Monday, 11 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 36. Anguliyaka Pradhanam/ Hanuman handed over the ring imprinted the name of Rama !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Bhooya Yeva Mahatheja Hanuman Maruthathmaja: |
Abraveeth Prashritham Vakyam Sita Prathyakaranath ||
Vanaroham Mahabhagey Dhootho Ramasya Dheematha: |
Ramanamagitham Cha Idham Pashya Devi Anguliyakam ||
Prathyartham Thavaneetham Thenadhaththam Mahathmana |
Smashvasihi  Badhram They Ksheena Dhukka Phala Hi Asi ||
Gruhithva Prekshamana  Sa Bharthu: Kara Vibhushanam |
Bhartharam Iva Sampraptha Janaki Mudhithabhavath ||
Hanuman/Mahatheja/highly enthusiastic son of Lord Vayu, began to speak gently in order to obtain faith of Sita. “ Oh! Mahabage/illustrious woman, I am a Vanara, messenger of the intelligent Rama, Oh! Devi, kindly notice the name of Rama imprinted on the ring.  I have received this ring from Rama in order to obtain your confidence.  Let it provide happiness to you! Be calm and get rid of all your sorrows!” Sita was extremely delightful as if she was close to Rama after witnessing the ring which was adorned in her husband’s hand for long time.  Her beautiful wide eyes like lotus petals shone like Lord Chandra, King of Stars released from the clutches of Rahu, young Sita was gladden at her after listening to the message of her husband, she was well please and timid, she praised Human, best among the Vanara for his valiant deed “ Oh! Vanarothama,  You have all alone conquered this city of Lanka packed with dreadful demons.  You are valorous, competent and intelligent.  You have amazingly crossed the vast ocean of hundred Yojana which was crammed with wild creatures, like a puddle.  Oh! Vanararshabha,/Excellent among the Vanara, you have no trepidation, I do not consider you as an ordinary Vanara.  Oh! Kapishreshta/Best among the Vanara, If you are assigned by Rama who is aware of his actions, you are worthy enough to talk to me as well.  Rama who is unconquerable, must have aware of your enthusiasm and capabilities in advance, otherwise he would not send you to me.  The righteous Rama is true to his words and Lakshmana who is the delight of Sumithra are safe, in that case why he is not burning the Earth in anger like a colossal fire at the end of mass destruction. If Rama and Lakshmana are capable to run down the celestials, that would not end my troubles at all.  Isn’t Rama getting uneasy? Isn’t he tormented with grief? Is that best among the men Rama following appropriate deed to annihilate the enemies? Isn’t he miserable and puzzled? Did he go wrong? I hope he is doing all the appropriate things.  Is Rama, conqueror of enemies following the major strategies such as peace-making, planning and execution? Is he compassionate towards his associates to conquer enemies? Does Rama have any close associates or anyone approached him?  I hope he is in the middle of good associates and well honored by them.  Do Rama desires for the grace of deities? Is he fully aware of role of human and destiny?  Oh! Vanara, does he lose affection towards me as I am residing far from him? Will he protect me from the evil predicament?  Rama who is always accustomed with the pleasures and not to the grief, I hope he is not sinking in utter desolation.  Are you getting information about Kausalya, Sumithra and Bharatha? Is this honorable Rama undergoing grief and agony because of me? Will he liberate me from this sorrow without any deviation of mind? I hope Bharatha who has brotherly affection will send his huge Akshouhini Sena of powerful warriors to protect me.  The glorious Sugriva, Lord of Vanara will come with powerful monkey warriors who have fierce nails and teeth as their weapon to protect me.  Lakshmana, who is the delight of Sumithra, is expert in armaments will definitely vanish the dreadful demons with his multitudes of powerful arrows.  Within a short period of time, Ravana will get killed along his associates in the vicious battle.  Rama who has radiant face with the fragrance of lotus flower might have miserable look due to extreme grief and pain of separation from me; I hope he is not tortured by the scorching heat.  Rama who is righteous, has no fear or sorrow, has taken me to the wood by foot, I hope he is still having that mental strength and courage in him.  Rama, who has boundless affection towards me which is incomparable to his mother or father or anyone else, Oh! Dhootha,/Messenger, I will survive only to hear the message of my beloved husband.”  In this way, Sita uttered some meaningful words in a sweet voice; abruptly she paused to listen from Hanuman about those delightful messages about her beloved husband Rama.  Hanuman folded his palm together above the head and began to speak “ Oh! Kamalalochane,/Lady with the eyes like lotus flower,  Rama does not know your existence, that’s why he did not come to liberate you like Lord Indra was unable to release Sacchi.  Soon, Rama will hear from me and he will bring army of multitudes of Vanaras and bears.  Rama will freeze the mighty ocean with the flood of his powerful arrows and annihilates demons in the city of Lanka, if Lord Yama, or demons, or deities stand against Rama will face terrible consequences.   Oh! Arye/noble woman, Rama is extremely unhappy due to the separation from you, like an elephant tormented by lion.  Oh! Devi, I swear upon the mountains of Malaya, Meru, Vindhya and Dhardhura, all those staple food that we consume, you will witness Rama who has the face resemblance to Lord Chandra, with charismatic features very soon.  Oh! Vaidhehi, you will witness Rama on the Mount Prashravana, like Lord Indra seated on the celestial vehicle Airavatha.  Rama is not consuming any meals or nectar like drinks; he is having food available from wood.  He is completely immersed in your thought, his mind is devoted to you, he is not driving away the forest flies or insects or reptiles from his body.  He is tormented with the cupid arrow of Lord Manmatha, he is grieving over you.  He does not sleep, if so he will wake up abruptly calling for you ‘Oh! Sita’.  Whenever he happens to see fruits or flower or any beautiful object, he recollects you and relieve sigh of distress.  Oh! Devi, noble minded Rama is grief-stricken, speaks about you and call out for you, he is making all effort to reach you.”  Sita who was already tormented by extreme grief was turned out inconsolable after hearing the sorrows and adoration of Rama towards her, like the moon buried under the heavy clouds at the beginning of autumn.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!