Monday, 1 June 2015

Sundarakandam !! 59. Ananthara Krithyalochanam / Hanuman explains about the unfinished tasks !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Yethathakhyanam Thatha Sarvam Hanuman Maruthathmaja: |
Bhooya: Samupachakrama Vachanam  Vakthumuththaram ||
Saphalo Raghavodhyoga: Sugrivasya Cha Sambrama: |
Sheelamasadhya Seethaya Mama Cha Pravanam Mana: ||
Thapasa Nirdhdhahelokan Shruddho Va Nirdhahedhapi |
Sarvadhathipravriddhosou Ravano Rakshasadhipa: ||
Thasyatham Sprushatho Gathram Thapasa Na Vinashitham |
Na Thadhagnishikha Kuryathsamsprushta Panina Sathi ||
Janakasya Sutha Kuryadhyathkrodha Kalushikritha |
Jambavath Pramukhan Sarvananujyapaya Mahaharin ||
Hanuman, son of Lord Vayu continued “Rama’s endeavor and Sugriva’s enthusiasm is going to be fruitful with the austerities and virtuousness of Devi Sita.  I am ardently devoted to her.  Ravana, King of demons, is authoritative can burn the three worlds with his power of penance; if he become furious he can burn his opponent.  He remained unharmed by the power of his penance after having contact with Devi Sita, if she was infuriated it would have badly hurt him as well.  I have been narrating the incidents taken place in the city of Lanka; it is advisable to meet the two princes after receiving permission from elderly Vanaras headed by Jambavan.  I am capable to destroy the multitudes of demons along with the mighty Ravana and the city of Lanka single handedly.  It is necessary to understand who are powerful, whose spirit is disciplined, who is well versed with the usage of armaments, valiant, ambitious and the number of warriors of Vanaras required for the execution of the task.   In the battle I will kill Ravana, along with his army at the forefront, his sons and brothers.  I can overpower the weapons of Lord Indra, Lord of celestials, Lord Brahma, Lord Rudra, Lord Vayu, Lord Varuna and most vicious weapons utilized by Indrajith.  My prowess will put Ravana in a distressed state; I am proficient in hurling rocks upon the opponent that can kill even the celestials, not to mention about the demons.  Ocean may overflow, Mount Mandhara may quiver, but it is impossible to retreat Jambavan.  The Kapivira/Angadha, son of Vali is capable to destroy the entire troop of army of Ravana and his progenitors.  The virtuous Neela and Nala are capable to shatter Mount Mandhara with their powerful thighs not to mention about the demons.    The illustrious Dvividha and Maindha, son of the Ashwini Kumaras, foremost among the Vanaras, are extremely talented in the war field,  name any of the celestials, Gandharvas, Uragas, Nagas,  Pakshi, and Yakshas to battle against Dvividha and Maindha who has the power of immortality received as a boon from Lord Brahma.  Long ago, Ashwini Kumaras received unparalleled boon for their sacredness from Lord Brahma.  Dvividha and Maindha were proud of their boon and attacked the army of celestials, consumed the elixir of nectar, these two mighty Vanaras are capable to destroy the whole city of Lanka with its horses, elephants and chariots. 
Jayathyathi Balo Ramo Lakshmanascha Mahabala: |
Raja Jayathi Sugrivo Raghavenabhipalitha: ||
Aham Kosala Rajasya Dasa: Pavanasambhava: |
Hanumanithi Sarvathra Nama Vishravitham Maya ||
I have destroyed the glorious city of Lanka proclaiming victory to Rama and mighty Lakshmana, victory to King Sugriva who is protected by Rama,  I am Hanuman, son of Lord Vayu, the servant of Rama.  I have located Devi Sita in the garden of Ashokavanam, settled under the Shimshupa tree, she was completely dejected, surrounded by dreadful demons, she was tormented with extreme grief and agony, she has lost her brilliance like think line of moon, she was disdained to the arrogance and pride of wicked Ravana.  Sita, who is devoted and virtuous wife of Rama, with beautiful limbs constantly think of Rama and his welfare like Sacchi to Lord Indra, destroyer of enemies.  I was found Devi Sita in murky saffron clothes; she was in a miserable state, emaciated with extreme grief.  I have witnessed her in the pleasure garden of Ravana, surrounded by dreadful demons, she was in a wretched state, wearing single plait of hair, immersed at the thought of her beloved husband Rama.  She was looked like a tainted lotus flower in the winter; she was not yielding to the desires of Ravana and decided to sacrifice her life.  I have brought cheerfulness in her with great difficulties; I have explained everything to her and mentioned about the association of Rama with Sugriva.  The virtuous Devi Sita will not kill Ravana who has committed severe sin, she is well constraint with her discipline and devotion to her husband Rama who will be an instrument to kill Ravana, beautiful Devi Sita is emaciated due to the grief of separation from her husband, she had grown too thin like a scholar scrupulously engaged in the studies of scriptures.  I have explained the pathetic state of Sita who is immersed in extreme grief; let us proceed with the deeds which reduce her grief.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!