Friday, 5 June 2015

Sundarakandam !! 65. Abhijyana Kadhanam Choodamani Pradhanam Cha/ Hanuman handed over the Choodamani to Rama !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Thatha: Prasravanam Shailam They Gathva Chithrakananam |
Pranamya Shirasa  Ramam Lakshmanam Cha Mahabalam ||
Yuvarajam Pura: Kruthya Sugrivam Abhivadhya Cha |
Pravruththam Atha Seethaya: Pravakthum Upachakramu: ||
Ravananthapurey Rodham Rakshasabhi: Cha Tharjanam |
Rame Samanuragam Cha Ya:  Cha Api Samaya: Kritha: ||
Yethath Akhyanthi The Sarva Harayo Rama Sannidhou |
Vaidhehim Akshatham Shruthva Rama: Thu Utharamabraveeth ||
Kva Seethavarththey Devim Katham Cha Mayivarththey |
Yethanmey Sarvam Akhyath Vaidhehim Prathivanara: ||
All those Vanaras arrived in a well flourished Mount Prasravanam, keeping Angadha and elderly Vanaras at forefront; they offered sincere salutation with their heads bow down to Rama, Lakshmana and Sugriva respectively.  They narrated the distressed state of Sita who was surrounded by dreadful demons, her persistent thoughts about her beloved husband Rama and the verdict of wicked Ravana, to Rama.  After receiving nectar like message about Sita, Rama replied “Where is Devi Sita? How is she? Oh! Vanaras, explain more about Vaidhehi.”  All the Vanaras urged Hanuman who was well aware of the state of affairs to speak about Sita, shortly Hanuman, son of Lord Vayu bowed his head towards the direction of Devi Sita with utmost reverence, and began to speak “Oh! Rama, I have crossed the ocean of hundred Yojana wide and arrived at the southern shore where the abode of wicked Ravana , City of Lanka located. I have resumed my journey with an intense desire to search for Sita, daughter of King Janaka.  I have located virtuous Sita in the abode of Ravana, she was immersed in the thought of you.  I have witnessed her in the middle of Pramadhavanam, surrounded by dreadful female demons; she was guarded by these horrific demons, constantly threatened by them.  Oh! Vira, Devi Sita who deserved to live happily with you, is emaciated with extreme grief.   Oh! Rama, I have witnessed her in a wretched state, with a single plait of hair,  she was miserable, immersed in the thought of you, settled on the ground, she has discolored limbs like lotus flower withered in the winter, rejecting all the pleas of wicked Ravana and she is determined to give up her life.  Oh! Anagha, Rama, I have gained her confidence after describing the glories of Ikshvaku dynasty.  I have described the reason of my arrival in the abode of Ravana, she was happy to hear about the alliance between you and Sugriva, Devi Sita is virtuous and highly devoted you.  Oh! Purusharshaba, I have found the illustrious Mahabhaga Janakanandhini enriched with devotion and dedication to you.  Oh! Raghava,/Mahaprajja, she has given me a sign of remembrance and narrated the incident of a crow took place in the Mount Chithrakooda, and Janaki spoke the following words to me.”  “Oh! Vayusootha, inform Rama that all you have witnessed here.  Kindly offer the precious ornament, Choodamani which was well protected to Rama, while Sugriva listening to your words.  This divine ornament was well guarded by me; describe the incident that Rama had painted my cheek with the vermillion, when the former mark was vanished.  This divine ornament has the origin from the sea is sending to Rama, which was enthused me during my hardships, as if I am witnessing Rama.  Oh! Dhasharathmaja, I cannot survive more than a month.”  Sita who has the power of severe austerities, emaciated with utter desolation, retained in the Ashokavatika, keeping her eyes wide open like a dove, continued “ Oh! Raghava, I have described the whole incident, let a bridge be constructed across the vast ocean.”  The two princes were extremely delightful and confident after obtaining the Choodamani, in this way Hanuman pacified Rama and Lakshmana and conveyed all those messages of Devi Sita.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!