.  Oh! Narashreshta, listen to me, your younger brother King Kushadhvaja who is well known for his virtue, his two daughters will be the perfect match for Bharatha and Shathrugna as well.  Hence, we would like to choose the two daughters of your younger brother for the two honorable men.  These all four sons of King Dhasharatha are stunningly charming and youthful, equivalent to the rulers of world and valorous as deities.  Oh! Rajendra,  Ikshvakus and Vidheha are unparalleled dynasties with their pious deeds and therefore with this alliance both the dynasties will remain interconnected.”  Sage Vishwamithra paused; King Janaka replied after listening to the eminent Sages “I am highly honored by the opinion of you.  It will be appropriate to choose the two daughters of Kushadhvaja as the bride for Bharatha and Shathrugna respectively.  Oh! Mahamuney, Let our four daughters palms taken for marriage by the valorous princes on the same day of Uthara Phalguni.  Oh! Munipungavai, you both had performed generous act for that I will remain grateful and earnestly pray to accept the dignified seats, you two eminent Sages can complete the marriage ceremony as the way you feel appropriate, just like how Mithila belongs to King Dhasharatha and vice versa.”  King Dhasharatha was highly pleased at the generosity of King Janaka and replied “   Oh! King Janaka of Mithila and King Kushadhvaja, you both have abundance of virtues and high reverence for Rishis and Kings, which are highly commendable.  We shall proceed to conduct the ritual of tribute to our ancestors.” Further the two Kings were undertaken the procedure for homage to ancestors.  On the next day morning King Dhasharatha performed the initial rituals of marriage in a grand manner, he abundantly offered hundred thousands of cows to Brahmin in the name of four sons.  King Dhasharatha who is extremely affectionate towards his sons, donated hundred thousand of cows in the name of each son; the cows were decked with golden case on their horn along with their calves and milking pot, in addition to this various riches were offered to the Brahmins in the form of charity.   While performing abundance of charity, King Dhasharatha in the midst of four sons shone like four faced Lord Brahma on Earth.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Balakandam !! 71. King Janaka narrates his lineage !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Yevam Bruvanam Janaka: Prathyuvacha Kruthanjali: |
Shrothum Arhasi Badhram They Kulam  Na: Parikeerthitham ||
Pradhane Hi Muni Shreshta Kulam Niravashoshatha: |
Vakthavyam Kulam Jathena Thana Nibodha Mahamune ||
Raja Abhootha Thrishu Lokeshu Vishrutha: Svena Karmana |
Nimi: Parama Dharmathma Sarva Saththvavatham Vara: ||
Thasya Puthro Mithi: Nama Janako Mithi Puthraka: |
Prathamo Janako Nama Janakath Api Udhavasu: ||
Once Sage Vashishta was concluded describing the lineage of Ikshvaku dynasty in detail, King Janaka with palm folded replied reverentially “ Oh! Brahman, I earnestly pray all of you to listen to the distinguished lineage of mine.  Oh! Mahamune, it is the responsibility of a person who born in the glorious lineage to describe the history of his clan before he offers a bride, therefore let me describe about my lineage.  There was an Emperor Nimi who is prominent among the Emperors, well known in the three worlds for his righteousness.  Mithi was the son of Emperor Nimi and Mithi had a son Janaka.  Udhdhavasu was the son of King Janaka and Nandivardhana was the son of Uddhavasu.  Nadivardhana had a son Sukethu.  Rajarishi Devaratha who was powerful as well as righteous was the son of Sukethu and he had a son Bruhadhratha. Mahavira was the brave son of Bruhadhratha and Sudhrithi was a virtuous son of Mahavira.  The Kingly Sage Dhrushtakethu was the son of Sudhruthi, Dhrushtakethu had a well known son Haryashva.  Maru was the son of Haryashva and Prathindhraka was the son of Maru.  Prathindhraka had a noble son Keerthiratha.  Devamida was the son of Keerthiratha and Devamida had a son Vibhudha and Vibhudha had a son Mahindhraka.  The mighty King Keerthiratha was the son of Mahindhraka and the Kingly Sage  Maharoma was the son of Keerthiratha.  The Kingly sage Swarnaroma was the son of Sage Mahorama and Hrsvaroma was the son of Sage Swarnaroma, two sons were born to the virtuous King Hrsvaroma, and I am the elder one and my brother is the mighty King Kushadhvaja.   My father the illustrious King Hrsvaroma entrusted the Kingdom of Mithila to me and my brother Kushadhvaja and proceeded to woods.  After the departure of my father to the heavenly abode, I am taking good care of my brother Kushadhvaja and the burden of Kingdom of Mithila.  Later, the valorous King Sudhanva of Sankasha entered in a battle with Mithila, in the meantime I have received the glorious bow of Lord Shiva and lotus eyed Sita.  Oh! Brahmarishey, I have confronted King Sudhanva in the battle with the good fortune brought by the divine bow or bride.  Later, Kushadhvaja was crowned as the King of City of Sankasha.  Oh! Munipungava, with all my hearts I offer my daughter Sita and Urmila to Rama and Lakshmana,  I am extremely happily to offer my daughters in marriage.  Sita is the bounty of bravery.  Oh! King Dhasharatha, let the proceedings of the ritual begins with the Go Dhanam, homage to Pithrus and the remaining rituals of marriage.  Oh! Mahabhaho King Dhasharatha, the ruling star of the day is Magha, on the third day of Uthara Phalguni the wedding ceremonies will take place and the generous charity of Arthadhanam/wealth to the deserving people will be performed for the welfare of Rama and Lakshmana.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Friday, 20 March 2015

Balakandam !! 70. Sage Vashishta describes the lineage of Ikshavaku Dynasty !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Thatha: Prabhathey Janaka: Krutha Karma Maharshibhi: |
Uvacha Vakyam Vakyajjya : Shathanandham Purohitham ||
Bhratha Mama Mahatheja Yaviyan Athidharmika: |
Kushadhvaja  Ithi Khyatha: Purim Adhyavasath Shubham ||
Varya Phalaka Paryantham Piban Ikshumathim Nadhim |
Samkashyam PUnya Sankasham Vimanam Iva Pushpakam ||
Thama  Aham Dhrushtum Icchami Yajjya Goptha Sa Mey Matha: |
Preethim So Api Mahatheja Imam Bhoktha Maya Saha ||
On the next day, King Janaka performed the rituals as per the advice of the Sages and spoke to Sage Shathananda “My younger brother Kushadhvaja who is righteous and prominent ruler of the sacred city of Shankashyam, which is surrounded by the natural spring Ikshumathi has the waters like sugar cane, my brother presides over that city like the Pushpaka Vimanam of Kubera.  I wish to see him as a part of the benefactor of the Vedic – ritual of the marriage and he has contributed the materials abundantly for the ritual.”  Further King Janaka send emissaries to the famous city Shankashyam, the emissaries speeded on the horse to the city of Kushadhvaja, like at the order of Lord Indra to bring Lord Vishnu.  The emissaries arrived in the City of Kushadhvaja and detailed him about the auspicious incident to him, eventually King Kushadhvaja, preceded to the city of Mithila at the order of King Janaka.  Kushadhvaja offered his obeisance to Sage Shathananda and approached the compassionate and righteous elder brother King Janaka and offered him earnest reverence to him and took seat on the grand chair kept for him.  Both the brothers who has unlimited virtues and well known for their righteous deeds were took dignified seats and summoned the minister Sudhaman.  King Janaka ordered the distinguished minister Sudhaman to invite resplendent King Dhasharatha of Ikshvaku dynasty along with the Raghavas and Sage Vashishta and prominent Sages to place of Vedic ritual.  Sudhaman visited King Dhashratha and offered his obeisance, conveyed the message of King Janka.  Emperor Dhasharatha with his Kingsmen and preceptors arrived at the place of Vedic ritual and introduced the distinguished personalities of Ikshvaku dynasty, King Dhasharatha spoke to King Janaka “ Oh ! Maharajan, the godly Sage Vashishta who is the chief mentor of the Ikshvaku dynasty will narrate about the glorious clan with the consent of Sage Vishwamithra and the prominent sages assembled here.”  While King Dhasharatha and Sage Vishwamithra were become reticent, Sage Vashishta spoke “The eternal, imperishable, timeless Lord Brahma begot Marichi as Manasaputhra, Marichi had Kashyapa as his son and Lord Aditya /Vivaswan is the son of Sage Kashyapa and Manu is the son of Vaivasvatha.  Manu was the earliest Prajapathi who had a son Ikshvaku who was the first and foremost ruler of City of Ayodhya.  The son of Ikshvaku was Kukshi who was prominent and his son Vikukshi is famous as well.  The valorous Vikukshi had a son Bana and the fearless Anaranya was the son of Bana.  Pruthu was the son of Anaranya and Thrishanku was the son of Pruthu.  Thrishanku had a son Dhundhumara.  The highly glorious charioteer Yuvanashav was the son of Dhundhumara and Mandhatha was his son.  Mandhadhatha had a virtuous son Susandhi and Susandhi had two sons Dhruvasandhi and Prasenajith.  The illustrious Bharatha was the son of Dhruvasandhi and Bharatha had a brilliant son Asita.  King Haihaya and  Thalajangha were the adversaries of King Asita, during the battle between the powerful opponents King Asita was overthrown and arrived at the hills of Himalaya with his two wives.  King Asita with his limited army lived in the hills of Mount Himalaya, years passed by King Asita attained heavenly abode, his two wives were pregnant at the time of the death of King Asita.  One of the wives gave toxic food to the other and aborted the child.  There was Sage Chyavana, son of Sage Brighu who was fascinated by this serene atmosphere lived in the hills of Himalayas.  One of the wives of King Asita who was gorgeous and fortunate arrived to meet the resplendent Sage Chyavana with a desire to have a child.  Kalindi wife of King Asita who poisoned the other one also approached the Sage.  But Sage Chyavana spoke to the lady who had consumed the poison “Oh! Mahabhage/ fortunate lady, you will have a virtuous, valorous and glorious son in your womb, though he will have the deadly poison that you have consumed in him, but nothing to worry about it.” In due course of time, she gave birth to a son who is famously known as Sagara.  The emperor Sagara had a son Asamanja and Amshuman was the son of Asamanja.  Dilipa was the son of Amshuman and Bhageeratha was the son of King Dilipa.  Kakustha was the son of  Bhageeratha and Raghu was the son of Kakustha.   Pravruddha was the son of Raghu who was turned into a carnivore by the curse of Sage Vashishta, later came to known as Kalmashapadha and Shankana was his son.  Sudharshana was the son of Shankana and Agnivarshana was the son of Shudharshana.  Shighraga was the son of Agnivarshana and Shighraga’s son was Maru.   Prashushrukath was the son of Maru and King Ambarisha was the son of Prashrukath.  Ambarisha’s son was Nahusha and the Emperor Yayathi was the son of Nahusha.  Nabhaga was the son of Emperor Yayathi and Aja was Nabhaga’s son.  Emperor Dhasharatha was born to King Aja and Raghavas/Rama and Lakshmana from the Emperor Dhasharatha.  Oh! Narashreshta, King Janaka, I have flawlessly described the righteous kings of the Ikshvaku Dynasty are true to my knowledge and it will be appropriate to offer your daughters to Rama and Lakshmana.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!