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Balakandam !! The wrath of Sage Vishwamithira & Sage Vashishta’s advice to King Dasaratha !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Thatha Shruthva Vachanam Thasya Sneha Paryakulaksharam
Samnyu: Koushiko Vakyam Prathi Uvacha Mahipathim ||
Thasya Rosha  Parithasya Vishwamithrasya Dhimatha:
Chachala Vasudha Kuthsna Devanam Cha Bhayam ||
Thrastha Rupam Thu Vijyaya Jagathsarvam Mahan Rishi:
Nrupathim Suvratho Dheero Vashishto Vakyam Abraveeth ||
The illustrious Sage Vishwathra was in a rage after listening to the utterly wavering speeches of Dasaratha due to his boundless affection towards his son.  Sage Vishwamithra spoke “ Oh! King, you are renouncing the promise you have made to accomplish the mission, which is incompatible for the Kings of Raghava dynasty.  If you feel it’s appropriate, I am ready to leave the way as I have entered, be happy you and your unfilled promises along with your kinsmen.”  The deities and the universe were quivered with fear seeing the wrath of Sage Vishwamithra.  The revered Sage Vashishta who is astute and follower of high austerities was well aware of the wrath of Sage Vishwamithra, he gracefully began to speak to King Dasaratha “ Oh! King, born in the superior clan of Ikshvaku, you are glorious, righteous and similar to the deities on Earth; it’s unsuitable for you to abandon the morals.  Oh! Raghava, you are known to the three worlds as a righteous ruler, honorable and not following the same will be inapt for you, not keeping your promises will make ineffective of the merits derived out of the performance of Ishtapurtha Vedic rituals.  Hence, leave custody of Rama to Sage Vishwamithra as promised earlier. Whether Rama is trained in the usage of weapons or not, demons could do no harm to him as long as Kushi’s son Vishwamithra is alive, he will protect him like a heavenly firewall protects the divine nectar.  Sage Vishwamithra is an embodiment of all the virtues; he is matchless in his valor, intelligence and unblemished ascetics.  He has profound knowledge in the armaments and there is no one in this world has the insightful knowledge about the usage of various armaments, except us.   If deities / Deva are unaware of Sage Vishwamithra, then none of the Rishis, immortals, demons, Gandharva, Yaksha, Pravara, Kinnara, Mahauraga would be ignorant about him.  All the armaments known to Sage Vishwamithra are highly admirable children of Krishashavasya Prajapathi, who were the early rulers of mankind and some of the weapons were received during his regime as boon from Lord Shiva.  These weapons are children of Dakshaprajapathi’s daughters and her husband Krishashavasya Prajapathi who are in a distinct form and they are fearless, dazzling and victorious.  Jaya and Suprabha, daughter of Daksha Prajapathi who has enthralling physical features gave birth to hundreds of supreme and powerful weapons.  Jaya, wife of Krishashavasya Prajapathi, after receiving a boon gave birth to fifty unique and powerful weapons capable to annihilate the demons.  In the same manner Suprapha, wife of Krishashavasya Prajapathi also gave birth to fifty unconquerable weapons.  Sage Vishwamithra has profound knowledge in the usage of those weapons and many more.  Oh! Raghava, nothing is unknown to the great-souled Sage Vishwamithra, he is distinguished sage with abundance of virtues and has the knowledge about the past present and future.  It is inapt to create a suspicion about the renowned Sage Vishwamithra and his intention to keep Rama in his custody.  Sage Vishwamithra, son of Kushi is well capable to handle all those demons, but desires to provide all the recognition to your son Rama, that’s why he approached you. ” The glorious King of Raghu dynasty, King Dasaratha became serene minded after listening to the insightful speeches of the illustrious Sage Vashishta and wholeheartedly gave consent to leave Rama in the safe hands of Sage Vishwamithra.
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Friday, 6 June 2014

Sri Gayatri Ramayan !! Lyrics & Its meaning !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Thapa: Swadhyaya Niratham Thapasvi Vagvidham Varam
Naradham Paripapraccha Valmikir Muni Pungavam ||
The illustrious Sage Valmiki who was relentlessly absorbed in the severe austerities and recitation of Vedas, prominent in the construction of terminology enquired  Maharishi Narada. 
Sa Hathva Rakshasan Sarvan Yajyagnan Raghunandhana:
Rishibhi: Pujitha Samyak Yathendhro Vijaye Pura ||
Victories to Raghunandana, the most admired son of  Raghu dynasty who has the resemblance of Lord Indra, vanquisher of demons, protector of the fire sacrifices was venerated by the Sages and Rishis.  
Vishwamithrasthu Dharmathma Shruthva Janaka Bhashitham
Vatsa Rama Dhanu: Pashya Ithi Raghavam Abhraveeth ||
Thushta Vasya Thadha Vamsham Pravishya Sa Visham Pathey:
Shayaneeyam Narendhrasya Thadhasadhya Vyathishtatha ||
The most revered Sage Vishwamithra who is the personification of righteousness after listening to the words of King Janaka spoke to Rama ‘Oh! My dearest child Rama, watch the divine bow’, eventually all the happenings were duly informed to King Dasratha by Sumantra, minister of the assembly. 
Vanavasam Hi Samkhyaya Vasamsyabharanani Cha
Bhartharam Anugacchanthyai Seethayai Shvashuro Dhadhou ||
It was decided that Sita will accompany her husband to dwell in the forest for another few years; her father-in-law provided them with the necessities.
Raja Sathyam Cha Dharmascha Raja Kulavatham Kulam
Raja Matha Pitha Chaiva Raja Hithakaro Nrunam ||
A King is a godly person to the people of his Kingdom, he should be a strict follower of righteousness and truthfulness, and he should act like a parent of the people in his Kingdom and strive for all the goodness of the people in his Kingdom.
Nireekshya Sa Muhurtham Thu Dhadharsha Bharatho Gurum
Udajey Ramamaseenam Jada Mandala Dharinam ||
In an auspicious day, Bharatha met his preceptor Rama in all those saintly attires and matted hair locks.
Yadhi Buddhi: Krutha Dhrushtum Agasthyam Tham Mahamunim
Adhyaiva Gamaney Buddhim Rochayasva Mahashaya ||
Oh! Illustrious one, if you are desirous to meet the great Sage Agastya, you should take an appropriate decision to start immediately.
Bharathasyarya Puthrasya Shvashrunam Mama Cha Prabho
Mruga Roopamidham Vyaktham Vismayam Janayishyathi ||
Oh! Lord, this remarkable deer with stunning features would create a great sense of wonder to Bharatha/Aryaputhra and my in-laws.
Gaccha Sheegramitho Rama Sugrivam Tham Mahabalam
Vayasyam Tham Kuru Kshipram Itho Gathvadhya Raghava ||
Oh! Raghava, proceed to meet the powerful Sugriva and make him close associate of you would increase the strength.
Desakalou Bhajasvadhya Kshamamana: Priya Priye
Sughadhu:kha Saha: Kaley Sugriva Vashago Bhavam ||
Be aware of time and place, be patient and understand the likes and dislikes, treat your joy and sorrows in the same manner and be courteous to Sugriva.
Vandhyasthey Thu Thapasiddha: Thapas Veetha Kalmasha:
Prashtavya Chapi Seethaya: Pravruthir Vinayanvithai: ||
The Siddhas who are relentlessly immersed in severe penance are the most revered, they are sinless due to their extreme austerities.  You can enquire them about the present situation of Sita courteously.
Sa Nirjjithya Purim Shreshtam Lankam Tham Kamaroopinim
Vikramena Maha Theja: Hanuman Kapi Saththama: ||
Hanuman, splendid son of Lord Vayu who is most brilliant and valorous won over Lankini, who is the guard of marvelous city of Lanka, capable to assume any form at her own will.
Dhanya Deva: Sa Gandharva: Siddhascha Paramarshaya:
Mama Pashyanthi Ye Natham Ramam Rajeeva Lochanam ||
I saw Rama who is my Lord, who has beautiful lotus eyes, who is worshipped by deities, Gandharvas, Siddhas and Rishis.
Mangalabhimukhi Thasya Sa Thadhasi Mahakapey
Upasthey Vishalakshi Prayatha Havya Vahanam ||
Vishalakshi, the woman of all auspiciousness and propitious features decided to bless Hanuman, after ritual wash she prostrated and seated before Lord Agni and prayed.
Hitham Mahartham Mrudhu Hethu Samhitham
Vyatheetha Kalayathi Samprathi Kshamam ||
Nishamya Thadvakhyam Upasthitha Jwara:
Prasanga Vanutharam Yethadhabraveeth ||
Ravana replied in a rage after listening to the mellifluous words those were most appropriate, well suitable, capable to provide propitious rewards and full of logic applicable for the past present and future.
Dharmathma Rakshasam Shreshta: Samprapthoyam Vibhishana:
Lankaishwaryam Dhruvam Shriman Ayam Prapnothya Kandakam ||
The greatest amongst the demons Vibhishana, who is the personification of righteousness, has joined with me at his own free will and its definite that he will attain the wealth of Lanka.
Yo Vajrapathashani Sanni Pathath
Na Chukshubhey Napi Chachala Raja ||
Sa Rama Banabhihatho Bhrushartha:
Chachala Chapam Cha Mumocha Veera: ||
The King who was least concerned of the hit of Vajrayudha was troubled by the hit of arrow of Rama, he was overwhelmed and sunk into deep grief, became very panicky and trembled with fear, eventually his arrow slipped out of his hand.
Yasya Vikramamasadhya Rakshasa Nidhanam Gatha:
Tham Manye Raghavam Veeram Narayanamanamayam ||
I consider the valorous Rama who has the prominence and the vanquisher of the demons as the Supreme Lord Narayana.
Na They Dhdhrushirey Ramam Dhahanthamari Vahinim
Mohitha: Paramasthrena Gandhavarvena Mahathmana ||
The demons those were not able to witness Rama who was battling against his enemies, they lost their conscious by the hit of the arrow called Gandharva shot by Rama.
Pranamya Devathabhyashcha Brahmaneybhyashcha Maithili
Banddhanjali Puda Chedham Uvachagni Sameepatha: ||
Mythili/Sita offered her salutations to Lord Brahma and deities, with folded hands she approached Lord Agni and pronounced.
Chalanth Parvathendhrasya Gana Devasya Kampitha:
Chachala Parvathi Chapi Thadhashlishta Maheshwaram ||
The King of mountain quivered, Ganas of Lord Shiva trembled in fear and Goddess Parvati in an extreme fright rushed to Lord Maheswara and embraced him.
Dhara: Puthra: Puram Rashtram Bhogacchadhana Bhojanam
Sarvamevavi Bhaktham Nau Bhavishyathi Hareshwara ||
Oh! Lord of Monkeys! This Kingdom, Children, affluences and luxuries are our common wealth, let us share them equally.
Yameva Rathrim Shathrugna: Parnashalam Samavishath
Thameva Rathrim Sithapi Prasootha Dharakadhvayam ||
Sita gave birth to two stunning boy children on that night while Shathrugna was in the hermitage.
Itham Ramayanam Kruthsnam Gayathri Beeja Samyutham
Thrisandhyam Ya: Padennithyam Sarva Papai: Sa Muchyathey ||
The above narrated Sri Gayatri Ramayan is the quintessence of Gayatri Beejakshara Manthra.  Whoever recites the same at the time of dawn, noon and dusk would be relieved from all the sins committed.
|| Ithi Gayathri Ramayanam Sampoornam ||
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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Balakandam !! King Dasaratha refuses to send Rama with Sage Valmiki !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Uuna Shodasha Varsha Mey Ramo Rajeeva Lochana:
Na Yuddha Yogyatham Asya Pashyami Saha Rakshasai: ||
Iyam Akshouhini Sena Yasya Aham Pathi: Ishwara:
Anya Sahitho Gathva Yoddha Aham Thaira Nishacharai: ||
Imey Shoora: Cha Vikrantha Mruthyu: Mey Asthra Visharadha:
Yogya Rakshoganai: Yoddhum Na Ramam Nethum Arhasi ||
King Dasaratha became inconsolable after listening to Sage Vishwamithra, soon he regained his sense and spoke “Oh! Revered Brahmin, my son lotus eyed Rama is less than sixteen years old.  I have not seen any militaristic aptitude in him to battle against the demons.  I have numerous skilled warriors in my Akshouhini Sena and I am the person in command of them.  I am ready to encounter the demons with my full fledged army.  The warriors in my Akshouhini Sena are valorous, proficient in the usage of armaments are appropriate to battle against the horrendous demons. It would be inapt to take Rama with you to battle against the hideous demons.  As long as I am alive, I am all alone with my bow would be capable to annihilate the demons/Nishacharas and protect your sacrificial rituals.  I would like to personally present and protect your rituals; it would be inappropriate to take Rama with you because he is a youngster has not attained any princely education, he is totally unaware of the strength and weakness of his opponent, he is not proficient in the usage of weapons, he has no knowledge about the war field and he has no equivalent powers of demons.  Moreover, it is definite that the demons would utilize deceitful means to win over their enemies.  Oh! Brahmin with best of the vows, I am incapable to live without Rama even for a moment.  Hence, I suggest that it’s inappropriate to take away Rama with you.  Otherwise, if you wish to take Rama, you can take me along with my four eminent troops/Chathuranga Sena to lead Rama. Oh! Koushika/Vishwamithra, I have waited 60,000 years to have Rama in my life; it is unfair to take Rama to a place full of dangers.   I have abundance of affection for all my four sons and I have special fondness to Rama as he was born as the eldest in the family, so it’s unfair to take Rama with you.  Oh! Illustrious Sage, What is the might of these demons? Who are they? Whose sons are they? How repulsive are they? Who is protecting them?  Oh! Brahmin, advise myself, Rama and my army of warriors, how to retaliate these demons and the required war tactics in detail. ”
Sage Vishwamithra answered “There is a demon Ravana who was born in the clan of Sage Pulastya, he is extremely valorous after attaining several boons from Lord Brahma.  He is the chief of the clan of demons, he turned out haughty after obtaining innumerable boons, eventually he and his associates started harassing the three worlds mercilessly.   He is the son of Sage Vishravass and younger brother of Lord Kubera.   Ravana is not against the rituals and its proceedings, but the two mighty demons Mareecha and Subhahu assigned by him causing all impediments to the sacrificial rituals.”
King Dasaratha spoke “Oh! illustrious Brahmin, you are the knower of probity, you are our preceptor,  please show mercy on my child Rama and an unfortunate person like me, I myself is not certain to vanquish the demon, so how it would be possible for Rama to confront these hideous demons?  Even the Deities, Dhanavas, Gandharvas, Yakshas, Pathaga and Pannagas are incapable to conquer the valorous demon Ravana, how it’s possible for a human to defeat him? Oh! Eminent Sage, I am powerless to battle against the most valorous demon Ravana.   My entire forces of armies, my children and myself would be inadequate to conquer him in the war field.  My godlike son Rama is not prominent in war tactics, he is the one going to protect me from the hellish tortures of the world of sonless father and therefore I am helpless to spare my son.  The mighty demons Mareecha and Subhahu who are creating impediments to the rituals must be the descendents of Sunda and Upasunda.  My entire forces of armies will battle against the mighty demons Mareecha and Subhahu.  I and the members of my family request you to pardon us for not keeping my promises.
Sage Vishwamithra, son of Kushi was besieged, fuming with rage after listening to the disgraceful incoherent words of King Dasaratha.  His face has the resemblance of ritual fire in which innumerable oblations are offered into it.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Balakandam !! Sage Vishwamitra’s advice to King Dasaratha !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Swa Puthram Raja Shardhoolam Ramam Sathya Parakramam
Kaka Paksha Dharam Shooram Jyeshtam Mey Dhathutham Arhasi ||
Shaktho Hi Yesha Maya Guptho Divyena Swena Thejasa
Rakshasa Ye Vikarthara : Thesham Api Vinashaney ||
Shreya: Cha Asmai Pradhasyami Bahu Roopam Na Samshaya:
Thrayanam Api Lokanam Yena Ghyathim Gamishyathi ||
Na Cha Thai Ramam Asadhya Shakthou Sthathum Katham Cha Na
Na Cha Thai Raghavath Anye Hanthum Uthsahathey Puman ||
The illustrious Sage Vishwamithra was extremely delighted at the cordial speech of the righteous King Dasaratha.  The virtuous Sage began to speak in pleasant words “ Oh! Tigerly King, you are the most generous ruler cannot find in this Universe, born in the admirable dynasty and trained under the guidance by Sage Vashishta.  Listen to my deepest concerns carefully and take a decision truthful to your promises.  I have been striving for the spiritual benefit by conducting sacrifices, unfortunately two fierce demons in disguise causing impediments to the ritual.  At the completion of the fire sacrifices, two vicious demons Subhahu and Mareecha in disguise drenching the fire of Altar with impure materials like flesh, meat, blood etc….This repeated disaster causing me to move from one place to another unenthusiastically.  I have no intention to lose my patience during the auspicious hours of ritual and curse the demons which is against the scriptures.  Thus I request you to offer the service of your valiant elder son Rama, who is powerful, truthful to his words and has the most attractive physical features.  He is capable to eradicate the demons, thereby guard the sacrifices and he will remain under the guidance and protection me.  During this period of time, it is definite that Rama would acquire immense knowledge and become renowned in three worlds.  The two demons cannot withstand in the presence of Rama, none has the capacity to eliminate the two demons other than Raghava.  Oh! tigerly King, I would request you to consider the matter as an urgent and serious one and assure me that the two demons would be eradicated,  I am extremely pleased with the sub-lime  qualities of Rama and his capabilities that was well known to Sage Vashishta and the Sages assembled here.  I would suggest to handover Rama to me, if you wish to attain the probity of sacrifices and remain the glorious on Earth.  Oh! King Dasaratha, you may discuss the matter with the ministers of assembly and Sage Vashishta to get consent which they are ready to offer.  I would suggest sending your eldest son Rama, who has beautiful lotus eyes with me to protect the rituals for ten days would be appropriate for this situation.  I wish you should take an apt decision at the right time before the lapse of time for the sacrificial vow, not letting your heart grieved upon your decision.”
King Dasaratha was swooned over the propitious words of Sage Vishwamithra, he was completely annoyed, shuddered with extreme fear and anxiety, soon regained his consciousness and sunk down to grief. 
Jai Sriman Narayana !!