Thursday, 30 April 2015

Sundarakandam !! 26. Athmahathya Nishchaya:/ Sita’s decision to end her life !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Prasakthashrumukhi  Thvevam Bruvathi Janakathmaja |
Adhogathamukhi Bala Vilapthumupachakramey ||
Unmaththeva  Pramaththeva  Bhranthachiththeva  Shochathi |
Upavruththa Kishoriva Viveshtanthi Mahithaley ||
Raghavasya Pramaththasya  Rakshasa  Kamaroopina |
Ravanena Pramathyahamanitha Kroshathibalath ||
Rakshasi Vashamapanna Bhartharyamana Sudharunam |
Chinthayanthi Sudhukkarthi Naham Jeevithumupthsahey ||
Na Hi Mey Jeevithey Nartha Naivarthanya Cha Bhooshanam |
Vasanthya Rakshasi Madhye Vinaramam Maharatham ||
Sita was completely out of her usual self with face hung down, whispered to herself about her pathetic state and wept bitterly, she fell down on the ground and cried like a barmy woman “I was abducted by the mighty Ravana who has the power to assume any form while Rama was away.  I don’t want to live a wretched life in extreme anxiety and grief under the control of dreadful demons.  It is meaningless to live in the midst of awful demons, without the great charioteer Rama.  Why my heart is still alive? Why it is not giving up beating with these sorrows and grief?  It must be made of iron that is the reason it remains without any harm.  I am living a sinful life without Rama to protect me; I feel ashamed of myself, I am not a chaste wife to Rama, who is the Lord of Earth and a pleasant talker.  I am living a horrible life without my husband on the other side of the ocean, I have no interest to live, let them consume my body by cutting into pieces; I am unable to endure the grief for long time in the absence of my husband.  I will not let wicked Ravana to touch even my left foot; he is apt to be rejected for his cruel and immoral nature.  I will sacrifice my life in blaze, so that Ravana cannot get hand on me.  Rama is wise, righteous, compassionate and prominent; I doubt he too became heartless due to my misfortune.  Rama killed fourteen thousand demons in Janasthana, why he is not coming for my protection?  He is well capable to conquer powerless Ravana who had detained me under his custody.  Rama killed the mighty Viradha in Dandaka forest, why he is not coming for my protection?  Though the city of Lanka located across the vast ocean, Rama’s arrows are powerful, fierce and capable to take away the life of enemies.  Why mighty Rama is not capable to protect his dearest wife from the demons?  I suspect that Rama and Lakshmana are not aware of my existence, if Rama came to know about the plight of my situation will he tolerate?  Jatayu, King of birds, must have informed Rama about the incident of abduction by Ravana, unfortunately he was severely wounded while battling with Ravana.  Jatayu, though he was old and weak, he entered in a fight with Ravana to protect me.  If Rama came to know about my miserable situation, it is definite that he will make the Earth without demons with his powerful arrows.  Rama will destroy the City of Lanka, he will dry up the vast ocean and will destroy the glories of Ravana.  Subsequently the women in every house will undergo the same sorrows and grief which I am facing now; they will grieve over the death of their husbands.  Rama and Lakshmana will conduct rigorous search for me all over the city of Lanka, city of demons and will not leave even a single enemy.  This glorious city of Lanka will soon become a funeral ground with infinite funeral pyre crammed with vultures.  There is not much time left to turn my desires in to real, in a short while there will be mass destruction and the city will be deprived of its glory.  Once the wicked Ravana is being killed, this unconquerable city will lose its charm like a woman who lost her husband.  In a short time, I could hear the cries of woman who are grieving over the death of their husbands; the city of Lanka will be burnt by the arrows of Rama, along with its darkness and lustful demons.  Is that valorous Rama with red color on the corner of eyes aware of my existence is Ravana’s palace? There is not much time left for the execution of verdict of Ravana, which will not do any good to him, these carnivores have no virtue and are unaware of righteousness; eventually it will cause complete annihilation of their clan.  I am miserable without the presence of Rama; I am yearning for his mesmerizing appearance, if anyone to provide me with poison, I would have consume it happily and reach the abode of Lord Yama.  If Rama and Lakshmana aware of my existence, they will definitely conduct search all through the Earth
The valiant Rama must have left his mortal body on earth due to extreme grief of separation and attained the celestial world, deities, Siddhas, Sages and Gandharvas are fortunate to witness my husband who has long beautiful eyes like lotus petal or Rama who is desirous of virtuousness, intelligent and has perfect control over the senses must have lost interest in me, but only the ungrateful companions will break their friendship, Rama is not like that.  Why I have to go through these difficulties in the absence of Rama, Am I lacking virtues? all my fortunes have weakened?  I don’t deserve to live without the righteous Rama who is destroyer of enemies and a great warrior.
The two brave men/Rama and Lakshmana must have discarded their weapons in the woods and became forest dwellers depending on fruits and tubers.
Rama and Lakshmana might have killed by the wicked King of demons.  If so, it is appropriate for me to sacrifice my life, even the death is not embracing me at this moment.  My salutation to those virtuous Sages who discarded sins and controlled senses are fortunate who have no awareness of pleasure or displeasure; they need not undergo the fear or sorrow out of pleasure or displeasure.  I have no desire to live under the detention of wicked Ravana after leaving the righteous Rama who has controlled senses.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!