Saturday, 30 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 56. Lankatha: Samuthpathanam / Hanuman prepares to leave Lanka !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Thatha: Thu Shimshupa Moole Janakim Paryavasthitham |
Abhivadhya Abraveeth Dhrishtya Pashyamithvam Ihakshatham ||
Thatha: Tham Prasthitham Seetha Veekshamana Puna: Puna: |
Bharthusnehanvitham Vakyam Hanumantham Abhashatha ||
Kamamasya Thvameva Yeka: Karyasya Parisadhaney |
Paryaptha: Paraveeragna Yashasya; They Balodhaya: ||
Sharaisthu: Samkulam Kruthva Lankam Para Balardhana: |
Mamanayeth Yadhi Kakustha: Thasya Thath Sadhrusham Bhaveth ||
Thatha Yaya Thasya Vikrantham Anuroopam Mahathmana: |
Bhavathahava Shoorasya Thathvam  Yeva Upapadhaya ||
Thatha Artha Upahitham Vakyam Prashritham Hethu Samhitham |
Nishamya Hanuman Thasya Vakyamutharam Abraveeth ||
Hanuman offered salutation to Sita who was settled under the Shimshupa tree; he delightfully uttered “Happy to see you safe and sound.”  Subsequently He prepared to leave; Sita affectionately spoke to Hanuman “Oh! Paraviragna/destroyer of enemies, you are enthusiastic and you have possessed immense prowess and capable to complete the task single handedly.  It would be appropriate for Rama to release me after annihilating his enemies and destroy the city of Lanka with his powerful arrows.  Therefore, you work for the virtuous Rama who is valiant in battle to exhibit his prowess.”  Hanuman after listening to the meaningful words, replied “ Kakustha/Rama, who is accompanied by multitudes of Vanaras and bears  will arrive shortly and defeat his enemies in the battle, and release you from grief.” Hanuman prepared to leave, offered salutation to Sita with utmost reverence.  Hanuman, foremost among the Vanara, with an intense desire to meet his Lord ascended on the prominent Mount Arishta the highest peak close to the clouds, which was covered in lush green, dwelling place of elephants with red spot on their skin, flourished land of rich minerals gave out excellent appearance in the sun light that has the resemblance of the precision of reciting scriptures like the stream of water, in a loud voice.  It seemed quivering with the sounds of bamboo trees by the breeze, it was hissing like venomous serpents, it has various peaks, caves and enriched with the trees of Salavruksham, Palmyrah, Karna and Bamboo.  The mountain was embellished with various creepers and flowers; it was the dwelling place of great sages, Yakshas, Gandharvas, Kinnaras, Nagas and deities.  It has magnificent caves which are the dwelling places of wild animals like lions and tigers; it is enriched with fruits and tubers.  Hanuman, son of Lord Vayu happily ascended on the peak with a desire to meet Rama, immediately the mountain was crushed under his feet and fallen in to different places, Hanuman with great vigor enlarged his body and preceded from southern to northern direction in the pace of wind, saw the vast ocean inhibited with deadly aquatic creatures, the moment Hanuman pressed the mountain with its living creatures and woods crushed underneath the Earth, huge trees were thrashed with his thighs and it fell down with a thunderous noise, lions of great prowess were let out boisterous cries, females of Vidhyadharas rushed out of the peak with misplaced ornaments on their bodies, giant sized venomous serpents were crushed to death, Kinnaras, Yakshas, Gandharvas, Nagas and Vidhyadharas were abruptly left their dwelling places and moved to sky, eventually the magnificent mountain with a width of ten Yojana and the height of thirty Yojanas,  and its peaks, woods were crushed underneath the Earth.  Hanuman took a giant leap to the sky, crossing the vast ocean crammed with its huge waves.
Jai Anjaneya !!