Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 33. Hanumath Seetha Samvadhopakrama:/ Hanuman’s conversation with Sita !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Sovatheerya Dhrumathasmadhvidhruma Prathimana: |
Vineethavesha: Krupana:Pranipathyopasruthya Cha ||
Tham Abraveen Mahatheja Hanuman Maruthathmaja : |
Shirasyanjalimadhyaya Seetham  Madhuraya Gira ||
Kanu Pathrapalashakshi Klishta Kousheya Vasini |
Dhrumasya Shakhamalambhyam Thishtasithvam Anindhitha ||
Kimartham Thava Nethrabhyam Varisravathi Shokajam |
Pundarika Palashabhyam Viprakeernam Ivodhakam ||
Suranam  Asuranam ChaNaga Gandharva  Rakshasam |
Yakshanam Kinnaranam Cha Ka Thvam Bhavasi Shobhane ||
Ka Thvam Bhavsi Rudranam Marutham Va Varanane |
Vasunanam Va Vararohe Devatham Prathibhasi Mey ||
Kima Nu Chandramasa Hina Pathitha Vibudhalaya |
Rohini Jyothisham Shreshta Shreshta Sarva Gunanvitha ||
The resplendent Hanuman, son of Lord Vayu, approached Sita despondently, offered his humble salutation with his palms joined above the head; he desolately spoke to her “Oh! Padmapalashakshi,/ Lady with the eyes like lotus flower, Oh! Anindhithey/unapproachable woman, who are you? Why you are in a wretched state, tears overflowing like waters flicking from the lotus petals?  Oh! Shobhane,/Auspicious woman, are you belong to the lineage of Sura, or Asura, or Naga or Gandharva, or Rakshasa, or Yaksha or Kinnara ?  Oh! Varanane/Lady with beautiful face, are you from the lineage of eleven Rudras famous for their prowess, or Maruthganas,  or Ashtavasus.  Oh! Vararohe/Lady with beautiful waist, you appear as deity to me.  Are you Rohini who has enriched with virtues, descend down from heaven and deserted by Lord Chandra who is excellent amongst the stars?  Oh! Asithekshane/Lady with dark eyes, are you Arundhathi, chaste wife of Sage Vashishta who infuriated her husband by her mistake?   Oh! Sumadhyame,/Lady with slender waist, You seems to be lamenting over the death of someone dear to you,  was that your son, or father or brother or husband?  You are relieving sighs of distress and extremely emaciated with extreme grief; It is specific that you are not from the world of deities, your physique and bodily features reveals that you must be a queen of an Emperor or daughter of a King.  If you are willing to answer my queries, are you the
chaste Sita wife of Rama, abducted by Ravana in Janasthana? Your pitiable state and graceful appearances reveals that you are the wife of Rama.”  Seetha was extremely delightful to hear about Rama from Hanuman who was settled on the Shimshupa tree.  Seetha answered “I am the daughter – in – law of prominent King Dhasharatha who is the destroyer of enemies.  I am the daughter of virtuous King Janaka, of Kingdom of Vidheha,  I have lived twelve blissful years of married life in the palace of Rama.  On the thirteenth year, King Dhasharatha and honorable preceptors decided to perform crowning ceremony of Rama as a King of the Kingdom of Ayodhya, while the arrangements for the anointment were carried out, Kaikeyi wife of King Dhasharatha proclaimed that she will not consume any food and starve to death if Rama was declared as the King of Ayodhya, further she requested the King to fulfill the promise which was made to her and ordered Rama to exile from the Kingdom of Ayodhya.  King Dhasharatha fell unconscious after listening to the heart breaking words of Kaikeyi and the boon given to her.  Later, righteous and aged King Dhasharatha reluctantly ordered his illustrious elder son Rama to exile from the Kingdom.  The glorious Rama wholeheartedly accepted the command of his father, more than the message of his anointment.  The righteous Rama who is extremely compassionate, does not speak unpleasant words to others for the betterment of his life, enthusiastically scarified all the luxuries and grand attires, and embraced the life of an ascetic.    He gave up his Kingdom and entrusted me in the custody of his mother.  It was impossible for me to live in the absence of Rama even in heaven; therefore I have decided to follow Rama to the woods.  The illustrious brother Lakshmana, affectionate to Rama was already attired in ascetic and followed his elder brother prior to me.  After offering humble obeisance to King Dhasharatha, we proceeded to the dark woods which were not witnessed in our lives, while we were in the wood of Dandakavanam, evil minded Ravana abducted me in the absence of Rama.  The wicked Ravana announced two months as the survival period to me; I will give up my life after this stipulated period.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!