Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 52. Dhootha Vadha Nivaranam / Ravana’s decision to kill the messenger & Vibhishana’s wise advice!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Thasya  Thatha Vachanam Shruthva Vanarasya Mahathmana: |
Ajjyapayath Vadham Thasya Ravana; Krodhamoorchitha: ||
Vadhe Thasya Samajyapthey Ravanena Dhurathmana |
Nivedhithavatho Dhaithyam Na Anumena Vibhishana: ||
Thama Rakshodhipathim Kruddha Thaccha Karyam Upasthitham |
Vidhithva Chinthayamasa Karyamkarya Vidhaisthitha: ||
Nischithartha; Thatha: Samna Apujya Shathrujithagrajam |
Uvacha Hithamathyartham Vakyam VakyaVisharadha: ||
Kshamasva Rosham Thyaja Rakshasendhra | Praseedha Madhvakyam Idham Shrunushva |
Vadham Na Kurvanthi Paravarajya | Dhoothasya Santho Vasudhadhipendhra: ||
Rajan Dharma Viruddham Cha Lokavruththey; Cha Garhitham |
Thava Cha Asdhrusham Veera Kapeysya Pramapanam ||
Dharmascha  Kruthascha Rajadharma Visharadha: |
Paravarajyo Bhoothanam Thvema Paramarthavith ||
Ravana was exasperated after listening to the speech of virtuous Hanuman and ordered to kill him.  Vibhishana was not agreeable to the words of Ravana, he expressed his indifference in killing Hanuman who is entrusted with the task of a messenger.  Vibhishana, who is excellent in communication and destroyer of enemies, began to speak beneficial and appropriate words to his brother Ravana who is in a state of frenzy “Oh! Rakshasendhra, forgive me and get rid of your anger, be gracious and listen to my words.  Oh! Vasudhadhipendhra, you are well aware of righteousness, it is unjustifiable to kill a messenger.  Oh! Vira, you are well versed with the Rajadharmam, killing a Vanara is against royal virtues and universal custom, when the intellectuals seized by anger even the knowledge about scriptures becomes vain.  Oh! Rakshasendhra/Shathrugna/ destroyer of enemies, Oh!Dhurasada/unapproachable,  be graceful,  an appropriate punishment will be declared after taking into consideration of the matters.”  Ravana was fuming with anger after listening to the mellifluous words of Vibhishana, and replied “ Oh! Vibhishana, Oh! Shathrusudhana/destroyer of enemies, there is no offense in killing a sinner; I shall kill this Vanara who had committed severe sin.”  Vibhishana who is endowed with righteousness, after listening to Ravana’s dissipated words followed by anger, began to speak “ Oh! Lankeshwara, Oh! Rakshasendhra, be gracious, listen to my most significant words of righteousness, messengers are not allowed to kill in any place or time.  There is no doubt that the Vanara who is our enemy and arrogant, he caused extreme displeasure to us, but Sages did speak about killing an envoy, there are several punishments available to implement upon him, such as  deformation of limbs, whipping, and shaving head and imprint mark on body, we have not heard of killing a messenger.  How can an individual like you enriched with intellect, righteous merit, aware of precise judgment and cause and effect of the same, persuade by rage? Wise people will have good control over their anger.  Oh! Vira, No one is equal to your knowledge about righteousness, custom, scriptures, and you are matchless compared to celestials and demons.  Oh! Nischacharendhra, you are valiant and unbeatable, you have conquered multitudes of celestials, demons and Kings in the battle several times.  I do not see any advantage in killing this Vanara, let the punishment carried out by the individual assigned him.  He is designated by our opponent, a messenger who acts and talk on behalf of somebody does not deserve to be killed.  Oh! Rajana, I do not find anyone other than this Vanara who can cross the mighty ocean.  Oh! Parampuramjaya/conqueror of enemies, instead of killing this Vanara, you should appreciate the efforts of celestials.  Oh! Yuddhapriya/fond of wars, if you have killed this Vanara, you will not get any information about the valiant princes who are prepared to battle against us.  Oh! Manonmadhana/cheerful at heart, you are unconquerable by celestials and demons, it is improper to put off the call for a battle.  There are multitudes of warriors who has possessed immense might, discipline, religious fervor, devoted, born in superior class, excellent in the usage of armaments’ to work for the welfare of you.  Therefore, utilize a part of your warriors to vanquish the two princes and let the adversaries know your prowess.  The mighty King Ravana, King of demons, Lord of demons who is the opponent to the world of celestials, carefully understood the remarkable advices of Vibhishana, younger brother of him.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!