Friday, 5 June 2015

Sundarakandam !! 68. Seetha Samashvasa Kadhanam / Hanuman narrates how Devi Sita was pacified by him !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!

Atha Aham Uththaram Devya Puna: Uktha:Sasambhramam |
Thava Snehan Naravyaghra Souhartha Anumanya Cha ||
Yevam Bahuvidham Vachyo Ramo Dhasharathi: Thvaya |
 Yaya Mama Apnuyath Sheegram Hathva Ravanamahave ||
Yadhiva Manyse Veera Vasaikaham Arindhama |
Kasmishchith Samvruthey Dhesho Vishrantha: Sho Gamishyasi ||
Mama Cha Apialpa Bhagyaya: Sannidhyath Thava Vanara |
Asya Shokavipakasya Muhoortham Syath Vimokshanam ||
“Oh! Naravyakhra ,  Devi Sita has shown respect to me out of affection and devotion to you, while I was preparing to leave, Devi Sita narrated about the further course of action .  “Rama, son of King Dhasharatha should be precisely informed, so that he can defeat Ravana in the battle and get me back, as early as possible. Oh! Arindhama, If you are willing, stay for a day in a secret place and leave tomorrow after relaxing. Oh! Viryavan, due to your presence my enormous grief has come to an end for a while; it will besiege me once again the moment you leave.  I am completely miserable due to the grief and agony one after another.  Oh! Harishvara, Oh! Vira, I have a light apprehension about the Vanaras and bears that are your helpmates, and how they can cross the vast ocean with Rama and Lakshmana? You, Garuda and Lord Vayu has the capabilities to cross vast ocean.  Oh! Vira, therefore the strategies you have conceived may cause difficult to accomplish the task.  You are indeed a prominent Vanara and you are aware of how to achieve any task.  Oh! Paraviragna, You alone are capable to accomplish the task.  Your way of execution of the task and achieve its results are marvelous.  If Rama vanquish Ravana and his entire army and take me back to his city triumphantly, that would bring glory to him.  Rama should not take me away without the knowledge of Ravana, the way Ravana abducted me in the absence of valorous Rama.  If Rama, conqueror enemies, fill the entire city of Lanka with powerful arrows and take me back to his city, that would be worthy of him.  Therefore, you assist Rama in such a way; he could expose his matchless prowess to Ravana in the battle field.”  I realized the appeal of Devi Sita was most appropriate and honest, I replied “ Oh! Devi Sita, King Sugriva, Lord of Vanaras and bears, excellent among Vanaras endowed with valor is determined to protect you.  There are multitudes of Vanaras enriched with valor and prowess to rush to anywhere as they have desired, they are sincerely committed to the command of Sugriva, there is no hindrance for their movements on the sky or ground or across the sky or ground, they have possessed the splendor to perform any herculean task.  These illustrious Vanaras with their strength and assistance of Lord Vayu, have circumambulated the whole Universe for several times.  Some of the Vanaras are equal to my strength and some of them are superior to me, there is none inferior in the army of Sugriva, I have crossed the mighty ocean of hundred Yojana, not to mention about the mighty Vanars in the army of Sugriva, superiors will not assigned with the minor tasks.  Oh! Devi Sita, kindly stop lamenting, those mighty Vanaras with a giant leap will be in the City of Lanka very soon.  The lions among men, Rama and Lakshmana, who has commendable valor and strength, can ascend on my shoulder to reach you, like Lord Aditya and Lord Chandra.  You can witness, Rama, destroyer of enemies, similar to lion and Lakshmana wielding his powerful bow, approach the entrance of the city of Lanka very soon.  In a short time you can witness the mighty Vanaras in multitude, with their sharp nails and teeth as their weapon, has the size of elephants and having the prowess of lion and tiger.  You will hear the clamoring sounds of the multitudes of Vanaras like mountain and clouds in the Mount Malaya, in the city of Lanka.  You will witness the valorous Rama, destroyer of enemies, returns from exile and crowned to the throne of Ayodha.”  I have pacified Devi Sita with pleasant words, after listening to my soothing words, Devi Sita/Maithilathmaja, became calm.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!