Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 29. Shubhanimiththani / Sita experiences auspicious omens!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!

Thatha Gatham Tham  Vyathitham Anindhitham | Vyapetha Harsham Paridheena Manasam |
Shubham Nimithani Shubhani Bhejirey | Naram Shriya Jushtam Iva  Upajeevina: ||
Thasya:  Shubham Vamam Arala Pakshmam | Rajeevrutham Krishna Vishala Shuklam |
Praspandhatha Yekam Nayanam Sukeshya | Meenahatham  Padmamiva  Abhithamram ||
Bhuja: Cha Charvanichatha Peena Vruththa: | Parardhya Kalagaru Chandhanarha : |
Anuththamena Adhyushitha: Priyena | Chirena Vama:  Samavepathashu ||
Gajendra Hastha Prathima: Cha Peena: | Thayo: Dhvayo: Samhathayo: Sujatha: |
Praspandhamana: Puna:  OOrurasya : | Ramam Purasthath Sthithamachachakshey ||
Sita was inconsolable and in a pathetic state was experienced some auspicious omens, just like a wealthy man bestowed with faithful servants.  Her beautiful and auspicious left eye surrounded by gracefully curved eyelashes were quivered gently like a read lotus flower quivered by the tender puff of fish,  her attractive left shoulder which was deserved to be applied with the magnificent fragrances of Chandan and agaru and used as pillow by her beloved Rama was quivered gently,  her striking left thigh which has the resemblance of the trunk of an  female elephant was quivered as if it was revealing the presence of Rama.  Sita in her golden complexion, attired in saffron garments, with unblemished eyes, charming limbs and jasmine buds like teeth was auspicious to witness, her beautiful eyebrows revealed the pleasure of forthcoming delight, like a seed withered in the wind and Sun sprouted by rain, her lips has the resemblance of Bimba fruits, beautiful eyes and eyebrows, attractive teeth and the radiance of her face was like the moon released from the clutches of Rahu.   Shortly, in the light of bright fortnight gorgeous Sita shone with brilliance, free from sorrows and agonies, her mental afflictions were alleviated and her pure consciousness were awakened with delight.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!