Saturday, 23 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 48. Brahmasthrena Hanumath Bandhanam / Hanuman wrapped with Brahmasthra!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Thathasthu Rakshodhithirmahasthma | Hanumathakshey Nihathey  Kumarey |
Mana: Samadhyaya Sa Devakalpam | Samadhidheshendhrajitham Sarosha: ||
Thvamasthravicchasthrividham Varishta: | Surasurananamapi Shokadhatha |
Sureshu Sendhreshu Cha Dhrushtakarma | Pitha Maharadhana Sanchithasthra: ||
Thavasthra Balamasadhya Sasura: Samarudhgana: |
Na Sheku: Samarey Sthathum Sureshvara Samashritha; ||
Na Kaschathrishu Lokeshu Samyugo Na Gathashrama: |
Bhujaveeryabhi Gupthacha Thapasa Chabhirakshitha: ||
Dheshakala Vibhagajyasthameva Mathisaththama: |
Nathesthyashakyam Samareshu Karmana| Nathesthyakaryam Mathipoorva Manthro |
Nasosthi Kaschithrishu Samgraheshu Vai | Na Veda Yastheysthra Balam Balam Cha They ||
Ravana, King of demons was extremely wrathful at the awful death of Akshakumara in the hands of mighty Hanuman, ordered his elder son Indrajith, who has possessed the qualities of deities “You are prominent in handling the armaments, well capable in the usage of mystic weapons; you are exceptional in causing anguish in celestials and demons.  Lord Indra and the celestials are aware of your proficiency in the usage of divine weapons which was received as boon from Lord Brahma.  Even the deities, Lord Indra and Lord Varuna could not endure the power of your armaments in the battle, eventually the celestials were too exhausted and you have protected yourself with immense might and intellect.  You are well protected with the austerities you have undergone; you are well aware of appropriate allocation of Time and place.  There is nothing is impossible for you in the war field and everything is feasible with fruitful thinking.  There is none in the three worlds are unaware of your might and proficiency in the usage of weapons.  The power of your austerities, prowess and vigor in the battle field resembles mine, I appreciate your valor, my mind will not experience any fatigue easily.  The mighty Kinkaras, Jambumali and valiant sons of minister and five chief of army personnel have been killed along with numerous army of horses, elephants and chariots.  Your beloved brother Akshakumara also has been killed in the battle.  Oh! Prince, annihilator of enemies, you have inherited prowess of mine, none has possessed the same. Oh! Mathiman/Intelligent, exhibit your valor after meticulous observation of the prowess of the Vanara.  Oh! Indrajith, who is proficient in the usage of mystic weapons, after thorough observation of the strength of opponent, utilize your valor in order to prevent the further destruction of our army, get closer to your opponent after his death.  Oh! Vira/Valarous, armies cannot protect you even though it is copious; there is no use in utilizing weapons like thunderbolt against a Vanara.  Son of Lord Vayu who has the resemblance of fire, has immense might, therefore it is impossible to kill him with a mystic weapon.  Oh! Prince, consider all that facts and keep your mind calm, success can be achieved only through the fruitful thought and effort, keep in mind that of your divine weapons and precede your task without any impediments, assigning you to the war field is not an greatest option, but as a King I have to strictly follow my duties by commendation of warriors.  Oh! Arindhama, you are proficient in the usage of mystic weapons, you have to aspire for the triumph in the battle.”  Indrajith who has possessed the valor equivalents to deities, after listening to the inspirational speeches of his father, circumambulated Ravana and proceeded with steadfast mind to the battle field, he was highly praised by his beloved people, arrived in the battle field with a great enthusiasm.  Indrajith, resplendent son of Ravana, has the prowess of Lord Indra, Lord of celestials, has the eyes like lotus petals, enriched with vigor, mounted on a grand chariot drawn by four tigers that has the pace of Garuda, King of birds, rushed to the war field like tides in the ocean on full moon days.  Indrajith who is proficient in the usage of armaments, excellent chariot fighter and wilder of bow hurried to Hanuman who was enthusiastically waiting for an ideal opponent, became more energetic after listening to rattling sound of the grand chariot.  Indrajith aimed his bow at Hanuman, suddenly the entire atmosphere became dismal and animals started expressing grief from all directions, Nagas, Yakshas, Sages, Siddhas, and multitudes of birds gathered in the sky were rejoiced.  Hanuman let out an unruly noise and expanded his size; Indrajith hurried on his chariot towards him and released an arrow accompanied with lightning.  The two mighty warriors Hanuman and Indrajith, who has possessed equal might, fought each other with great vitality, like Lord Indra, Lord of celestials against Ravana, King of demons.  Hanuman with his colossal body abandoned the swiftness of his arrow and moved like a wind.  The valorous Indrajith, who is an excellent chariot fighter and wielder of bow, destroyer of enemies released a sharp point arrow like lightning against Hanuman who tactfully pounced which made the effort of Indrajith unfruitful, in this way Hanuman thoughtfully stayed away from the attack of Indrajith.  Thus the two excellent warriors, skilled in war tactics exhibited their prowess which mesmerized all the living beings, both of them were unaware of each other’s weakness, the battle between the two warriors of equal prowess equivalent to deities, became unbearable.  Indrajith continuously experienced failure in aiming arrows against the valorous Hanuman, he became vigilant and understood that none of these weapons could hurt Hanuman, therefore he thought of capturing Hanuman, chief of Vanaras.  Indrajith aimed the divine weapon Brahmasthra against Hanuman, son of Lord Vayu and fastened him with that weapon.  Immediately Hanuman stood motionless and fell down on the ground with a great thud.  Hanuman understood that he was bounded by Brahmasthra, as a mark of honor to Lord Brahma, he stood inactive and recollected the boon received from Lord Brahma. “I have to offer reverence to Lord Brahma/ Lokaguru, I have no capabilities to liberate myself from the bondage of this divine weapon Brahmasthra.  I have to act in accordance with with my opponent who discharged this divine weapon upon me,  even though I am fastened by the divine Brahmasthra, I am well protected by Lord Brahma, Lord Indra and Lord Vayu, therefore I have no trepidations.  Even if I were captured I can have a dialogue with Ravana. ”   Hanuman, destroyer of enemies, after taking in to consideration of various facts, stood motionless as a mark of respect to Lord Brahma.   Hanuman let out boisterous noise in the detention; it frightened the enemies who were forcibly dragging him, some of the demons brought strong chords of trees and tied him, without the knowledge that the presence of impure materials would neutralize the power of the divine weapon.  Hanuman approved all those senseless act of the demons, with an inquisitiveness to meet Ravana.  The most intelligent Indrajith became thoughtful after witnessing the presence of impure materials/chords of trees, suspected that his efforts has gone worthless, individual once bounded with the divine Brahmasthra cannot be rebound with any other means and further usage of mystic weapon upon him will not be fruitful, ultimately Indrajith became vulnerable at this thought.  Hanuman, who was already liberated from the clutches of Brahmasthra, was tied with ropes and dragged and beaten mercilessly by the demons, and brough into the assembly of King of demons.  Hanuman, jewel among the Vanaras, who was like an elephant in rut, all tied with ropes brought before Ravana.  The demons assembled were mystified, “Who is this? Whose servant is he? Where did he come from? What is his objective? Who is his alley?”  Some of the demons aggressively shouted “Let this Vanara should be killed, or roasted and devoured.”  The virtuous Hanuman after walking through the long royal path way arrived at the palace of Ravana, decorated with jewels and precious gems, he saw Ravana seated on the grand throne with elderly members of ministers seated at his feet.   Ravana witnessed Hanuman/Kapisaththama, foremost among Vanaras with immense vitality being dragged by dreadful demons.   Hanuman witnessed King of demons, Ravana with extraordinary brilliance and prowess, has the luster of blazing sun.  The most infuriated Ravana rolled his eyes in wrath, commanded the elderly ministers to interrogate Hanuman, eventually the ministers questioned his purpose of visit and the reasons for his disruptive behavior.  Hanuman spoke “I am the messenger of Harishvarasya/Rama, assigned by Sugriva.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!