Friday, 5 June 2015

Sundarakandam !! 67. Seetha Vachana Anuvadha:/ Hanuman describes the messages of Sita !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Yevamuktha: Thu Hanuman  Raghavena Mahathmana |
Seethaya Bhashitham Sarvam Nyavedhayatha Raghave ||
Yevamukthavathi  Devi Janaki Purusharshabha |
Poorvam Vruththam Abhijjanam Chithrakoode Yaya Thatham  ||
Sukha Suptha Thvaya Sardham Janaki Poorvamuththitha |
Vayasa: Sahasa  Uthpathya Viraradha Sthanandhare ||
Paryayena Cha  Suptha: Thvam Devi Anke Bharathagraja |
Puna: Cha Kila Pakshi Sa Devya Janayathi Vyayam ||
Hanuman after listening to the words of virtuous Rama, began to narrate all those words spoken by Sita “Oh! Purusharshabha, Rama, Devi Sita described all those incidents happened in the Mount Chithrakooda long ago.  Janaki who was peacefully drifted to sleep by your side, suddenly got up by the chasing of a crow which tried to tear her flesh from chest with its pointed beak.   Oh! Bharathagraja, you were fast asleep on the lap of Devi Sita for a while, that crow came back and tormented the princes once again, it tore her breast severely and you suddenly got up from sleep, drenched on the blood gushed out of her wound.  Oh! Paramthapa, Rama, you were peacefully lying on her lap was disturbed by the wild act of the crow.  Oh! Mahabhaho, seeing her in a pathetic state, you were hissed like serpent in extreme rage and spoke “ Oh! Bhiru,/bashful who dared to commit such a crime to you? Who is playing with a fuming five hooded serpent?”  Suddenly you have noticed the crow parching around Sita, with its nail drenched in blood and flesh.  It was the son of Lord Indra, Lord of celstials, which resides in the mountain peak and has the speed of wind.  Oh! Mahabhaho, you were fuming with anger, took a sacred grass from the bed of grass, you have infused the Brahmasthra on it, that blazing sacred grass capable to destroy the whole Universe was hurled on the crow.  The sacred grass began to chase the crow, which approached Lord Indra, Sages and Rishis, unfortunately it did not find any protection from the sacred grass of Bhramasthra, and eventually it moved around the three worlds seeking protection.  Oh! Arindhama, ultimately the crow appeared before you seeking refugee on you.  Though it deserved to be killed, you have shown mercy to the crow and provided shelter, protected the crow which was fallen before you.  Oh! Raghava, since it was impossible to diffuse the Brahmasthra, you have plucked the right eye of the crow which was deserted by Lord Indra, Lord of celestials and Sages and was roaming around the three worlds was ultimately protected by you.  Oh! Raghava, who is excellent wielder of bow, valiant, righteous, why you are not utilizing those vicious weapons against these demons? None of the Nagas or  Gandharva, or Maruthganas, are  capable to conquer you in the battle.  If that powerful Rama is eager to protect me, let him kill the wicked Ravana in the battle with his powerful arrows.  Why Lakshmana, destroyer of enemies and foremost among men born in the Raghu Dynasty is no willing to protect me,  after obtaining orders from his brother Rama?  Why these two powerful and competent brothers, excellent among men equivalent to Lord Vayu and Lord Agni, capable to conquer the celestials, ignoring me?  There is no doubt that I have committed a severe sin which made the two brothers Rama and Lakshmana, destroyer of enemies, though capable are not paying attention to me.” After listening to the heartbreaking words of Vaidhehi in tears, I replied to that venerable Sita as follows “  Oh! Devi, Rama has grown indifferent due to the grief of separation from you.  Listen to my truthful words, Rama is completely besieged with sorrow, and Lakshmana too tormented with grief.  Oh! Anindhithey, kindly provide me a sign of remembrance which could recollect your memories to Rama and make him happy.  Those two faultless princes are eager to see you; they are capable to reduce Lanka into ashes.  Oh! Vararohe, Rama will kill Ravana and all his relatives in the battle and he will take you to his city of Ayodhya very soon.”  Oh ! Mahabala Rama, after listening to my words, she took notice of the surroundings and untied the divine ornament Choodamani from her attire and gave it to me. Oh! Raghudhvaha, Rama, after obtaining this divine ornament, I have offered my sincere salutation with head bow down to venerable Devi Sita, I have hurried back to reach you.  Seeing my preparations to leave, Sita/Janakathmaja with tears overflowing, she was in a miserable state, frightful, choked to speak, she was afflicted with intense grief began to speak “Oh! Hanuman, make inquiries about the welfare of Rama and Lakshmana, Sugriva and his ministers, and all the elderly Vanaras,  you have to assist mighty armed Rama to clear all the difficulties, so that he can help me to cross the ocean of sorrow.  Oh! Haripravira, kindly narrate to Rama about my grief and sorrows and the threat from the horrible demons.  Have a safe journey!”  Oh! Illustrious princes/Nriparajasimha, Rama and Lakshmana, I have delivered all those sorrowful messages of venerable Sita to you.  Listen to me carefully, Sita is sound and safe.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!