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Sundarakandam !! 58. Lanka Vruththantha Kadhanam / Hanuman narrates the happenings in the City of Lanka !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Thatha: Thasyagirey: Shrungey Mahaindhrasya Mahabala: |
Hanumath Pramukha: Preethim Harayo Jagmu: Uththamam ||
 Thama Thatha; Prathisamhrushta: Preethimantham Mahakapi: |
Jambavan Karya Vruththantham Aprucchatha Anilathmaja: ||
Katham Dhrushtva Thvaya Devi Katham Va Thathravarththathey |
Thasyam Va Sa Katham Vruththa: Kroora Karma Dhashanana : ||
Thathvatha: Sarva  Yeththanna: Prabhruhithvam Mahakape |
Shruthartha: Chinthayishyamo Bhooya: Karya Vinishchayam ||
Ya: Cha Artha: Thathra  Vakthavyo Gathou: Asmabhi: Athmavan |
Rakshithavyam Cha Yath Thathra Thath Bhavan Vyakarothu Na: ||
Namasyan Shirasa Devyai Seethayai Prathyabhashatha ||
Hanuman and the army of Vanaras delightfully settled on the peak of Mount Mahendragiri, Jambavan who was in a state of extreme bliss enquired Hanuman to narrate the actual incident “ How did you meet Sita? How is she? How did the wicked Ravana act to her?  Oh! Mahakape, kindly narrate us about the incident, so that we can take appropriate action.  We should be aware of what are the matters should be informed to Rama and what not.”  Hanuman who was in a state of ecstacy, heartily offered salutation to Sita Devi and began to speak at the command of Jambavan “ In order to reach the southern shore I have taken a giant leap across the vast ocean from the Mount Mahendragiri, during the journey I had to face terrible impediments, I had  an encounter with  marvelous Mount Mainaka, I thought the golden mountain has appeared before me to create obstacle and decided to smash to smithereens.  The prominent Mount Mainaka which has the resemblance of Lord Aditya, realized my purpose and began to speak “ Oh! Puthra, I am Mainaka dwells in the ocean, companion of Lord Vayu and brother like to your father.  Oh! Puthra, initially all the mountains had wings, therefore they could move freely on the Earth, that caused to hurt people.  The venerable Lord Indra, Lord of celestials, destroyer of demon Paka, was irritated at the behavior and cut off the wings of the mountains with his Vajrayudha.  Oh! Vatsa, I have been hurled to this Great Ocean with the assistance of virtuous Lord Vayu, in this way your father saved me from the threat of Lord Indra. Oh! Arindhama, destroyer of enemies, I have to help righteous Rama who has the prowess equivalent to Lord Indra.” I have prepared to leave after listening to the pleasing words of virtuous Mainka who took beautiful form of human and vanished from my sight.  I proceeded my journey with a great speed, I have met Surasa, mother of serpents in the midst of the ocean, she spoke “ Oh! Harisaththama, celestial have proposed you as my meal, therefore I will follow their decision.” I offered humble salutation with folded hands and stood before her in utter disappointment.
Ramo Dhasharathi: Shriman Pravishto Dandakavanam |
Lakshmanena Sahabratha Seethaya Cha Paramthapa: ||
Thasya Seetha Hritha Bharya Ravanena Dhurathmana |
Thasya: Sakasham Dhoothoham Gamishye Ramashasanath ||
Karthumarhasi Ramasya Sahayam Vishaya Vasini |
Athava Maithilim Dhrushtva Ramam Cha Aklishta Karinam ||
Agamishyami They Vakthram Sathyam Prathishrunothi Mey |
I replied “ The resplendent Rama, son of King Dhasharatha, destroyer of enemies, together with his brother Lakshman and his wife Sita arrived in the woods of Dandakavanm.  The wicked Ravana captured Sita, wife of Rama.  I am the envoy of Rama leaving to meet Sita at his order.  You are dwelling in the country of Rama, you have to help him.   Otherwise I will promise you to be back after finishing the task of Rama and locating Sita.” Surasa who is capable to assume any form at her will,  began to speak “ No one can disobey me with false explanation,” further she assumed the size of ten Yojanas and opened her mouth wide, instantly I reduced my size into thumb size and entered into her mouth, eventually darted out with great speed.  The divine Surasa began to speak  “ Oh! Saumya, Oh! Harishreshta, leave happily to accomplish your task, bring back Sita to virtuous Rama,  Oh! Mahabhago, Be cheerful I am pleased at you.”  All the living beings appreciated me and I leapt on the sky like Garuda, celestial vehicle of Lord Vishnu.  Shortly I felt somebody pulling my shadow and eventually it obstructed my movement, I have thoroughly observed all the directions but I could not find the reason, I was shocked without knowing the reason for the interruption of my journey.  Immediately, my eyes caught the sight of a horrid demon on the sea, she let out a boisterous laugh followed by inauspicious words “ Oh! Mahakaya, where are you going? You are my meal for the day; I am so hungry satiate my hunger I was starving for long.” I amicably agreed to her demand and assumed a gigantic form, larger than the capacity of her mouth which grew bigger in to size, instantly I have reduced my size into small and entered into her mouth, once again I have assumed a gigantic form and ripped off her heart and flew into the sky, eventually Simhika, looking like a mountain fell on the water with a thunderous noise.  The Gandharvas, Siddhas and Charans rejoiced over the death of Simhika.  Soon I have approached the southern shore flourished with woods where the City of Lanka situated.  It was the time of twilight, I have entered the city of Lanka, dwelling place of demons unnoticed by the dreadful demons.  While I was moving through the city, there appeared a woman in the form of colossal cloud in front of me and she let out an unruly laugh.  She was having a blazing fire like disheveled hair, she was desirous of killing me.  I have given her hard flow with my clenched fist, and entered inside the city.  She was alarmed and spoke “ Oh! Vira, I represent the city of Lanka, you have defeated me with your matchless prowess, and you are capable to obliterate the entire clan of demon.”  On that night I have searched Sita in the entire palace of Ravana, but I could not trace her, I was besieged with sorrow, suddenly I have noticed a marvelous house in the garden decked in golden color, rich with trees of various fruits and flowers.  I have seen the Shimshupa tree in the midst of Ashokavatika, I could witnessed Sita of youthful complexion, eyes like lotus petals, fragile due to continuous fast, attired in murky saffron robe, she was tormented with extreme grief of separation from her husband, she was surrounded by dreadful demons living on flesh and blood.  Sita was extremely distressed, has the eyes of deer, alarmed by the horrid demons, she had single plait of hair as a mark of grief of separation from her husband, seated on the ground, she was in a wretched state, refused to yield the desires of Ravana and decided to end her life.  I have stayed in the Shishumpa tree closely watching the pitiable state of that illustrious woman.  In the meantime, I could hear the sounds of grand merriment, mixed with the sounds of anklets and girdles; I was frightened and reduced my size of the body and hidden under the cluster of leaves of Shishumpa trees.  Ravana, chief of demons, arrived at Ashokavatika, accompanied by gorgeous wives, immediately Sita covered her attractive body parts with her hands, Dhashagrivah entered the place where Sita was settled, she was alarmed, grieving over the separation of her husband, looking hither and thither with extreme fear and she was in a wretched state.  She began to speak “consider me with respect.”  Ravana irritatingly spoke “Oh! Garvithey/arrogant lady, Oh! Sita, If you refuse to accept me I will drink your blood in two months time.”  Listening to the arrogant speech of Ravana,  Sita irritatingly replied “ Oh! Rakshasadhama, how didn’t your tongue fall down by speaking impolite word to the consort of Rama who has matchless glory and daughter – in – law of King Dhasharatha, Lord of Ikshvaku dynasty? Oh! Anarya,/disruptive, Oh! Papa, Where was your prowess when you have abducted me in the absence of my Lord? You have no similarities to Rama, you are unqualified to do any service to Rama who perform sacrifices, speaks only truth and commendable in the war field.  Ravana was extremely annoyed by the words of Sita, rolled his eyes in frenzy and clenched his fist against Sita.  Suddenly, Mandodhari, wife of wicked Ravana sprang up from the middle of female demons as an indication, she began to speak in a mellifluous voice “ Oh! Prabho,You have the prowess equivalent to Lord Indra, Lord of celestials, What is the need for Sita to you?  Oh! Lord, Enjoy the pleasing association of the daughters of celestials, Yaksha and Gandharva, what would you do with Sita? Shortly Mandodhari pacified Ravana and took him to palace chambers.  The dreadful demons surrounded Sita and began to torture Sita with their hurtful comments, like the blade of grass.  Soon the flesh eating female demons realized that all their efforts to rouse Sita has gone waste, they became helpless and duly informed Ravana about the unyielding act of Sita, horrid demons understood their inability to  convince Sita and slowly drifted to sleep.  Sita who always desired for the welfare of her husband, became inconsolable, besieged with extreme grief.  Thrijada, one of the female demons rose from the sleep and spoke “ Oh! wicked Demons,  Feed yourselves instead of Sita, daughter of Janaka and daughter – in – law of King Dhasharatha, she is unapproachable.  I have seen a horrible dream that made my hair stands erect, the triumph of her husband Rama is undeniable and annihilation of demons is irrefutable.  It is my opinion that we all should pray to Sita to protect us.  I have witnessed the dream while Sita was in extreme distress, therefore she will be relieved from sorrows very soon and she will obtain happiness.   Maithili, daughter of King Janaka will be pleased to receive our salutation.”  Sita was happy after listening to the auspicious words of Thrijada, spoke “ If it is true, I will protect you all.”   I was watching the wretched state of Sita and made up my mind to converse with her, shortly I have started to narrate the glories of Ikshvaku dynasty.  Sita who is venerable by Sages was extremely pleased to listen my words, she began to speak with tears overflowing “ Oh!
Vanarapungava, who are you? Where did you come from? How did you come? What kind of association do you possess with Rama? Kindly narrate.” I replied “Oh! Devi, There is a valorous King of Vanaras named Sugriva, he is the closest associate of your husband Rama.  I am Hanuman, sincere servant of King Sugriva and Rama who is unconquerable was assigned me to enquire your welfare.  Oh! Yashasvini, / illustrious lady, Rama, prominent among the glorious men offered me this ring as a token of remembrance for you.  Oh! Devi, I wish to listen to your command, what would you suggest? Shall I take you to the place of Rama and Lakshmana? What would you say?.  Sita, daughter of Janka replied “ Let Rama defeat Ravana and take me back to his kingdom.”  I offered my sincere salutation to the virtuous Sita and requested for a token of remembrance for Rama that would bring happiness.  Sita spoke in a mellifluous voice “Let this prominent jewel/Mahamanirathnam,  be taken to Rama who has possessed long arm, it will bring high regards for you.”  Further Sita who has beautiful limbs, took the divine ornament/Choodamani from the bundle of her attire, once again she became inconsolable.  I have offered humble salutation and circumambulated her, and prepared to leave.  Sita continued “ Oh! Hanuman, you ought to describe Rama about the tortures and agonies I am going through.  Be wise enough to bring Rama, Lakshmana and Sugriva immediately after listening to my pathetic tale.  It will be impossible for Rama to meet me after two months; I will not survive after the stipulated period of time.” I was so miserable after listening to Sita, decided to proceed with further actions.   I have assumed the size of a mountain and began to destroy the marvelous garden of Ravana, with an intention to battle against them.  It created mayhem among the demons and living creatures in the stunning garden, eventually it was reported to Ravana.  The female demons reported to Ravana “ Oh! Rajan, we all know your prowess, an evil Vanara destroying your magnificent garden.  Oh! Rajendra, give orders to kill the wicked Vanara who caused offence to you.”  The most infuriated Ravana ordered his Kinkaras to battle against me. I have killed the eight thousands Kinkaras who were approached with fierce weapons, some of them were flee for life and duly informed Ravana about the massive destruction of warriors.  I have destroyed the famous Chaithyaprasadam and numerous demons in the battle.  Ravana ordered Jambumali, son of Prahastha with an army of warriors to fight against me.  I have killed Jambumali who was efficient in the war tactics and all his warriors with an iron rod.  Ravana assigned seven sons of Ministers who has possessed immense might to battle against me, were killed by me.  Soon Ravana send the five chief of army personnel, was also killed along with their army.  The ten headed Ravana,/Dashagrivah send his son mighty  Akshakumara with multitudes of demons to battle against me, I was amazed to witness the glorious son of Mandodhari, who was extremely powerful and prominent in war tactics,  I whirled him hundred times in the sky and crushed him to death.  Ravana was in a state of frenzy after listening to the pathetic death of Akshakumara, ordered Indrajith, son of Ravana, who is powerful and arrogant to battle against me.  I have experienced a great joy battling with Indrajith and mighty warriors soon he realized me as uncontrollable and the loss of war personnel, Indhrajith aimed Brahmasthra against me.  The demons assembled were fastened me with ropes and dragged to the assembly of Ravana.  I was questioned by the ministers about the purpose of my visit and the reason for creating turmoil amongst the life of demons.  I replied “Oh! Vibho, I am Hanuman, son of Lord Vayu, I have come to your abode to meet Sita, I am a Vanara, an envoy of Rama and King Sugriva, I am the messenger of Rama.  Sugriva who has great splendor, enquired welfare of you, he sent appropriate and most beneficial words of utmost righteousness, wealth and pleasure to you “while I have been in the marvelous Mount Rishyamukha, Rama with great prowess arrived and we became close associates.  Rama expressed his desire to help him in releasing his wife Sita who was abducted by a demon.  I requested him to kill Vali and came into a mutual agreement with Rama in helping each other.  The Mahaprabhu Rama and Lakshmana became the associates of mine, while Lord Agni was the witness.  Rama killed mighty Vali with a single shot of an arrow and crowned me as the King of Kishkindha, Lord of Vanaras.  I have extend my sincere help to Rama, therefore I am sending Hanuman as a messenger to you, before the foremost among the Vanara destroy the army of demons, return Sita to Rama, as quickly as possible.  You are not aware of the prowess of Vanaras who was designated by Rama.” I have narrated all those appropriate and meaningful message of King Sugriva to Ravana who was in extreme fury, as if he was going to burn me into ashes. The wicked Ravana was not aware of my prowess, ordered to kill me.  At this point of time, Vibhishana, intelligent and virtuous brother of Ravana entered in the assembly and spoke “Oh! Rakshasashardhoola, you are speaking against the law of Rajashasthra, a messenger is prohibited to kill, and therefore no such deed should be implemented.  The details about the opponent can be received from an envoy.  Oh! Athulavikrama,/Ravana, killing an envoy is against Rajashasthra, but the act of disfiguring an envoy is permitted.”  Ravana passed his final verdict to burn my tail after listening to the appropriate words of virtuous Vibhishana.  The demons wrapped the entire portion of my tail with bundle of cotton cloth dipped in oil, eventually set fire on it and dragged through the city of Lanka.  I was dragged through the royal pathways and principal streets followed by multitudes of demons.  Suddenly I have assumed a gigantic form and released myself from the clutches, I have adopted my usual form and killed those demons with iron bar.  I have taken giant leap on the main gate and set fire on the entire area, flames has the resemblance of deluge spread all over the city, in a short while the whole city of Lanka and its living creatures was burnt into ashes, so I suspected that Devi Sita must have reduced into ashes, it made me besieged with extreme sorrow.   Instantly I could listen to the auspicious words of Charans and Gandharvas narrating in utter astonishment about the safe existence of Devi Sita.  After listening to the above inspiring words, I have realized some good omen; although my tail was blazing I could not experience the scorching heat, my heart filled with extreme joy.  I have visited Devi Sita once again to ensure her safety and arrived at Mount Arishta from there I took a giant leap with an intense desire to meet you all.  I have witnessed Lord Vayu, Lord Surya, Siddhas, Gandharvas and all of you.  I have accomplished the task of Sugriva, with the grace of Rama and with all your brilliance.  I have performed the task properly; if anything remains unfinished will be completed.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!