Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 57. Uththara Theera Prapthi:/ Hanuman’s arrival at Mount Mahendra !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Jai Anjaneya !!

Sachandhra Kumudha Ramyasarkkanrandavam Shubham |
Thishya Shravana Kadhambamram Shaivalashadhvalam ||
Punarvasu Mahameenam Lohithangamahagruham |
Airavatha Mahadhvipam Swathihamsa Viloditham ||
Vathasamghathajathormim Chandramshu Shishirambumath |
Bujanga Yaksha Gandharva  Prabuddha Kamalothpalam ||
Hanuman Maruthagathirmahanairiva Sagaram |
Aparamaparishrantha: Pupluve Gaganarnnavam  ||
Hanuman took a giant leap on the sky, across the vast ocean at the speed of wind, moon in the sky shone like water Lilly with its constellations Pushya and Shravana as swans, Punarvasu as huge fish, mars as alligator, Swathi as waves and  Nagas, Yakshas, and Yakshas as fully bloomed lotuses.  The illustrious Hanuman, son of Lord Vayu, who was attired in white clothes moved on the sky as if swallowing the planets, darted through heavy clouds with a boisterous noise, gave out the appearance of moon; he resembled the King of birds Garuda.  Hanuman after killing multitudes of demons, causing extreme distress to Ravana and ruined the city of Lanka, bade farewell to Sita and returned to his abode.  Hanuman touched Mount Mainaka as a mark of respect, and returned with a great speed of an arrow.  Eventually, Hanuman approached Mount Mahendra which gave out the appearance of dense cloud; he produced a great roar that reverberated in all directions. Hanuman roared and whipped his tail on the ground with a great enthusiasm to meet his associates.  Those mighty Vanaras who were eagerly waiting for the arrival of Hanuman, listened his energetic voice and witnessed Hanuman.  The foremost among the warriors, Jambavan’s mind was thrilled with extreme joy and spoke “Hanuman must have accomplished the task; there is no doubt in this matter, that is why he sounded like this.”  Vanaras assembled were noticed the swift movement of virtuous Hanuman, instantly all the Vanaras were began to jump in extreme delight from their respective places, they began to fling themselves from one place to another, swiftly crossed from one tree to another and one peak to another and they have immersed in all monkey acts with an intense desire to watch Hanuman who was darting through the thick clouds, all the Vanaras joined their palms and offered salutation to him,  ultimately, Hanuman descended on the Mount Mahendra which is packed with woods.  All the Vanaras enthusiastically approached Hanuman, chief among the Vanaras and offered him various fruits and honored him,  they were happy to receive Hanuman hail and healthy.  Hanuman, excellent among Vanaras offered salutation to elderly Vanaras, Jambavan and Angadha, in return they admired Hanuman for his triumph.  Hanuman briefly informed that he has located Sita.  He seized the hand of Angadha, son of vali and settled on a distinct place on the excellent wood of Mount Mahendra.  Hanuman began to speak in a nectar like words to Vanaras “ I have found Sita, daughter of King Janaka, in the Ashokavanam, she was surrounded by dreadful female demons, she is an young woman with a single plait of hair, she is longing to see Rama, she is thin and frail due to continuous fast  and  grief of separation from her husband, she was attired in a murky saffron robe.”  All the Vanaras were extremely delightful and let out roar and various sounds, some of them waved with their tails, some of them let out the cries of joy, some of them hurled themselves from the mountain, some of them touched Hanuman affectionately.  Angadha, who was in the middle of warriors, bean to speak significant words “ Oh! Hanuman, you are matchless as you have crossed the mighty ocean of hundred Yojana, none of us could stand equal to your prowess and might.  You have marvelous devotion and dedication to Lord, you are extremely courageous and powerful, you have located the virtuous Sita, consort of Rama and soon he can get relieved out of the sorrow caused by the separation from her.”  All those mighty Vanaras took their seats on the rocks encircling Angadha, Hanuman and Jambavan, were fervently waiting to hear Hanuman, and with their palms joined, yearning to hear about crossing of the mighty ocean, sight of City of Lanka and all about Ravana and Sita.  Angadha who was seated in the middle of all the Vanaras, resembled like Lord Indra, Lord of celestials among the deities in his abode.  The resplendent Hauman and prominent Angadha who was decked in marvelous armlet stood in splendor, all the Vanaras were merrily settled on the high and large peak.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 56. Lankatha: Samuthpathanam / Hanuman prepares to leave Lanka !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Thatha: Thu Shimshupa Moole Janakim Paryavasthitham |
Abhivadhya Abraveeth Dhrishtya Pashyamithvam Ihakshatham ||
Thatha: Tham Prasthitham Seetha Veekshamana Puna: Puna: |
Bharthusnehanvitham Vakyam Hanumantham Abhashatha ||
Kamamasya Thvameva Yeka: Karyasya Parisadhaney |
Paryaptha: Paraveeragna Yashasya; They Balodhaya: ||
Sharaisthu: Samkulam Kruthva Lankam Para Balardhana: |
Mamanayeth Yadhi Kakustha: Thasya Thath Sadhrusham Bhaveth ||
Thatha Yaya Thasya Vikrantham Anuroopam Mahathmana: |
Bhavathahava Shoorasya Thathvam  Yeva Upapadhaya ||
Thatha Artha Upahitham Vakyam Prashritham Hethu Samhitham |
Nishamya Hanuman Thasya Vakyamutharam Abraveeth ||
Hanuman offered salutation to Sita who was settled under the Shimshupa tree; he delightfully uttered “Happy to see you safe and sound.”  Subsequently He prepared to leave; Sita affectionately spoke to Hanuman “Oh! Paraviragna/destroyer of enemies, you are enthusiastic and you have possessed immense prowess and capable to complete the task single handedly.  It would be appropriate for Rama to release me after annihilating his enemies and destroy the city of Lanka with his powerful arrows.  Therefore, you work for the virtuous Rama who is valiant in battle to exhibit his prowess.”  Hanuman after listening to the meaningful words, replied “ Kakustha/Rama, who is accompanied by multitudes of Vanaras and bears  will arrive shortly and defeat his enemies in the battle, and release you from grief.” Hanuman prepared to leave, offered salutation to Sita with utmost reverence.  Hanuman, foremost among the Vanara, with an intense desire to meet his Lord ascended on the prominent Mount Arishta the highest peak close to the clouds, which was covered in lush green, dwelling place of elephants with red spot on their skin, flourished land of rich minerals gave out excellent appearance in the sun light that has the resemblance of the precision of reciting scriptures like the stream of water, in a loud voice.  It seemed quivering with the sounds of bamboo trees by the breeze, it was hissing like venomous serpents, it has various peaks, caves and enriched with the trees of Salavruksham, Palmyrah, Karna and Bamboo.  The mountain was embellished with various creepers and flowers; it was the dwelling place of great sages, Yakshas, Gandharvas, Kinnaras, Nagas and deities.  It has magnificent caves which are the dwelling places of wild animals like lions and tigers; it is enriched with fruits and tubers.  Hanuman, son of Lord Vayu happily ascended on the peak with a desire to meet Rama, immediately the mountain was crushed under his feet and fallen in to different places, Hanuman with great vigor enlarged his body and preceded from southern to northern direction in the pace of wind, saw the vast ocean inhibited with deadly aquatic creatures, the moment Hanuman pressed the mountain with its living creatures and woods crushed underneath the Earth, huge trees were thrashed with his thighs and it fell down with a thunderous noise, lions of great prowess were let out boisterous cries, females of Vidhyadharas rushed out of the peak with misplaced ornaments on their bodies, giant sized venomous serpents were crushed to death, Kinnaras, Yakshas, Gandharvas, Nagas and Vidhyadharas were abruptly left their dwelling places and moved to sky, eventually the magnificent mountain with a width of ten Yojana and the height of thirty Yojanas,  and its peaks, woods were crushed underneath the Earth.  Hanuman took a giant leap to the sky, crossing the vast ocean crammed with its huge waves.
Jai Anjaneya !!

Friday, 29 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 55. Hanumath Santhrasa:/ Hanuman became gloomy at the thought of safety of Sita !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Sandhipyamanam Vidhvasthamthrastha Rakshoganam Purim |
Avekshya Hanuman Lankam Chinthayamasa Vanara : ||
Thasya Athbhutha Sumahanthrasa: Kuthsa Cha Athmanai Ajayatha |
Lankam Pradhahatha Karma Kimsveeth Krutham Idham Maya ||
Dhanya: They Purushashreshta Ye Buddhya Kopamuthyatham |
Nirundhanthi  Mahathmano Dheeptham Agnimivambasa ||
Kruddha: Papam Na Kuryaka: Kruddho Hanyadhagurunapi |
Kruddha; Parushaya Vacha Nara:  Sadhoonadhikshipeth ||
Vachyavayam Prakupitho Na Vijanathi Karhichith |
Nakaryamasthi Kruddhasya Navachayam Vidhyathey Kvachith ||
The resplendent Hanuman immersed in various thought after witnessing the blazing fire in the city of Lanka and panic stricken demons in multitude.  Soon he was besieged with extreme anxiety and gloominess, thought “Why did I burn the city of Lanka?  The excellent and virtuous men with wisdom will not undergo fury, which could kill even the elderly that is a sinful deed indeed and it could bring disdain to virtuous.   An enraged person never knows the usage of appropriate words or forbidden words, for an agitated person there is no act is forbidden or no words are misappropriate.  Whoever diffuses the flames of anger with endurances is known as ideal person.  I have committed severe sin due to my foolishness and shamelessness; I have set fire in the city of Lanka without the thought of Sita and flawed my master’s task.  If the entire city of Lanka burnt into ashes, most probably venerable Sita must be burnt in that chaos, I have accidentally caused damage to the purpose of my Lord.  All my efforts have gone waste; I should have saved Sita, while the city of Lanka was into flames.  It was a simple task of mine was caused due to overpower of anger, eventually I have destroyed the entire task.  The whole city of the Lanka has been burnt; therefore Sita must have lost in the mayhem.  If the task has been spoilt by my tainted aptitude, it is appropriate to give up my life.  Shall I jump into the colossal fire or hurl myself into the vast ocean which is the dwelling place of deadly creatures? How can I face Sugriva, Lord of Vanaras, Rama or Lakshmana, after ruining the entire task? Due to the uncontrollable anger, I have revealed the apishness to the three worlds; although I was capable enough to save Sita I could not do that.  I feel utter shame upon my uncompassionate and unstable act.  If Sita dies, Rama and Lakshmana will not be alive, eventually Sugriva and the entire clan of Vanaras too will die.  How virtuous Bharatha and Shathrugna, affectionate brothers will survive at the death of Rama, Lakshmana and Sita?  When the righteous Ikshvaku dynasty perishes, people of the kingdom will afflict with extreme anguish and distress.  I am an unfortunate Vanara deprived of values of responsibilities, no control over the sense of anger, became the cause for the destruction of world.”  Suddenly Hanuman witnessed auspicious omen and started thinking “ Sita, the auspicious lady who has attractive limbs, is capable to protect herself with her effulgence, a blaze cannot swallow a fire.  Sita, who has great splendor, chaste wife of virtuous Rama, is capable to protect herself from the fire with her austerities.  The fire which has the natural tendency to burn was put me out of danger due to the power of Rama and compassion of Sita.  How Sita who is venerable like a deity to three brothers and dear to Rama will perish in that fire?  The fire which is imperishable and capable to spread in all directions effortlessly was not burn my tail, so how can it burn the most venerable Sita?  She is capable to burn down the fire with her penance, austerities and chastity, therefore the Fire cannot burn her.” While Hanuman was remembering the virtues of Sita, he could hear some auspicious words of Charanas “ Alas ! Hanuman hurled the colossal fire into the palace of Ravana which was indeed a difficult task.  The entire city of Lanka is packed with the panic struck demons with their families and children running hither and thither with cries.  It is a marvelous sight that the entire city of Lanka with its beautiful mansions and market places are burnt except Sita.”  Hanuman was highly pleased to hear the highly auspicious words of Charans, further he decided to see the princess and personally visit her to ensure her safety.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 54. Lanka Dhahanam / Hanuman burning the city of Lanka into ashes!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Veekshamana: Thatho Lankam Kapi: Krutha Manoratha: |
Vardhamana Samuthsaha: Karya Shesham Achinthayath ||
Kima  Nu Khalvavashishtam Mey Karthavyam Iha Sampratham |
Yatha Yesham Rakshasam Bhooya: Samthapa Jananam Bhaveth ||
Vanam Thavath Pramathitham Prakrushta Rakshasa Hatha: |
Balayeka Dhesha: Kshapitha: Shesham Durgavinashanam ||
Durga Vinashithey Karma Bhaveth Sukha Parishramam |
Alpa Yathnena Karya Asmin Mama Syath Saphala; Shrama: ||
Yo Hi Ayam Mama Langooley Deepthayo Havyavahana: |
Asya Samtharpanam Nyayam Karthum Yebhi: Gruhoththamai: ||
Thatha: Pratheeptha Langoola: Savidhyutha Iva Thoyadha: |
Bhavan Agreshu Lankaya Vichachara Mahakapi: ||
Gurhadhgruham Rakshasanam Udhyanani Cha Vanara: |
Veekshamano Hayasanthrastha: Prasadhascha Chachara Sa: ||
Hanuman was extremely pleased after witnessing the City of Lanka; he mentally prepared for the accomplishment of remaining task and increased the size of his body “ The remaining act for the accomplishment of my task will definitely amplify the anguish of the demons, I have destroyed the beautiful garden, killed multitudes of mighty warriors and caused great destruction to the army of Ravana.  I have to devastate the remaining part of the fortress that would help Rama to accomplish his task at ease; it will become fruitful with little more effort.  I have to gratify the fire on my tail by feeding beautiful mansions in the city of Lanka to it.”  Shortly Hanuman with his burning tail strolled over the roof of the beautiful mansions, gradually invested fire on the luxurious mansion with his giant leap, he enthusiastically put blaze  on the mansions of prominent members of the assembly,  he darted at the speed of wind with colossal fire on his tail and energetically set fire on the mansions of Prahastha, Mahaparshva, Vajradhramshtra, Shuka, Sarana, Rashmikethu, Suryashathru, Hrusvakarna, Dhamshtra, Romasa, Yuddhonmaththa, Mathhta, Dhvajagreevah, Vidhyuthjivha, Hasthimukha, Karala, Paishacha, Shonithaksha, Kumbhakarna, Maharaksha, Yajjnashathru, Brahmashathru, Naranthaka, Kumbha and Nikumba, leaving the house of Vibhishana.  In this way, Hanuman caused massive destruction to the city of Lanka and its wealth, eventually he approached the glorious palace of Ravana which has the resemblance of Mount Meru, decked in various precious gems and exquisite craftsmanship, he let out a boisterous roar like thunder in the rainy season, fire on the tail of Hanuman was blazing with the enormous support of air which was capable to destroy the entire world, wind swiftly carried the blazing fire in the various parts of the grand palace which was decked with marvelous golden windows, embedded with pearls and precious stone were shattered in to pieces.  The demons were chaotically rushed hither and thither to protect the wealth were ended in vain, houses were engulfed with fire, it created chaos among the demons, some of the female demons were rushed out with their infants in utter terror, molten metal’s along with precious stones, silver were gushed out of the splendid houses, as the fire remained dissatisfied, Hanuman remained unwearied and the Earth too remained unwavering after receiving multitudes of lifeless bodies of demons on her lap.  The colossal fire shone like the flower of Shimshupa, Shalmali and saffron in various directions.  The resplendent Hanuman burned the city of Lanka, like Rudra destroyed the city of Thripura.  Shortly, Hanuman put off the flames and stretched himself out of the fire, took a giant leap on the mountain where the city of Lanka situated.  Though the flames were diffused, fire began to pick up with the wind had the resemblance of destruction of the Universe at the time of deluge.  The entire city was consumed with colossal fire added with thunderous noise, which has the brilliance of millions of Lord Aditya.  The multitudes of demons were mystified looking at the City of Lanka which is devoured by the colossal fire “ He is not an ordinary Vanara, he must be Lord Indra, Lord of celestials wielding with the fierce weapon Vajrayudha, or Lord Yama/Lord of death, or Lord Vayu, or Lord Surya, or Lord Rudra, or Lord Kubera, or Lord Chandra or he must be Kala/Time or it must be Lord Brahma, creator disguised in the form of a Vanara, for the destruction of demons or it must be Lord Vishnu, preserver of the Universe who is inconceivable to the mind, unrecognizable/invisible, infinite, unrivaled, assumed the form of a Vanara for the destruction of the demon clan.”  The city of Lanka with its dwellers, horses, chariots, elephants and with its living creatures were burnt into ashes with an appalling sound, demons were let out cries of utter grief and agony in search of their families.  The city of Lanka which was overpowered by the mighty Hanuman, engulfed with colossal fire, multitudes of demons were killed in the havoc, and it gave out a dreadful appearance afflicted with curse.  Hanuman, son of Lord Vayu  stood at ease on the Peak of Thrikooda Mountain and witnessed the City of Lanka which has undergone vast destruction in the blazing fire.  The foremost among Vanara, Hanuman with the blaze on his tail shone like Lord Aditya with brilliant rays and reverentially remembered Rama.   All the deities, Rishis and Sages, Siddhas, Gandharvas, Vidhyadharas, Nagas, Yakshas, were surprised watching the wretched state of the city of Lanka; they rejoiced over the triumph of Hanuman and eulogized his glories, intelligence and prowess of foremost among the Vanaras.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 53. Hanumath Puccha Dhahanam / Hanuman caught up with fire on his tail !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Jai Anjaneya !!

Thasya  Thatha Vachanam Shruthva  Dhashagreevo Mahabala: |
Dhesha Kalahitham Vakyam  Bhrathu: Uththamabraveeth ||
Samyaga Uktham Hi Bhavatha  Dhoothavadhya Vigargitha |
Avashyam Thu Vadhath Anya: Kriyatham Asya Nigraha: ||
Kapinam Kilalangoolam Ishtam Bhavathi  Booshanam |
Thatha Asya Deepyatham Sheegram Thendhagdhena Gacchathu ||
Thatha: Pashyanthu Imam Dheenam Angavairoopya Karshitham |
Samithrajyathaya: Sarvabandhava:Sasuhruthjana: ||
Ajjyapayatha Rakshasendhra: Puram Sarvam Sachathvaram |
Langoolena Pradheepthena Rakshobhi: Pariniyatham ||
Thasya  Thath Vachanam Shruthva Rakshasa: Kopakarkasha: |
Veshtanthey Thasya Langoolam Jeernai: Karpasikai: Padai: ||
Samveshtyamane Langooley Vyavardhatha Mahakapi: |
Shushkam Indhanamasadhya Vaneshta Iva Huthashana: ||
Ravana, after listening to the momentous speech of his virtuous brother Vibhishana, began to speak “You have well narrated the verity about killing an envoy is forbidden, we will definitely impose severe punishment upon him.  It is believed that the tail is a most appreciated body part of a Vanara, let his tail burn and go without it, let all his relatives and associates and Kings men see him with deformed limb.”  In this way, Ravana ordered the demons to burn the tail of Hanuman and should be dragged through the City of Lanka and its streets.  Hanuman was fuming with anger, after listening to the verdict of Ravana, shortly his tail was wrapped with abundance of cotton clothes and oil sprinkled on it, in no time set out fire on it.  Hanuman who has the brilliance of Lord Surya, was extremely wrathful watching his burning tail, heaved the demons on various directions.  The demons with their families, children and elders rejoiced over the anxious state of Hanuman, foremost among Vanaras with burning tail, they fastened him and accompanied him to the streets.  Hanuman decided to use the opportunity wisely “Though I have been fastened by the wicked demons are not capable to do anything, they have sincerely followed the command of their Lord, I can fly up and break the ties, eventually kill them.  I am capable to vanquish the demons in the battle; I have to tolerate them in order to get fruitful information about the city of Lanka for the delight of Rama.  The city of Lanka and its fort was not seen by me precisely, because I have entered this city during the dark hours, therefore I can watch out the city during day light.  Let the demons fasten me, torment me as they desired or burn my tail,   I will not change my mind.”   Hanuman, foremost among the Vanaras, concealed his emotions while the wicked demons were amusingly torturing him.  Hanuman, annihilator of enemies was drawn recklessly through the city of Lanka by the demons; he remained calm and observed luxurious mansions, lush land, and beautiful path ways, and busy streets ways, network of roads, high ways, palaces and apartments in multitudes.  Hanuman was dragged by the demons through the crowded pathways declaring him as spy, women and children were came out of their dwelling place with an eagerness to witness Hanuman with fire on his tail.  Sita was duly informed about the unpleasant event by the demons, “ Oh! Sita, The Vanara with Thamaramukha/red face who had conversation with you have been mercilessly dragging throughout the city, with fire on its tail.”  Sita who was already tormented with grief, became inconsolable after listening to the painful words of demons, large eyed Sita prayed to Lord Agni for the welfare of Hanuman, “If I was devoted to my husband, if I have undertaken sincere austerities, if I am a chaste wife to my husband, kindly keep Hanuman unruffled.  If Rama has compassion towards me, if I have any fortune remains, kindly keep Hanuman unflustered.  If the virtuous Rama recognizes me as lady with chastity desirous of meeting him, kindly keep Hanuman unperturbed,  If venerable Sugriva is true to his words and capable to release me from the ocean of sorrows, kindly keep Hanuman at ease.”  Ultimately, Lord Agni shone brightly with flames high as though informing Sita about the welfare of Hanuman.   Lord Vayu, father of Hanuman also joined for the welfare of his son with cool breeze.    Hanuman was astonished to see his tail blazing, at the same time he was not experiencing any heat or pain, in its place he felt the presence of snow ball on his tail.  He immersed in various thoughts “I have formed a pleasant alliance with Mount Mainaka while crossing the vast ocean, it must be the grace of Rama, I am experiencing coolness in the air due to the graciousness of Lord Agni.  I am not experiencing any heat due to the compassion of Goddess Sita, prowess of Rama and my father’s association with Lord Agni.” The glorious Hanuman, foremost among Vanaras, took a giant leap with a boisterous roar, with his mountain sized body hurried to the main gate of the city of Lanka, stood high away from the crowds of demons.  Immediately he assumed his original form, released himself from the clutches of cord, noticed an iron rod at the arch way, he took hold of the iron rod and thrashed the guards and several demons to death.  Hanuman shone with the hue of brilliant rays, stood high with the burning tail looking over the glorious city of Lanka.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Sundarakandam !! 52. Dhootha Vadha Nivaranam / Ravana’s decision to kill the messenger & Vibhishana’s wise advice!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Thasya  Thatha Vachanam Shruthva Vanarasya Mahathmana: |
Ajjyapayath Vadham Thasya Ravana; Krodhamoorchitha: ||
Vadhe Thasya Samajyapthey Ravanena Dhurathmana |
Nivedhithavatho Dhaithyam Na Anumena Vibhishana: ||
Thama Rakshodhipathim Kruddha Thaccha Karyam Upasthitham |
Vidhithva Chinthayamasa Karyamkarya Vidhaisthitha: ||
Nischithartha; Thatha: Samna Apujya Shathrujithagrajam |
Uvacha Hithamathyartham Vakyam VakyaVisharadha: ||
Kshamasva Rosham Thyaja Rakshasendhra | Praseedha Madhvakyam Idham Shrunushva |
Vadham Na Kurvanthi Paravarajya | Dhoothasya Santho Vasudhadhipendhra: ||
Rajan Dharma Viruddham Cha Lokavruththey; Cha Garhitham |
Thava Cha Asdhrusham Veera Kapeysya Pramapanam ||
Dharmascha  Kruthascha Rajadharma Visharadha: |
Paravarajyo Bhoothanam Thvema Paramarthavith ||
Ravana was exasperated after listening to the speech of virtuous Hanuman and ordered to kill him.  Vibhishana was not agreeable to the words of Ravana, he expressed his indifference in killing Hanuman who is entrusted with the task of a messenger.  Vibhishana, who is excellent in communication and destroyer of enemies, began to speak beneficial and appropriate words to his brother Ravana who is in a state of frenzy “Oh! Rakshasendhra, forgive me and get rid of your anger, be gracious and listen to my words.  Oh! Vasudhadhipendhra, you are well aware of righteousness, it is unjustifiable to kill a messenger.  Oh! Vira, you are well versed with the Rajadharmam, killing a Vanara is against royal virtues and universal custom, when the intellectuals seized by anger even the knowledge about scriptures becomes vain.  Oh! Rakshasendhra/Shathrugna/ destroyer of enemies, Oh!Dhurasada/unapproachable,  be graceful,  an appropriate punishment will be declared after taking into consideration of the matters.”  Ravana was fuming with anger after listening to the mellifluous words of Vibhishana, and replied “ Oh! Vibhishana, Oh! Shathrusudhana/destroyer of enemies, there is no offense in killing a sinner; I shall kill this Vanara who had committed severe sin.”  Vibhishana who is endowed with righteousness, after listening to Ravana’s dissipated words followed by anger, began to speak “ Oh! Lankeshwara, Oh! Rakshasendhra, be gracious, listen to my most significant words of righteousness, messengers are not allowed to kill in any place or time.  There is no doubt that the Vanara who is our enemy and arrogant, he caused extreme displeasure to us, but Sages did speak about killing an envoy, there are several punishments available to implement upon him, such as  deformation of limbs, whipping, and shaving head and imprint mark on body, we have not heard of killing a messenger.  How can an individual like you enriched with intellect, righteous merit, aware of precise judgment and cause and effect of the same, persuade by rage? Wise people will have good control over their anger.  Oh! Vira, No one is equal to your knowledge about righteousness, custom, scriptures, and you are matchless compared to celestials and demons.  Oh! Nischacharendhra, you are valiant and unbeatable, you have conquered multitudes of celestials, demons and Kings in the battle several times.  I do not see any advantage in killing this Vanara, let the punishment carried out by the individual assigned him.  He is designated by our opponent, a messenger who acts and talk on behalf of somebody does not deserve to be killed.  Oh! Rajana, I do not find anyone other than this Vanara who can cross the mighty ocean.  Oh! Parampuramjaya/conqueror of enemies, instead of killing this Vanara, you should appreciate the efforts of celestials.  Oh! Yuddhapriya/fond of wars, if you have killed this Vanara, you will not get any information about the valiant princes who are prepared to battle against us.  Oh! Manonmadhana/cheerful at heart, you are unconquerable by celestials and demons, it is improper to put off the call for a battle.  There are multitudes of warriors who has possessed immense might, discipline, religious fervor, devoted, born in superior class, excellent in the usage of armaments’ to work for the welfare of you.  Therefore, utilize a part of your warriors to vanquish the two princes and let the adversaries know your prowess.  The mighty King Ravana, King of demons, Lord of demons who is the opponent to the world of celestials, carefully understood the remarkable advices of Vibhishana, younger brother of him.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Monday, 25 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 51. Hanumath Upadhesha:/ Hanuman’s advice to Ravana !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!

Thama Sameekshya Mahasaththvam Saththavan Harisaththama: |
Vakyam Arthavathavyagraha: Thama Uvacha Dhashananam ||
Aham Sugriva Sandheshath Iha Praptha: Thavalayam |
Rakshasendhra Harishwara: Thvam Bhratha Kushalamabraveeth ||
Bhrathu: Shrunu  Samadhesham Sugrivasya Mahathmana: |
Dharmartha Upahitham Vakyam Iha Cha Amuthrachakshamam ||
Raja Dhasharatho Nama Rathakunjara  Vajiman |
Pitha Iva Bandhu:  Lokasya  Sureshwara Samadhyuthi: ||
Jyeshta: Thasya Mahabahu: Puthra: Priya Kara: Prabhu: |
Pithu: Nidheshan Nishkrantha: Pravishto Dandakavanam ||
Lakshmanena Saha Bhratha Seethaya Cha Api Bharyaya |
Ramo Nama Mahatheja Dharmyam Panthanamashritha: ||
Thasya Bharya Vane Nashta Seethapathim Anuvratha |
Vaidhehasya Sutha Rajjyo Janakasya Mahathmana: ||
Sa Margamana: Tham Devim Raja Puthra: Sahaanuja: |
Rishyamookam Anupraptha: Sugrivena Cha Samgatha: ||
The resplendent Hanuman after observing the splendor of Ravana, began to speak “ Oh! Rakshasendhra,/King of demons, I am here at the command of King Sugriva, Lord of Vanara,  your brother enquired the welfare of you.  Kindly listen to the highly righteous words of your virtuous brother Sugriva, which would be good to all worlds.  There was a glorious King Dhasharatha, who was an excellent charioteer, had abundance of chariots, elephants and horses.  He was a righteous ruler and has the glory of Lord Indra.  He has an elder son Rama who is virtuous is our Lord, he has possessed powerful arms and compassionate.   Rama exiled from the Kingdom of Ayodhya, along with Lakshmana and his wife Sita,  at the command of his father, eventually they have arrived in the Dandakavanam.  Vaidhehi, daughter of virtuous King Janaka of Vidheha Kingdom is a chaste wife of Rama is dutiful to her husband, was lost in the woods.   Rama and Lakshmana conducted rigorous search of Vaidhehi and arrived at the Mount Rishyamukha and met Sugriva.  Ultimately, Sugriva promised Rama that he will conduct meticulous search for Sita, in its place Rama will get the Kingdom of Vanara/Kishkindha to Sugriva.  Consequently, Rama had a vicious battle with Vali and Vali was killed in the battle, Rama installed Sugriva as the King of Kishkindha, King of Vanaras and bears.  You might know about Vali, foremost among the Vanara,  who was killed by Rama with a single arrow in the battle.  Sugriva, Lord of Vanaras, sincere to his promises, assigned multitudes of Vanaras in search of Sita in all directions; this large number of Vanaras who have possessed the might of Garuda in their speed and movement, are engaged in scrupulous search on the Earth and sky as well.  I am Hanuman, son of Lord Vayu, I have crossed the mighty ocean of hundred Yojanas with an intense desire to meet Sita.  I was walking in and around the city of Lanka and I happened to meet Sita in your abode.  You have performed several austerities and you know about the merit of it.  Oh! Mahaprajjya,/highly intellectual, you should not besiege over the wife of other individual.  Intellectuals like you should not engage in immortal activities, which cause trepidation and reduce to rubble.  There is no one among the celestials or demons, who could withstand the powerful arrows of Rama and Lakshmana.  Oh! Rajan, none in the three worlds has attained happiness after doing harm to Rama, therefore listen to my words which is beneficial for you,  it would bring affluence and honor to you,  return Janaki to Rama. I presume it is difficult to obtain Sita, Rama will decide about the performance of tasks and its consequences.  You are not aware of the dreadful fact that Sita whom you have held under capture is a five hooded venomous serpent in your abode, which could cause distress.  She is capable to devour the might of demons and celestials, is it advisable to consume poisonous meal which is impossible to digest?  You have acquired exceptional longevity, glories and virtues through severe austerities; it is not advisable to lose all that for a woman.  You might have achieved imperviousness from demons and celestials by severe austerities, but that is not going to help you.   Oh! Rajan,  Sugriva is not a Deva, or demon, or Asura, or  Rakshasa, or Dhanava, or Gandharva, or Yaksha, or Pannagas, therefore how you are going to protect your life from him?  The fruit of righteousness will be ceased at the moment of immoral act, and the consequences of the depraved acts will follow.  The abundance of righteous act can eliminate the evil effects of debauched act.  You have already obtained the fruit of your virtues, in no time you will have to go through the miseries of unrighteousness too.  Kindly realize the prowess of Rama after taking into consideration of the death of demons in Janasthana, association between Rama and Sugriva and the death of Vali.  It is unambiguous that I am capable to destroy the city of Lanka and its forces, horses, elephants and chariots.  But it will not be the ultimate decision of Rama; he has multitudes of warriors of Vanaras and bears to battle against his opponent who has laid wicked hands on Sita.   Even Lord Indra, Lord of celestials will not achieve happiness, if he does any harm to Rama, so think about your welfare.  Kindly understand the fact that Sita who is under your capture is not an ordinary woman, she is Kalaratri/capable to destroy the entire city of Lanka.  Therefore think of your safety, leave the idea of tightening yourself with the noose of death.  The city of Lanka will be burnt by the effulgence of Sita, beautiful mansions and city will be under the wrath of Rama.  Do not bring complete annihilation to your Mithra/friends, Manthri/members of assembly, Jyathin/warriors, Bhratha/brothers, Suthan/sons, Hithan/well wishers, affluences, wives and the city of Lanka.  Oh! Rakshasarajendhra, listen to the honest words pronounced by a Vanara,  who is the messenger of Rama.  The illustrious Rama is capable to destroy the Universe with its five elements, along with its living and non-living aspects, and he is capable to create the same.  The renowned Rama has the prowess equivalent to Lord Vishnu/preserver, celestials, demons, foremost among humans, Yaksha, Rakshasagana, Vidhyadharas, Gandharva, Uraga, Siddha, Kinnaras presiding all over the world.  Your survival will be difficult after committing such an immoral act against Rama who is the Lord of Earth and lion among the Kings.  Oh! Nishacharendra, None of the celestials, or demons, or Gandharvas, or Yakshas, or Pannagas, or Vidhyadharas, or Nagas are capable to endure the prowess of Rama who is the Lord of three worlds.
Brahma Swayambhu Chathuranano Va | Rudrasthrinethrasthripurantha Ko Va |
Indhro Mahendhra: Suranayako Va | Thrathum Na  Shaktha  Yudhi Ramavadhyam ||
Lord Brahma, self existent four faced Lord, Rudra who is the destroyer of Thripura and has three eyes; Lord Indra or Lord Mahendra or Lord of celestials cannot protect the one who was proposed to kill in the battle by Rama.”  Ravana who has matchless prowess, after listening to the extremely unpleasant words spoken by fearless Hanuman, ordered his men to kill him.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!