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Balakandam !! 55. King Vishwamithra destroys the hermitage of Sage Vashishta !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Thatha: Than Akulan Dhrushtva Vishwamithra Asthra Mohithan |
Vashishta: Chodhayamasa Kamadhruk Srujayogatha: ||
Thasya Humkaratho Jatha: Kamboja Ravi Sannibha: |
Udhrassa: Thu  Atha Samjatha: Pahalva: Shasthra Panaya: ||
Yoni Dheshath Cha Yavana: Shakru Dheshath Shaka: Thatha |
Roma  Koopeshu Mleccha: Cha  Hareetha: Sa Kirathaka: ||
Thai: Thatha Nishoodhitham Sainyam Vishwamithrasya Thath Kshanath |
Sa Padhathi Gajam Sa Ashwam Sa Ratham Raghunandana ||
Sage Shathananda continued “ The divine cow Kamadhenu/Shabala created numerous mighty warriors who were hurried to King Vishwamithra, eventually  destroyed by the ferocious weapons of the King, Sage Vashishta encouraged the divine cow to create more powerful warriors with all her yogic powers; her boisterous ‘Hum’ noise instigated Kamboja who has the resemblance of Lord Aditya, her udder produced the well equipped Pahalva Kings, Yavanas were set off from her Yoni, lower part of the intestine/Shakru created Shakas and finally her bodily hairs produced  Mlecchas, Haritha and Kirathakas respectively.  Oh! Raghunandana, in a short period of time, the vast army of King Vishwamithra comprising mighty warriors, elephants, horses, and chariots were completely destroyed by the forces created by the divine cow Kamadhenu.  The most infuriated King Vishwamithra set off with hundred sons who were mighty warriors well equipped with various dreadful weapons hurried to Sage Vashishta and the Sages assembled were burn into ashes along with their chariots, elephants and horses, by the unruly ‘Hum’ sound from the supreme Sage Vashishta.   King Vishwamithra was dismayed like a tide less ocean, a fangless dreadful serpent, flightless bird, sun at the time of eclipse, he was utterly miserable at the pathetic state of his sons and the mighty warriors.  Ultimately, King Vishwamithra’s fearlessness and impulsiveness has lost, retired to woodland by saying Sage Vashishta to rule the Earth.  King Vishwamithra arrived on the serene mountain of Himalayas adorned by the Kinnaras and Uragas, he underwent severe austerities and worshipped Lord Mahadeva, after several years of penance Lord Mahadeva appeared on his celestial bull before the Sage Vishwamithra and enquired him about the purpose of severe penance and the Lord of Lords was ready to offer boon.  Sage Vishwamithra spoke “ Oh! Lord Mahadeva, you are pleased by my asceticism, I earnestly pray to enlighten me with the knowledge of Dhanurveda and its sub divisions/Sa Anga and Upa Anga of Upanishads.  Oh! Devadeva, bestow me with the knowledge about the Asthras that are belongs to the deities, Dhanavas, Maharshis, Yakshas and Gandharvas, that would fulfill my aspirations.”  Lord Shiva offered the boons enquired by Sage Vishwamithra and disappeared.  The mighty Kshthriya Sage Vishwamithra became mightier than ever before after obtaining various boons from Lord Shiva.  On a full moon day, Sage Vishwamithra with mounted fury approached the hermitage Sage Vashishta, shortly burnt down the entire woodland and hermitage with those powerful weapons which made the hermits and the disciples of Sage Vashishta run into various directions. Soon, the entire woodland and hermitage of Sage Vashishta resembled like a burial ground.  Sage Vashishta pacified the hermits who were fleeing for their life, saying that he will dispel Sage Vishwamithra son of Gadhi, like the sun covered in the mist.  In an extreme rage Sage Vashishta spoke “Oh! You Arrogant and senseless King, You have rundown the hermitage which was well flourished by me, you will have no future.” Saying so, most infuriated Sage Vashishta raised his Dhandam of Vi Dhoomra Kalagni/fume less blaze which has the resemblance of vicious weapon of Lord Yama.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

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Balakandam !! 54. The sacred cow Kamadhenu creates war force against King Vishwamithra !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Kamadhenum  Vashishto Api Yadha Na Thyajathey Muni: |
Thatha Asya Shabalam Rama  Vishwamithro Anvakarshatha ||
Niyamana  Thu Shabala  Rama Rajjjya Mahathmana |
Dhukkitha Chinthayamasa Rudhanthi Shoka Karshitha ||
Parithyaktha Vashishtena Kima Aham Sumahathmana |
Ya Aham Raja Bruthyai: Dheena Hriyeyam Mrusha Dhukkitha ||
Kima Maya Apakrutham Thasya Maharshai: Bhavitha Athmana: |
Yana Mama Anagasam Bhaktham Ishtam Thyajathi Dharmika: ||
Ithi Samchinthyayithva Thu Nishvasya Cha Puna: Puna: |
Jagama Vegena Thadha Vashishtam Paramam Ojasam ||
Nirdhoorya Thama Thadha Bhruthyan Shathasha:Shathrusoodhana |
Jagama Anila Vegena Padha Moolam Mahathmana: ||
Sage Shathanandha continues “ Oh! Rama,  Sage Vashishta did not heed to the desire of King Vishwamithra, at that moment the King utilized his force to seize the divine cow Kamadhenu/Shabala.  King Vishwamithra succeeded in his effort; Shabala was inconsolable at the separation from the virtuous sage Vashishta.  She was completely distressed, without knowing the reason for being forcefully carried away from the hermitage of Sage Vashishta.  She was tormented with various thoughts in her mind that she was always been devoted to Sage Vashishta, whether she had committed any mistake to abandon the hermitage of Sage Vashishta.  Oh! Shathrusoodhana, in this way Shabala was besieged with various thoughts, suddenly she shoved the attendants who had held the strings tightened on her neck, and rushed to Sage Vashishta and offered humble obeisance at the feet of Sage.  Shabala was in absolute pain and agony uttered “ Oh! Brahmanasutha,  Why I have to discard your hermitage ? Why these attendants of King are forcefully taking me away from here?”  Sage Vashishta who was already grief-stricken, was answered “ Oh! Shabala, I did not abandon you or you did not make any mistake,  it was the King Vishwamithra who is powerful, forcibly taking you away from me.  Further, I have no equal might to a King, he is powerful and a King is the Lord of land and Kshathriya as well.  His Akshouhini Sena/Army of men has numerous horses, elephants and chariots as their force, I am powerless.” Sage Vashishta pacified Shabala.  After listening to the resplendent Brahmarishi Vashishta “ Oh! Brahman, a Sage is mightier than a Kshathriya, a Brahmin has the power of the divine Brahmam and he is considered as the mightiest.  You have the incomparable might than King Vishwamithra, Oh! Illustrious Sage, command me, with all the powers of your sagacity to disapprove the arrogance and atrocities of the King Vishwamithra for the unfairness against me.” Oh! Rama, the divine cow Shabala earnestly prayed to Sage Vashishta who ordered the divine cow to create a force than can surpass the opponent.  At the command of Sage Vashishta, the divine cow Surabhi produced a boisterous ‘Hum’ sound, instantly there appeared hundreds of Pahalva Kings who encountered the army of King Vishwamithra and shattered the men’s of the Kings effortlessly. The most infuriated King Vishwamithra entered in a vicious battle with the Pahalva Kings, witnessing the destruction of Pahalva Kings, Kamadhenu created various dreadful Shakan Yavanas from her boisterous ‘Hum’.  The Earth was filled with mightiest Shakan and Yavanas, who was well capable to conquer their opponent, well equipped with powerful weapons, attired in golden color garments and has charismatic looks that has the resemblance of blazing fire.  Shortly, they vanquished the entire army of King Vishwamithra.   The battle between the King Vishwamithra and forces of Kamadhenu continued, King released various powerful weapons against Yavanas, Kamboja and Barbara, which made them in a state of haphazard”.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Balakandam !! 53. Conflict arises between King Vishwamithra & Sage Vashishta for the possession of divine cow Shabala!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Yevam Uktha Vashishtena Shabala Shathrusoodhana |
Vidhadhey Kamadhuk Kaman Yasya Yasya Yepsitham Yaya ||
Ikshun Madhun Thatha Lajan Maireyan Cha Vara Asavan |
Panani Cha Maha Arhani Makshayan Cha Uccha Avachan Thatha ||
Ushna Adasya Odhanasya Api Shashaya: Parvathopama: |
Mrushta Annani Cha Supa: Cha Dhadhi Kulya: Thathaiva Cha ||
Nana Swadhu Rasanam Cha Ghandavanam Shadabanam Ththaiva Cha |
Bhajanani Bhojanani Supurnani Gaoudanicha  Sahasrasha: ||
Sage Shathananda continued “Oh! Shathrusoodhana, Rama, The divine cow Shabala provided all those sumptuous foodstuffs at the command of Sage Vashishta.  She offered various sweets and savories made of Sugar and honey, superior intoxicated drinks and produce best suited for the royal people and their men of army.  There were huge mountain sized sweltering foodstuffs, Mrushtannam, and Dhadhi/curd of various tastes in attractive vessels.  Oh! Rama, the army men of King Vishwamithra found immense pleasure in the marvelous food served by Sage Vashishta.  King Vishwamithra and his families, members of the Kings Assembly, Brahmins and royal Priests, ministers and associates, were joined in the extravagant meal offered by Sage Vashishta.  Further, King Vishwamithra spoke to Sage Vashishta in high admiration “Oh! Revered Sage, you have generously offered us with a luxurious meal, kindly listen to my words now, you can offer this divine cow Shabala to me for hundred thousand cows and these will remain as a fortune for you, Kings are the gatherers of treasure therefore kindly offer Sabala to me.”  The virtuous Sage Vashishta replied after listening to the words of King Vishwamithra, “Oh Rajan, I cannot offer Sabala for hundred thousand cow or millions of cows or not for the loads of silver either.  Oh! Destroyer of enemy/Arindhama, Its impossible for me to abandon her from my hermitage and she is reverential to the virtuous, she belongs to me and she is inseparable from me.  Oh! Rajarishey, Shabala makes the journey of my life at ease, she provides all that required for the oblations to deities and Pithrus, fire sacrifices, religious offerings etc.. The numerous offerings prescribed in the scriptures are dependent on this divine cow.  Oh! King, Shabala is everything to me and there are many reasons I cannot offer this divine cow Shabala to you or anyone.”  In this way, Sage Vashishta authoritatively replied to the King.   Vishwamithra spoke “I am ready to offer you with fourteen thousand elephants decked with jewels, various precious jewels and goads, I will grant you eight hundred golden chariots tied with four fine horses decked with marvelous bells.  I may offer you eleven thousand fine horses from the marvelous breed.  I can offer you ten million cows of various colors and diverse breed for the divine cow Shabala. Oh! Dhvijothama/virtuous Brahmin, I would offer various ornaments and gems as gift, kindly offer Shabala to me.”  But Sage Vashishta firmly replied that he cannot offer Shabala for precious gems or wealth, or elephants, or cows, or horses and Shabala is everything to him and she is the purpose in his life, further she is the provider for all the spiritual services, various essential services and Vedic rituals.”  Thus Sage Shathanandha concluded the argument between Sage Vashishta and King Vishwamithra about the divine cow Shabala.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Balakandam !! 52. The legend of Sage Vishwamithra continues…!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Thamam Dhrushtva Paramam Preetho Vishwamithro Mahabala: |
Pranatho Vinayath Veero Vashishtam Japatham Varam ||
Swagatham Thava Cha Ithi Uktho Vashishtena Mahathmana |
Asanam Cha Asya Bhagavan Vashishto Vyadhidhesha Ha ||
Upavishtaya Cha Thadha Vishwamithraya Dheematha |
Yaya Nyayam Muni Vara: Phalam Moolam Upaharath ||
Prathigruhya Thu Tham Poojam Vashishta Raja Saththama: |
Thapo Agnihothra Shishyeshu Kushalam Paryaprucchath ||
Vishwamithro Mahatheja Vanaspathi Gano Thatha |
Sarvathra Kushalam Cha Aha Vashishto Raja Saththamam ||
Sage Shathananda continued “ The mighty King Vishwamithra  dutifully offered obeisance to the resplendent Sage Vashishta who is superior among the ascetics.  Sage Vashishta received King Vishwamithra with great honor and offered him a finer seat and respectfully offered him various fruits.  Further, King Vishwamithra enquired about the welfare of the Sage, ascetics and his disciples, proceedings of Yagna and Yagas and the progress of Vanaspathi etc… to Sage Vashishta was obediently answered.  Sage Vaishshta, son of Lord Brahma who is greatest among the ascetics enquired the King Vishwamithra who was peacefully settled on the seat “ Oh! Righteous King Vishwamithra, hope you are doing extremely well and ruling your kingdom wisely for the welfare of your subjects.  Oh! Destroyer of enemies, hope you are well taking care of your assistants who are favoring your ruler ship, you have no enemies left in the open. Oh! Naravyakhra, hope your ministers of army, exchequers and associations are doing well, and your sons and grandsons are doing their best.”  King Vishwamithra submissively replied “Oh! Revered Sage, all are doing very well.” Both the righteous men were exchanged pleasant conversation for long time, at the end of their discussion, Sage Vashishta mentioned about the legate of Raghu Dynasty to King Vishwamithra.  Further, Sage Vashishta spoke to King Vishwamithra “ Oh! Rajan, I wish to offer hospitality equivalent to your prowess, kindly accept the same.  You are my prominent guest highly appropriate to venerate.”  King Vishwamithra replied “Your reverential words will be regarded as the highest of the hospitality and they are more than enough.  I am happy to accept whatever available in your hermitage, such as fruits and tubers and fine water to wash feet and quench my thirst.  I am extremely delightful to witness a godly sage like you worshipped by everyone.  I earnestly pray to accept my obeisance and treat me as your close associate.”  But the virtuous and highly generous natured Sage Vashishta repeatedly pleaded the King Vishwamithra to accept his hospitality.  At last King Vishwamithra, sons of Sage Gadhi yielded for the desire of Sage Vashishta, who called for his unblemished divine cow Shabala/Kamadhenu and instructed to prepare a sumptuous meal of six different tastes in abundance, along with delicious drinks and crunchy items, for the King Vishwamithra and the army of men.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Monday, 23 February 2015

Balakandam !! 51. Sage Shathanandha’s description about the legend of Sage Vishwamithra !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Thasya Thatha Vachanam Shruthva Vishwamithrasya Dheematha: |
Hrushta Roma Mahatheja: Shathanandho Mahathapa: ||
Gauthamasya Sutho Jyeshta: Thapasa Dhyothitha Prabha: |
Rama Sandharshanath Yeva Paramam Vismayam Agatha: ||
Saga Shathanandha, the eldest son of Sage Gauthama, who has the effulgence from severe austerities, was extremely happy listening to the prominent Sage Vishwamithra and looked at Rama in high esteem.  Shathanandha watched the two marvelous youths/Nrupathmaja/sons of King Dasaratha dutifully seated next to the Sage,  Shathanandha spoke to Sage Vishwamithra “ Oh! Munishardhoola, you have revealed my mother Ahalya who has accomplished severe austerities/Yashasvani, worshipped Lord Rama who is commendable to venerate by every living beings and the creatures of the forest as well.  You must have explained the ancient legend of ill-treatment of the deity to my revered mother who is superior ascetic.  Oh! Kakustha, at last my mother has re-united with my father and offered venerations to Rama.  Oh! Kaushikathmaja, my father who is a supreme ascetic worshipped Lord Rama for his kindness for the redemption of curse of my mother Ahalya.  Oh! Kaushikathmaja, Rama must have offered obeisance to my father without any ill feelings while his return to the hermitage.  The revered Sage calmly replied to Shathananda “  I have done whatever required at that moment and it was my responsibility to reunite the couple like Renuka and Sage Jamadhagni, from the lineage of Bhrigu.”  Sage Shathananda spoke to Rama “ Oh! Raghava, Oh! Narashreshta, Victory to you, you are the emissary of deities and you are most welcome to the world of humans.  You will remain unconquerable with the guidance of the illustrious Sage Vishwamithra.  There are no words to describe the accomplishments of Brahmarishi Sage Vishwamithra, he is the most glorious one and the provider of peace to everyone.  You are the one and only fortunate to be under the supervision and guidance of the supreme ascetic Sage Vishwamithra, son of  Kushika.  I will narrate you about the prowess and epitome of virtues of the great soul Sage Vishwamithra who was a great ruler for several years wisely ruled his Kingdom for the welfare of his subjects, he was righteous and destroyer of enemies.  There was a King Kusha who was the son of Prajapathi, has a valorous and righteous son Kushanabha.  Gadhi who is prominent to the world was the son of Kushanabha and the illustrious Sage Vishwamithra is the son of Gadhi.  Vishwamithra ruled the Earth for several thousand years, once he went for Parichakrama of Earth with his Akshouhini Sena.  He moved through the various cities and Kingdom, mountains and lakes, ultimately arrived in a marvelous hermitage of Sage Vashishta that was embellished with creepers and various alluring flowers, surrounded by domesticated animals and assembly of  Siddhas, charanas, Deva, Dhanavas, Gandharvas, Kinnaras, Brahmarishis, Devarishis, who were supreme ascetics has the resemblance of ritual fire and they were efficiently engaged in the practice of asceticism, some were managed to survive with water,  others were with air or with leaves,  fruits or vegetables.  Sages Valakhilays were present and the Vaikhasanas were survived only with the perfect control over their senses, these ascetics were engaged in Japa and homa/Yagna and recital of Vedas in the hermitage.  The marvelous hermitage of Sage Vashishta had the resemblance of the abode of Lord Brahma.”  Thus Sage Shathananda narrated the legend of Sage Vishwamithra to Rama and Lakshmana.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Balakandam !! 50. Rama’s arrival in the Kingdom of Mithila !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Thatha: Prak Uththaram Gathva Rama: Soumthrina Saha |
Vishwamithram Puraskruthya Yajjya Vadam Upagamath ||
Rama:  Thu Muni Shardhoolam Uvacha Saha Lakshmana: |
Sadhvi Yajjya Samrudhdhi: Hi Janakasya Mahathman: ||
Bahooni Iha Sahasrani Nana Dhesha Nivasinam |
Brahmananam Mahabhaga Veda Adhyayan Shalinam ||
Rishi Vada: Cha Dhrushyanthey Shakadi Shatha Sankula: |
Dheshey Vidhiyatham Brahman Yathra Vathsyamahey Vayam ||
Rama and Lakshman followed Sage Vishwamithra to northeast direction, ultimately they have arrived on the Yagna arena of King Janaka of Kingdom of Mithila.  Sage Vishwamithra spoke to Rama “The grand Vedic ritual of King Janaka is highly propitious with all the required materials of Vedic ritual in abundance.” Rama answered to Sage Vishwamithra “ Oh! illustrious Sage, there are thousands and thousands of Brahmins from various provinces are assembled here, who are profound in  Vedic practices, there are numerous hermitages of Rishis filled with the carts which is full of materials required for ritual and there are abundance of arrangements have been made for the Brahmins and their stay is completely occupied.”  After listening to Rama, Sage Vishwamithra has arranged a place for their stay that was close to the most refreshing place with crystal clear water.  King Janaka with the family priest Shathanandha hurried to Sage Vishwamithra and offered his humble salutation; even the Rithviks who were the supervisors of Vedic ritual were arrived with the righteous King Janaka to receive Sage Vishwamithra.    King Janaka offered his veneration to Sage Vishwamithra and exchanged their well being and the welfare of sages, Preceptors, members of the assembly and the subjects of Mithila, further Sage Vishwamithra enquired about the proceedings of the Vedic ritual.  King Janaka spoke with folded hands “Oh! Munishreshtey, Bhagavan I earnestly request you to be seated with the prominent saints assembled.”  Sage Vishwamithra took his among the revered sages; King Janaka took seat with his family priest Shathanandha,  Rithiviks and members of the assembly on their respective seats as well.  King Janaka spoke to Sage Vishwamithra “ Oh! Bhagavan, your visit has enriched the Vedic ritual and the deities have fructified the ritual, I have obtained the fruit of the ritual effortlessly by the presence of you.  Oh! Brahman, I am extremely delightful and feeling honored of your arrival in the Yagna arena, along with all those revered sages. It was pronounced by the Rithvik that it will take another twelve days to complete the vow of Vedic ritual, Oh Kaushika it will be appropriate to witness the deities at the conclusion of the Vedic ritual to avow their part of offerings.”  King Janaka with folded palms enquired Sage Vishwamithra “ I would like to hear about the two marvelous youths who are valorous, striding like an  daring elephant, powerful as Vrushabha and Shardhoolam, lotus eyed and fully equipped with great weapons has the resemblance to the splendid Ashwini Kumaras in their charismatic looks and magnificent physique, creating an vision of immortals has taken efforts striding on Earth, leaving their celestial abode and why they are here?.  Oh, Mahamuney, whose sons are these valorous youths adorned in powerful weapons?  They are embellishing this province like Lord Surya and Lord Chandra on the sky simultaneously.  Their physical appearance and bodily manners are similar to each other, though they are fearless but they have the appearance of youngsters.  Their dark colored hair locks reveals the look of wings of the crow.  I wish to know more about them. ” after listening to the words of the virtuous King Janaka, Sage Vishwamithra pronounced that the stunning youths are the sons of King Dasaratha, further explained about their arrival in Siddhashrama and their valorous deeds in annihilation of demons, visit to the splendid city of Vishala, visit to the divine hermitage of Sage Gauthama and reunion of Sage with his wife Ahalya, ultimately their arrival to the city of Mithila to obtain the bow of Lord Shiva/Mahadhanush.  Thus, Sage Vishwamithra narrated the entire incidents to King Janaka and Sage Shathananda, son of Ahalya.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Friday, 20 February 2015

Balakandam !! 49. Redemption from Ahalya’s curse !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Aphala: Thu Thatha: Shakro Devan Agni Purogaman |
Abraveeth Thrastha Nayana: Siddha Gandhava Charanan ||
Kurvatha Thapaso Vidhnam Gauthamasya Mahathmana: |
Krodham Uthpadhya Hi Maya Sura Karyam Idham Krutham ||
Aphalo Asmi Krutha: Thena Krodhath Sa Cha Nirakrutha |
Shapa Mokshena Mahatha Thapo Asya Apahrutham Maya ||
Thatha Mama Suravara: Sarva Sa  Rishi Sandhdha: Sa Charana: |
Sura Karya Karam Yooyam Saphalam Karthum Arhatha ||
Sage Vishwamithra continued “Lord Indra who was already weakened by the curse of Sage Gauthama, uttered to the deities, Charanas, Gandharvas in extreme unease that he was infuriated the virtuous Sage and created hindrance to his practice of asceticism for the welfare of deities.  Lord Indra has become infertile and Ahalya, wife of Sage Gauthama was rejected by him due to the curse of Sage, in that way the Sage has emptied the merit of his asceticism by Lord Indra.   Thus, Lord Indra requested the assembled deities, Siddhas and Charanas to make him fertile, because he has worked for the welfare of them.   After listening to him all the deities, celestials, Maruth Ganas, Pithrus appealed to Lord Agni to save Lord Indra from infertility with the help of Pithrus, eventually the thousand eyed Lord Indra’s fertility was restored by them.  Oh! Kakustha, the manes/Pithrus would refuse to accept the productive part of the offerings leaving them to Lord Indra.  Oh! Raghava, Lord Indra was restored with the Mesha Vrushanam with supreme power of Pithrus.  Oh! Rama, you are highly privileged to be in the meritorious hermitage of Sage Gauthama who has performed various righteous deeds and meet the divine and extremely fortunate Ahalya.”  Rama with Lakshmana entered the marvelous hermitage of Sage Gauthama keeping Sage Vishwamithra in front.  Rama witnessed the heavenly form Ahalya who has attained the splendor by her severe austerities, was impossible to stare at her or get closer to her by even the demons, deities or living beings,  the creator has meticulously carved her as an angel was completely covered with fog, as if the full moon is enshroud by the dried leaves and dust, like a mirrored sunshine glowing in the water, she was in the midst of deplorable state, whose limbs are like the blazing fire were concealed and she was rigorously practicing the asceticism  which has the resemblance of ritual fire by consuming air alone.  Ahalya was unobvious to the all the three worlds until the manifestation of Lord Rama.  At the end of the curse, Ahalya was clearly visible into the view of Raghavas, and they gladly touched her feet with reverence.  Remembering the words of Sage Gauthama, Ahalya dutifully received Rama, Lakshmana and Sage Vishwamithra reverentially, offered them with water for Padhyam and Arkhyam with great respect.  The sky showered flowers upon them, the divine drum beats reverberated everywhere, Asparas, Gandharvas and celestials assembled at the hermitage created an atmosphere of celebration.  The deities assembled were offered reverence to Ahalya whose limbs were purified by the practice of austerities performed under the guidance of the illustrious Sage Gauthama, was made reunite the couple after a very long time, Sage Gauthama offered reverence to Rama and proceeded with Ahalya to practice asceticism.  Rama after receiving due respect and honors for his manifestation from Sage Gauthama and proceed to Mithila.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Balakandam !! 48. The legend of Ahalya !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!

Prushtva Thu Kushalam Thathra Paraspara Samagamey |
Katha Anthey Sumathi: Vakyam Vyajahara Mahamunim ||
Imaou Kumarou Bhadhram They Deva Thulya Parakramou |
Gajasimha Gathi Veerou Shardhoola Vrushabham Upamou ||
Padma Pathra Vishalakshai Shankha Thuni  Dhanurdharaou |
Ashvinou Iva Roopena Samupasthitha Youvanou ||
Yadhricchaya Yeva Gam Prapthou Devalokath Iva Amarou |
Katham Padmabhyam Iha Prapthou Kima Artham Kasya Va Mune ||
King Sumithra exchanged warm wishes to Sage Vishwamithra and enquired about Rama and Lakshmana “ Oh! Illustrious Brahmin/Rishey, I earnestly pray to describe about the two youths who are valorous as deities/Deva, daring as King of elephants/Gajasimha, powerful as Shardhoolam & Vrushabha/lion & Bull.  These Dhanurdharas/proficient in bow & arrow who has beautiful wide eyes like lotus flowers has the courage of Lord Vishnu, their charismatic looks and physical features has the resemblance of splendid Ashvini Kumaras.  Are they immortals from the abode of deities who has taken an opportunity to walk down to Earth? These two youths has similar physique and facial expressions, their presence in the province has the resemblance of the existence of Lord Surya and Lord Chandra simultaneously.  Oh Rishey, I would like to know more about the valorous youths/Narashreshta who are wielding powerful weapons and had taken great efforts to cross the difficult paths to arrive in this province.”  Sage Vishwamithra described the purpose of thevisit of Rama and Lakshman to Siddhashrama/hermitage and the annihilation of the demons.  King Sumathi was spellbound after listening to the gallant deeds of Rama and Lakshmana, eventually he received the prominent youths, sons of King Dasaratha with great honor and respect.  On that night Rama and Lakshmana along with Sage Vishwamithra halted in the province of King Sumathi, and on the next day they have preceded their journey to Mithila.  As soon as they entered the marvelous city Mithila  of King Janaka, all the sages assembled were admired the grandeur of it.  Rama’s eye fell on a very old rundown hermitage that was discarded for long time back and expressed his desire to listen about the same to Sage Vishwamithra.  Sage Vishwamithra narrated “Oh! Raghava, It’s my pleasure to describe about the great soul who was lived in the hermitage had mercilessly undergo curse.  It was the marvelous hermitage of the illustrious Sage Gouthama, which was venerated by deities; he practiced severe austerities living in this hermitage with his wife Ahalya.  The thousand eyed Lord Indra, consort of Sacchidevi, assumed the guise of Sage Gauthama and approached the hermitage while the Sage was not present.  Lord Indra approached Ahalya and enticed her, expressed his intense desire to have physical relationship with her.  Oh! Raghunandana, Ahalya was realized the fact that the thousand eyed Lord Indra has the immense desire to have physical relationship with her, in order to please the King of Lords she yielded for his desires.  Ahalya was extremely satisfied at her heart of hearts and prompted Lord Indra, ruler of deities to leave the hermitage before the arrival of Sage Gauthama.  Lord Indra too had immense pleasure of sense gratification in the association of Ahalya and left the hermitage abruptly was run into Sage Gauthama.   Ultimately, the resplendent Sage Gauthama cursed Ahalya for her immoral act and discarded the sacred hermitage. The Surapathi/Lord Indra who was in the guise of Sage was extremely appalling at the sight of the Sage Gauthama.  The most infuriated Sage was cursed the thousand eyed Lord Indra to turn unproductive for his depraved act and cursed Ahalya to remain invisible form for thousands of years ignored by all the living beings, without any food and live with only air, swallow up in dust for her dishonest and immoral act of sense gratification, ultimately get purified and regain her original form by the touch of Rama, son of King Dasaratha.  Eventually Sage Gauthama abandoned the marvelous hermitage which was venerated by the Siddhas and Charanas, further preceded to the serene peaks of Mount Himalayas to practice severe asceticism.”
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Balakandam !! 47. The legend of Maruth Ganas !!

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Sapthadha Thu Kruthey Garbham Dithi: Paramam Dhukkitha |
Sahasraksham Dhuradharsham Vakhyam Sa  Anunaya Abraveeth ||
Mama Aparadhath Garbham Ayam Sapthadha Shakali Krutha: |
Na Aparadho Hi Deva Esha Thava Athra Balasoodhana ||
Priyam Thvath Krutham Icchami Mama Garbham Viparyaye |
Marutham Saptha Sapthanam Sthanapala Bhavanthu They ||
Sage Vishamithra continued “ Diti was extremely anguished at the fragment of her fetus into seven segments, she mournfully spoke to unconquerable and thousand eyed Lord Indra “ Oh! Indra King of deities, Balasoodhana, slayer of demon Bala, my fetus was divided into seven fragments by my own fault and it was no unfairness from you.  My favoritism to the fetus turned out reverse of my expectation, let this seven segments become the seven Maruth Ganas/ Lord Vayu rulers of ethereal world under your supervision. Oh! Lord Indra, let these seven sons of mine will be worshipped as the deities Maruth Ganas and proceed to heavenly abode with their celestial form.  One of the Maruth Ganas remains in the abode of Lord Brahma, one in the abode of Lord Indra and the third one will be prominent among the deities as Lord Vayu and circulate in the whole Universe. Oh! Son Lord Indra, the remaining Maruth Ganas will reside in four directions at your command.  They will be famously known as Maruth Ganas, because you have pacified them pronouncing ‘ Ma Rutha’ while they emaciated in pain.” after listening to the words of Diti,  the thousand eyed Lord Indra, destroyer of enemies folding his palm to together and  replied “  Oh! Devi, it is definite that all that you have desired will come true and your sons, the Maruth Ganas will be venerated as deities.” In this way, Lord Indra pacified his step mother and arrived in a fair decision, in the sacred land Kushalaplavam of City of Vishala, and Lord Indra returned to his abode.  Oh! Rama, this is one of the most sacred lands on Earth where Lord Indra offered abundance of service to his step mother Diti, for the completion of asceticism.  The King of Ikshvaku dynasty ruled this city had a virtuous son from queen Alambusha, he was well known as Vishala who constructed this city and named after him.  King Vishala had a valorous son Hemachandra, and his son Suchandra was famous to the world.  Suchandra had a son Dhoomrashva and whose son was Srijjaya.  Sahadeva was the fortunate son of Srijjaya, Kushashvasya was a righteous son of Sahadeva.  Kushashvasya had a splendid son Somadatta who had a prominent son Kakustha.  Presently the grand city of Vishala is under the regime of Sumati, the mighty son of Kakustha who is unconquerable to the whole Universe, with the grace of  Ikshvaku all the successive rulers of Vishala had long life, righteousness and fearless in them.  Tonight we will halt in the marvelous City of Vishala and it will be appropriate to meet King Janaka of Kingdom of Mithila in the morning.”  Thus, Sage Vishamithra concluded his speech to Rama and Lakshmana.  The prominent King Sumathi heard about the visit of illustrious Sage Vishamithra in the precinct of the City of Vishala, soon he arrived with his preceptors and family to offer veneration to the Sage.  King Sumathi with folded hands enquired the well being of Sage Vishwamithra and declared himself as most fortunate to meet him.
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