Friday, 1 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 27. Thrijada Swapna:/ Description of dream of the demon Thrijada !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Ithyuktha: Seethaya Ghora Rakshasya: Krodhamoorchitha: |
Kashchicha Jagmhusthathadhakhyathum Ravanasya Dhurathmana: ||
Thatha: Seethamupagamya Rakshasyo Ghoradharshana: |
Puna: Purushamekarthamanaryaryamaya Bhruvan ||
Adhyodhanim Thavanarya Seethey Papavinishchaye |
Rakshasyo Bhakshayishyanthi Mamsam Athdhyayasukham ||
Seetham  Thamabhirnaryabhirdhrushtva Samtharjitham Thadha |
Rakshasi Thrijada Vruddha Shayana Vakyam Abraveeth ||
The dreadful demons assembled before Seetha, threatened her by using harsh words “ Oh! Anarye,/Ignorent, Oh! Papavinishchaye/sinful woman, we will consume your flesh right now.”  At this moment, one of the demons Thrijada who was in sound sleep got up and spoke “  Oh! Anarya,/evil minded, you cannot consume Sita, daughter of King Janaka and daughter – in – Law of King Dhasharatha,  I have seen a dream which made my hair stir up, which revealed the annihilation of demons and triumph of her husband.” All the hideous demons were terrified and assembled around Thrijada “What was that dream? Explain to us.”
Gajadhanthamayim Dhivyam Shibhikamantharikshagam |
Yuktham Hamsa Sahasrena Swayamasyaya Raghava: ||
Shuklamalyambharadharo Lakshmanena Sahagatha: |
Swapne Chadhya Maya Dhrushta Seetha Shuklambaravrutha ||
Sagarena Parikshiptham Swetham Parvathamasthitha |
Ramena Sangatha Seetha Bhaskarena Prabha Yatha ||
Raghavascha Maya Dhrushtascha Chathurdhrumshtam Mahagajam |
Thathasthou Narashardhoolou Deepyamanou Swathejasa ||
Shuklamalyambaradharou Janakim Paryupasthithou |
Thathasthasya Nagasyagro Hyakashayasya Dhanthina: ||
Manthra  Parigrihisthasya Janaki Skandhamashritha |
Bharthurangathsamuthpathya Thatha: Kamalalochana ||
Chandrasoorya  Maya Dhrusta Panina Parimarjathi |
Thathasthabhyam Kumarabhyamasthitha: Sa Gajoththama: ||
Seethaya Cha Vishalakshya Lankaya Uparisthitha: |
Pandurarshabha Yukthena Rathenashtayuja Swayam ||
Ihopayatha: Kakusthya: Seethaya Saha Bharyaya |
Lakshmanena Sahabratha Seethaya Saha Veeryavan ||
Aruhya Pushpakam Divyam Vimanam Suryasannibham |
Uththaram Dhishamalokya Jagama Purushoththama: ||
Yevam Swapno Maya Dhrusto Ramo Vishnuparakrama: |
Lakshmanena Sahabratha Seethaya Saha Raghava: ||
Thrijada continued “ I have seen Rama in grand attire and  white flower garlands  along with Lakshmana seated on a palanquin made of ivory, driven by thousands of swan passing through the sky.  I could see Sita who was attired in grand white garments seated like a white mountain surrounded by ocean.  Rama was mounted on a four tusked elephant along with Lakshman has the resemblance of a mountain and they neared to Sita.  I have seen Sita along with Rama and Lakshman in grand attires and garlands dispersing brilliance all around.   Sita who has beautiful lotus petal like eyes rose from the lap of her husband and gently touched moon and sun with her hand, they settled on the top of Lanka.  Rama with his wife Sita arrived in the city in a chariot tied with eight white bulls.  Further, Rama along with Sita and Lakshman ascended on the magnificent Pushpakavimanam/flower chariot equivalent to Lord Aditya and proceeded to northern direction.  Rama who has the prowess of Lord Vishnu, born in the glorious Ikshvaku Dynasty was witnessed along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana in my dream.  Rama is unconquerable by Suras, Asuras, Rakshasa, or deities from the heaven or sinners.  I have seen Ravana also in my dream, descend down from the Pushpakavimanam, his head was shaven and soaked in oil, he was wearing red and black garments and decked in garlands of Karavira, he was in a state of intoxication,   he was dragged by a woman; he was acting like barmy, laughing and dancing, well agitated and out of normal sense, he was in a chariot pulled by donkeys and preceded to southern direction.  Ravana was completely out of mind and terrified, eventually he fell down from the chariot upside down, trying to get up quickly, chattering all nonsense, overcome by extreme anxiety, fear and passion.  His clothes were misplaced, completely soaked in dirt and covered in horrible smell which was intolerable; a woman of black complexion in red garments was pulling his throat and dragged him into southern direction.  I have seen Kumbhakarna and all the sons of the Ravana were soaked in oil.  Ravana, Kumbhakarana and Indrajeet were mounted on a vehicle pulled by pig/Varaha, porpoise/Sea mammal/Shimshumarena, and Ushtra/camel respectively.  I could see Vibhishana in the sky attired in white garments, decked in flower garlands and various fragrances, holding Shwethachathra/white umbrella.  Vibhishana was surrounded by divine musical instruments of conch and drums, followed by auspicious dancers and musicians, he was mounted on a four tusked elephant which has the sound of thunder, surrounded by four ministers.  I could witness a group of demons in red clothes and red garlands, in a state of intoxication surrounded by musical instruments.  I could see the well protected beautiful city of Lanka in a ruined state, horses and elephants all around, it was burnt by a Vanara, who is the messenger of Rama.  Lanka was sunken in ashes; demons were drinking persistently, making loud noises, dancing and incoherent speeches all over the place.  Kumbhakarna and mighty demons in red clothes were entering into a hole of cow dung.  Therefore, don’t get closer to Sita, Rama will kill all of you and protect Sita.  He will not tolerate your atrocities to Sita, who was followed him to woods, leaving all comforts and she is highly praised by him.  Hence, don’t use any harsh words to her, be gentle and we will request her to save us.  I have seen a dream while Sita was in a distressed state; therefore she will be released from all sorrows very soon and will attain boundless pleasure.  Oh! Rakshasya, be kind to Sita who is already frightened.  Maithili, daughter of King of Janaka will be pleased very easily, let us prostrate before her she can protect us from danger.  I could see all the auspiciousness in the wide beautiful eyes of Vishalakshi, she don’t deserve all these sorrows.  I could sense the victory of Rama and destruction of Ravana.  I could see her long rose petals like eyes are throbbing, her left arm is gently shaking, her left thigh has the resemblance of the trunk of elephant is quivering as a sign of forthcoming pleasure; birds returning to their nests speaking soothing words as a gesture of welcome.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!