Friday, 22 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 47. Akshakumara Vadha:/ Death of Akshakumara !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Senapathin Pancha Sa Thu Pramapithan | Hanumatha Sanucharan Savahanan |
Sameekshya Raja Samroddhvathonmukham | Kumaram Aksham Prasamaikshathakshatham ||
Sa Thasya Dhrushtiarpana Samprachodhitha: | Prathapavan Kanchana Chithrakarmukha: |
Samuthpapath Atha Sadhasi Udhiritho | Dhvijathi Mukhyai: Havisha Iva Pavaka: ||
Thatho Mahath Bala Dhivakara Prabham |  Prathaptha Jambu  Nadha Jala Samthatham |
Ratham Samasyaya Yayou Sa Veeryavan | Mahaharim Thama Prathi Nairutha Rishabha: ||
Thatha: Thapa: Samgraha Samchayarjitham | Prathaptha Jambu Nadha Jala Shobhitham |
Pathakinam  Rathna Vibhooshitha Dhvajam | Manojavashta Ashva Varai: Suyojitham ||
Ravana after listening to the awful news of death of five chief army personnel and huge army of mighty warriors looked at his son Akshakumara who was seated before him.  The mighty prince Akshakumara wielded with golden bow immediately rose from the seat like a blazing fire rose from the sacrificial fire at the time offering oblation, initiated by prominent Brahmins.  Akshakumara, chief of the demons who has the splendor of rising son, with protective armor made of gold, mounted on a grand gem studded chariot decked in gold, banners and flags, drawn by excellent eight horses, that was obtained after severe penances and has the capability to travel at the speed of his mind and preceded to the war field.  This grand chariot is unconquerable by the celestials or demons, it can move without any hindrance, it has the brilliance of Lord Aditya, it can move all over the sky, it was well constructed with armaments.  Askhakumara who has the prowess equivalent to celestials mounted on the grand chariot had the resemblances of Lord Aditya and Lord Chandra.  The Earth and sky was resounded with noises of mighty warriors, horses, elephants and chariots approached the valorous Hanuman who was settled on the arch way.  Akshakumara looked at Hanuman who is enthusiastic to destroy his opponents like blazing fire, with high esteem.  The mighty prince after witnessing the prowess of Hanuman, began to increase his size and stood before him like the rising sun unfreezing the clouds,   he was aware of the might of Hanuman which is unconquerable and steadfast, eventually Ashakumara regained serenity of mind, released three arrows against Hanuman who was staring at Ashakumara who was adorned in various jewels on his body, with great enthusiasm.     Further, Akshakumara approached Hanuman with great energy; celestials witnessed the unrivaled battle between the two in wonder.  The Earth quivered, Lord Aditya and Lord Vayu forgot to perform their task, mountain shuddered, and a great commotion rose from the ocean, hue and cries reverberated on the sky.  Akshakumara, who is well focused and aware of his target, hurled three arrows which has the resemblance of venomous serpent aimed at the head of Hanuman whose eyes were bathed in blood, resembled like Lord Aditya.  Hanuman, excellent counselor in the assembly of Sugriva, was rejoiced and his inclination to fight against Akshakumara grew rapidly after seeing the usage of marvelous weapons by him.  Hanuman, who has great prowess, has the resemblance of Lord Aditya on Mount Mandhara, exasperatingly released blaze from his eyes; eventually it burnt Akshakumara and his mighty warriors along with their auxiliaries.  Akshakumara, who has spontaneous valor, released numerous arrows on Hanuman like a downpour on the colossal mountain, Hanuman roared with joy appreciating the vitality of Akshakumara and move effortlessly like a cloud in the sky.  Akshakumara, arrogant of his valor, eyes were redden with anger in a childish manner approached Hanuman who is unconquerable in the battle, like an elephant approaching well covered with heap of straws.  Akshakumara, foremost among the demons, excellent chariot fighter, discharged numerous arrows upon Hanuman who assumed a giant form stretching out his arms and legs and took a giant leap on the sky.  Akshakumara continued to shower arrows upon Hanuman like hailstorm on a mountain, Hanuman who is unassailable, has the speed of swiftness of mind, thoughtfully moved through the arrows of Akshakumara.  Hanuman was cherished the valor and capabilities of Akshakumara, who packed the sky with excellent arrows.  The mighty Hanuman who is well aware of how to act on atypical circumstances, let out a loud roar at the piercing on his chest by Akshakumara, that was the reflection of prowess of his opponent in the battle.  Hanuman who is well capable to study the swiftness and course of action of opponent, excellent in determining the course of his action required for the appropriate moment, became considerate.   “ The mighty prince Akshakumara has the brilliance of Lord Aditya, excellent in war tactics and matured youth, intelligent and profound knowledge of armaments, he is well composed and highly tolerant in battle field, he is adored by the sages, Nagas, and Yakshas for his virtues, therefore my intellect does not allow to kill him.  He is fearless and has the courage to look straight into my eyes, he is very confident with his prowess and enthusiasm.  His swift movements create trepidations in the mind of celestials and demons.  If I spare him, he will definitely overthrow me, his prowess is getting amplified in the battle, and it’s not sensible to ignore a blistering fire, I have to kill him right now.”  The illustrious Hanuman, son of Lord Vayu  encountered Akshakumara with a powerful blow of his palm; eight horses were fleeing into different directions, grand chariot with its marvelous interior decorations was smashed into pieces, eventually the horses fallen dead on the Earth.  At last, Akshakumara discarded his grand chariot, marvelous bow and arrow, with the immense Yogic powers obtained from severe austerities, he proceeded to heaven.  Hanuman, who has the swiftness equal to wind and prowess like his father Lord Vayu, followed Akshakumara in the sky, like Garuda and grasped his feet.  The excellent among Vanara, Hanuman hold Akshakumara like an eagle holds its prey venomous serpent, hurled down on the ground, every part of his limbs were shattered, and soaked in blood, Akshakumara was killed instantly.  In this way, Hanuman created huge trepidation  in Ravana.  The Maharishis, Sages, Pannagas, Suras, celestials, Yakshas and Lord Indra, Lord of celestials assembled were witnessed the destruction of Akshakumara by Hanuman in great astonishment.  Hanuman after killing Akshakumara, possessing the luster equivalent to Jayantha, son of Lord Indra, Lord of celestials with the eyes resembling to blood, settled on the arch way, like Lord Yama, Lord of death waiting for the precise moment for the life of mortals.
Jai sriman Narayana !!