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Balakandam !! 31. Rama’s journey to the Kingdom of Mithila !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Maithilasya Narashreshta Janakasya Bhavishyathi |
Yajjana: Paramam Dharmishta: Thathra Yasyamahey Vayam ||
Thvam Chaiva Narashardhoola Saha Asmabhir Gamishyasi |
Athbhutham Cha Dhanu Rathnam Thathra Thvam Dhrushtum Arhasi ||
Thadhi Poorvam  Narashreshta Dhaththam Sadhasi Dhaivathai: |
Aprameya Balam Goram Makhey Paramam Bhasvaram ||
Na Asya Deva Na Gandharva Na Asura Na Cha Rakshasa: |
Karthum Aropanam Shaktha Na Kathamchana Manusha: ||
On that night Rama & Lakshmana stayed with all the Sages of Siddhashrama, extremely rejoiced over the successful completion of Yaga of Sage Vishwamithra.  At the early hours of dawn, Raghavas performed ablutions and approached Sage Vishwamithra who was in the midst of Sages of Siddhashrama.  They greeted Sage Vishwamithra who has the resemblance of ritual fire, “Oh! Maharishey, we are your assistants, waiting for your further instructions”.  The sages assembled spoke compassionately “Oh! Best among the men, we are leaving to Kingdom of Mithila to attend a Grand Yagna/Vedic ritual.  Oh! Valorous Rama, You are welcome to join with us to witness the magnificent divine bow made of Gem.  This is one of the most powerful bows of deities that were received as a boon of Vedic ritual by the King of Mithila.  Oh! Raghava, Its impossible even for deities or Gandharvas,  or Suras, or Asuras, or Rakshasa and not to speak about humans to lift the divine bow or tie string on it.  Though many of the mighty Kings were inquisitive about the power of the bow but failed in their attempt to tie string on it.  Oh! Rama, you can witness this spectacular bow in Mithila, the Kingdom of King Janaka who is prominent in Vedic ritual too.  Oh! Rama, King Devavratha, grandparent of King Janaka performed a grand Vedic ritual and pleased the deities; consequently he had attained the divine bow as boon of the Yagna.  The marvelous bow safeguarded at the Palace of Mithila is worshipped on regular basis during the festivities with sandal paste and various fragrances. ”  Rama and Lakshmana bade farewell to Siddhashrama and the woodland, eventually they followed Sage Vishwamithra and Sages who were preceded towards the mountain ranges of Himalaya located on the northern bank of river Ganga, they were followed by hundred of carts loaded with the requirements of Vedic ritual.  Various animals and birds of Siddhashrama followed the great soul Sage Vishamithra were returned graciously back to their woodland by the Sage.  The sages of Siddhashrama made arrangements for the halt of their journey on the river banks of Sona at the arrival of dusk, all of them went to perform oblations and fire ritual, soon after they assembled before the illustrious Sage Vishwamithra.  Rama curiously enquired Sage Vishwamithra to describe the tranquil woodland on the river banks of Sona, compassionate Sage Vishwamithra was excited by the inquisitiveness of Rama, began to narrate the significance of the place.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Balakandam !! 30. Successful completion of Yaga at Siddhashrama !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Upasam Chakrathur  Veerou Yaththou  Paramam Dhanvinou |
Rakshathur MunivaramVishwamithram Arindhamou ||
Atha Kale Gathey Thasmin Shashtey Ahani Thadha Agathey |
Soumithram Abraveeth Ramo Yaththo Bhava Samahitha: ||
Ramasya Yevam Bhruvanasya Thvarithasya Yuyutsaya |
Prajjvala Thatho Vedhi:  Sa Upadhyaya Purohitha ||
Rama and Lakshman, who are the destroyer of enemies, well aware of the requirements of the hour, time and place, spoke to Vishwamithra “ Oh! Maharishey, we would like to know about the precise hours of appearances of the evildoers who used to create impediments to your fire sacrifices and when we should be fully prepared to safeguard your ritual without any fail.”  The sages in the Siddhashrama were extremely pleased at the eagerness of the princes of Kakustha dynasty and their sincere efforts to encounter the fierce demons.  The sages assembled were replied “Oh! Raghava, you have to protect the rituals for six days and nights from today, revered Sage Vishwamithra will initiate the proceedings of the ritual, so he will not be in a position to provide you with any further instruction as the vow the ritual has begun”.  Upon the instructions of the Sages of Siddhashrama, Rama and Lakshman with their bows and arrows on hand vigilantly safeguarded the hermitage and the Alter of Fire of Sage Vishwamithra for six days and night.  The time has arrived for the conclusion of the fire sacrifice, Rama spoke to Lakshman “ Oh! Soumithri, be prepared “.  Suddenly, a massive blaze raised from the Altar of fire which brightened Sage Vishwamithra and the Sages who were performing the ritual, eventually it swallowed the sacred grass, arm length wooden spatulas, fire-woods, heap of flowers and the whole surroundings of the sacrificial fire got lighten up, while the Vedic chants according to the prescribed rules for the conclusion of sacrificial fire was rendered.  Instantly a trident and a loud explosion was raised in the sky, massive clouds appeared and two dreadful demon came into sight performing illusionary acts as if they were pouncing on the Altar of Fire.  Mareecha and Subhahu with a bunch of demons created a sudden strong outburst of blood on the fire sacrifice.  Rama noticed the swamp of blood on the Altar of Fire, hurried to the demons and spoke to Lakshman “Oh! Soumithri, I am indisposed to eradicate the impish, flesh eating demons but you will see that they will have pathetic end with the Manava weapons.”  Rama aimed the powerful Manava weapon against Mareecha, it him like thunderbolt and took him hundred Yojanas away into an ocean moving up and down with it maddening waves, without taking his life away.  Rama shot an Agneya Asthram against Subhahu, which killed him instantly.  Rama vanquished the entire demons who were followed Mareecha and Subhahu.  The sages of Siddhashrama praised Rama like Lord Indra who won over the demons.  The illustrious Sage Vishwamithra said “ Oh ! Raghava, my purpose of conducting a ritual at Siddhashrama has become fruitful, you have actualized the word of honor to your Mentor and your father as well, likewise the glories of the Siddhashrama has reinstated.”  It was the arrival of dusk, Sage Vishwamithra cheered Rama.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Balakandam !! 29. The legend of Lord Vamana !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Iha Rama Mahabhaho Vishnur Deva Namaskrutha |
Varshani Subhahuni Iha Thadha Yuga Shathani Cha ||
Thapa: Charana Yogartham Uvasa Su Mahathapa: |
Yesha Poorva Ashramo Rama Vamanasya Mahathmana: ||
Siddha Ashram Ithi Khyatha: Siddho Hi  Athra Mahathapa: |
The illustrious Sage Vishwamithra described about the tranquil woodland to Rama “Oh! Rama, this is the most sacred land on Earth, where the supreme Lord Vishnu who is worshipped by the deities resided in a hermitage and underwent severe austerities and Yoga for hundred eras.  Previously it was the hermitage of Lord Vishnu, later Lord Vamana and Sage Kashyapa also underwent austerities in here.  While Lord Vishnu was undergoing austerities, there was a King Bali, son of King Virochana conquered the three worlds, there by Lord Indra and the deities lost their power and glories.  Emperor Bali decided to conduct a grand Yagna.  All the deities approached Lord Vishnu and appealed to assume the form of a dwarf to protect the deities.  In the meantime, Sage Kashya who has the brilliance of ritual fire and his chaste wife Aditi underwent severe penance and worshipped Lord Madhusoodhana, slayer of the demon Madhu.” 
Sage Kashyapa eulogized the Supreme Lord Vishnu “ Oh! Supreme Lord Purushothama, you are the epitome of asceticism and I can envision you with all those austere means that you are the embodiment of austerities.  I can visualize the entire Universe in your physique, you have no beginning and you are impossible to describe. I am taking refuge in you.  
Thapomayam Thaporashim Thapomoorthim Thapathmakam |
Thapasa Thvam Suthapthena Pashyami Purushothamam ||
Shareerey Thava Pashyami Jagath Sarvam Idham Prabho |
Thvam Anadhi: Anirdheshya: Thvam Aham Sharanam Gatha: ||
Lord Vishnu was pleased at the devotion of Sage Kashyapa, son of Sage Maricha and informed him to ask for a boon.  Sage Kashyapa requested Lord Vishnu to assume the form of a child to this pious couple and young brother to Lord Indra, in order to annihilate Emperor Bali and protect the deities from the agonies.  Thus, Sage Kashyapa earnestly prayed to Lord of Lords to become his child and the hermitage came to known as Siddhashrama, an auspicious place of accomplishment.
Sage Vishwamithra continued, “ In this way, Supreme Lord Vishnu assumed the form of a dwarf and born to Sage Kashyapa and Aditi.  Lord Vamana approached Emperor Bali at the Yagna arena and requested for a piece of land measured by his three strides with his teeny tiny feet, but covered the three worlds under his feet to protect the deities and for the welfare of the Universe. Ultimately, Lord Indra and deities regained their power and glories once again.  This hermitage is belonged to Lord Vishnu, destroyer of enemies and provider of Salvation from the cycles of birth and death.   I am fortunate to be a part in this hermitage due to my devotion and dedication to Lord Vamana.  Oh! Rama, demons who creates impediments in the hermitage should be eliminated.  Oh! Dear son, I will take you to the unparalleled Siddhashrama, the hermitage belongs to me will be known as yours too.”  Sage Vishwamithra pleased at heart took Rama and Lakshmana to the Siddhashrama, he was shone like Lord Chandra between the two warriors.  As soon as they entered in the marvelous Siddhashrama, all the sages assembled Sage Vishwamithra and offered veneration, likewise Rama and Lakshmana was received with great honor.  The princes of Raghu dynasty with folded hands spoke to Sage Vishwamithra, “Oh! Revered Sage, You may undertake the proceedings of the ritual by today, let this magnificent Siddhashrama become the accomplished one in eradicating the evils and let your promise given to my father and the purpose of brining me here should come true.”  Sage Vishwamithra carried out the vow of the rituals with the sages assembled in Siddhashrama.   On that night, Rama and Lakshmana was wide awake, in the early hours of dawn, they completed the procedures of ablutions and recitation of holy hymns of Gayatri.  They proceeded to Sage Vishwamithra who was seated before the Alter of Fire and initiated the ritual fire.
 Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Balakandam !! 28. Rama receives the divine weapons of Krishasva Prajapathi from Sage Vishwamithra !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Sathyavantham Sathya Keerthim Dhrushtam Ramasabha Yeva Cha |
Prathiharatharam Nama Parannmukham Avanmugham ||
Lakshya Alakshya:  Imou Chaiva Dhruda Nama Sunamakou |
Dhashaksha Shathavakthrai Cha Dhasha Sheersha Shatha Udharou ||
Padmanabha Mahanabhou Dhundhunama Swanamakou |
Jyothisham Shakunam Chaiva Nairashya Vimalou Ubhou ||
Yaugandhara Vinidhrou Cha Dhaithya Pramadhanou Thatha |
Shuchi Bahur  Mahabhahur Nishkali Viruchara Thatha ||
Sarchirmali Dhruthimali Vruththiman Ruchira: Thatha |
Pithrya: Soumanasa : Chaiva Vidhutha Makarou Ubhou ||
Paraveeram Rathim Chaiva Dhana Dhanyou Cha Raghava ||
Kamaroopam Kamaruchim Moham Avaranam Thatha |
Jrimbhakam Sarpanadham Cha Panyan  Varanaou Thatha ||
Krishava Thanyan Rama Bhasvaran  Kama Rupina: |
Prathiccha Mama Bhadhram They Pathra Bhoothosi Raghava ||
Rama from the prominent clan of Kakustha sanctified by the divine weapons received from the revered Sage Vishamithra, later he mellifluously spoke “Oh! Brahmarishey, I have become unconquerable even to deities by receiving those divine weapons, Oh! Revered Sage, I would like to learn the extraction of those powerful weapons too.”  The compassionate Sage Vishwamithra imparted the knowledge of the withdrawal of the divine weapon to Rama and spoke “ Oh! Rama, I offer you with the radiant weapons famously known as the children of Krishasva Prajapathi, such as  Sathyavantha, Sathyakeerthi, Dhrishta, Rabhasa, Prathiharathara, Paranmukha, Avanmukha, Lakshya, Alakshya, Dhridanabha, Sunabha, Dhashaksha, Shathavakthra, Dhashasheersha, Shatodhara, Padmanabha, Mahanabha, Dundhunabha, Svanabha, Jyothisha, Shakuna, Nairashya, Vimala, Yugandhara, Vinidhra, Dhaithya, Pramadhana, Suchibhahu, Mahabhahu, Nishkali, Virucha, Sarchimali, Dhrithimali, Vriththiman, Ruchira, Pithraya, Saumanasa, Vidhootha, Makara, Karaveerakara, Dhana, Dhanya, Kamaroopa, Kamaruchira, Moha,Avarana, Jrimbhaka, Sarvanabha and Varana are the dominant weapons with illusionary powers.  You are well capable to handle all those powerful weapons and let them protect you from all dangers.” Thus Sage Vishwamithra handed all those divine weapons to Rama.   All those divine weapons has the nature of fire, smoke, moon, sun etc… stood before Rama in a state of bliss, with folded hands waiting for the further instructions from Rama.    Raghava instructed those weapons to reside in his knowledge and assist him as and when it requires.  Ultimately, those powerful weapons, personification of deities circumambulated Rama and disappeared from the sight.  Rama, Lakshman and Sage Vishwamithra resumed their journey, a stunning lush green land caught the attention of Rama, it was not very far from the range of mountains, full of domesticated animals and spectacular birds, and it was the most attractive land on Earth added excitement and inquisitiveness in Rama.  He spoke “Oh! Great among the Sages, I am extremely delighted to witness this serene environment; I understand that we have passed the dreadful Thadaka Vanam.  Whose hermitage situated on this sacred lush green land?  Oh! Prominent Sage, where are those sinful creatures and evildoers? Where did they appear to hinder your rituals and fire sacrifices?  I have to protect your rituals and vanquish those demons. Oh! Brahman, where are those demons who killed the Brahmanas? I would like to hear about this place in detail.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Monday, 15 September 2014

Balakandam !! 27. Rama receives divine weapons /Asthra & Sasthra from Sage Vishwamithra !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Deva Asura Ganan Va Api Sa Gandharva Uragan Bhuvi |
Yai: Amithran Prasahya Ajou Vashikruthya Jayishyasi ||
Dhanda Chakram Mahath Divyam  Thava Dasyami Raghava ||
Dharma Chakram Thatho Veera Kala Chakram Thathaiva Cha |
Vishnu Chakram Thatha Athi Ugram Aindhram Chakram Thathaiva Cha ||
Vajram Asthram Narashreshta Shaivam Shoolam Varam Thatha |
Asthram Bhramashira:  Cha Yeva Aishikam Api Raghava ||
Dhadhami They Mahabhaho Brahmam Asthram Anuththamam |
On that night, Rama along with Lakshman and Sage Vishwamithra stayed in the Thadaka Vanam, on the next day, in the early hours of dawn the illustrious Sage Vishwamithra approached Rama with a compassionate smile and spoke “Oh! Rama, I am highly pleased at your deeds, to ensure your perpetual safety, I am going to offer you with all those divine weapons which are favorites of mine.  Those auspicious weapons are capable to protect you from any peril and conquer any number of deities, demons, Gandharvas, Uragas and humans in battle.  Oh! Raghava, I am going to provide you with highly auspicious Danda Chakra, Dharma Chakra, Kala Chakra, Vishnu Chakram, Indhra Chakram,  Vajrasthram, Trident of Lord Shiva/Shaiva Shoolam, Brahmashirasathram, Aishikasthram and Brahmasthram.  I am going to offer you with the two powerful maces called Modhaki and Shikhari.  Oh! Rahava, I will be giving you with the three nooses famously known as Dharmapasa/righteousness, Kalapasa/Time and Varuna Pasa/Varunasthra.  Oh! Raghava, I will give you the divine weapons called Shushka, Ardhra, Narayanasthram of Lord Narayana and Pinakasthram of Lord Shiva.  Oh! Rama, divine weapons known as Agneasthram/Shikharam, weapons of Lord Surya called Prathama and weapon of Lord Vayu/Vayavyasthram as well.  Oh! Raghava from the clan of Kakustha, I will be giving you the divine weapons of Lord Vishnu known as Hayashira and Krouncham of Lord Rudra as well.  I will be offering you with various fierce weapons like Kankalam, Musalam, Goram, Kapalam and Kinkinim for the eradication of demons.  Oh! Rama, Son of mighty King Dasaratha, I will be giving you the most powerful weapon Vaidhyadharam and gem of swords Nandakam,  Gandharvasthram/stupefy known as Mohanam, Prasvapanam/induce sleep and Prashamanam/pacifier too. Oh! Highly fortunate among the Raghu dynasty, I offer you with the weapons of Varsha/Rain, Shoshanam/Drought, Santhapanam, Vilapanam,Madhanam,  Dhurdharsham, Gandharvasthram, Manavasthram, Paishachasthram and Mohanam.  Oh! Rama, greatest among the warriors, I offer you with the weapons like Thamasam, Soumanam, Samvartham, Mousalam, Sathyasthram, Mayasthram, Thejaprabham, Shishiram/Somasthram, Sudharunam/Thvashtrasthram, Bhagasyasthram and the weapons of the Manu, first and foremost ruler of mankind.  Oh! Rama, you can have all those divine weapons which has illusionary powers and indestructible in nature.  Rama received all those auspicious weapons from the illustrious Sage Vishwamithra, stood facing east followed by certain rituals and sacred hymns recited.  The sacred hymns were flawlessly recited by the Brahman, that are impossible even for the deities to recite the sections and subsection of it, while reciting those sacred hymns by Sage Vishmithra, all those divine weapons stood in front of him and was accessible to Rama.  The deities presided on the auspicious weapons were highly pleased to obey the orders of Rama; with their folded hands revealed their compliance to carry out the orders of Rama, with pleasing heart Rama responded to the mighty weapons to manifest in his knowledge whenever the requirement of the weapons takes place.  Rama was extremely grateful to his Preceptor, revered Sage Vishwamithra and prepared to resume their journey. 
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Balakandam !! 26. Rama’s encounter with Thadaka !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Pithur Vachana Nirdheshath Pithur Vachana Gouravath |
Vachanam Koushikasya Ithi Karthavyam Avishankaya ||
So Aham Pithur Vacha: Shruthva Shasanath Brahma Vadhina: |
Karishyami Na Sandheha: Thadaka Vadham Uththamam ||
Go Brahmana Hitharthath Dheshasya Cha Hithayacha |
Thava Chaiva Aprameyasya Vachanam Karthum Udhyatha: ||
The ideal man from the Raghu dynasty after listening to the legends of Thadaka narrated by Sage Vishwamithra, reverentially folded his palms together and replied to Sage “This task will be executed at the earliest with great reverence and admiration to my father’s order and the order of my Preceptor.  I will not disregard the advice of my father to follow the instruction of elders.   I will undertake the most important responsibility of elimination of Thadaka as instructed by Sage Vishamithra, like Lord Brahma.  I will meticulously carry out the instruction of you for the welfare of cow, Brahmin and the entire province.”  Rama, the destroyer of enemies, tightened his hand on the middle of the bow and made a deafening noise by touching the bowstring.  The inhabitants of the Thadaka Vanam were anxious at the loud noise and Thadaka was terribly annoyed by the thunderous noise.  She was exasperated and rushed to the direction where the noise has arrived.  Raghava noticed a hideous and giant demon with distorted figure, spoke to Lakshman “ Lakshmana, this Yakshi  has all those horrific  appearances capable to tear apart the heart of a coward, she in unconquerable and has obtained immense magical powers, you will see that her ears and nose are chopped off from its place.  I really do not want to kill a female, but I intend to terminate her impertinence and impediments caused to the inhabitants of Thadaka Vanam.”  Thadaka approached Rama with a boisterous laugh and swaying her hands around him.  Brahma Rishi Vishamithra spoke “Oh! Raghava, Be safe and victorious”.   Thadaka threw dust on Raghavas, perplexed them for a while by using her magical powers and took shelter under the cover of massive dust form, she flooded by hammering stone rain upon Raghavas, but Rama remained serene and aimed arrow at her gigantic arms that was hurrying towards him, her arms were cut down instantly at the shot of his arrow.  She roared pathetically at the battering of her two arms and was completely exhausted; it provoked Lakshman to sever her ears and nose.  She continued to battle against Raghavas, with all those illusionary powers by stone inundation.  Sage Vishwamithra spoke “ Oh! Rama put an end to your compassion towards a Yakshi, she is malicious and hindrance to the performance of rituals and fire sacrifices.  The sun is ready to set anytime, before that you have to eradicate her from horrifying act, a demon becomes unconquerable by the time of dusk.”  Rama released range of arrows slicing the downpour of stone, she dashed towards Raghavas, Rama shot an arrow on her chest, and she pounced down on the Earth like a thunderbolt and died instantly.  Lord Indra and deities praised the valor of Rama, witnessing the miserable death of a hideous demon.  Lord Indra and the deities spoke to Sage Vishwamithra “You are truly blessed, Lord Vayu and all the deities are pleased, keep showering your concern for Raghava,  sons of Krishasva Prajapathi are valiant and virtuous as well, all those ascetic powers will be offered to Raghava.  Rama is a strict follower of his preceptor, so he deserves the boon/powers and he has to accomplish several deeds for the deities.”  The deities and Lord Indra returned to their abodes and the end of the day has arrived.  Sage Vishwamithra was jubilant at the valor of Rama and the elimination of Thadaka, he kissed on the forehead of Rama and said “Today we will put a halt to our journey and will resume our journey on tomorrow to my hermitage.”  On that night, they stayed in the Thadaka Vanam, the beautiful garden that was released from the curse of Thadaka, which had the resemblance of  Chaithraratha, garden of Lord Kubera.  Rama along with Sage Vishwamithra waited for the sunrise while the celestials and liberated souls eulogized him at the annihilation of Yaksha’s daughter Thadaka.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Balakandam !! 25. Legend of Thadaka !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Poorvam Aseeth Maha Yaksha: Sookethur Nama Veeryavan |
Anapathya: Shubhachara:  Sa Cha Theypey Mahath Thapa: ||
Pithamaha:  Thu Supreetha: Thasya Yakshapathey: Thadha |
Kanya Rathnam Dhadhou Rama Thadakam Nama Namatha: ||
Dhadhou Naga Sahasrasya Balam Cha Asya: Pithamaha: |
Na Thu Yeva Puthram Yakshaya Dhadhou Cha Asou Mahashaya: ||
After listening to the detailed commentary about the demon Thadaka from Sage Vishwamithra, Rama inquisitively enquired “It has always been precise that the Yaksha’s strength is trivial, and furthermore Thadaka is a feminine, how could be possible for her to have the strength of thousand elephants?” Sage Vishwamithra replied compassionately to Rama & Lakshman “Once there was a dreadful Yaksha named Sukethu, he had no progeny; he had great interest in spiritual deeds, underwent severe austerities and pleased Lord Brahma.   Eventually the Yaksha couple was blessed with a stunning daughter Thadaka with the strength of thousand elephants.  Lord Brahma anticipated the ruthless menace from a male child born to this couple, so it was on purpose Lord Brahma did not offer a male child as a boon to Sukethu.  Thadaka was grown into beautiful young maiden; later she was married to Sunda, son of Jambha.  In due course of time, Thadaka and Sunda had a son Mareecha who was unconquerable.  Sage Agastya’ curse vanquished the demon Sunda.  Thadaka with an extreme grief of separation from her husband and full of vengeance returned with her son Mareecha to encounter Sage Agastya.  Thadaka ferociously hurried to Sage Agastya to swallow him.  Sage Agastya cursed Mareecha to attain demon-hood and Thadaka was cursed to become a carnivore with an outrageous appearance.  Instantly Yakshi Thadaka’s beautiful appearance vanished and she too had attained a horrendous appearance of a demon.  The most infuriated Thadaka vandalized the entire province and its people, which was previously the place of ascetics like Sage Agastya.  Oh! Rama, it is your responsibility to eliminate the horrific demon with the strength of thousands of elephant for the welfare of the people, Brahmanas, Cows and Rishis/Sages living in this province.  Oh! Legatee of Raghu, She has no fear of enemies, she believes unconquerable herself and none from the three worlds has the valor to fight against her.  Oh! Best among the men, a prince should be always concerned about the welfare of his subjects  and four categories of the society, don’t mull over at the thought of elimination of a woman and do not show any compassion towards her.   A protector always executes any deeds whether it’s ruthless or bias or sinful or unfair to protect his subjects.  Oh! Legatee of Kakustha, it is an age old tradition of an heir to the throne to eliminate ill reputed demon; I did not see any goodness in her.  Oh! Rama, protector of the people, have not heard of Lord Indra who vanquished Manthara, daughter of Virochana when the latter was prepared to annihilate the Earth.  Oh! Rama, Have not heard of Lord Vishnu eliminated the wife of Sage Brighu & mother of Shukracharya when she was desired the world without the King of deities Lord Indra.  Oh! Rama, great deities have eliminated the unrighteous woman, therefore it’s my order to leave your compassion and vanquish the demon Thadaka.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!