Friday, 31 January 2014

Srimad Sundarakandam !! The coronation ceremony of Lord Rama !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!



Thatha: Sa Prayatho Vruddho Vashishto Brahmanai: Saha
Ramam Ratnamaye Peedey Saha Seetham Nyaveshayath
Vashishto Vama Devascha Jabali Ratha Kashyapa:
Kathyayana: Suyajjascha Gauthamo Vijayasthadha.

Sage Vashishta was duly informed with the progress of coronation ceremony; the divine couple Lord Rama and Goddess Sita was seated on a precious stone in the presence of Sage Vashishta, Vamadeva, Kashyapa, Suyajana, Vijaya and Gautama had the resemblances of Ashta Vasukkal.  Sage Vashishta initiated the coronation ceremony, followed by Vedic chants and sprinkling of the holy water on Rama.  A majestic crown decorated with precious stones and gems which were previously adorned by Manu of Ikshvaku dynasty and his lineage was duly adorned to Rama by Sage Vashishta and declared as the King of Ayodhya.   Shatrugna was holding Chathram over Rama and Sita. Sugriva and Visbhishana was holding Chamara, Lord Vayu presented the gift of Lord Indra an golden garland embellished with one hundred golden lotuses, pearl garlands, the celestial Gandharvas sang delightfully and the celestial dancers were gracefully danced to the tunes.  The nature revealed its merriment on this brilliant occasion.  Rama benevolently offered hundred thousands of cow and horses, thirty cores of golden coins, jewels and cloths as charity to Vedic Brahmins.  Rama offered a beautiful prayer beads embedded with precious stones and gems to Sugriva, an enthralling bracelet conspicuously studded with precious stones and gems to Angada, a peal string embedded with superior gems, stone and  precious ornaments to Sita.  She took the pearl string and stared at her husband; spoke with her beautiful glance about her wish to provide it to the perfect Vanara who has sharpness of mind, intelligence, compassion, clarity in speech, prowess and benevolence.  She repeatedly stared at the Vanaras assembled and offered the pearl string to Anjaneya.  All the Vanaras assembled were presented with various precious ornaments and jewels, Maina, Dvivida, Neela, Jambavan, Sugriva, Anjaneya and Vibhishna were honored with appropriate gifts.  All the Vanaras bade farewell to Rama and returned to Kishkindha.   King Vibhishna after receiving the Kuladhana/Idol of Lord Vishnu worshipped by the Ikshvaku Dynasty returned to Lanka.  Rama generously advised Lakshmana to rule Ayodhya with him, but Lakshmana was not willing to take up position and eventually Bharatha was assigned with the task.  Rama conducted various Yagas and Yagnas like Pundarika, Ashwamedha, Vajapeya etc…and propitiated the deities.  Rama adored the kinship for 10,000 years and performed various Yagas and Yagnas to please the deities.  Rama with Lakshmana as his companion successfully ruled the Earth, there were no widows in the Kingdom, and citizens were well protected from all the dangers of wild animals, thieves and robbers, there was no illnesses, there was abundance of peace and prosperity prevailed, all the creatures were felt peaceful, life span of the people lived were 1000 years, they lived happily with thousands of progeny free from grief and illnesses.  The people lived in the city has nothing to talk other than Rama, Rama, Rama, the seasons were performed its duties very well, the trees were bearing fruits and flowers in all the seasons.  The four Varnas such as Brahmin, Kshaktriya, Vaishya and Shudras performed their responsibilities very well without any greed.  The people lived in this city of Ayodhya were truly righteous.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Srimad Sundarakandam !! Sri Rama Pattabhisheka Sarga: !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!


Shirashyanjalimadhaya Kaikeyananda Vardhana:
Babashe Bharatho Jyeshtam Ramam Sathya Parakramam
Poojitha Mamika Matha Dhatham Rajyamiham Mama
Thaddhadhami Punasthubhyam Yadha Thwa Madhadha Mama.

Maharishi Valmiki describes the glorious event of Sri Rama Pattabhisheka/ the coronation ceremony of Rama as the King of Ayodhya.  Bharatha, the provider of immense happiness to Kaikeyi and younger brother of Rama approached Rama with folded hands above his head and gave a warm welcome to his brother to the city of Ayodhya.  Bharatha spoke “Oh! Rama! The Kingdom of Ayodhya was well protected at the command of you in your absence and it is the time to return the possession of the same.  I am exhausted with the responsibility of the same.” Bharatha graciously compares himself as a lowest and weak to carry out the functioning of a Kingdom.   Shathrugna brought men to clear matted hair locks of Rama and Lakshman.  Rama was adorned with flower garlands and sandal paste all over his marvelous body.  Widows of King Dasaratha adorned Sita beautifully with most precious pieces of jewels.  Kousalya was extremely happy; she embellished the wives of Vanaras with her own hand.  Shatrugna ordered Sumantra, the charioteer to bring the magnificently decorated chariot to the assembly.  Rama gracefully took a seat on the grand chariot, Sugriva and Anjaneya in splendid clothes and ornaments escorted Rama.  Sita elegantly followed by the wives of Sugriva in a chariot to visit the Kingdom of Ayodhya.  The prominent ministers of Kingdom of Ayodhya, Ashoka, Vijaya, and Siddhartha were immersed in the prime discussion with the priests about the coronation ceremony of Rama.  Rama, the righteous prince mounted on the chariot, Bharatha took up the reins of the horses, Shathtrugna holding umbrella above Rama, Lakshman winning the fan, Vibhishana holding the Chamara, the Maruthganas, deities and Sages and celestials were chanting the Vedic hymns, followed by Sugriva and prominent Vanaras mounted on an elephant Shatrunjaya, all those Vanaras were assumed the form of humans and beautifully dressed were mounted on the nine thousand elephants.  The procession of Rama was followed by the auspicious noises of drum beats and  divine musical instruments gracefully moved through the city of Ayodhya.  The people of the Kingdom of Ayodhya witnessed the most enthralling form of Rama along with his brothers.  The procession of Rama was followed by a huge crowd of ministers, Vedic Brahmins and the citizens of Ayodhya, Rama shone like a moon amongst the stars.   Rama graciously introduced Sugriva, Vibhishana and the prominent Vanaras and their commendable service to the ministers.  At last, the procession arrived in the grand palace of Ikshvaku dynasty.  Rama paid obeisance to mother Kousalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi.   Rama enthusiastically instructed Bharatha to offer his palace to Sugriva to reside.   As a part of the coronation ceremony Sugriva instructed the mighty Vanaras Sushena, Rishabha, Gavaya, Nala handing them with 4 golden pots to bring water contained jewels from the oceans located in four directions.  Shortly Vanaras Jambavan, Anjaneya, and Vegadharshi returned with waters from 500 holy rivers.  Sushena brought the sea water contained jewels from Eastern side, Rishabha brought from  sea water covered with red sandal wood from Southern side, Gavaya brought sea water contained jewels from Western side and Nala brought sea water from Northern side and sacred bath was performed to Rama. 
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Srimad Sundarakandam !! Phalashruthi : !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Shrunothi Ya Idham Kavyamarsham Valmikina Krutham
Shraddhadhano Jithakrodha Durganyathi Tharathyasou.
Pranamya Shirasa Nithyam Shrothavyam Kshathriyair Dhwijath
Ishwaryam Putra Labhascha Bhavishyathi Na Samshaya:
Ramayanamidham Krustnam Shrunvatha: Padatha: Sadha
Preeyathe Sathatham Rama: Sa Hi Vishnu: Sanathana:
Kudumba Vruddhim Dhana Dhanya Vruddhim Striyascha Mukhya: Sukhamuthamam Cha Bhuvi Chartha Siddhim
Ayushya Arogyakaram Yasshsyam Soubhathrukam Budhikaram Sukham Cha
Shrothavyametha Niyamena Sadbhirakhyanamojaskara Mruddhikamai:

Phalasruthi :  Whoever listens to the glorious myth of Lord Rama composed by Maharishi Valmiki would be endowed with righteousness, fame, virtues, longevity, protected from all the misfortunes, virtuous offspring, wisdom and intelligence, prosperity and over power their enemies.  The abundance of pieties’ to the worshipper includes bestowed with the honorable sons like Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha & Shatrugna to Kousalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi and lives happily with their children and grandchildren.  Whoever listens to the glorious compositions attentively would be relieved from all the difficulties and whoever separated from the families and relatives will be united.  Whoever reads the glories of Rama would be blessed by the deities, the houses where the glories of Rama’s chanted would be relieved from all the obstacles.  The worshipper would be relieved from all the sins.  The Kshakthriyas should listen to this great epic after offering salutations to a Brahmin that would provide salvation.  Rama is the supreme Lord/ Vishnu descended to Earth for the protection of righteousness (Yadha Yadha Hi Dharmasya Glanir Bhavathi Bharatha | Abhyuthanam Adharmasya Thathathmanam Srujamyaham ||) and the great serpant Anantha as Lakshmana.  Listening or reading the glorious epic Srimad Ramayanam would please the forefathers/Pithrus.  Whoever describes this glorious myth devotedly would reside in the Abode of Lords.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Srimad Sundarakandam !! Lord Ajaneya conveyed nectar like message to Lord Rama!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Niyathamakshatham Devim Raghavaya Nyavedhayath
Drushta Devithi Hanumath Vadhanath Amruthopamam
Akarnya Vachanam Ramo Harsha Mapa Sa Lakshmana:
Nishchithartha Sthathasthasmin Sugreevah: Pavanathmaje
Lakshmana: Preethiman Preetham Bahumanadhavaishatha
Preethya Cha Ramamanodha Raghava: Para Veeraha
Bahumanena Mahatha Hanumanthamavaikshatha

Angada and Anjaneya preceded before the assembly, paid salutations to Sugriva, Rama & Lakshman.  Anjaneya declared the nectar like message ‘Sita was found’ in the Ashoka Vatika, she is in the constant thought of Rama.  Rama and Lakshmana felt extremely delightful after listening to the nectar like words from the mouth of Anjaneya.  Rama remembered about Anjaneya with high esteem. 



Angada, Anjaneya and Jambavan along with their group of Vanaras arrived at Mount Prasravana, they paid salutations to Rama, Lakshmana and Sugriva.  Anjaneya graciously narrated about the pitiable state of Sita after paying reverential obeisance to the direction where Sita resides.  He described the wretched state of Sita in mucky saffron clothes with a single plait of hair as a mark of desolation amongst the dreadful demons, absorbed in the constant thought of Rama, drained of fast and lack of sleep, turning down the lustful approach of Ravana and a firm decision to leave mortal coil in a month.  Further, Anjaneya pacifies Rama that Sita was appropriately informed about his purpose of visit and the companionship between Rama & Sugriva and was given abundance of encouragement to surpass the ongoing difficult situations.  Thus, Anjaneya gracefully handed the Choodamani which has the origin from the sea to Rama.


Rama affectionately took the Choodamani close to his heart and began wept bitterly.  Rama explains the situation where Sita received the commendable Choodamani as a gift from her father in order to embellish her beautiful hair at the time of wedding.  It was previously presented by Lord Indra as a appreciation for the propitious performance of Yagna by King Janaka.  This marvelous ornament brought the memories of King Janaka of Vidheha and King Dasaratha of Ayodhya as well.  Rama reveals his inability to live without Sita, he profusely speaks about the good nature of Sita and   urged Anjaneya to speak about the present state of her.  Anjaneya benevolently speaks about the incident of a crow happened at Chitrakoota while Rama and Sita was having pleasing times, her immense faith in the valor of Rama to protect blameless from the enemies, her comparison of Rama & Lakshman with the splendor of wind and fire, her lamentation over the ill fate and desire to annihilate Ravana by Rama’s powerful arrows.  Anjaneya pacifies Rama that she was well assured with the knowledge of arrival of Rama, Lakshman and Sugriva along with crores of mighty Vanaras in Lanka shortly to reduce Lanka into ashes and eventually the reunion of the divine couple.  Anjaneya describes about his request to Sita for a sign of remembrance for Rama and compassionate gesture from Sita providing Choodamani.  Thus, Anjaneya conveyed the message of Sita effectively.  Further, Anjaneya explains her anxiety expressed about how to cross the vast ocean of 100 Yojana that too was well clarified by providing perfect examples of the braveness of Vanaras in the army of Sugriva who had circumambulated the Universe for several times, their illustrious prowess, endowed with immense strength and sincerely committed to the command of Sugriva.   Anjaneyas informs Sita’s appeal to Rama to vanquish Ravana and exhibit his prowess.


Srimad Sundara Kanda Parayana Krama concludes with Sri Rama Pattabhisheka Sarga:
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Srimad Sundarakandam !! Destruction of Madhuvana/ The pleasure garden of Sugriva !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Yaththa Madhuvanam Nama Sugrivasyabi Rakshitham
Adhrushyam Sarva Bhoothanam Sarva Bhootha Manoharam
Gayanthi Kechith Pranamanthi Kechith Nruthyanthi Kechith Prahasanthi Kechith
Pathanthi Kechith Dwicharanthi Kechith Plavanthi Kechith Pralapanthi Kechith
Parasparam Kechidhu Pashrayanthe Parasparam Kechidhu Pakramanthe

Parasparam Kechidhu Pabruvanthe Parasparam Kechidhu Paramanthe

Angada, Anjaneya, Jambavan and the huge army of Vanaras on their way to Kishkindha witnessed an amazing garden Madhuvanam, favorite garden of Sugiriva and it has abundance of various tropical fruits was well protected by Dhadhimukha, maternal uncle of Sugriva.  Seeing the garden of abundance of honey, all the Vanaras requested Angada for permission to taste the honey.  They scurried into the most beautiful garden after obtaining permission from the seniors like Angada, Jambavan and Anjaneya.  In a short while they turned the rich garden upside down with their monkey acts, (Jumping from one tree to another, sing and dancing, pushing & pulling each other, talking with no sense, some were boisterously laughing, beating and scratching each other, some of them were in fight, some of them were playing, some of them were arguing) they consumed honey at their heart’s content.  None of them were in conscious; all of them were in an intoxicated state.  Dhadhimukha approached them and got into a huge fight and retired with a brutally hurt.  All the Vanaras rejoiced at the victory of Anjaneya, they delightfully consumed honey.  Once again, Dadhimukha approached with a care takers to the Madhuvana in order to ward off the Vanaras from the destruction of the favorite garden of King Sugriva.  He tried all his efforts to protect the garden, but he was harshly beaten by Angada.  Dadhimukha with his broken shoulders, arms and thighs, fully drenched in blood fell on the ground and lost his conscious for a while.  Shortly, he decided to leave Madhuvana in the hands of Vanara and report these mischievous acts to King Sugriva.  Dadhimukha was very confident that King Sugriva never tolerates the destruction of Madhuvana and he would definitely punish the Vanaras to death.  Immediately Dadhimukha along with his guards flew to Kishkindha to inform the ruinous incident to King Sugriva.  Before long, Dadhimukha reached Kishkindha and found Sugriva along with Rama and Lakshmana.  He abruptly fell on the feet of King Sugriva.



Sugriva was taken aback at the gesture of Dadhimukha and enquired the reason for his nervousness.  Dadhimukha hesitatingly informed that the Madhuvana has been destroyed by a large group of Vanaras in the leadership of Angada, Jambavan and Anjaneya and these Vanaras were under the influence of intoxicated drink ruthlessly attacked the guards who were on duty to protect it.  Lakshmana anxiously enquired the reason for Dadhimukhas grief.  Sugriva magnanimously announced that the Vanaras sent to southern directions were returned with nectar like information about Sita which made them consume the honey from Madhuvanam.  Sugriva profusely appreciates the capabilities of Anjaneya to accomplish task successfully.  Sugriva joyously announced that Anjaneya must have located Sita, the nectar like words from Sugriva brought immense bliss to Rama and Lakshmana as well.  Soon Sugriva pacified Dadhimukha and informed him to send all the Vanaras to the assembly immediately.  Sugriva revealed their collective desire to see Anjaneya and understand the welfare about Sita.  Rama and Lakshmana in a state of ecstasy with tears of joy realized that their task is going to be successful without any further delays.   Dhadhimukha after paying obeisance to Sugriva, Rama & Lakshmana rushed to Madhuvana carrying the massage of Sugriva.  At Madhuvana all the Vanaras were in a state of seventh heaven after consuming honey at their hearts content, none of them were in a state of conscious.  Dadhimukha approached Angada and offered salutations to him and conveyed the message of Sugriva to be in the assembly with all the Vanaras immediately.  Angada amiably informed the Vanaras to be ready to leave Madhuvana and meet King Sugriva at Kishkinda.  Thus, Angada and the large group of Vanaras were swooped in the air with loud a noise.  Sugriva pacified Rama that the Vanaras under the leadership of Angada, Anjaneya and Jambavan would bring the auspicious news about Sita and they must have seen Sita.  Sugriva speaks highly about Angada, Anjaneya and Jambvan and their heroism.  Instantly, they could hear the cheerful noises of Vanaras in the sky. 
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Srimad Sundarakandam !! Lord Anjaneya narrates the happenings in Lanka!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Thathasthasya Gire : Shrunge Mahendrasya Mahabala :
Hanumath Pramukha: Preethim Harayo Jagnmuruthamam
Sa Maya Rakshasi Madhye Tharjyamana Muhur Muhu:
Ekaveni Dhara Dheena Bharthu Chintha Parayana

Jambavan, Angada and the entire armies of Vanaras requested Anjaneya to narrate the whole scenario took place in the City of Lanka.  Anjaneya heartily paid salutations to Sita and described the incident happened in Lanka.  Anjaneyas encounter with Mount Mainaka and his generosity,  Surassa, Nagamatha and triumph on her with his sharp intelligence,  killing of ferocious demon Simhika, Chayagrahi, Lankini’s ill fate in the hands Anjaneya, meeting with Sita and her distressed state at Ashoka Vatika, conversation with Sita and eventually hand over the ring of Rama and obtains Choodamani as sign of remembrance for Rama from her, destruction of gorgeous City of Lanka, battle with 8000  Kingara’s  of Ravana and their death,  battle with Jambumali, son of Prahastha, 5 chief army officials, 7 sons of minister and their pathetic death, Son of Ravana, Akshakumara’s death, battle with Indrajit and  capture with the superior Brahmasthra, conversation with Ravana, intervention of Vibhishna to protect from death sentence,  verdict of Ravana to set fire on his tail, burning the City of Lanka, worries about life of Sita amidst the burning city of Lanka and verification about the safety of Sita.    Thus, Anjaneya described wisely and precisely about the incidents that has taken place in Lanka.  Anjaneya concluded his amazing speech graciously praising the glories of Rama and the abundance of encouragements received from his subordinates.  Anjaneya describes the pathetic state of Sita in Ashoka Vatika, it irritated him to fight against Ravana, he generously praised the valor of Angada, Jambavan, Neela, Panasa, Mainda, Dvivida.  Anjaneya earnestly prays for a solution to eradicate the grief of Sita and bring solace to her.  After listening to Anjaneya, Angada prompted the idea of retrieving Sita from the custody of Ravana.  Jambavan, eldest amongst the army advised Angada to encourage and support the inclinations of Rama in the task of repossess Sita from the clutches of Ravana.  All of them were agreed to the wise advice of Jambavan and preceded their journey from Mount Mahendragiri. 

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Friday, 24 January 2014

Srimad Sundarakandam !! Lord Anjaneya returns to Angada & Monkey warriors!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Hanumasthu Gurun Vruddhan Jambavath Pramukhasthatha
Kumaram Angadam Chaiva Sovandhatha Maha Kapi:
Sa Thabhyam Poojitha: Poojya: Kapibhishcha Prasadhitha:
Drushta Seethethi Vikrantha: Samkshepena Nyavedayith
Anjaneya observed the once beautiful city of Lanka turned into a mass inferno and the panic struck demons of huge number were running for their lives.  Anjaneya became thoughtful; an angry act of a wise person could take away the life of Acharya or anyone, an agitated person never knows what he speaks or acts, ultimately fails to recognize the difference between good and bad.  Anjaneya worried about the life Sita who resides in the Ashoka Vatika, he imagined Sita must have been burnt in the huge fire that consumed the whole Lanka, and he blamed himself for the mass destruction caused in Lanka.  He lamented over his senseless act thereby blemished the very purpose of Rama.    The whole city of Lanka has been turned into ashes, there was no place left untouched.  Anjaneya turned hysterical and thought to jump in the fire and kill himself, he felt worthless, he held himself responsible for the thoughtless act thereby ruined the task of Rama.   Anjaneya tormented with various thoughts, If Sita dies, Rama and Lakshman will not survive, and ultimately that will result in the annihilation of clan of Ikshvaku and Vanaras.  Soon, he listened to the conversations of the demons admiring Sita’s undivided devotion to her husband and divine power to remain unharmed in the wild blaze.  Anjaneya instantly realized that the massive fire unhurt him mainly due to his devotion and benevolence of Rama and Sita.  The demons were surprised to see Sita and the Ashoka Vatika was well protected, while the whole Lanka was in a horrifying state.  The above conversation of the demons brought immense pleasure in Anjaneya, he made up his mind to personally visit her in order to make sure of her status and leave.  He met Sita in Ashota Vatika safe and sound.  Sita praised his valorous act and advised him that she would appreciate Rama should reveal his prowess in the battle with Ravana and win over him.  Anjaneya affirmed the arrival of Rama with several thousand mighty Vanaras to accomplish the task.  Once again he paid salutations to Sita and prepared to leave Ashoka Vatika.  Anjaneya assumed a huge form and dived to Mount Arishta crushed under the feet of him and he took a giant leap across the ocean.


Anjaneya was dashing through the clouds at the pace of his mind with boisterous roaring gave out the appearance of Garuda in the sky.  Anjaneya’s deafening roaring reverberated in the sky as he was nearing Mount Mahendragiri.  The Vanaras assembled on the northern side could listen to the roaring of Anjaneya, they were anxious to meet Anjaneya.  Instantly Jambavan confirmed the victory of Anjaneya in accomplishing the task of Rama.  Anjaneya victoriously landed on the Mount Mahendragiri, all the Vanaras gathered around Anjaneya with their monkey acts due to their irrepressible joy.  All the happy Vanaras surrounded were presented him with various fruits and immersed in state of bliss to see Anjaneya successful in his mission.  Angada, Jamabavan and several of Vanara honored Anjaneya and took their seat.  Anjaneya started to speak “I have witnessed Sita, daughter of Janaka in Ashoka Vatika.  She is unblemished, living in the thoughts of her dearest husband, having no ornaments on her body with a single plait of beautiful hair.  She was extremely distressed due to grief, lack of sleep and food; she was clothed in a mucky saffron material.  She was surrounded by numerous demons of dreadful appearances”.  After listening to the nectar like speech of Anjaneya, the Vanaras assembled were in a state of ecstasy expressed their unmanageable happiness in various monkey acts.  Angada immensely praised Anjaneya about his valor and intelligence.

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Srimad Sundarakandam !! Kingdom of Lanka burned into ashes!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Thasya Thadhwachanam Shruthva Dasagrivo Mahathmana:
Desakala Hitham Vakyam Bhrathuruthara Mabhraveeth
Samya Guktham Hi Bhavatha Dhootha Vadhya Vigarhitha
Avashyam Kila Lagoolam Ishtam Bhavathi Bhooshanam
Thadhasya Deepyatham Sheegram Thena Dhagdhena Gacchathu.
Sa Thani Hathva Rana Chanda Vikrama: Sameekshamana: Punareva Lankam
Pradeeptha Lagoola Krutharchi Mali Prakasha Aditya Ivarchimali.

Ravana after a moment of meticulous thought ordered his men to fire the tail of Anjaneya and take him for a walk around the city of Lanka.  Soon the demons wrapped up the gigantic tail of Anjaneya with rags and poured oil on it and set fire on the tail.   Anjaneya mounted with rage pushed away the demons; the demons witnessed Anjaneya with blazing tail were rejoiced over the failure of him, shortly crowd of demons were followed Anjaneya with the drumbeat.  Some of the demons were informed Sita about the pathetic state of Anjaneya.  Sita was horrified at the news and started paying homage to Lord Agni, she sincerely prayed “If I am a chaste woman devoted to my husband, let the fire cool Anjaneya.  If Rama has kindness towards me and if I have some fortune, let the fire cool Anjaneya.  If virtuous Rama treats me as a woman of moral conduct and desirous to meet, let the fire cool Anjaneya.  If Sugriva was sincere in performing his promise and capable to retrieve me from the ocean of sorrow, let the fire cool Anjaneya”.  Instantly, the fire on the tail of Anjaneya turned out a cool-breeze for him, though it was blazing like furnace, it does not hurt him at all.  Anjaneya realized the effective prayer of Sita, he wandered the city of Lanka with his burning tail, decided to set fire to all those beautiful mansions before him.  Like a fire ball moved to the mansions of Prahastha, Mahaparsva, Vajradamshtra, Shuka, Sarana, moved to the mansion of Vibhishana and meticulously avoided, he rushed to the manor of Rashmikethu, Suryashatru, Hrasvakarna, Dhamshtra, Romasa, Yuddhonmaththa, Maththa, Dwajagreevah, Vidhyujivha, Hasthimukha, Karala, Pischacha, Shonithaksha, Kumbhakarna, Makaraksha, Yajnashatru, Brahmashatru, Naranthaka, Kumbha and Nikumbha and set fire on them.  Gradually moved to the palace of Ravana, he set fire on the majestic palace made of precious stones and gems.  Soon, the flame vigorously spread all over the place with the soaring speed of the wind,  the mansion embellished with precious metals, gems and stone were exploded with deafening noise, women and men were panicky scattered to different places with their lives.  The molten metal contains the precious stones and gems were surging through the majestic path ways.  Anjaneya burnt the city of Lanka like Rudra engulfed the city of Tripura.  In the middle of combustion Lanka gave out an appearance of millions of Aditya, the demons were forced to think that he was not just a monkey, he must be any of the deities like Lord Indra , Lord Varuna, Lord Yama, Lord Kubera, Lord Shiva, Lord Vayu, Lord Surya or Kala, may be the furious form of Lord Brahma or Lord Vishnu in disguise.  The city of Lanka reverberated with the sounds of pitiable cries of demons and in a short time the prosperous city of Lanka turned out heap of ash.  Anjaneya majestically stood on the top of Mount Trikoota, immersed at the thought of Rama, with his burning tail which created an impression of garland of fire surrounded by him.  All the celestials Gandharvas, Vidhyadharas, Nagas, Yakshas Rishis and Sages were eulogized the braveness and intelligence of Anjaneya with immense joy.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Monday, 20 January 2014

Srimad Sundarakandam !! Lord Anjaneya’s advice to Ravana !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Thath Trikala Hitham Vakyam Dharmya Marthanubandhi Cha
Manyswa Naradevaya Janaki Prathi Dheeyatham
Drushta Heeyam Maya Devi Labdham Yadhiha Durlabham
Utharam Karma Yachesham Nimitham Thathra Raghava:
Lakshitheyam Maya Seetha Thatha Shoka Parayana
Gruhe Yam Nabhi Janasi Panchasyamiva Pannagim
Neyam Jarayithum Shakya Sa Surairamaraipi
Visha Samshrushta Mathyartham Bhuktha Manna Mivoujasa

Anjaneya continued “Listen to me King of Demons; I am here at the command of Sugriva, brother of the mighty Vanara Vali.  There was a righteous King Dasaratha who had the splendor equivalent as Lord Indra, his eldest son Rama young charming valiant prince moved to woodland with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman at the command of his father.  The honorable prince Rama’s wife and the daughter of King Janaka was gone missing in the forest of Dandaka.  The two valiant princes went in search through the forest and met Sugriva at Rishyamukha.  They promised each other to help in their mission, therefore Rama killed the powerful Vali in a single shot of his arrow and eventually Sugriva was appointed as the throne to Kishkindha.  Consequently, Sugriva sent his numerous mighty Vanaras in search of Sita to all directions.  I am Anjaneya, son of Lord Vayu came here crossing the vast ocean of 100 Yojanas wishing to see Sita, and eventually I met her in Asoka Gardens.  You have mastered numerous austerities and should not yearn for other’s wife; this very act would cause destruction to you and your clan.  No one has gained happiness by putting Rama into anxiety.    I advise you for your good Ravana return Sita to Rama, which would restore peace to you and your Kindgom.  She is equivalent to five hooded serpent, a poison consumed never helps to digest and you have detained a Kalaratri, which will cause the destruction of your entire Kingdom effortlessly.  Oh! Ravana listen to my words Rama alone would be capable to destroy the city of Lanka.  Rama, who is the Lord of Lords, has the prowess equivalent to Lord Vishnu; it would be unlikely to survive after committing a sin to him.  Even Lord Brahma, the self-existed Lord of Creation with four faced and Lord Rudra who has three eyes and destroyer of Tripura, Mahendra the lord of celestials would not be able to protect you from Rama. ”  Ravana ordered to Kill Anjaneya after listening to the ruthless and consequential words of him.  Vibhishana, the younger brother of Ravana firmly opposed the verdict of Ravana to kill a messenger; he softly spoke to his brother to set aside his anger and listen to his words.  He advised Ravana that it is not an appropriate method of punishment to kill a convoy; moreover it was against royal virtues and universal custom.  Ravana was blazing in anger disagreed with the opinion of his brother.  Vibhisha patiently approached Ravana and enlightened him about the righteousness of a ruler and the predictions of the Sages.  Visbhishana also agrees with the fact that the Vanara deserves punishment for the mayhem he had caused to the City of Lanka and there are many ways to punish him by causing deformity, physical torture, shaving head or imprint an evident mark on the body etc.. Vibhishana firmly oppose the very idea of killing a messenger sent by an enemy, he continues to praise the virtues of Ravana and calming down.  Finally, Ravana heed to the words of Vibhishana agreed to give an appropriate punishment to Anjaneya.


Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Srimad Sundarakandam !! Lord Anjaneyas conversation with King Ravana !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Raja Dasaratho Nama Ratha Kunjara Vajiman
Pitheva Bandur Lokasya Sureswara Samadyuthi:
Jyeshtasthasya Mahabhahu: Putra: Priyakara: Prabhu:
Pithur Nidheshannishkrantha: Pravishto Dandakavanam.
Lakshmanena Saha Bhratha Seethaya Chapi Bharyaya
Ramo Nama Maha Theja Dharmyam Pandhanamashritha:
Thasya Bharya Vane Nashta Seetha Pathimanuvratha
Vaidhehasya Sutha Rajyo Janakasya Mahathmana:


Param Bhrama Param Thathwam Param Gnanam Param Thapa:
Param Beejam Param Kshetram Param Karana Karanam.
Shanga Chakra Gadha: Sriman Pundarikayathekshana:
Sri Vatsavaksha Nithya Sri Rajeya: Shwashvatho Druva:
Evam Bhootho Mahatheja Rama: Kamala Lochana:
Sarva Lokeshwara: Sriman Sasarjja Raghu Nandana:
Ravana was majestically clothed, embellished with the precious jewels all over his body, he had extremely attractive physical features, his eyes were fiery and he had 10 heads and 20 powerful hands were beautifully adorned with precious gems and jewels, accompanied with royal men and women clothed in splendid manner.  He was surrounded by the very important counselors  of assembly like Durdhara, Prakhasa, Mahaparsva, Nikumbha etc…  Anjaneya was amazed at the splendor of Ravana and his braveness, charisma, strength and absolutely brilliant auspicious marks on him, all those excellent features of Ravana forced to think that he would have been the protector of celestial worlds if he had all the righteousness in him. 
Ravana in a fury meticulously observed Anjaneya and became suspicious about him, was that Nandikeshwara from Mount Kailash or son of Bali to fight against him?  He ordered Prahastha to find out the purpose of Anjaneya’s entry into Lanka and the reason for causing such a massive destruction which resulted in the death of several demons.   Prahastha shot with numerous questions against Anjaneya, was he the spy of Lord Indra or Kubera or Lord Yama or Lord Varuna or King of Oceans or Lord Vishnu and threatened him.  Anjaneya gracefully replied to Ravana ‘I am not the spy of any of the deities, I am the messenger of Rama entered the city of Lanka to have a conversation with you.  Whoever intervened and created impediments to my purpose to visit you had to fight with me and in order to protect myself I had to kill them in the battle, it was the reason for the destruction of pleasure gardens in your city.    I am unaffected by any of the Astras or Sastra as I have received boon from Lord Brahma.  I had to pretend that my movements are restricted and I am impermeable, desired to have a word with you.  I am the messenger of Rama; listen to my words carefully which is beneficial for you.”

Jai Sriman Narayana !!