Saturday, 2 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 28. Venyudhbandhana Vyavasaya: / Sita decides to sacrifice her life !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Sa Rakshasendhrasya Vacho Nishamya | Thadhravanasya Priyama Priyartha |
Seetha Vithathrasa Yaya Vananthey | Simhabhipanna Gajaraja Kanya ||
Sa Rakshasi Madhyagatha Cha Bheeru | Vrugimabhrimsham  Ravana Tharjitha Cha |
Kanthara Madhye  Vijane Visrushta |  Baleva Kanya  Vilalapa Seetha ||
Sathyam Bathedham  Pravadhanthi Loke |  Nakalamruthyurvathithi Santha: |
Yathrahamevam  Paribharsyamana | Jeevami Dheena Kshanamapya Punya ||
Sukhadhvihinam Bahudhukkapoorna | Midham Thu Noonam Hrudhyam Sthiram Mey |
Visheeryathey Yanna Sahasradhadhya | Vajrahatham Srungamivachalasya ||
Vaivasthi Dhoshe Mama Noonamathra | Vadhyahamasya  Priya Dharshanasya |
Bhavam Na Chasyahamanuprpadhathu | Balam Dhvijo Manthramivadhvijaya ||
Seetha was completely distressed, tormented by extreme grief after listening to the inconsiderate words of Ravana, like a female elephant was caught by lion in the woods.  She was besieged with terror, surrounded by dreadful demons; she expressed grief like a young maiden deserted in the woods.  She softly spoke to herself “The intellectuals affirm that the untimely death will not come easily, I am tarnished but surviving, although I am threatened and tortured by the dreadful demons.  Though I am completely besieged by sorrows, why my heart is not breaking into thousands of pieces like a mountain struck by lightning?  It must be hard indeed.  There is no fault of me in this matter, I am not capable to love another person of twice born class, therefore I am deserved to be killed by Ravana.  If Rama, ruler of the Earth did not appear with in the stipulated time, Ravana will cut my limbs with his fierce weapon like a lifeless fetus.  It is painful to go on brokenhearted for another two months, at the end the verdict of the Ravana will be carried out.  Oh! Rama, Oh! Lakshmana, Oh! Sumithra, Oh!  Kausalya, Oh! Mother, I am unfortunate and going to perish soon like a ship struck by tornado in the vast ocean.  The valorous sons of King Dhasharatha must have died, like two mighty lions struck by the flash of lightening and thunder.  I am an unfortunate one; I am a senseless woman was fascinated by the illusionary deer and sent away Lakshmana and the noble prince Rama.  Oh! Rama, who is upright and long armed, whose face has the resemblance of full moon, has the compassion towards all the living beings, do not know that I have been sentenced to death by Ravana.  My devotion and dedication to my husband, patience, austerities and righteousness has gone waste, like a good deed to an ungrateful one.  I am hopeless, dejected in the absence of Rama, I have shrunken and grown too pale, all my righteous deeds and chastity are gone waste.  I think you will follow the command of your father successfully and observe the vow, eventually return victoriously to your Kingdom after completing the task; shortly you may perhaps seek pleasure in the association of a wide eyed woman.  Oh! Rama, all my austerities and vows are gone waste, I have fallen in love with you and found peace and pleasure in you for long time, I am an unfortunate woman, shortly I will lose my life by consuming poison or by a weapon, I did not find any one to provide poison or weapon in the palace of Ravana.”  Seetha who has beautiful limbs moved closer to a free full of flowers, grieving over the separation from her husband, she was shrunken due to sorrow, immersed in the thoughts of Rama and she was quivering.  She looked at her long braid of hair, which has the resemblance of a rope, decided to tie around her neck and attain the abode of Lord Yama. Once again, she thought of Rama and Lakshmana, she could witness good omens which were not appropriate for the situation of grief that provided courage and they were thoroughly effective.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!