Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Sundarakandam !! 61. Madhuvana Banga:/ Destruction of the magnificent garden Madhuvanam !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Jai Anjaneya !!
Thatho Jambavatho  Vakyam Agrunnantha Vanoukasa: |
Angadha Pramukha Veera Hanuman Cha Mahakapi: ||
Preethimantha: Thatha; Sarva Vayu Puthra Pura: Sara: |
Mahendhragram Parithyajjya Pupluvu: Plavagarshabha: ||
Meru Mandhara  Sankasha Maththa Iva Mahagaja: |
Chadhyayantha Ivakasham Mahakaya Mahabala: ||
Sambajyamanam Bhoothai: Thama Athmavantham Mahabalam |
Hanumantham Mahavegam Vahantha Iva Dhrushtibhi: ||
Angadha, Hanuman and the elderly Vanaras sincerely accepted the advice of Jambavan.  The resplendent Vanaras who has the resemblance of Mount Meru and Mandhara, with their colossal bodies and power, like elephants in rut, delightfully took giant leap from Mount Mandhara, keeping foremost among Vanaras Hanuman at their forefront.   They were dutiful and had astounding swiftness; they were determined to work for the accomplishment of the task of Rama, they were enthusiastic about the upcoming battle and they were thoroughly aware of retaliation of Rama against the wicked Ravana.  The Vanaras took a giant leap on the sky, as if they were floating; at last they arrived in the garden full of lush creepers and woods, the sacred garden known as Madhuvanam which has abundance of honey, well protected by a powerful and virtuous Vanara Dhadhimukha, who is maternal uncle of Sugriva.  This glorious garden Madhuvanam was the most desired garden of Sugriva, all the Vanara that has the complexion of honey, became highly enthusiastic after witnessing the marvelous garden, eventually they asked permission from Angadha to taste the honey from the garden.  All those Vanaras were highly pleased and energetic after receiving consent from Angadhakumara, Jambavan and Hanuman.
Gayanthi Kechith Pranamanthi Kechith | Nruthyanthi Kechith Prahasanthi Kechith |
Pathanthi Kechith Vicharanthi Kechith | Plavanthi Kechith Pralapanthi Kechith ||
Parasparam Kechith Upashrayanthey | Parasparam  Kechith Athibruvanthey |
Parasparam Kechidhupabruvanthey | Parasparam Kechidhuparamanthey ||
Dhrumath Dhrumam Kechith Abhiplavanthey | Kshithou Nagagran Nipathanthi Kechith |
Mahithalath Kechith Udheernna Vega | Mahadhrumagrani Abhisampathanthey ||
Gayathamanya: Prahasannupaithi | Hasanthamanya: Prahasannupaithi |
Rudhanthamanya: Prarudhnnupaithi | Nudhanthamanya: Pranudhannupaithi ||
Some of the Vanaras were singing, some of them were offered salutation, some of them were dancing, some of them were laughing boisterously, some of the were rolling on the ground, some of them were darting in various directions, some of them were muttering, some of the Vanaras were leaning on the other, some of them were pouncing on the other, some of them were fighting with other, some of them were playing with another, some of them were hopping  from one tree to another, some of the Vanaras hurling down from the trees, some of them were darted on the huge trees and falling on the ground, while one of the Vanaras singing was approached by another with laugh, while one of the Vanaras laughing was approaching by another one weeping, while one of the Vanara was weeping was pushed by another one, one of the Vanara was pushing was approaching by another Vanara with roar.  The entire army of Vanaras was highly intoxicated, and none of them restrained from drinking honey and none of them were satiated.  Soon, the magnificent Madhuvanam was destroyed, trees were remained shredded off its flowers and leaves, Dhadhimukha was fuming with anger, approached the Vanaras and threatened the Vanaras who were highly vigorous.  The elderly Dhadhimukha, foremost among the Vanaras and care taker of Madhuvanam, tried to protect the garden from further destruction, he was threatened the Vanaras and whipped them with his palm, fought with them and tried to calm them in an appeasing manner.  Ultimately, the elderly Dhadhimukha was dragged and thrashed by the fearless Vanaras who were highly intoxicated, not aware of their acts or its consequences.  Dhadhimukha was severely wounded with the nails and teeth of the Vanaras, shortly he left the scene with bruises all over the body.  The Vanaras continued to tear down the wonderful garden Madhuvanam which has abundance of honey and flowers.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!