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Balakandam !! 38. The legend of Emperor Sagara !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Ayodhyadhipathi: Shashura: Purvamasin Naradhipa:|
Sagaro Nama Dharmathma Prajakamassa Chapraja: ||
Vaidharma Dhuhitha Rama Kesini NamaNamatha:|
Jyeshta Sagara Pathni Sa Dharmishta Sathyavadhini ||
Arishtanemirdhuhitha Rupena  Prathima Bhuvi |
Dhvithiya Sagarasyasithpathni Sumati Sanjitha ||
Thabhyam  Saha Maharaja: Patnibhyam Thapthavamsthapa: |
Himavantham Samasadhya Bhruguprasravano Girou ||
The illustrious Sage Vishwamithra, virtuous son of Kaushika narrates “There was a righteous King Sagara, ruler of Ayodhya.  He had no offspring for quite some time and desired for progeny.  Kesini, daughter of King of Vidharbha was pious and truthful was the elder wife of King Sagara.  Sumati, daughter of King Arishtanemi was the most attractive women; matchless beauty on Earth was the second wife of King Sagara.  The King with his wives arrived on the Himalayan Mountain, settled at the mountain ranges of Bhriguprasravana and underwent severe austerities for hundred years.  Sage Bhrigu was pleased at the austerities of King Sagara and his wives, offered them boon to attain a virtuous progeny and prophesied that King Sagara will acquire unparalleled fame in this world.  According to the boon, one wife will beget a son who will perpetuate the race of King Sagara and the other wife will beget sixty thousand sons as their offspring, both the wives of King Sagara were jubilant at the prediction of Sage Brighu and earnestly requested the Sage about which one will beget one and who will beget sixty thousand sons.  But Sage Brighu made an exceptional comment that the availability of progeny would be according to the free will, eventually Kesini had chosen for a son who possess mighty strength endowed with fame and perseverance, capable to perpetuate the race of Kakustha.  Sumati, sister of Suparna/Garuda had chosen sixty thousand sons endowed with might, perseverance and fame.  King Sagara and his wives reverentially greeted Sage Brighu and returned to their capital Ayodhya.  In due course of time, King Sagara’s wives conceived with their child, Kesini gave birth to Asamanjasa and Sumati gave birth to a mass of flesh like fetus, eventually it burst open and sixty thousand children emerged out of it.  These children were fostered by preserving in clarified butter; in the long run all these children were attained adulthood and turned into handsome young youth.  Asamanjasa found immense pleasure in evil acts, he get hold of the children and throw them into brimming river Sarayu and rejoice over his atrocious acts, in this way he continued perturbing the citizens was banished from the city by King Sagara.   Anshuman, son of Asamanjasa was courteous and valorous.  After several years, King Sagara had a thought to perform sacrifice, shortly a grand Yagna was organized, King Sagara who is proficient in Veda along with the Vedic scholars and priests the initial procedures of Yagna were begun.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Balakandam !! 37. Legend of Karthikeya !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Yena Senapathi: Deva Dhaththo Bhagavatha Pura |
Sa Thapa: Paramam Asyaya Thapyathey Sma Saha Umaya ||
Yath Athra Antharam Karyam Lokanam Hithakayaya |
Samvidhasthva Vidhananjya Thvam Hi Na: Parama Gathi: ||
Jyeshta Shailendhra Dhuhitha Manaishyathi Tham Sutham |
Umaya: Thath Bahumatham Bhavishyathi Na Samshaya: ||
The illustrious sage Vishwamithra continued “Lord Shiva proceeded to undergo austerities, Lord Indra, Lord Agni and the deities who desired for a Chief – Commandant of the army of Celestials arrived before Lord Brahma.   The deities prostrated before Lord Brahma and spoke “Oh! Supreme Lord Brahma, we are extremely blissful at the arrival of Chief – Commandant of army of Celestials offered by Lord Shiva and Goddess Uma who were immersed in supreme asceticism.  Oh! Lord, we earnestly pray to instruct us about the further procedures for the welfare of the Universe.”  Lord Brahma was pleased at the deities and said “The curse of Goddess Uma about the progeny from your wives is unalterable and it is true and definite.  Therefore Lord Agni can leave the effulgence with sublime Akasha Ganga, the elder daughter of Mount Himavan, she will graciously accept the effulgence, the offspring of Goddess Uma and certainly it will provide immense happiness to Goddess Uma as well.” Oh! Rama, delight of Raghu dynasties, after listening to the words of Lord Brahma, all the deities were elated and parted their ways.  While moving through the flourished Mount Kailash, the deities instructed Lord Agni to release the effulgence of Lord Shiva on the sublime river Ganga.  Lord Agni appealed to Ganga to bear the effulgence of Lord Shiva as desired by the deities, Ganga assumed her enthralling celestial form and graciously revealed her inefficiency to carry the effulgent embryo of the divine couple, she anxiously reiterated the miserable state of Lord Agni, who consumes oblations on the fire sacrifices and asked him to leave the embryo at the proximity of Himalayan Mountain.  River Ganga carried the brilliant embryo and released from her channel, eventually the refulgent embryo has the resemblance of molten gold landed on Earth.  Oh! Raghava, the marvelous embryo gave out a unique radiance that was the combination of various chemical elements, entire part of the Himalaya Mountain appeared magnificent with the luminous and all that reed, trees and mountain appeared in dazzling gold, Lord Agni who was known as Jatharoopa, deposited the fully developed embryo was turned into a stunning boy child.  Lord Indra and Lord Vayu have made arrangements for the Krithika, the young maidens to nurture the child, were extremely happy at the sight of the new born.  All the deities eulogized that the child will be famously known as Karthikeya/Skandha.  The six faced Karthikeya was nurtured by the six Krithika stars with their milk that incessantly flowing from their breasts.  In due course of time, Karthikeya grown into a young adult, attained triumph over the demons, eventully the deities under the leadership of Lord Agni proclaimed that Skandha as the Chief – commandant of the army of the celestials. Oh! Rama, I have briefly narrated the legend of Ganga and the divine legend of appearance of Kumara/Skandha as well. Oh!  Rama, whoever venerates Skandha would attain longevity with sons and grandsons and all material well-being, ultimately attain the abode of Lord Skandha.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Balakandam !! 36. The legend of Goddess Uma and birth of Karthikeya !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Pura Rama Udhavaha: Shithi Kando Maha Thapa: |
Dhrushtva Cha Bhagavan Devim Maithunaya Upachakramey ||
Thasya Rasakreeda Manasya Mahadevasya Dheematha: |
Shithikandasya Devasya Divyam Varsha Shatham Gatham ||
Na Cha Api Thanayo Rama Thasyam Aseeth Paramthapa: |
Sarva Deva: Samudhyuktha: Pithamaha Purogama: ||
Yatha Iha Uthpadhyathey Bhootham Ka: Thath Prathisahishyathi |
The illustrious Sage Vishwamithra described the legend of the daughters of Himavan to Raghavas, Rama spoke “ Oh! Revered Brahman, the marvelous legend of Goddess Ganga is a comprehensive myth of righteousness and it is appropriate to describe passionately about the divine legend of daughter of Himavan.   What was the reason for river Ganga streamed into three watercourses? Oh! Virtuous soul, why did river Ganga was celebrated as the most sacred river on Earth? ” The ascetic Sage Vishwamithra elaborately narrated the legend of Ganga to Kakusthas and the sages assembled.
Oh! Rama, Goddess Uma was married to blue throated Lord Shiva who was swallowed the venomous poison while churning the milky ocean.   This divine couple immersed in prolonged Yogic act of copulation for more than hundred years, the deities were anxious and approached Lord Brahma and revealed their concern about the after effect of the prolonged Yogic act of copulation/Mahamaithuna, and worried about who will the preserve the life which emerges from the union of Goddess Uma and Lord Shiva, soon they prepared to protect the same.  All the deities approached Lord Shiva, who is Lord of Lords, always desires for the welfare of the Universe, and requested to bestow grace on them.  All the deities spoke “ Oh! Surothama, the worlds cannot possibly bear your offspring born from your brilliance, hence we earnestly pray to practice Yogic asceticism and Vedic postulates of Yoga rather than the act of creation of living being with your consort Goddess Uma.  We all desires to preserve the refulgent within you for the welfare of the Universe,” after listening to the appeal of the deities Lord Maheshwara  said “ I have decided to retain the brilliance with me and Goddess Uma as well, the brilliance has already stimulated  and it is impossible to hold back,  name who could bear the supreme power or the Earth will preserve the effulgence from now onwards.”  Thus the brilliance of Lord Shiva, the Supreme Lord of Yoga released was widespread across the Earth, mountains and woodlands.  The deities instructed Lord Agni and Lord Vayu to consume the brilliance before it annihilates the Earth, but when Lord Agni approached the brilliance turned into snow covered beautiful mountain full of divine woods of reeds/Sharavanam and there appeared the most radiant Karthikeya.  The deities and Rishis were ecstatic at the outcome and eulogized Lord Shiva and Goddess Uma.  Oh! Rama, unfortunately Goddess Uma was extremely displeased at the outcome, in a state of rage she cursed the deities for their intervention during her pleasurable moment with Lord Shiva and her desire to have a son from the divine union.  Goddess Uma cursed the deities to turn incompetent to have progeny from their wives; therefore their wives would remain childless all through their life.  She cursed Earth to appear bizarre and has to become wives to various deities and the child born to her would bring no pleasure in her life.  Lord Shiva was distressed at the turn of events, and find difficulty in pacifying Goddess Uma, eventually proceeded to Western Ghats which was the province of Lord Varuna.  The divine couple arrived on the northern parts of Himalays and settled on the highest peak of Himalayas.  Oh! Rama I have elaborately narrated the legend of Goddess Uma, daughter of Himavan to you, listen carefully with Lakshman I will describe the emergence of Ganga.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Balakandam !! 35. The legend of River Ganga !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Suprabhatha Nisha Rama Poorva Sandhya Pravarthathey |
Uththishta Uththishta Bhadhram They Gamanaya Abhirochaya ||
Ayam Sona: Shubha Jaley Gadha: Pulina Manditha : |
Katharena Patha Brahmann Samtharishyamahey Vayam ||
Thasya : Theerey Thatha:  Chakru: They Avasa Parigraham |
Thatha: Snathva Yaya Nyayam Satharpya Pithru Devatha: ||
Hruthva Chaiva Agnihothrina Prashaya Cha Amruthavath Havi: |
Vivishur Jahnavi Theerey Shubha Mudhitha Manasa: ||
Vishwamithram Mahathmanam Parivarya Samamthatha: |
On that night Maharishi Vishwamithra and Sages took halt on the river bank of Sona.  At the early hours of day break, Maharishi Vishwamithra said “Oh! Rama, the early hours of dawn has arrived.  Wake up and keep yourself ready to resume the journey.”  Rama woke up immediately after listening to the compassionate words of Sage Vishwamithra and went for ablution and morning rituals; after a while he came back fully prepared for the journey.   Rama enquired “Oh! Illustrious Brahman, I could see that the sacred river Sona is decked with sandbank, how we could cross the river either through the shallow water or through the sandbank?”  Sage Vishwamithra replied “I would recommend following the great sages who were moving through the diverse woodlands.”  They preceded journey through the woods, half of the day has passed finally arrived on the river bank of Ganga.  The marvelous sight of sacred river Ganga, Swans and Sarasa birds on the fresh crystal clear waters brought great enthusiasm in Sages, Raghavas/Rama and Lakshman as well.  They halted on the river bank of Ganga, performed ablations on the sacred river and performed fire sacrifices.  They all assembled around the renowned Sage Vishwamithra and devotedly followed the rituals on the river bank.  All the rituals were completed at everyone’s heart’s content and they all took their seat on the ground.  At this moment, Rama curiously enquired Maharishi Vishwamithra about the origin of the sacred river Ganga from the three worlds to the ocean on Earth.  Maharishi Vishwamithra was enthused by the queries of Rama and began to narrate the emergence of the sacred river Ganga to Earth.  Maharishi Vishwamithra spoke “King of Mountains, Lord Himavan and Goddess Mena, daughter of Mount Meru has two daughters of unparallel beauty and virtues.  Ganga was the eldest daughter and Uma was the younger daughter to this couple.  Later, all the deities approached Lord Himavan who is a righteous King and always desires for the welfare of the Universe to spare Ganga to become the river of live to the three worlds at her will.  The deities of the three worlds heartily welcomed Ganga .  Oh! Raghunandan! Uma, the younger daughter of Lord Himavan underwent severe austerities and performed severe penances were adored by the entire Universe, was married to Lord Rudra.  Oh! Raghava, the two daughters of Lord Himavan are highly revered by the world, Ganga as sacred River and Goddess Uma too.  Oh! Dearest child with excellent charisma, I have narrated you about the emergence of Ganga from Himalayas to the heaven, Abode of deities.  In this way, the marvelous and sinless daughter of Himavan descends down to the abode of deities in the form of sacred watercourse with the name Dev Ganga.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Balakandam !! 34. The legend of Sage Vishwamithra’s lineage!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Krutha Udhavahey Gathey Thasminn Brahmadattey Cha Raghava |
Aputhra: Puthra Labhaya Pouthrim Ishtam Akalpayath ||
Puthra: They Sadhrusha: Puthra Bhavishyathi Sudharmika: |
Gandhim Prapsyasi Thena Thvam Keerthim Lokey  Cha Shvashvathim ||
Kasyachith Thu Atha Kalasya Kushanamasya Dheematha: |
Jajye Paramam Dharmishto Gandhi: Ithi Yeva Namatha: ||
Maharishi Vishwamithra continued “ Brahmadatta with his hundred wives returned to their Kingdom.  King Kushanabha was distressed due to lack of son, decided to conduct a Vedic ritual as an initiation to Puthrakameshti Yaga to beget virtuous progeny.  A grand Yaga was organized, while the performance of the ritual, the splendid King Kusha Manasa Puthra of Lord Brahma appeared before the ritual fire and spoke “Oh! Dearest son, you will be blessed with a virtuous child named Gandhi who will uphold your grandeur and through him the world will remember you always.” Shortly King Kusha departed to the abode of Lord Brahma.  In due course of time, King Kushanabha and his celestial wife had a son and they named him Gandhi.  Oh! Rama of Kakustha dynasty, the illustrious and righteous Gandhi born in Kusha dynasty is my father; hence I got the name Kaushika.  I have an elder sister Sathyavathi who undertook many austerities and married to Sage Ruchika.  She followed her departed husband with her mortal body to the abode of heaven with the powers of her austerities; she was named after the sacred river Kaushiki.  Later, her water courses descend down to Earth for the welfare of the Universe and its living beings, through the Himalayan Mountains.  Sathyavathi was pious, righteous, highly devoted to her husband turned out as one of the sacred rivers Kaushiki. I have come down to Siddhashrama in order to accomplish the task which I was assigned, fulfilled my vow but remained indebted to your splendor.  Oh! Rama, I have narrated to you about my lineage, birth and about my province the place we are presently on the river bank of Sona.”   It was past midnight, stillness followed the woods, trees, animals and birds were quite, and sea waves disappeared, sky remained with full of stars, moon dispelled the darkness by spreading sparkling rays, cool breeze and happiness as well.   It was the time of Yaksha and demons to find pleasure in the dark hours of the night.  Sage Vishwamithra advised Rama to get some sleep.  All sages assembled were agreed to the words of the eminent Sage Vishwamithra.  They highly praised Sage Vishwamithra and his dynasty well known for their righteousness, prominent among the mankind who has the resemblance of Lord Brahma and they remained highly revered.  They eulogized Sage Vishwamithra for his prominence and River Kaushiki who is glorifying her lineage by serving the humanity.  Sage Vishwamithra was pleased at heart listening to the appreciation of the sages assembled, slowly drifted to sleep, even Rama with a great astonishment admired Sage Vishwamithra and went to sleep with Soumithri/Lakshman.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Balakandam !! 33. The legend of Brahmadatta !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Vayu: Sarvathmako Rajan Pradharshayithum Icchathi |
Ashubham Margam Asthaya Na Dharmam Prathyavekshathey ||
Pithrumathya: Sma Bhadhram They  Swacchandhey Na Vayam Sthitha: |
Pitharam No Vrinishva Thvam Yadhi No Dasyathey Thava ||
Thena Papa Anubandhena Vachanam Na Prathi Icchatha |
Yevam Bruvamthya: Sarva: Sma Vayuna Abhihatha  Brisham ||
Maharishi Vishwamithra continued “The hundred daughters of King Kushanabha prostrated before their father and described the incident happened and the misdemeanor of Lord Vayu in response to their virtuous conduct and unwillingness to follow his desire.  The virtuous King Kushanabha after listening to his hundred daughters replied that it is the responsibility of the honorable to forgive; he appreciated them for pardoning Lord Vayu and in that way keeping the esteem of their family.
Alankaro Hi Narinam Kshama Thu Purushasya Va |
Dushkaram Thatha Cha Vai Kshantham Thridhasheshu Visheshatha: ||
Yadhrishi: Va: Kshama Puvya: Sarvasam Avisheshatha: |
King Kushanabha highly praised his daughters saying that ‘Forgiveness’ is one of the precious jewels for the women and men as well, especially to respect divine personality like Lord Vayu.  Once again King Kushanabha admired his daughters who have possessed abundance of virtues.  He commended that grace is selflessness and grace is righteousness, it is the glory and the virtue as well, he commented that the ultimate truth is that the entire Universe is surviving due to the existence graciousness alone.  In this way, King Kushanabha pacified his daughters.  Later, King Kushanabha who has possessed commendable valor and virtues that matches the divine personalities went to discuss with the ministers of assembly about various issues like how to find a suitable match for his daughters? When the marriage shall take place? How to protect his daughters? And to whom they should be married to?  At this moment, there appeared Sage Chuli who is proficient in Hathayoga, underwent severe austerities according to the Vedic procedures.  There was a celestial Apsara Somadha, daughter of celestial Apsara Urvashi was served Sage Chuli while he was undergoing severe austerities.  She was righteous and sincerely served Sage Chuli, ultimately Sage Chuli was satisfied at her devotedness and offered her a boon.  Somadha was well aware of the ascetic practices of Sage chuli and highly admired the Sage who was profound in Vedas, she mellifluously requested for a boon to have a child from him, the moment he unites with the Brahmam.  So that the child born to the couple would be well versed in Vedas and enriched with all those righteousness and spiritual fervor like his father.  Further, she earnestly prayed Sage Chuli that she is unmarried and lived under his shelter, requested him to provide her with a child enriched with spiritual fervor.  Eventually, Sage Chuli offered her with a unique child/Manasaputhra like Brahma and named him Brahmadatta.  Later, Brahmadatta became the ruler of the province Kampilya and wisely ruled his Kingdom like Lord Indra.  The moment Sage Chuli arrived; King Kushanabha decided to give his hundred daughters married to King Brahmadatta.  The grand marriage was taken place and King Brahmadatta was amiably took the hands of each of the hundred daughters of King Kushanabha in his palm,  instantaneously by mere touch of Brahmadatta’s palm the daughters of King Kushanabha regained their matchless attractiveness once again and rejoiced over their fate.  King Kushanabha was extremely happy at the turn of events; he was in a state of ecstasy watching over the unparalleled beauty of his lovely daughters.  King Brahmadatta and hundreds of his wives were bade farewell to King Kushanabha and his family along with the priests.  Somadha, mother of Brahmadatta was gladdened at heart witnessing the great deed of her son Brahmadatta who removed the imperfection caused by Lord Vayu and she was extremely happy to have hundreds of virtuous girls as her daughters-in-law,  Somadha expressed joy over the act of repeated prostration of hundreds of daughters-in-law before her and holding them close to her chest.  Somadha uttered her gratitude and praised King Kushanabha for offering hundreds of gem like daughters to her and she heartily blessed all her daughters-in-law.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Balakandam !! 32. Sage Vishwamithra narrates the legend of Kusha Dynasty !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Brahma Yonir Mahan Aseeth Kusho Nama Mahathapa: |
Aklishta Vratha Dharmascha : Sajjana Prathi Pujaka: ||
Sa Mahathma Kulinayam Yukthayam Sumahabalan |
Vaidharbhyam Janayam Asa Chathura: Sadhrushan Suthan ||
Kushambam Kushanabham Cha Asutharajasam Vasum |
Dipthi Yukthan Mahothsahan Kshathradharma Chikirshaya ||
Than Uvacha Kusha: Puthran Dharmishtan Sathyavadhina: |
Kriyatham Palanam Puthra Dharma Prapyaya Pushkalam ||
Sage Vishwamithra narrates “There was a righteous King Kusha, Manasaputhra of Lord Brahma was a great ascetic, virtuous and impeccable follower of the rules of ritual and vow.  King Kusha was married to the princess of Vidharbha.  This pious couple had four mighty children, Kusumba, Kushanabha, Asurtharajasa/Adhurtharajasa and Vasu.  They were righteous, virtuous, intelligent and highly enthusiastic.    King Kusha was desired his children to uphold the principles of Kshatriyas and entitled them with four cities to establish their own regime.  The brilliant Kushamba built the city of Kaushambi, the virtuous Kushanabha built the city Mahodhaya, the noble minded Asurtharajasa and Vasu built the cities named Dharmaranya and Girivraja respectively.  We are presently on the marvelous land surrounded by five high mountains was created by the virtuous King Vasu.  The five mountain ranges are encircled by the stunning river Magadhi which originates from the Magadha province gives out the resemblances of garlands around them.  River Magadhi abundantly contributes for the development of farm lands in the Kingdom of King Vasu, ultimately confluence with river Ganga on the eastern side.  The virtuous and ascetic King Kushanabha and his gorgeous celestial wife Ghritachi gave birth to hundred daughters.  The daughters of King Kushanabha and Ghritachi were grown into beautiful young maiden.  One rainy day, these hundred daughters of unparalleled beauty of King Kushanabha went to explore the garden near the ocean, they blissfully moved through the woods dancing and singing like hundred streaks of lightning, they shone like stars amidst the woodland.  Lord Vayu witnessed the incomparable beauty of these hundred girls and desired to marry them.  He advised them to become his wife and attain the longevity and divinity like him.  The daughters of King Kushanabha were not enthused and laughed at the proposal of Lord Vayu, though they were aware of the divinity and all pervading nature of Lord Vayu.  Furthermore, they haughtily spoke about their ascetic values which are capable to overthrow him from his realm.  They revealed their high opinion about their father the virtuous King Kushanabha, who is their supreme God and also stated that they never look for their bridegroom without the consent of their father.  They were persistent that they accept any bride groom as their husband to whom their father offers their hand.  Lord Vayu was dejected and infuriated at the impish nature of the girls; he angrily blew the air at the girls to disfigure them.  Eventually, the hundred daughters of King Kushanabha returned completely disfigured and in utter shame to the palace.   King Kushanabha was alarmed at the pathetic state of his lovely daughters.  He poured with various queries to his daughters and patiently waited for their answers.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!