Friday, 22 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 46. Pancha Senapathi Vadha: / Death of five Chief army personnel !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Hathan Manthrisuthan Buddhva Vanarena Mahathmana |
Ravana: Samvruthakara: Chakara Mathisaththamam ||
Sa Viroopaksha Yoopakshou Dhurdharam Chaiva Rakshasam |
Prakhasam Bhasakarnam Cha Pancha Senagra Nayakan ||
Sandhidhesha Dhashagreevo Veeranaya Visharadhan |
Hanumantham Grahano Vyagran Vayuvega Samanyudhi ||
Yatha Senanagra: Sarva  Mahabala Parigraha: |
Savaji Ratha Mathanga: Sa Kapi: Shasyatham Ithi ||
Yaththa Thai: Cha Khalu Bhavyam Syath Thamaasadhya Vanalayam |
Karma Cha  Api Samadhyeyam Deshakala Virodhitham ||
Ravana came to know about the tragic death of the seven sons of Minister, he cleverly concealed his expression and immersed in productive thought.  He ordered five chief army personnel Virupaksha,  Yupaksha, Dhurdhara, Praghasa and Bhasvakarna, who are extremely skillful, has the speed the wind, capable to conceive fruitful strategies and eager to capture Hanuman “ Oh! Generals, proceed with huge army of demons and capture that Vanara.  You should be very careful while approaching the powerful Vanara, proper actions should be taken and it should be appropriate for the time and place.  Do not underestimate him as an ordinary Vanara, after considering his actions I do not think him as an ordinary Vanara, he is an evil spirit with extraordinary might.  He must be chosen by Lord Indra , Lord of  celestials.  Long ago, I have conquered celestials, demons, Sages, Nagas, Yakshas and Gandharvas, they are back with vengeance now, therefore I suspect that this Vanara must be an evil spirit created by Lord Indra.   This powerful Vanara should be captured with your entire prowess.  Earlier I have seen the mighty Vali and Sugriva, valorous Jambavan, Nila and Dvividha, but all their prowess, capabilities, intelligence, and illusionary powers were not unapproachable like this.  After taking into consideration of all the acts of this Vanara, I think he is an enormous evil spirit; should be captured with great effort.  You might be aware of the fact that Lord Indra, celestials, demons and humans in the all three worlds are incompetent to enter in a battle with you.  The end results in the war field are always unpredictable; whoever skilled at the proper execution of strategies and desirous of victory would succeed. ”
The five chief army personnel who has possessed immense might and the brilliance of Lord Aditya, sincerely followed the command of their King and proceed with numerous chariots, elephants, horses of higher breed and several vicious weapons.  They witnessed fearless Hanuman, who has possessed enormous strength, unperturbed, encircled with the hue of rays of sun, stationed on the arch way.  Shortly, all those demons with fierce weapons began to attack Hanuman from various directions.  Durdhara released five sharp arrows with the luster of black lilies aiming on the head of Hanuman, eventually it pierced his head, Hanuman took a giant leap to the sky with a boisterous cries and it reverberated in all directions.  Instantly the mighty Dhurdhara leapt on the sky with his chariot and released hundreds of arrows upon Hanuman which was warded off like a rain drops in the monsoon season.  Hanuman assumed a colossal form, with a great roar he knocked down the chariot of Dhurdhara like a lightning, grand chariot with eight horses was crushed into pieces and Dhurdhara was killed instantly.   Virupaksha and Yupaksha, destroyer of enemies were in a rage took giant leap to the sky with their weapons, were hit with great force by the chest of giant sized Hanuman, who descend down to Earth and plucked a huge Salavruksha and thrashed the demons Virupaksha and Yupaksha to death.  The remaining chief of army personnel Prakshasa and Bhasvakarna was cautious after the death of the three of the army personnel, attacked Hanuman with dart and spears on their hands.  The most infuriated Hanuman stood severely wounded, body soaked in blood, shone like Lord Aditya.  Hanuman plucked huge trees and thrashed them to death, ultimately all those five chief of army personnel were killed and entire army was destroyed in the vicious battle like Lord Indra who has thousand eyes vanquished the demons.  Hanuman ruined the army of elephants with elephants, horses with horses, mighty warriors with warriors and charioteers with charioteers.  The major path ways on the Earth was crammed with lifeless bodies of warriors, horses, elephants and broken chariots.  The resplendent Hanuman, after killing the mighty demons and chief of army personnel with the troop of powerful demons, anxiously waited on the arch way, like Lord Yama wait for the precise moment to capture the life of mortals.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!