Friday, 5 June 2015

Sundarakandam !! 66. Seetha Abhibashitha Prashna:/ Rama’s enquiries about Sita !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Yevamuktho Hanumatha Ramo Dhasharathathmaja: |
Thama Manim Hrudaye Kruthva Prarurodha Salakshmana: ||
Thama Thu Dhrushtva Manishreshtam Raghava: Shokakarshitha: |
Nethrabhyam Ashrupoornabhyam Sugrivam Idhamabraveeth ||
Yayaiva Dhenu: Sravathi Snehath Vatsasya Vatsala |
Thaya Mama Api Hrudayam Manirathnasya Dharshanath ||
Manirathnam Idham Dhaththam Vaidhehya Shvashurena Mey |
Vadhookale Yaya Baddham Adhikam Moordhni Shobhathey ||
Rama, son of Dhasharath who was stood close to Lakshmana, after listening to the words of Hanuman, took hold of the divine ornament Choodamani close to his heart and wept bitterly.  Rama was tormented with extreme grief with tears over flowing, began to speak “The cow spills its milk from udder with extreme love and compassion at the very sight of its calves, my heart too melts with compassion at the sight of this divine ornament which was presented by my father – in - law to Vaidhehi, at the time of our marriage, that was tied around her hair, in such a way it has added its splendor.  It was found in the water, was presented by Lord Indra, Lord of celestials, who was highly pleased at the Yagna performed by King Janaka.  Oh! Saumya, Sugriva, after witnessing this precious jewel it reminds me of my father and King Janaka, King of Vidheha, it looks splendid on the hair of my beloved Sita, it reminds her and her presence as well.  Oh! Saumya, Hanuman kindly narrate the messages of Vaidhehi, daughter of King of Vidheha, describe me in your mellifluous words like water to a thirsty person.  Oh! Saumithrey, what could be more painful to me, I am witnessing the jewel found in water, in the absence of Sita.  Oh! Saumya,  If she can survive for another one month, I understand she is surviving for long,  Oh! Saumya, I cannot continue to exist even for a moment without the black-eyed Sita, take me to the place where my beloved Sita has been found.  I cannot pause even for a moment after knowing her whereabouts.  How is my virtuous and attractive wife Sita, who is always shy, living with the dreadful and wicked demons all around her? Her face like autumn moon which liberates the darkness, must be dull now.  Oh! Hanuman, tell me precisely about the messages of Sita, I will stay alive after listening to that, like a ill person live on medicines.  Kindly describe me about the messages of my gorgeous consort, who is good natured, speaks mellifluously and has beautiful waist has been separated from me.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!