Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 40. Hanumath Gamanabhyanujyanam / Hanuman’s journey from Ashokavatika !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!

Shruthva Thu Vachanam Thasya Vayu Soono: Mahathmana: |
Uvachathma Hitham Vakyam Seetha Surasuthopama ||
Thvam Dhrushtva Priya Vaktharam Samprahrushyami Vanara |
Ardha Samjatha Sasya Iva  Vrushtim Prapya Vasundhara ||
Yaya Tham Purusha Vyaghram Gathrai: Shoka Abhikarshithai: |
Samsprushoyam Sakama Aham Thatha Kuru Dhayam Mayi ||
Abhijyanam Cha Ramasya Dhaththam Hariganoththama |
Kshiptham Irshikam Kakasya Kopath Yekakshi Shathanim ||
Mana:  Shilaya: Thikalo Ganda Parshva Niveshitha: |
Thvya Pranashtey Thilake Tham Kilasmarthumarhasi ||
Sita replied “ Oh! Vanara, I am happy to listen to your pleasant words, like a dry land sprouted with the crop of grain after receiving bountiful downpour.  I am emaciated with extreme grief, yearning for the presence of tiger among men Rama, kindly show mercy on me to fulfill my desires.  Oh! Hariganoththama,/excellent among the Vanaras, kindly narrate the myth of the divine grass Ishika was hurled upon the crow by Rama in a rage and the loss of eye of the crow, as a mark of recognition to him. Oh! Vanara, Kindly narrate the incident of Rama painted my cheek, when the auspicious mark of vermillion on my forehead got worn away.  Oh! Valiant Rama, equivalent to Lord Indra, Lord of celestials and Lord Varuna, have you completely forgotten me, who was abducted by Ravana and surviving in the middle of dreadful demons? Oh! Anagha, faultless prince/Rama, I have been protecting this divine jewel/choodamani carefully, I have been getting peace and delight out of it while I am in extreme distress,  it brings the pleasure of nearness of you.  This marvelous jewel made in water will be sending to you, I shall not be able to survive its absence.  I am still surviving with the painful difficulties and the cruel words of demons which are capable to pierce my heart, with a hope that you will be here to protect me any time.  Oh! Shathrusoodhana/Rama, I shall continue to exist for another month, after that I cannot survive without you.  The king of demon Ravana is sinful and he has evil glance on me, if you cause further delays I will not survive.” Sita paused with tears overflowing on her cheeks.    Hanuman began to speak “Oh! Devi, Rama has grown unenthusiastic towards everything due to the extreme grief of separation from you, when Rama get devastated, Lakshmana too gets tormented with grief.  Oh! Bhamini, believe my words, I have located you, this is not the time to lament over something, you will see the end of your sorrows shortly.  These excellent princes, annihilator of enemies, are eager to witness you; they will reduce the city of Lanka into ashes.  Oh! Vishalakshi, Rama will kill the wicked Ravana along with his relatives and take you back to his Kingdom.  Oh! Anindhithey/unblemished, kindly provide me with another symbol for remembrance which is easily recognizable and it could create pleasure in him.”  Sita replied “I have already provided you with an excellent symbol, my auspicious hair jewel/Choodamani which is easily identifiable for him and he will definitely believe in your words.”  The illustrious Hanuman, holding the marvelous jewel on his hand, offered salutation by holding palms joined held above the head to Sita and shortly he set off.  Sita witnessed the best among the Vanaras, Hanuman leaving enthusiastically expanding his body, Sita felt miserable with tears overflowing, spoke in a soft voice “  Oh! Hanuman, enquire the welfare of Rama & Lakshmana, brothers like mighty Sugriva and his ministers and associates.  Kindly encourage Rama who has possessed long arm to protect me from the ocean of sorrows.  Oh! Haripravira, kindly keep him informed about my utter grief and threatening of these dreadful demons, let your journey brings all the auspiciousness!”  Hanuman after accomplishing his task to pacify Sita, his mind was filled with joy at the thought of major part of his task has  been completed; he successfully proceeded to northern direction.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!