Thursday, 14 May 2015

Sundarakandam !! 38 . Choodamani Pradhanam / Sita handed over the precious ornament ‘Choodamani’ !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Thatha: Sa Kapishardhoola: Thena Vakyena Harshitha: |
Seetham Uvacha Thatha Shruthva Vakyam Vakya Visharadha: ||
Yuktha Roopam Thvaya Devi Bashitham Shubhadharshane |
Sadhrusham Sthri Svabhavasya Sadhvinam Vinayasya Cha ||
Sthrithvam Na Thu Samartham Hi Sagaram Vyathivarthithum |
Mamadhishtaya Visthirnam Shathayojanamayatham ||
Dhvithiyam Karanam Yach Cha Brahvishi Vinayanvithey |
Ramath Anyasya Naharmi Samsprusham Ithi Janaki ||
Yethath  They Devi Sadhursham Pathyna: Thasya Mahathmana: |
Ka Hi Anyathvamthrshtathey Devi Bruyath Vachanam Idhrusham ||
Hanuman who has the proficiency in the usage of words, was very pleased to listen to the speeches of Sita, and began to speak “Oh! Shubhadharshane/auspicious woman, Oh! Devi you have well described the chastity of a virtuous woman, and it is not appropriate for you to ascend on my shoulder to cross the vast ocean of hundred yojanas.  Oh! Janaki/ Oh! Vinayanvithe/humble woman, wife of virtuous Rama, the reason for not willing to ascend on my shoulder is accurate; I understood that you not prepared to touch anyone other than your husband Rama and no one could speak such appropriate words like you.  Oh! Devi,  I shall inform Rama all that we have communicated.  Oh! Devi, all those words were spoken to you with several reasons, desired to do good to Rama consequently my mind got poignant due to excessive affection towards him.  I am so much annoyed by the supremacy of Lanka, difficulty to cross the mighty ocean and desired to reveal my capabilities to you.  I have uttered all those words to you because of my utmost respect and devotion to my master Rama; as a result I wished to carry you safely to Rama, not because of any unfair reason.  Oh! Anindhithe/ unblemished Lady, if you are not willing to come with me, kindly provide me with a symbol of remembrance which Rama could recognize.”  Sita began to speak with tears overflowing after listening to Hanuman, “Kindly narrate the admirable incidents which I am going to describe as a sign of remembrance to my beloved husband.  There was a serene place in the Mount Chithrakooda which is the dwelling place of ascetics, packed with fruits, tubers and water. While we were residing in a hermitage of sages, we both were striding through the mangroves and places packed with fresh alluring flowers of various fragrances.  We were wet and settled in a place, suddenly there appeared a crow yearning for meat and it began to peck me, although I have tried to put off its efforts but it did not move a bit, because the crow was so hungry, while I was trying to wave off, my upper garments were misplaced.  I was very angry, but Rama was laughed at me watching my inability to react to the crow, I sought refuge in him.  I was tired, pacified by him and settled on his lap and slept for a while due to extreme fatigue, Bharatha was present too.  I woke up and once again the crow vehemently appeared before me and pecked on my bosom, eventually it started bleeding heavily and Rama got wet by the oozing of blood.  Rama, destroyer of enemy, woke up from pleasant slumber and witnessed me tormented by the crow.  Rama, who has long arms, was hissed like an angry serpent seeing me in trouble.  He enquired “who has debilitated your bosom? Who has the courage to face an angry venomous serpent?”  Immediately, he looked around and saw a hungry crow with its sharp claws wet in blood, was settled in front of me.  It was the son of Lord Indra, Lord of celestials, has the speed of wind resides in the woods of Chithrakooda.  The virtuous Rama, who has long arms, was swirling in anger, decided to put an end to the crow, he plucked a Kusha grass from the bed of grass, he infused the sacred hymns of Brahmasthra/ a vicious weapon that could cause mass destruction on it and the Kusha grass like a blazing shoot capable to destroy the entire Universe was aimed at the bird.  The Kusha grass chased the crow like divine weapon in the sky; it flew aimlessly in the sky chasing the crow which was helplessly moved across the sky for protection.  It wandered through the three worlds and approached its father Lord Indra and Sages, ultimately, sought shelter under the lotus feet of Rama who is compassionate, protected the crow, though it was deserved to be killed, it fell on the feet of Rama and sought protection.  The crow was extremely exhausted and helpless, Rama said “it is impossible to disrespect the Brahmasthra, cannot go waste.” At the wish of the crow, Brahmasthra was shot on the right eye of it, in this way the crow got its life back and reverentially offered salutation to Rama and Dhasharatha and returned to its abode.  Oh! Mahipathey/ Rama, has utilized the vicious weapon Brahmasthra upon a crow in order to save me.  Oh! Rama, why you are merciful to the one who was abducted me?  Oh! Nararshabha/ Rama, you are the protector, you are valorous and you’re the destroyer of enemies, bestow mercy upon me.  Oh! Raghava, you are righteous, you are the ocean of compassion, you are powerful, I am thoroughly aware of your resistance, imperturbability, profoundness like ocean and mother Earth, prowess equal to Lord Indra.  Oh! Raghava, you are courageous, virtuous and excellent in archery, why you are not using your powerful arrows against the demons?  And one of the Nagas or Gandharvas, or Asura, or Maruthganas, cannot resist the powerful arrows of Rama in the battle.   If the valiant Rama is so enthusiastic in my matter, why he is not destroying the demons with his powerful arrows?  Why mighty Lakshmana, who is the younger brother of Rama, destroyer of enemies, does not come to protect me at the command of his elder brother?  Why these two tigers among men, Rama and Lakshmana, capable to destroy the demons and has the sharpness equivalent to Lord Vayu and Lord Agni does not come to protect me? There is no doubt that I must have committed severe sin, that is the reason these tigers among men Rama & Lakshmana, destroyer of enemies and well capable to protect are neglecting me.”  After listening to the pathetic appeal of Sita with over flowing tears on her face, Hanuman began to speak “Oh! Devi, Rama has grown to dislike everything due to the extreme grief of separation from you, I am speaking all truthful words to you, when Rama get disappointed even Lakshmana too become inconsolable.  Oh! Anindhithe,  I have located you, it is not the time to express grief and you will get rid of your sorrows very soon.  These mighty princes,  Rama and Lakshmana excellent among men are eager to witness you and they will reduce the City of Lanka into ashes.  Oh! Vishalakshi,  Rama will kill Ravana and his relatives in the battle, shortly he will take you back to his city.  Kindly narrate about what to be expressed to Rama, Lakshmana, Sugriva and the mighty Vanaras assembled.”  Sita, daughter of Rajarishi, after listening to Hanuman, replied “ Oh! Mahakape, express my salutation bowing head down and enquire welfare to Rama, son of noble Kousalya.   Oh! Mahakape, enquire the welfare of Lakshmana, delight of Sumithra, who has renounced the royal comforts, riches and pleasurable association of young maidens,  he offered humble reverence to his mother and father, and sincerely followed Rama to exile from his Kingdom, he wholeheartedly serving his elder brother in the wood.  Lakshmana who has powerful broad shoulders like a lion, mighty armed, has charismatic looks and stable minded; treats myself and Rama as his father and mother.  The valiant Lakshmana, who is the replica of  Dhasharatha, my father- in – law,  has possessed excellence,  he is compassionate, he respect elders and a beloved prince is not aware about abduction of me by Ravana.  Lakshmana, younger brother of Rama, is always dearest to me and he will sincerely carry out the work entrusted to him.  Oh! Vanarashreshta, you are capable to fulfill this task, therefore express my grief to Lakshmana, who is compassionate, virtuous and darling of Rama would relieve me from the sorrows.  The valorous Rama, will be extremely impressed at your commitment, and he will be enthusiastic once again.  Oh! Dhasharathathmaja, it is my promise that I will be holding my breath for a month and I will not survive after that.  Oh! Vira/ Oh Rama, you are required to release me from the detention of sinful Ravana, like Lord Vishnu protected Lord Indra, and Goddess Srimahalakshmi from the netherworld.” Sita untied the marvelous hair jewel/Choodamani from the cloth and handed over to Hanuman with an instruction to offer to Rama.  Hanuman, best among the Vanaras, worn that precious ornament on his finger and offered humble salutation to Sita and circumambulated her with utmost reverence.  He was extremely delightful at his triumph in locating Sita, reverentially thought of Rama.  Hanuman, worn the marvelous Choodamani on his finger, stood like the one quivered the colossal mountain, he was pleased by heart and prepared for his return journey to cross the mighty ocean.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!