Thursday, 21 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 43. Sugriva Vijayodh Ghoshanam / Pronouncing the triumph of Sugriva

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Thatha: Sa  Kimkaran Hathva Hanuman Dhyanamasthitha: |
 Vanam Bhagnam Maya Chaithyaprasadho Na Vinashitha: ||
Thasmath Prasadhmapi Yevam Imam Vidhvamsayabhiham |
Ithi Sanchithya Hanuman Manasa Dharshayan Balam ||
Chaithya Prasadham Apluthya Meru Shrungam Iva Unnatham |
Aruroha Harishreshto Hanuman Maruthathmaja: ||
Aruhya  Girisamkasham Prasadham Hariyuthapa: |
Bamou Sa  Sumahatheja: Prathisoorya Ivodhitha: ||
Sampragrushya Cha  Dhurdharsha: Chaithyaprasadham Unnatham |
Hanuman Prajjvalam Lakshmya Pariyathropamo Abhavath ||
The resplendent Hanuman, after killing the Kinkaras thought “I have completely ruined the pleasure garden; I have to run down the sacred mansion of demons/Chaithyaprasadham too.” Immediately, he took a giant leap over the Chaithyaprasadham which has the resemblance to Mount Meru.  He shone like Lord Aditya on the top of the marvelous Chaithyaprasadham, he trounced the mansion and reduced its size into Pariyathra mountain.  He assumed a colossal form, clapped his powerful hands that echoed the entire city of Lanka, guards and birds dwells in the mansion were fallen unconscious.  Hanuman pronounced in a riotous voice “Long live Rama who is excellent in the art of archery and mighty Lakshmana !  Long Live King Sugriva protected by Rama ! I am Hanuman, son of Lord Vayu, destroyer of enemies.  I am the servant of Rama, King of Kosala, who is unconquerable.  Thousands of Ravan could not match with my valor; I am capable of striking thousands of rocks and trees in the battle.  I will destroy the city of Lanka, after offering salutation to Mythili, I will return to my abode after completing my task.”  Hanuman’s unruly voice created apprehension among the demons, eventually the hundreds of guards who were safeguarding the mansion ran out with various fierce weapons; they surrounded Hanuman and started to attack him with the brutal weapons, like a whirlpool in the waters of river Ganga.  Hanuman assumed a giant form and uprooted marvelous pillar of huge size on the arch way and spin it with great force, caused spark of fire due to friction, he killed numerous demons with that pillar like Lord Indra killed demons with his fierce weapon Vajrayudha.  Hanuman rose in the sky and spoke in a deafening voice “There are thousands of Vanaras with great prowess and strength is assigned by King Sugriva, King of Vanaras, conducting meticulous search on the Earth.  There are Vanaras who has the strength of ten elephants, some of them have the strength of hundreds of elephants and some of them have possessed the strength of thousands of elephants.  Some of the Vanaras have the strength of the current of river, some has the power of Lord Vayu, and some of the chief of army of Vanaras prowess is immeasurable.  Sugriva will be in the City of Lanka with his numerous armies of Vanaras who has possessed immense power and sharp teeth and nails as their weapon, capable to annihilate the entire clan of demons.  You have attained the enmity of virtuous Rama/Ikshvakunatha, therefore the destruction of City of Lanka, Ravana and the clan of demons are undeniable.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!