Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Sundarakandam !! 62. Vanapala Pradharshanam/ Dhadhimukha’s efforts to protect Madhuvanam !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Thanuvacha  Harishreshto Hanuman  Vanararshabha: |
Avyagra Manaso Yooyam Madhusevatha Vanara: ||
Ahamavarayishyami Yushmakam Paripanthina: |
Shruthva Hanumatho Vakyam Harinam Pravarongadha: ||
Prathyuvacha Prasannathma Pibanthu Harayo Madhu |
Avashyam Kritha Karyasya Vakyam Hanumatho Maya ||
Akaryam Api Karthavyam  Kimanga  Puna: Yidhrusham |
Angadhasya Mukhath Shruthva Vachanam Vanararshabha: ||
Hanuman/Vanararshabha, who is powerful as bull among the Vanara spoke “Oh! Vanaras, take pleasure in the honey with cool mind!  I will keep you all safe from the oppressor.”  Angadha supported the words of Hanuman “ Let all the Vanaras relish the honey ! Let us follow the words of Hanuman who had accomplished the task.”  All the Vanaras were extremely delightful after listening to Angadha.  All the Vanaras rushed to the garden which has abundance of honey, like river. It was the most delightful occasion for Vanaras that Hanuman located Sita, all those fortunate Vanaras after obtaining permission from Angadha, darted through the Madhuvanam, trounced the guards, they drank honey at their hearts content and took immense pleasure in the luscious fruits.  All those Vanaras attacked hundred of guards of marvelous garden who obstructed their way, Vanaras that has the complexion of honey were obtained great pleasure in the consumption of the same, soon they were highly intoxicated, splashed honey on each other’s and it was over flown in the garden.  Some of the Vanaras were hanging upside down; some of them were laid down on the cluster of leaves, some of the Vanaras were exhilarating others, some of them were pushing each other, some of the Vanaras were staggering, some of the Vanaras were roaring like lion, some of them were whistled like birds in extreme joy, some of them were dozed off to sleep, some of them were laughing and all the Vanaras were immersed in all kinds of monkey acts.  The guards of Madhuvanam, messengers of Dhadhimukha were badly beaten and hurled in the air by the Vanaras, eventually they reported the same to Dhadhimukha, he was so infuriated after listening about the mass destruction of the Madhuvanam, decided to prevent the Vanaras by using force.  The foremost among the Vanaras, led by Dhadhimukha arrived in the garden to retreat the Vanaras who were engaged in the ruin of the same, they picked up of huge rocks,  Sala tree, Palm tree as their weapon.  All those Vanaras already settled in the Madhuvanam along with Hanuman hurried to attack Dadhimukha and group of Vanaras, most infuriated Angadha hit long armed Dhadhimukha, who is maternal uncle to his father, possessed immense might with his palms, Angadha due to enormous proud and arrogance, mercilessly beaten Dhadhimukha and whipped him on the ground.  The most valiant Dhadhimukha was afflicted with broken arms and thighs, was drenched in blood and lost his conscious for a moment; he regained his consciousness and fuming with anger, fought back the Vanaras who are highly intoxicated due to excessive consumption of honey.  Shortly Dhadhimukha decided to leave Madhuvanam and spoke to his associates, “ Let this Vanaras ruin the Madhuvanam, I am going to meet Sugriva/Vipulagriva/who has long neck, Lord of Vanaras lives with Rama, to report the incident, especially the misconduct of Angadha.  King Sugriva will get infuriated and kill the Vanaras,  Madhuvanam is  a cherished garden of the virtuous King Sugriva, it was inherited from his grandfather, it is a marvelous garden even the celestials are not dared to enter in it.  These Vanaras will face ruthless punishment, due to their greediness for the honey; even they may sentence to death by Sugriva.   These Vanaras disregarded the royal command are liable to get punished.”  Dhadhimukha with his associates set out to meet Sugriva, in a few minutes they have arrived at the palace of Sugriva, he descended on the ground after witnessing Rama, Lakshmana and Sugriva.  Dhadhimukha, who has great prowess, supreme Lord of Guards, surrounded by his associates was in a miserable state, offered salutation to Sugriva, he went down to his knees and placed his head on the auspicious feet of Sugriva.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!