Thursday, 7 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 34. Sri Rama Lakshmanayo: Kshema Vruththantha Kathanam / Sita listening to Hanuman's description about Rama and Lakshmana !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Thasya:  Thath  Vachanam Shruthva Hanuman Hariyoodhapa: |
Dhukkath Dhukka Abhiboothaya: Santham Uththaramabraveeth ||
Aham Ramasya Sandheshath  Devi Dhootha: Thavagatha: |
Vaidhehi  Kushali Rama: Thvam Cha Kaushalam Abraveeth ||
Ye Brahmasthra Vedhan Cha Veda Vedavidham Vara: |
Sathvam Dhasharathi Ramo Devi Kaushalam Abraveeth ||
Lakshmana:  Cha Mahatheja Bharthu: They Anuchara: Priya: |
Kruthvan Shoka Samthaptha: Shirasa They Abhivadhanam ||
Sa Thayo: Kushalam Devi  Nishamya Narasimhayo: |
Preethi  Samhrushta Sarvagni Hanumantham Atha Abraveeth ||
Kalyani Batha Gathathayam Loukiki Prathibhathi Mey |
Yehi Jeevanatham Anandho Naram Varshashathath Api ||
The resplendent Hanuman, best among the Vanaras after listening to the sorrowful words of Sita, replied in a kind manner “ Oh! Devi, Oh! Vaidhehi , daughter of King Janaka of Kingdom of Vidheha, I am the messenger of virtuous Rama, who enquired your welfare.  Oh! Devi, Rama, son of King Dhasharatha is exceptional in Veda and Sasthra and in the usage of Brahmasthra, enquired your welfare. The splendid Lakshmana, younger brother of Rama, sincere follower of his brother also equally tormented with the grief, offered his salutation to you.” Sita was extremely delighted to the news of welfare of Rama and Lakshmana, all her limbs were quivered in delight, she began to speak mellifluously “The popular saying ‘happiness can conquer the grief of hundred years of struggle’, is true and applicable to me.” In this way, Sita revealed her friendly disposition towards Hanuman, shortly they began to converse in confidence.  Hanuman, chief-warrior among Vanara, gradually moved closer to Sita with his folded hands, but she suspected that it must be Ravana in disguise; she was lamented over her response to Hanuman, and eventually took seat on the ground under the Shimshupa tree.  Sita was inconsolable, emaciated with extreme grief, alarmed at the mighty form of Hanuman; once again she was overcome with trepidation and quivering with fear.  Sita who has the face resemblance to full moon, took deep sigh and spoke in a meek voice “  Oh! Nishachara, if You are Ravana, you are causing me further agony with your illusionary powers, you have done the same while abducting, in a disguised form of an ascetic from Janasthanam.  Oh! Nishachara, you have already caused extreme grief and agony with your capabilities to assume any form at your will, I am exhausted and miserable or my suspicion may not be true, I had a pleasing sensation after listening to you.  If you are the messenger of Rama, may you remain be blessed.  Oh! Best among the Vanara, legend of Rama gives immense pleasure to me, kindly describe the same.  Oh! Vanara, narrate the virtues of Rama, Oh! Saumya, you have made my mind spurt like a water course with great current.  I am witnessing a Vanara assigned by Rama after a long time; it is a wonderful dream indeed.  If I have seen Rama and Lakshmana in my dream, it would have brought immense pleasure to me.  It is treated as inauspicious to witness a monkey in dream, I do not feel it as a dream and it brought auspiciousness to me.  Is that delusion of mind? Or I am losing intellect?”  Further, Sita/ Janakathmaja, daughter of King Janaka decided not to respond to Hanuman who understood the thought of her and began to speak in most delightful words which provides immense pleasure to her.
Adithya Iva Thejasvi  Lokakantha: Shashi Yaya ||
Raja Sarvasya Lokasya Devo Vaishravano Yaya |
Vikramena Upapanna: Cha Yaya  Vishnu: Mahashaya: ||
Sathyavadhi Madhuravaga Devo Vachaspathi: Yaya |
Roopavan Subhaga : Sriman Kandharppa Iva Moorthiman ||
Sthana Krodhapahartha Cha  Shreashta Loke Maharatha: |
Bahucha Chayama Avashtabdho Yasya Loko Mahathmana: ||
Apakrushyashramam Padhan Mrugaroopena Raghavam |
Shoonye Yena Apanitha Asithasya Dhrashyasi Yath Phalam ||
“Rama who is Lord of Earth has the radiance of Lord Aditya, pleasing like Lord Chandra, has abundance of affluence like Lord Kubera, he is prominent and valorous like Lord Vishnu, he has perfect control over senses, he gets anger on the right people and strikes people at right time, he is an excellent charioteer, he is virtuous and the whole Universe is taking refugee under his arms.  Ravana by using illusionary powers abducted Sita from the hermitage, he is deserved to be punished by Rama, and Ravana will face severe consequences of his deprived act.  I am the messenger of Rama, whose powerful arrows releases are the spark of his anger, I was assigned by him, he is in extreme distress at the separation of you, desired to know your welfare.  Lakshmana, who has long arms and has the splendor of Rama, delight of Sumithra offered salutations to you and enquired your welfare.  Oh! Devi,  Sugriva,  King of Vanara , close associate of Rama and the army of Vanaras enquired the welfare of you.  Rama, along with Sugriva and Lakshmana are engrossed in your thoughts.  Oh! Vaidhehi, although you in are the custody of dreadful demons, you are existing due to your good fortune.  In a short while, you will see Rama, mighty Lakshmana and splendorous Sugriva with crores of mighty Vanaras.  I am Hanuman, minister of King Sugriva, King of  Vanaras.  I have entered the City of Lanka after crossing the vast ocean of hundred yojana with my strength, with an intention to thrash the wicked Ravana’s head.  Oh! Devi, leave your suspicion about me and believe the words of mine.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!