Friday, 15 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 39. Seethasamashvasanam / Hanuman pacifies Sita !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Manim  Dhaththva  Thatha: Seetha Hanumantham Atha Abraveeth |
Abhijyanam Abhijyathamethath Ramasya Thaththvatha: ||
Manim Thu Dhrushtva Ramo Vai Thrayanam Samsmarishyathi |
Veero Jananya Mama Cha Rajjyo  Dhasharathasya Cha ||
Sa Bhooya: Thvam Samuthsahe Chodhitho Harisaththama: |
Asmin Karya Samarambhey Prachinthaya Yath Uttharam ||
Thvam Asmin Karyaniryoge Pramanam Harisaththama: |
Hanuman Yathnamasyaya Dhukkakshayakaro  Bhava ||
Thasya Chinthaya Yo Yathne Dhukkakshakaro Bhaveth |
Sa Thatha Ithi Prathijyaya  Maruthi: Bhimavikrama: ||
Shirasa  Vandhya Vaidhehim Gamanaya Upachakramey |
Sita continued “ Oh! Mahakape, Valiant Rama can recollect the memories about me, my mother and King Dhasharatha after witnessing this precious jewel Choodamani.  Oh! Harisaththama, with all your enthusiasms think and act accordingly to accomplish the task.   Oh! Hanuman, you are well capable to complete this mission, remain one among to relieve my sorrows by your appropriate actions.  If you think and act meticulously, you could be the one to remove my misfortunes altogether.”  The resplendent Hanuman replied ‘So be it’ and reverentially greeted Sita with his palms folded together held above the head, eventually he prepared to leave.  Seeing Hauman all set to leave, Sita spoke in a grief-stricken voice with tears overflowing “ Oh! Vanarashreshta, enquire the welfare of Rama and Lakshmana, and all the Sages, Sugriva and his ministers and elderly Vanaras too.  You are deserved to make strategies with the long armed Rama, and assist me to cross the ocean of misfortune.  Oh! Hanuman, attain all the righteousness by your assistance to me, and describe appropriate ways to console me to Rama, while I am surviving here.   Rama’s enthusiasm and strength will grow manifolds with your constant encouraging words that will help Rama to protect me.   The valiant Rama will regain his cheerfulness and strength after receiving the messages about me.”  Hanuman, son of Lord Vayu reverentially replied “  Oh! Devi, Rama along with the mighty Vanaras and bears will defeat the enemies in the battle and release you from sorrows; none of the humans or Vanaras or celestials could withstand the powerful arrows of Rama.    He is capable to endure Lord Aditya, Lord Indra, Lord Varuna, Lord Yama in the battle field for the sake of you.  Rama is the Lord of Earth bounded by the vast ocean.  Oh! Devi, Rama’s victory is definite for your sake.”  Sita admired Hanuman for his honest and appropriate ways of communication, she looked at him compassionately and spoke melodiously “ Oh! Vira, Oh! Arindhama,/destroyer of enemies, If you are agreeable, kindly stay for a day in this secluded place and relax, later you can proceed your journey.  Oh! Vanara, although I am unfortunate, I am experiencing great relief from my sorrows at your presence.  Oh! Harishardhoola, I am already tormented with grief, your disappearance will add further blaze to it.  Oh! Harishvara/Valiant, I have an uneasiness remaining about your associates Vanaras and bears, how Rama & Lakshmana along with all those mighty Vanaras and bears cross the unfathomable ocean? There are three living beings; Garuda/King of birds, you and the Lord Vayu only could cross that vast ocean.  Oh! Vanara, conceive a strategy which you could accomplish and you are well aware of it.  Oh! Paraviraghna/destroyer of enemies, you alone is capable to accomplish this colossal task and you are aware of the end result too.  If Rama defeats Ravana in the vicious battle, he can liberate me and take me back to his city like a hero and it is a worthy deed.  Rama, destroyer of enemies, will cram the city of Lanka with his powerful arrows and release me, that would be worthy of him.   Therefore, you have to assist virtuous Rama to exhibit his enormous prowess in the battle.”  Hanuman began to speak after listening to the highly motivational and appropriate speeches of Sita “  Oh! Devi, The valorous Sugriva who is the Lord of Vanaras and bears is thoroughly aware of your state.  He will come to rescue you with his multitudes of mighty Vanaras and bears, to destroy the demons.  These mighty Vanaras are endowed with fearlessness, prowess, perseverance and strength.   They are thoroughly committed to the command of Sugriva and they can reach anywhere at the command of Sugriva.  These mighty Vanaras are capable to perform any task and competent to move any directions in the sky or Earth.   These Vanaras are highly enthusiastic and they have circumambulated Earth, mountains and oceans several times.  None of the Vanaras in the army of Sugriva are inferior to me; all of them are either superior or equivalent to my strength.  Usually the superiors are not sent as messenger or for odd jobs, if I can cross the mighty ocean of hundred yojanas, no need to mention about the superiors.  Oh! Devi, kindly forget your worries, these superior Vanaras will be in Lanka by a giant leap.  Rama and Lakshmana, lion among men will ascend on my shoulder and arrive in city of Lanka like Lord Chandra and Lord Aditya.  Rama and Lakshmana, excellent among men will destroy the city of Lanka with their powerful arrows.  Oh! Vararohe,/Lady with slender waist, Rama, delight of Raghu Dynasty with the army mighty Vanaras  will destroy Ravana and return with you to his Kingdom.  Kindly calm yourself, happiness to you! You will see Rama shortly, like a blazing fire.  Ravana will be killed with his relatives, sons and ministers; you will meet Rama in a while like Rohini united with Lord Chandra.   Oh! Devi, you will see the end of your sorrows, and you will witness the end of Ravana too.” In this way, Hanuman, son of Lord Vayu pacified Sita and prepared to leave “Rama, destroyer of enemies have decided to destroy his opponents, Lakshmana will be at the entrance of the City of Lanka, wielding his powerful arrow.  You will see numerous mighty Vanaras with fierce claws and nails as their weapon, has the power of lion and tiger, resemblance to great elephants.  Oh! Arye, you will see numerous mighty Vanaras resembling to mountains and clouds, rumbling on the peaks of Mount Malaya in the City of Lanka.  Rama is extremely tormented by the cupid arrows of Lord Manmatha, like an elephant besieged by a lion.  Oh! Devi, keep your mind calm without any fears, do not grieve.   You have your husband Rama as your protector, like Lord Indra to protect Sacchi.  Who is superior to Rama and equivalent to Lakshmana in might? These two brothers are like Lord Agni and Lord Vayu to protect you.  Oh! Devi, You will not be here so long, surrounded by the dreaded demons.  Your husband Rama will be here shortly.  Kindly be calm and patient till my return with Rama.”

Jai Sriman Narayana !!