Friday, 29 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 55. Hanumath Santhrasa:/ Hanuman became gloomy at the thought of safety of Sita !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Sandhipyamanam Vidhvasthamthrastha Rakshoganam Purim |
Avekshya Hanuman Lankam Chinthayamasa Vanara : ||
Thasya Athbhutha Sumahanthrasa: Kuthsa Cha Athmanai Ajayatha |
Lankam Pradhahatha Karma Kimsveeth Krutham Idham Maya ||
Dhanya: They Purushashreshta Ye Buddhya Kopamuthyatham |
Nirundhanthi  Mahathmano Dheeptham Agnimivambasa ||
Kruddha: Papam Na Kuryaka: Kruddho Hanyadhagurunapi |
Kruddha; Parushaya Vacha Nara:  Sadhoonadhikshipeth ||
Vachyavayam Prakupitho Na Vijanathi Karhichith |
Nakaryamasthi Kruddhasya Navachayam Vidhyathey Kvachith ||
The resplendent Hanuman immersed in various thought after witnessing the blazing fire in the city of Lanka and panic stricken demons in multitude.  Soon he was besieged with extreme anxiety and gloominess, thought “Why did I burn the city of Lanka?  The excellent and virtuous men with wisdom will not undergo fury, which could kill even the elderly that is a sinful deed indeed and it could bring disdain to virtuous.   An enraged person never knows the usage of appropriate words or forbidden words, for an agitated person there is no act is forbidden or no words are misappropriate.  Whoever diffuses the flames of anger with endurances is known as ideal person.  I have committed severe sin due to my foolishness and shamelessness; I have set fire in the city of Lanka without the thought of Sita and flawed my master’s task.  If the entire city of Lanka burnt into ashes, most probably venerable Sita must be burnt in that chaos, I have accidentally caused damage to the purpose of my Lord.  All my efforts have gone waste; I should have saved Sita, while the city of Lanka was into flames.  It was a simple task of mine was caused due to overpower of anger, eventually I have destroyed the entire task.  The whole city of the Lanka has been burnt; therefore Sita must have lost in the mayhem.  If the task has been spoilt by my tainted aptitude, it is appropriate to give up my life.  Shall I jump into the colossal fire or hurl myself into the vast ocean which is the dwelling place of deadly creatures? How can I face Sugriva, Lord of Vanaras, Rama or Lakshmana, after ruining the entire task? Due to the uncontrollable anger, I have revealed the apishness to the three worlds; although I was capable enough to save Sita I could not do that.  I feel utter shame upon my uncompassionate and unstable act.  If Sita dies, Rama and Lakshmana will not be alive, eventually Sugriva and the entire clan of Vanaras too will die.  How virtuous Bharatha and Shathrugna, affectionate brothers will survive at the death of Rama, Lakshmana and Sita?  When the righteous Ikshvaku dynasty perishes, people of the kingdom will afflict with extreme anguish and distress.  I am an unfortunate Vanara deprived of values of responsibilities, no control over the sense of anger, became the cause for the destruction of world.”  Suddenly Hanuman witnessed auspicious omen and started thinking “ Sita, the auspicious lady who has attractive limbs, is capable to protect herself with her effulgence, a blaze cannot swallow a fire.  Sita, who has great splendor, chaste wife of virtuous Rama, is capable to protect herself from the fire with her austerities.  The fire which has the natural tendency to burn was put me out of danger due to the power of Rama and compassion of Sita.  How Sita who is venerable like a deity to three brothers and dear to Rama will perish in that fire?  The fire which is imperishable and capable to spread in all directions effortlessly was not burn my tail, so how can it burn the most venerable Sita?  She is capable to burn down the fire with her penance, austerities and chastity, therefore the Fire cannot burn her.” While Hanuman was remembering the virtues of Sita, he could hear some auspicious words of Charanas “ Alas ! Hanuman hurled the colossal fire into the palace of Ravana which was indeed a difficult task.  The entire city of Lanka is packed with the panic struck demons with their families and children running hither and thither with cries.  It is a marvelous sight that the entire city of Lanka with its beautiful mansions and market places are burnt except Sita.”  Hanuman was highly pleased to hear the highly auspicious words of Charans, further he decided to see the princess and personally visit her to ensure her safety.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!