Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 54. Lanka Dhahanam / Hanuman burning the city of Lanka into ashes!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Veekshamana: Thatho Lankam Kapi: Krutha Manoratha: |
Vardhamana Samuthsaha: Karya Shesham Achinthayath ||
Kima  Nu Khalvavashishtam Mey Karthavyam Iha Sampratham |
Yatha Yesham Rakshasam Bhooya: Samthapa Jananam Bhaveth ||
Vanam Thavath Pramathitham Prakrushta Rakshasa Hatha: |
Balayeka Dhesha: Kshapitha: Shesham Durgavinashanam ||
Durga Vinashithey Karma Bhaveth Sukha Parishramam |
Alpa Yathnena Karya Asmin Mama Syath Saphala; Shrama: ||
Yo Hi Ayam Mama Langooley Deepthayo Havyavahana: |
Asya Samtharpanam Nyayam Karthum Yebhi: Gruhoththamai: ||
Thatha: Pratheeptha Langoola: Savidhyutha Iva Thoyadha: |
Bhavan Agreshu Lankaya Vichachara Mahakapi: ||
Gurhadhgruham Rakshasanam Udhyanani Cha Vanara: |
Veekshamano Hayasanthrastha: Prasadhascha Chachara Sa: ||
Hanuman was extremely pleased after witnessing the City of Lanka; he mentally prepared for the accomplishment of remaining task and increased the size of his body “ The remaining act for the accomplishment of my task will definitely amplify the anguish of the demons, I have destroyed the beautiful garden, killed multitudes of mighty warriors and caused great destruction to the army of Ravana.  I have to devastate the remaining part of the fortress that would help Rama to accomplish his task at ease; it will become fruitful with little more effort.  I have to gratify the fire on my tail by feeding beautiful mansions in the city of Lanka to it.”  Shortly Hanuman with his burning tail strolled over the roof of the beautiful mansions, gradually invested fire on the luxurious mansion with his giant leap, he enthusiastically put blaze  on the mansions of prominent members of the assembly,  he darted at the speed of wind with colossal fire on his tail and energetically set fire on the mansions of Prahastha, Mahaparshva, Vajradhramshtra, Shuka, Sarana, Rashmikethu, Suryashathru, Hrusvakarna, Dhamshtra, Romasa, Yuddhonmaththa, Mathhta, Dhvajagreevah, Vidhyuthjivha, Hasthimukha, Karala, Paishacha, Shonithaksha, Kumbhakarna, Maharaksha, Yajjnashathru, Brahmashathru, Naranthaka, Kumbha and Nikumba, leaving the house of Vibhishana.  In this way, Hanuman caused massive destruction to the city of Lanka and its wealth, eventually he approached the glorious palace of Ravana which has the resemblance of Mount Meru, decked in various precious gems and exquisite craftsmanship, he let out a boisterous roar like thunder in the rainy season, fire on the tail of Hanuman was blazing with the enormous support of air which was capable to destroy the entire world, wind swiftly carried the blazing fire in the various parts of the grand palace which was decked with marvelous golden windows, embedded with pearls and precious stone were shattered in to pieces.  The demons were chaotically rushed hither and thither to protect the wealth were ended in vain, houses were engulfed with fire, it created chaos among the demons, some of the female demons were rushed out with their infants in utter terror, molten metal’s along with precious stones, silver were gushed out of the splendid houses, as the fire remained dissatisfied, Hanuman remained unwearied and the Earth too remained unwavering after receiving multitudes of lifeless bodies of demons on her lap.  The colossal fire shone like the flower of Shimshupa, Shalmali and saffron in various directions.  The resplendent Hanuman burned the city of Lanka, like Rudra destroyed the city of Thripura.  Shortly, Hanuman put off the flames and stretched himself out of the fire, took a giant leap on the mountain where the city of Lanka situated.  Though the flames were diffused, fire began to pick up with the wind had the resemblance of destruction of the Universe at the time of deluge.  The entire city was consumed with colossal fire added with thunderous noise, which has the brilliance of millions of Lord Aditya.  The multitudes of demons were mystified looking at the City of Lanka which is devoured by the colossal fire “ He is not an ordinary Vanara, he must be Lord Indra, Lord of celestials wielding with the fierce weapon Vajrayudha, or Lord Yama/Lord of death, or Lord Vayu, or Lord Surya, or Lord Rudra, or Lord Kubera, or Lord Chandra or he must be Kala/Time or it must be Lord Brahma, creator disguised in the form of a Vanara, for the destruction of demons or it must be Lord Vishnu, preserver of the Universe who is inconceivable to the mind, unrecognizable/invisible, infinite, unrivaled, assumed the form of a Vanara for the destruction of the demon clan.”  The city of Lanka with its dwellers, horses, chariots, elephants and with its living creatures were burnt into ashes with an appalling sound, demons were let out cries of utter grief and agony in search of their families.  The city of Lanka which was overpowered by the mighty Hanuman, engulfed with colossal fire, multitudes of demons were killed in the havoc, and it gave out a dreadful appearance afflicted with curse.  Hanuman, son of Lord Vayu  stood at ease on the Peak of Thrikooda Mountain and witnessed the City of Lanka which has undergone vast destruction in the blazing fire.  The foremost among Vanara, Hanuman with the blaze on his tail shone like Lord Aditya with brilliant rays and reverentially remembered Rama.   All the deities, Rishis and Sages, Siddhas, Gandharvas, Vidhyadharas, Nagas, Yakshas, were surprised watching the wretched state of the city of Lanka; they rejoiced over the triumph of Hanuman and eulogized his glories, intelligence and prowess of foremost among the Vanaras.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!