Monday, 25 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 50. Prahastha Prashna:/ Enquiries by Prahastha !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Thama Udhveekshya Mahabahu: Pingaksham Purathasthitha: |
Roshena Mahathavishto Ravano Lokaravana: ||
Sa Raja Roshathamraksha: Prahastham Manthrisaththama |
Kimesha Bhagavan Nandi Bhavethsakshadhihagatha: ||
Yenashapthosmi Kailasey Maya Sanchalithey Pura |
Soyam Vanaramoorthi: Syathikamsvidhbano  Mahasura: ||
Sa Raja Roshathamraksha: Prahastham Manthrisaththamam |
Kalayuktham Uvacha Idham Vacho Vipulam Arthavath ||
Dhurathma Prucchyatham Yesha Kutha: Kim Va Asya Karanam |
Vanabhangey Cha Ko Asyaartha Rakshasinam Cha Tharjjane ||
Ravana/Lokaravana, who has long powerful arms, capable to cause anguish to his enemies, stared at resplendent Hanuman/Kapindra/foremost among Vanaras who was in extreme frenzy, caught up with various thoughts.  “Long ago when I was putting an effort to lift Mount Kailash, it was Nandhi Bhagavan who cursed me, is that he in the form of Vanara or Banasura.”  Ravana spoke most infuriatingly to Prahasa “Enquire this wicked Vanara, where did he come from? What was the purpose of his visit? Why did he alarmed the female demons and destroyed the marvelous garden? Enquire this evil minded Vanara why did he come to this Mahapuri and why did he engage in a vicious battle?” Prahastha began to speak after listening to Ravana “Oh! Kape, regain your courage; you need not get frightened, have you assigned to perform any mission by Lord Indra in the abode of Ravana? Explain the truth, you will be released.  Are you the emissary of Lord Kubera, Lord of wealth? Or Lord Yama, Lord of death? Or Varuna, Lord of ocean? Or Lord Vishnu, the preserver of Earth? Are you the messenger on behalf of any of the deities longing for triumph?  Oh! Vanara, you are valorous, disguised in the form of a Vanara, explain the truth, you will be released soon.  If you lie, it will be difficult for you to survive, explain us the purpose of your visit to the abode of Ravana.”  After listening to the words of Prahastha, Hanuman began to speak “ I am not a messenger of Lord Indra or  Lord Yama, or Lord Varuna.  I have no association with Lord Kubera or I am not initiated by Lord Vishnu.  I am a Vanara by birth.   The marvelous garden was destroyed by me to have a word with the demon King Ravana which is very difficult to obtain.  At that moment, numerous dreadful demons attacked me; I had to stumble upon them in order to protect myself.  I have a boon from Lord Brahma; therefore none of the weapons by deities or demons could not fasten me or restrict my movement.  I have surrendered to the divine weapon with a desire to meet your King, immediately after I have relieved from it due to the presence of impure materials brought by the demons.  I have come here for a scrupulous task assigned by Rama.  Oh! Lord of demons, I am the messenger of Rama who has possessed matchless excellence, kindly listen to me I have to explain some beneficial words for you.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!