Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Sundarakandam !! 63. Madhuvana Banga Nivedhanam/ Dhadhimukha informs the destruction of Madhuvana to Sugriva !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Thatho Moordhna Nipathitham Vanaram Vanararshabha: |
Dhrushtva  Yeva Udhvigna Hrudhaye Vakyam Yethath Uvacha Ha ||
Uthishta Uthishta  Kasmath Thvam Padhayo: Pathitho Mama |
Abhayam They Bhaveth Veera Sathyam Yeva  Abhidheeyatham ||
 Sa Thu Vishwasitha: Thena  Sugrivena Mahathmana |
Athyayacha Mahaprajjo Vakyam Dhadhimukho Abraveeth ||
Na Yeva Riksharajasa Rajan Na Thvya Na Api Valina |
Vanam Nisrushtapoorvam Hi Bakshitham Thath Thu  Vanarai: ||
Yebhi: Pradharshitha: Cha Yeva Varitha Vanarakshibhi: |
Madhooni Achinthayithva Iman Bhashyanthi Pibanthi Cha ||
Dhadhimukha placed his forehead on the feet of Sugriva, who was in a state of utter fright, began to speak “ Oh! Vira, rise up, rise up, why did you fall on my feet? I will protect you from any kind of trepidation, kindly narrate.”  Dhadhimukha was inspired by the speech of virtuous Sugriva, the highly intelligent Dhadhimukha replied “ Oh! Rajan, The Mudhvanam was not set free for anyone by your father Riksharajan, or you or Vali, that marvelous garden has been guzzled down by the Vanaras.  While the guards of the garden obstructed their acts were brutally beaten and threatened, finally they destroyed the garden Madhuvanam.  Some of the Vanaras were behaving callously, most enraged Vanaras thrashed the guards with their hands and knees, and some of the guards were badly beaten and tossed up in the air and all these had happened during your regime.”  Lakshmana who is wise and the destroyer of enemies, enquired Sugriva after witnessing the pathetic state of Dhadhimukha. “Oh! Rajan, why did the protector of Madhuvanam come here? What was happened to him? What did he describe in utter grief?” Sugriva replied “ Oh! Arya, Oh! Lakshmana, Dhadhimukha valiant and foremost among the Vanaras informing about the mighty Vanaras under the leadership of Angadha have returned from south, after locating Sita and they are consuming honey from the Madhuvanam.  After observing their enthusiasm and gusto in the chase of Madhuvanam, we can assume that the courageous Vanaras are returned after accomplishing our task, otherwise they will not indulge in this kind of deed.  There is no doubt that Hanuman must have located Sita.  None other than Hanuman has capability to accomplish our task, he is well competent to perform any task, he is prominent for his wisdom and intelligence, vigor and laborious acts.   The accomplishment of task is definite where there is Jambavan and Angadha as leaders and Hanuman as perpetrator.  It was reported that the Vanaras with their leader Angadha ruined the garden Madhuvana and while preventing from the action the guards were beaten, to inform the same prominent Dhadhimukha who is famous for his prowess has arrived.  Oh! Mahabhaho, Lakshmana, I presume that sita has been located, in order to celebrate the boundless joy, Vanaras immersed in the destruction of Madhuvana and consuming honey.  Oh! Purusharshabha,  If they have not located Sita, they would not ruin the Madhuvana which was received as a boon.”  The righteous Lakshmana expressed his joy with Rama who was extremely pleased to hear the nectar like words of Sugriva.  After listening to Dhadhimukha, guardian of Madhuvana, Sugriva who has long neck, replied “I am extremely happy that the Vanaras who have accomplished the task took great pleasure in the Madhuvanam and it is a pardonable act and they are deserved to be forgiven.  We are desired to meet Vanaras along with their chief Hanuman, who has the pride of lion and has accomplished the task, we would like to hear about his efforts in finding Sita.”  Sugriva, King of Vanaras was extremely delightful to know the task has been fruitful, and triumph is coming close to their hands, he witnessed the two princes Rama and Lakshmana in a state of ecstacy, eyes filled with tears of joy.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!