Monday, 4 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 30. Seetha Samasvasana Nirdharanam / Hanuman prepares to pacify Seetha !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Hanumanapi Vikrantha: Sarvam Shushrava Thaththavath |
Seethaya: Thrijadaya: Cha Rakshasinam Cha Tharjanam ||
Avekshamana: Thama Devim Devatham Iva Nandhaney |
Thatho Bahu Vidham Chintham Chinthayamasa Vanara: ||
Yam Kapinam Sahasrani Subahuni Ayuthani Cha |
Dhikshu  Sarvasu Marganthey Sa Iyam Asadhitha Maya ||
Charena Thu Suyukthena Shasthro: Shakthim Avekshitha |
Goodena Charatha  Thavath Avekshitham Idham Maya ||
Rakshasanam  Vishesha: Cha Puri Cha Iyamavekshitha |
Rakshasadhipathey: Asya Prabhavo Ravanasya Cha ||
The valiant Hanuman meticulously observed Sita and her response to the demons who threatened her to accept Ravana, and the description of the dream by Thrijada.  Shortly, he saw the auspicious woman Sita in the garden of Nandanam, he immersed in various thoughts ‘This must be Sita who was scrupulously searched by the thousands of monkey warriors in various directions at the command of my master, I have been appointed as a secret messenger to scrutinize the strength of the opponent and I have located Sita.  I have examined the power of the demon King and the characteristics of the demons.  It is appropriate to calm Sita, wife of Rama who is desirous to witness her husband and Rama who is compassionate towards all the living beings and possess immense might.  I shall pacify Sita whose face has the resemblance of full moon, emaciated with grief and finding no way out of her sorrow.  If I return without appeasing Sita, wife of Rama while she is in extreme grief, that would be an unjustifiable deed of mine.  If I did not find a way to liberate Sita and return to Kishkindha, she may give up her life.  This mighty Rama who possesses long arms and he is equally yearning to see Sita, who has the resemblance of full moon; therefore it is suitable to pacify her.  It would be inappropriate to communicate with Sita in front of these demons; I am petrified that if she is not calmed down before the lapse of the dark hours, she will definitely sacrifice her life.  If Rama enquires about the message of Sita of beautiful appearances what would I say without speaking anything to her?  If I hurried to Rama without any message from Sita, definitely Rama will get infuriated and burn me with his powerful eyes. If I encourage my master Sugriva to arrive in the city of Lanka to perform the task of Rama, it would be fruitless for him arriving here with his army of Vanaras.  I will find an opportunity to converse with Sita who is among the dreadful demons; I shall console Sita who is extremely tormented by grief.   I am a Vanara of small stature can I speak her in Sankrit, that too in a human language?  She will definitely get alarmed to hear sankrit language from a Vanara, thinking of Ravana in disguise and there is no probability that a Vanara could converse in Sanskrit like a Brahmin.  I have to speak her in a sensible way of human being, otherwise it will be impossible to calm her.  It is definite that Sita who is already in a state of terror, will get frightened to see my stature and language, she may scream out of fear thinking of me as Ravana who can assume any form at his will, soon the dreadful female demons with fierce weapons has the resemblance of Lord Yama will assemble, eventually they will use all their might to kill me or they may get alarmed to watch me running hither and thither, with my huge form.  These horrific demons may call for help from other demons to detain me; they will hurry with fierce weapons like spears and swords. Ultimately I will not be able to reach the other side of the mighty ocean, or convey any message to Sita, eventually these demons will kill Sita and put a permanent barrier for the task of Rama and Sugriva.  Sita is in a furtive place, where the access to this place is impossible and it is surrounded by vast ocean and well protected by the demons.  If I was killed in the battle or captured by these demons, there will be none available to accomplish the task of Rama; if I get killed there is no Vanara who could cross the mighty ocean of hundred Yojanas.  I am capable to kill thousands of demons in the battle, but after that I may not be able to cross this mighty ocean.  Conflicts are always unreal and unpredictable; intellectuals will not do any act with apprehension.  If I don’t speak to Sita, she will commit suicide; if I do it may lead to several hurdles.  A confused messenger will spoil the task, if he carries out the task at a wrong time and in a wrong place, just like the sunlight swept away the darkness.  A messenger who constantly thinks about the merit and worthlessness of the task will not shine; self praising also will ruin the task.  How can I protect my task without destroying it? How can I avoid feebleness of my mind?  How can I save the task of crossing the mighty ocean of hundred Yojanas? How can I make Sita to understand without getting her mystified?”  Shortly wise Hanuman made up his mind and began to sing praising Rama.
Ikshvakunam Varishtasya Ramasya Vidhithathmana: |
Shubhani  Dharma Yukthani Vachanani Samarppayan ||
Shravayishyami Sarvani Madhuram Prabhuvangiram |
Shraddhasyathi Yaya Hi Iyam Thatha Sarva Samadhathey ||
The noble minded Hanuman decided to eulogize the glories and auspiciousness of Rama, resplendent prince of Ikshvaku dynasty with the expectation that it would help Sita to recognize him as the messenger of Rama and he began to sing mellifluously.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!