Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 42. Rakshasa Kinkaranam Vadha: / Death of Rakshasa & Kinkaras !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Thatha: Pakshi Ninadhena Vrukshabhanga Swanena Cha |
Bhabhruvu: Thrasa Sambhrantha: Sarva Lanka Nivasina: ||
Vidhrutha; Cha Bhayathrastha Vinedhu: Mruga Pakshuna: |
Rakshasam Cha Nimiththani Kroorani  Prathipedhire ||
Thatho Gathayam Nidhrayam Rakshasyo Vikruthanana: |
Thatha Vanama Dhadhrushu: Bhagnam Thama Cha Veeram Mahakapi: ||
Sa Tha  Dhrushtva Mahabhahu: Mahasathvo Mahabala: |
Chakara  Sumahath Roopam Rakshasinam Bhayavaham ||
Thatha: Thama Giri Sankasham Athikayam Mahabalam |
Rakshasyo Vanaram Dhrushtva Papracchu: Janakathmajam ||
Ko Ayam Kasya Kutho Va Ayam Kim Nimiththam Itha Agatha: |
Katham Thvaya Sahanena Samvadha: Krutha: Ithi Utha ||
Achakshono Vishalakshi Ma Bhootha They Subhago Bhayam |
Samvadham Aseethupango Thvaya Kim Kruthavanayam ||
The inhabitants of Lanka were alarmed at the terrible noises of birds and creatures and whipping of trees.  They began to run hither and thither in extreme distress, vicious omens were appeared before them, they were in a state of extreme anguish, dreadful demons got out of slumber and found the awful state of the garden which was destroyed by the Mahakapi/mighty Vanara.  The female demons of appalling appearances witnessed the colossal form of Hanuman enriched with courage; eventually they were terrified at the sight of Mahakapi.  The female demons enquired Sita after witnessing the mountain sized Hanuman “ Oh! Vishalakshi, Oh Sububhage/auspicious woman, Oh! Asithapange/Lady with attractive eys, do not get scared and tell us about Who is he? Whose messenger is he? Where did he come from? What was the purpose of his visit? Have you had any conversation with him?”  The virtuous Sita who has gorgeous limbs/Sarvangasundari began to speak “How did I know about a dreadful demon that has the capacity to assume any form? You all are capable to understand him and aware of his acts.  There is no doubt that a serpent can only trace out another serpent.  I am already in a state of terror after witnessing him; I do not know him.  I know him as a demon capable to assume any form at his own will.” After hearing the response of Sita, the demons started to flee in different directions and some of them were duly informed their King Ravana and narrated the atrocities of the Vanara “ Oh! Rajan, a Vanara with terrific appearance and great prowess entered in the Ashokavatika and had conversation with Janaki/daughter of King Janaka, even though we have questioned her, she is not willing to say anything about the Vanara.  He must be the messenger of Lord Indra/Lord of celestials, or Lord Kubera/Lord of Weath, or Rama who have assigned to locate Sita.  This mighty Vanara has destroyed those splendid garden with full of various attractive animals.  He has ruined the marvelous garden, except the place where Sita/Janaki was settled.  We are not aware of the reason, whether he has left the place due to compassion towards Janaki or fatigue.  We presume that it must be to protect Janaki, other than he has no weariness.   The mighty Vanara with a fierce look has spared the well-grown Shimshupa tree, where Sita took shelter; he deserves severe punishments at your command.”  After listening to the distressing speech of dreadful female demons, Ravana King of demons was fuming with anger, his eyes were redden and ordered “ Oh! Rakshasoganeshwara/chief of the army of demons, who are mentally prepared to give away their life? Who would dare to speak to Sita?” Further Ravana ordered Kinkaras who has possessed equivalent strength of him to capture Hanuman.  The forty thousand mighty Kinkaras with pot bellies, long tusks of dreadful appearances, holding malicious weapons rushed to the place where Hanuman was settled.  They hurried towards Hanuman who was already settled in the archway like swarming flies rushing towards fire.  They surrounded Hanuman with all those fierce weapons like spear, mace, sword, spike and clubs and whipped him with those powerful weapons.   Hanuman who had colossal form, hurled his huge tail and thrashed on the ground making boisterous noise, he powerfully clapped his hands which created an unruly noise, birds were scattered all over with fear, Hanuman let out an overexcited noise.
Jayathyathibalo  Ramo  Lakshmanascha Mahabala: |
Raja Jayathi  Sugrivo Raghavenabhipalitha: ||
Dasoham Kosalendhrasya Ramasya Klishtakarmana: |
Hanuman Shathru Sainyanam Nihantha Maruthathmaja: ||
“ Long live mighty Rama & Lakshmana ! Long live King Sugriva who was protected by Rama! I am Hanuman, son of Lord Vayu, destroyer of enemies.  I am the messenger/servant of Rama, King of Kosala, who is unconquerable.  Thousands of Ravana cannot match with the might of mine, capable of striking thousands of rocks and trees in the battle.  I will destroy the City of Lanka in front of your eyes, after offering salutation to Maithili, I will go back after completing my task.”  The demons were frightened at the clamorous voice of Hanuman who has the resemblance of Lord Aditya at the time of sunset.  Soon, Hanuman was surrounded by the numerous demons with fierce weapons, instantly Hanuman plucked a long iron bar from the arch way, he rambled on the sky holding the huge iron bar, killing several demons, gave out an appearance of Garuda, King of Birds, carrying serpents on its sharp claws.   In this way, valiant Hanuman killed the entire army of Kinkaras and settled on the archway, patiently waiting for opponents.  The demons who were escaped from the battle were rushed to Ravana and duly informed the death of Kinkaras.  Ravana was exasperated, rolling eyes in anger ordered Jambumali son of Prahastha, who has possessed matchless prowess and unconquerable in the battle.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!