Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 37. Hanumatha Vishwaroopa Dharisanam / Hanuman reveals his gigantic form to Sita !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Sa Sita Thatha Vachanam Shruthva Poornachandra Nibhanana |
Hanumath Uvacha Idham  Dharmartha Sahitham Vacha : ||
Amrutham Vishasamshrutam Thvaya Vanara Bhashitham |
Yacchcha Na Anyamana Ramo Yaccha Cha Shokaparayana: ||
Aishwarya Va Suvistheerna Vyasane Va Sudharuno |
Rajjva  Iva Purusham Bandhva Kritha Antha: Parikarshathi ||
Vidhir: Noonam Asamharya: Praninam Plavangoththama |
Soumithram Mama Cha Ramam Cha Vyasanai: Pashyamohithan ||
Shokasasya  Kadha Param Raghavo Adhigamishyathi |
Plavamana: Parishrantho Hatha Naou: Sagarey Yaya ||
Sita who has the face resemblance to Lord Chandra, after listening to the compassionate words of Hanuman, began to speak “Oh! Vanara, above words spoken about Rama who is tormented with grief and his commitments towards me are like the ambrosia mixed with poison.  The destiny heaves a man into either into fortune or misfortune, as if tied with the ropes.  Oh! Plavangoththama,/best among the Vanaras, our destiny is irrepressible which is mystified Rama, Lakshmana and myself and hurled into endless hardships.  When will Rama come out of this grief? He must be thoroughly exhausted like a ferry wrecked in the middle of a sea.  When will Rama vanquish Ravana and his demon clan and destroy the City of Lanka?  When will Rama see me? My life will linger up to the stipulated period; kindly inform Rama to hurry and protect me.   Oh! Plavangama, it is the tenth month and soon going to complete the stipulated period given by Ravana.  Although Vibhishana, the younger brother of Ravana making all efforts to convince Ravana to restore me, but that too not taking place, he is not agreeable to do so, his death is waiting in the battlefield.  Oh! Kape, Nala the eldest maiden daughter of Vibhishana was sent by her mother was informed me, Oh! Harishreshta, my husband Rama will release me very soon, our hearts are unblemished and virtuous.  Oh! Vanara, Raghava is the personification of righteousness, perseverance, enthusiasm, valor, gratitude, prowess and compassion.  Rama, who had killed fourteen thousands of demons in Janasthana without any assistance from his brother Lakshman, demonstrated his fearlessness.  Rama is excellent among men, will not overlook the troubles; I am thoroughly aware of him, like Sacchi knows the enthusiasm of Lord Indra, Lord of deities.  Oh! Kape, The valorous Rama with his powerful arrows vanquish the demons like Lord Surya dries up the water with its powerful rays.” Hanuman began to speak after listening to Sita who was besieged with sorrow and tears overflowing “Rama will come to protect you immediately after hearing the news of your existence.  He will bring multitudes of mighty Vanaras and bears with him.  Oh! Varanane,/Lady with charming face, I shall relieve your from sorrows right now, Oh! Anindhithey, irreproachable woman, kindly ascend on my shoulder I shall take you to Rama.  I will cross the mighty ocean by carrying you on my shoulder; I have the capacity to carry the City of Lanka with Ravana.  Oh! Maithili, I will take you to Mount Prashravana where Rama is settled now, I will offer you to Rama like Lord Agni receive oblations on behalf of the deities and Lord Indra.  Oh! Vaidhehi, You can meet Rama and Lakshmana who are ready for the strenuous mission to annihilate the demons like  Lord Vishnu,  Preserver ready to annihilate the demons.  The mighty Rama who is desirous to witness you is living in a hermitage, like Lord Indra, destroyer of enemies mounted on the celestial vehicle Airavatha.  Oh! Shobhane/Auspicious Lady, kindly ascends on my shoulder, do not have any hesitation.  Be happy like Rohini, favorite wife of Lord Chandra joined with him.  We will cross the vast ocean by journeying through the sky, as if conversing with Lord Chandra and Lord Aditya.  Oh! Anaghe, none of the residents of Lanka is competent to come along with me.  I shall move through the sky carrying you like the way I have arrived here. ” Sita was astonished to hear the words of Hanuman, her entire limbs were quivered with joy, she began to speak “Oh! Hariyoothapa, how could you carry me on your shoulder to such a long distance?  I consider your words out of silliness.  Oh! Plavagarshabha, how could you carry me to Mount Prashravana the place where Rama, Lord of Earth resides? That too with your small sized body?” The illustrious Hanuman considered the speech of Sita as an insult to him, spoke to himself “ It seems Vaidhehi is not aware of my capabilities or valor to assume any form at my own will”.  Hanuman the conqueror of enemies leaped from the tree and started to assume a terrific and colossal form to gain confidence of Sita.  Hanuman, the best among the Vanaras grow into the size of a Mount Meru and Mandhara, he was shining like a blaze, he has red face, dreadful teeth and sharp nails, stood in front of Sita and began to speak “Oh! Devi, I have the capabilities to carry the city of Lanka with its mountains, woods, huge mansions and walls with the King of demons Ravana as well.  Oh! Devi, leave your doubts, keep your mind firm.  Kindly ascend on my shoulder and make Rama and Lakshmana out of grief.”  Janakathmaja, daughter of King Janaka, who has the eyes like lotus petals spoke to Hanuman, son of Lord Vayu “ Oh! Mahakape,/illustrious Vanara, I have thoroughly understood your valor and power to move like wind and your intelligence like the radiance of fire.  Oh! Vanarapungava, How it would be possible for an ordinary Vanara to cross the mighty ocean? I am well aware of your courage and confidence to carry me on your shoulder to the other side of the ocean, but it should not spoil the task of the virtuous Rama. Oh! Anagha, Oh! Kapishreshta, I am not prepared to go with you, because of your speed like wind may cause trepidation to my mind, moreover while you fly across the sky I may fall down out of fear in the vast ocean due to your speed like wind.   If I fall down in the mighty ocean full of dreadful aquatic creatures, I may become their feast.  Oh! Shathruvinashana,/destroyer of enemies, I am not prepared to go with you, because it may become an additional burden to protect me and it will be a trouble for you as well.  The appalling demons of Ravana will chase you with all those fierce weapons, witnessing you carrying me on your shoulder; it may cause trouble to you.  All these demons will follow you with their vicious weapons and you will be all alone protecting me, eventually it will create hindrance to your journey.  Oh! Kapisaththama, while you fight with those horrific demons, I may fall down from your shoulder out of fear.  If you are defeated by the demon or won over them, because the outcome of the battle is always uncertain, it would cause me fall down from your shoulder in terror, eventually the wicked demons will carry me back to the city of Lanka or kill me, or hide me in an unapproachable place, shortly all your efforts will go vain.  Oh! Harishreshta,  you have the capabilities to kill all the demons, if so Rama’s glories will be undervalued,  therefore, Rama’s arrival with you will bring great merit.  Oh! Mahabhaga, The survival of the virtuous Rama and his brothers, Sugriva and all the Vanaras are reliant on me.  The grief stricken Rama and Lakshmana, all those Vanaras and bears will abandon their lives.  Oh! Vanarapungava, I cannot touch the body of a man other than my husband, I am completely devoted to my husband.  I have been taken by Ravana with force; I was helpless, lost control over myself without my protector.   It would be proper for Rama to kill Ravana and his relatives and release me from here.  I have seen and heard of the unconquerable valor of virtuous Rama in the battle field, none of the deities or celestials or Nagas or demons are equivalent to the prowess of Rama in the war field.  Who can withstand the battle with Rama, who has the radiance of blaze, wielding striking bow and has the prowess of Lord Indra, Lord of deities accompanied by Lakshmana?  Oh! Vanaramukhya, who can withstand the battle with Rama, who has the brilliance of Lord Aditya in the hours of noon, has the arrows resemblances to sun rays, conqueror of enemies, like an elephant in rut along with his brother Lakshmana?  Oh! Harishreashta, kindly bring Rama and Lakshmana along with the army of mighty Vanaras, I am extremely emaciated with grief and sorrow.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!