Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Sundarakandam !! 64. Hanumath Agamanam / Hanuman’s arrival to the city of Kishkindha !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Sugrivenevamuktha: Thu  Hrushto Dhadhimukha : Kapi: |
Raghavam Lakshmanam Chaiva Sugrivam Cha Abhyavadhayath ||
Sa Pranamya  Cha Sugrivam  Raghavou Cha Mahabalai |
Vanarai: Sahithai: Shoorai: Dhivam Yeva Uppapatha: ||
Sa Pravishto  Madhuvanam  Dhadharsha Hariyoothapan |
Vimadhan Uddhthan Sarvan Mohamanan Madhoodhakam ||
Sa  Than Upagamath Veero Badhva Karapudanjalim |
Uvacha Vachanam Shlakshanam Idham  Hrushtavath Anangadham ||
Dhadhimukha after listening to Sugriva, offered his humble salutation to Rama and Lakshmana, shortly he sprang up in the sky with his valiant associates.  He arrived in Madhuvanam and noticed that all those mighty Vanaras are in a state of intoxication, he offered salutation with folded hands and the courageous Dhadhimukha cheerfully spoke to Angadha “ Oh! Saumya, the guards of Madhuvanam obstructed your access to the garden due to ignorance; do not keep any bitterness in you.  Oh! Mahabala, Angadha, we have committed a mistake, you are the prince of Kishkindha, it is your pleasure garden.  Oh! Anangha, I have informed your uncle about your arrival with mighty Vanaras.  Your uncle was extremely happy to hear about it, he did not get upset about the ruin of Madhuvanam.  King Sugriva, Lord of Vanaras, your uncle was so pleased and informed all of you to return to his abode.”  Angadha replied after listening to the gentle words of Dhadhimukha, “Oh! Hariyuthapa, Oh! Paramthapaha,/destroyer of enemies, I presume Rama must have known about our arrival, therefore it is unfair to make any further delays, after the accomplishment of task.  The Vanaras are relaxing after consuming honey to their hearts content, we shall visit my uncle soon, I am obedient to you, and I shall follow whatever the opinion of the leader of Vanaras.  I am not a master, though I am crown prince of Kishkindha, it is unfair to act as chief of you who have accomplished the task.”  The Vanaras were pleased to listen the good-natured words of Angadha,  they replied in chorus “ Oh! Rajan, who would speak like you, although you are the crown prince? Everyone speak about their supremacy with arrogance.  It is worthy to listen to your modest words; your humbleness speaks about your future aptness for the prosperity.   All of us are waiting to see King Sugriva, Lord of Vanaras.  Oh! Harishreshta, we are honest to our words, we cannot move forward without your command.”  Angadha ordered the Vanaras to begin their journey, immediately all those Vanaras sprang up in the air with great speed and loud noise, Angadha and Hanuman at their forefront.  In the meantime, Sugriva spoke to lotus eyed Rama who was afflicted with grief “ Be clam, happiness to you.  They must have located Devi Sita, otherwise they do not have the courage to come back after the stipulated time.  Angadha, long armed prince, excellent among the Vanara does not have the courage to appear before me after ruining a task, if they did not finish the task, Angadha will be in a miserable state, and if he is not happy, he will not engage in the ruin of the marvelous garden Madhuvanam, which was received as boon and well protected by my father and grandfather.  Oh! Rama, splendid son of Koushalya, be calm.  It is definite that Sita must have located by Hanuman, who is proficient in the execution of tasks.  Oh! Rama,/Mathisaththama, Hanuman has the qualities to accomplish any task with intelligence, vigor and perseverance and has the splendor of Lord Aditya.  There will be no misfortune where Jambavan and Angada as the commander of army and Hanuman as perpetrator of the task.  Oh! Rama, Amithavikrama/matchless prowess, do not visualize troubled thoughts,” At that moment, Sugriva could hear loud noises of extreme delight by the  Vanaras as if proclaiming the triumph of the task, approaching the City of Kishkindha,  Sugriva stretched his tail in extreme delight listening to the clamoring sounds of the Vanars in the sky, keeping Angadha and Hanuman at forefront all those Vanaras arrived with an intense desire to witness Rama, ultimately landed before Sugriva and Rama.  Hanuman offered his salutation bowing his head down to Rama and informed that Devi Sita is in constant thought of Rama and healthy.  After listening to the nectar like words of Hanuman “ I have located Sita” Rama and Lakshmana was in a state of bliss.  Lakshmana looked at Sugriva with compassion and reverence, was true to his prediction about Hanuman.  Rama, annihilator of enemies, looked at Hanuman with high respect.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!