Friday, 22 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 45. Saptha Manthriputhra Vadha:/ Death of seven sons of Minister !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Thatha:  They Rakshasendhrana Chodhitha Manthrina: Sutha: |
Niryu: Bhavanath Thasmath Saptha Saptharchi Vachasa: ||
Mahabala Parivara Dhanushmantho Mahabala: |
Krutha Asthra Asthravidham Shreshta: Paraspara Jayeeshina: ||
Hemajala Parikshipthai: Dhvajavadhbhi: Pathakibhi: |
Thoyadhasvana Nirghshai: Vajiyukthai: Maharathai: ||
Thaptha Kanchana Chithrani Chapani Amithavikrama: |
Vispharayantha: Samhrushtva: Thadidhvantha Ivadhbhudha: ||
Jananya: Tha: Thatha: Thesham Vidhithva Kimkaran Hathan |
Bhabhuvu: Shoka Sambhrantha: Sambandhava Suhruthjana: ||
They Paraspara Sangharsha: Thaptha Kanchana Bhooshana: |
Abhipethu: Hanumantham Thoranasyayam Avasthitham ||
The mighty seven sons of Minister, who has the brilliance of Lord Agni, proficient in the art of archery and usages of armaments, enriched with immense prowess, wielding bows and decked in protective armor made of gold, surrounded by powerful army of demons arrived in a marvelous chariot decorated with flags and banners drawn by horses, the noise of the movement of the grand chariot has the resemblance of autumn cloud in the battle field.  The seven sons of the Minister were wielding marvelous bow of golden color gave out the appearance of colorful clouds accompanied by lightning.  They were extremely tormented with grief at the death of Kinkaras along with their mothers, friends and relatives.  The seven sons of ministers who were decked in precious jewels all over their bodies, hurried to Hanuman who was standing motionless on the arch way.  These demons have the resemblance of clouds, mounted on the grand chariot which has the noise of thunder, began pouring of arrows in all directions like drizzling clouds in the monsoon season.  In a moment, Hanuman was fully engulfed with the shower of arrows, like the mountain enclosed in heavy downpour.   Soon Hanuman, son of Lord Vayu with a great speed thoughtfully moved through the downpour of arrows and made their efforts worthless, ultimately hurried towards the demons with an unruly voice.  Hanuman, destroyer of enemies, thrashed the demons with his palm, feet, fists, chest, thigh and some of them were ripped open by his sharp nails and some of them were died of his boisterous voice, some of the demons were flew from the war field with terror.  The elephants became wild, numerous horses were killed, and the Earth was filled with the lifeless bodies of the demons which created a pool of blood along with wrecked chariots, flags and banners.  The city of Lanka was resounded with inauspicious noises, mighty Hanuman after killing the nine sons of Minister, patiently waited for his opponents on the archway.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!