Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 41. Ashokavanabanga: / Destruction of Ashokavanam !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Sa Cha Vagmi: Prashasthabhi: Gamishyan Poojitha: Thatha |
Thasmath  Dheshath Apakramya  Chinthayamasa Vanara: ||
Alpashosham Idham Karyam Dhrushta Iyamaseetha Ekshana  |
Threen Upayan Athikramya Chathurtha Iva Dhrushyathey ||
Na Sama Rakshasu Gunaya Kalpathey | Na dhanamartha Upachitheshu Varththey |
Na Bhedha Sadhya Bala Dharpitha Jana:| Parakrama: Thu Yesha  Mama Iha Rochathey ||
Na Cha Asya Karyasya Parakramath Rithey | Vinishchaya: Kaschith Iha  Upapadhyathey |
Hrutha Praveera: Thu Rano Hi Rakshasa: |  Kathamchitheeryu: Yatha Iha Adhyamardhavam ||
Karya Karmini Nirdhishta: Yo Bahuni Api Sadhayeth |
Poorva Karya Virodhene Sa Karyam Karthumarhasi ||
Sita was extremely pleased at the kindness of resplendent Hanuman who was ready to leave the Ashokavanam, Hanuman set off from the marvelous pleasure garden and thought “ I have located Goddess Sita/Asithekshana, who has beautiful black eyes, there is little remains to be done.  I have successfully completed the initial three strategies; there is only the fourth one remains to do.  It is impossible to negotiate with the demons, just like bribing the wealthiest person or rebellion with the person who is over proud of his vigor, my prowess will be more appropriate in this situation.  I have to exhibit my valor that would be appropriate to intimidate the demons, and create weakness in them by killing the foremost mighty demons.  A messenger should concentrate on the initial task which was instructed by his master, it is inappropriate to perform any task which is not suitable to the situation, should not carry out any task although it is small, the person who knows to accomplish the task will know to achieve the same.   If I ascertain the strength of the opponent and inform Sugriva, the Lord of Vanara, after that I could follow the command of my Master.  How can I find success in the battle with the opponent? How can I utilize my valor for a fruitful result? How can I successfully run into Ravana in the battle? I will delightfully return from the city of Lanka after meeting Ravana and his ministers in the assembly and his followers, and ascertaining the strength of his armies.  The marvelous pleasure gardens of wicked Ravana, with its various beautiful creepers and trees are pleasing to eyes and mind has the resemblance of Nandanam of Lord Indras Garden.  I will destroy this pleasing garden, soon it will lose its allure like in the forest fire, Ravana will get infuriated and order his mighty army consisting chariots, elephants, horses, with dreadful weapons to chase me, I will have a vicious battle with the powerful demons and I will destroy the powerful army of Ravana in the battle and happily return to the abode of Sugriva.”  Soon, powerful Hanuman frustratingly started to uproot the trees like a wind, he proceeded through the marvelous pleasure garden, Pramadavanam, continued destroying the trees and creepers, ponds and hills, cries of birds and creatures echoed all over the place, in a short while entire pleasure garden consists of Lathagruham, Chithragruham etc.. gave out a horrid sight.  The marvelous garden turned out unpleasant with uprooted trees and creepers, wild animals and great serpents raised distressed cries.  The stunning garden with beautiful Ashoka creepers which was the shelter homes for the women of wicked Ravana became the cluster of creepers of sorrow for the distressed women.  Hanuman after creating huge discontentment to the mind of Ravana, Lord of the City of Lanka, decided to fight against the mighty demons and waited for their arrival at the archway.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!