Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 32. Seetha Hanumath Dharshanam / Sita witnesses Hanuman !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Thatha: Shakha  Antharey Leenam Dhrushtva Chalithamanasa |
Veshtitharjuna Vasthram Tham Vidhyuth Sanghatha Pingalam ||
Sa Dhadharsha Kapim Thathra Prakshitham Priya Vadhinam |
Phulla Shokothkarabhasam Thatha Chamikarekshanam ||
Maithili Chinthayamasa Swapnoyam Ithi Bhamini |
Aho Bheemamidham Roopam Vanarasya Dhurasadham ||
Dhurnireekshamithi Jyathva Punareva Mumoha Sa |
Vilalapa Bhrusham Seetha Karunam Bhayamohitha ||
Rama Ramethi Dhukkartha Lakshmanethi Cha Bhamini |
Rurodha Bahudha Seetha Mandham  Mandham Swara Sathi ||
At this point, Sita witnessed Hanuman who was attired in white garment, has yellowish-brown complexioned and the resemblance of thunder bolt settled in the branch of Ashoka tree and observing Sita through the cluster of leaves, Sita was terrified at this sight.  His eyes were radiant like gold and humble, he was speaking modestly.  Sita was wonder struck thought that the Vanara is unapproachable and frightening with its great appearance.  Once again she was horrified and turned out inconsolable, she wept bitterly calling out the names in a faint voice “Oh! Rama, Oh! Rama, Oh! Lakshmana”.  Sita considered it was dream after witnessing Hanuman respectfully approaching her, she looked hither and thither in alarm, stared at Hanuman who is super intelligent, prominent among Vanaras, has wide and curved mouth attired in white cloth, and adorned in various ornaments.  She was almost lost her consciousness after witnessing the resplendent Hanuman, eventually she regained her usual form and began to speak “Today I have witnessed a splendid Vanara in my dream, which is forbidden in the scriptures to see a Vanara in dream, hope everything good with Rama, Lakshmana and my father King Janaka.  It was not my dream; I am exhausted with lack of sleep and tormented by extreme grief.  There is no happiness to me in the absence of Rama who has the face resemblance to full moon.
Sukham  Hi Mey Nasthi Yatho Asmi Hina | Thenendhu Poorna Prathimanana ||
Ramethi Ramethi Sadhaiva  Buddhya Vichinthyaya Vacha  Bruvathi Thameva |
Thasyanuroopam Cha Katham Thadharthamevam Prapashyami Thatha Shrunomi ||
As I am always immersed in the thought of Rama and repeatedly uttering his names, I have heard the myth related to him.  I am yearning for the presence of Rama, I am completely tormented with the cupid arrow of Lord Manmatha, and so I am constantly thinking about him and hearing about him.  I wish my desires get fulfilled; my intellect is completely absorbed in the thought of Rama.
Namosthu Vacha:  Pathayesavarjiney Swayambhuvey  Chaiva Huthashanaya |
Anena cha Uktham Yatha Idham Mamagratho Vanoukasa Thacha Tha Thadhasthu Nannya ||
My humble salutation to Bhrihaspathi who is Lord of eternal wisdom and knowledge!  My salutation to Lord Indra, who is the wielder of Vajrayudha ! My salutation to Lord Brahma who is self-existent! My salutation to Lord Agni who consume oblations to the deities! Let whatever I have heard from the
Vanara turn to be true.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!