Saturday, 28 February 2015

Balakandam !! 55. King Vishwamithra destroys the hermitage of Sage Vashishta !!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Thatha: Than Akulan Dhrushtva Vishwamithra Asthra Mohithan |
Vashishta: Chodhayamasa Kamadhruk Srujayogatha: ||
Thasya Humkaratho Jatha: Kamboja Ravi Sannibha: |
Udhrassa: Thu  Atha Samjatha: Pahalva: Shasthra Panaya: ||
Yoni Dheshath Cha Yavana: Shakru Dheshath Shaka: Thatha |
Roma  Koopeshu Mleccha: Cha  Hareetha: Sa Kirathaka: ||
Thai: Thatha Nishoodhitham Sainyam Vishwamithrasya Thath Kshanath |
Sa Padhathi Gajam Sa Ashwam Sa Ratham Raghunandana ||
Sage Shathananda continued “ The divine cow Kamadhenu/Shabala created numerous mighty warriors who were hurried to King Vishwamithra, eventually  destroyed by the ferocious weapons of the King, Sage Vashishta encouraged the divine cow to create more powerful warriors with all her yogic powers; her boisterous ‘Hum’ noise instigated Kamboja who has the resemblance of Lord Aditya, her udder produced the well equipped Pahalva Kings, Yavanas were set off from her Yoni, lower part of the intestine/Shakru created Shakas and finally her bodily hairs produced  Mlecchas, Haritha and Kirathakas respectively.  Oh! Raghunandana, in a short period of time, the vast army of King Vishwamithra comprising mighty warriors, elephants, horses, and chariots were completely destroyed by the forces created by the divine cow Kamadhenu.  The most infuriated King Vishwamithra set off with hundred sons who were mighty warriors well equipped with various dreadful weapons hurried to Sage Vashishta and the Sages assembled were burn into ashes along with their chariots, elephants and horses, by the unruly ‘Hum’ sound from the supreme Sage Vashishta.   King Vishwamithra was dismayed like a tide less ocean, a fangless dreadful serpent, flightless bird, sun at the time of eclipse, he was utterly miserable at the pathetic state of his sons and the mighty warriors.  Ultimately, King Vishwamithra’s fearlessness and impulsiveness has lost, retired to woodland by saying Sage Vashishta to rule the Earth.  King Vishwamithra arrived on the serene mountain of Himalayas adorned by the Kinnaras and Uragas, he underwent severe austerities and worshipped Lord Mahadeva, after several years of penance Lord Mahadeva appeared on his celestial bull before the Sage Vishwamithra and enquired him about the purpose of severe penance and the Lord of Lords was ready to offer boon.  Sage Vishwamithra spoke “ Oh! Lord Mahadeva, you are pleased by my asceticism, I earnestly pray to enlighten me with the knowledge of Dhanurveda and its sub divisions/Sa Anga and Upa Anga of Upanishads.  Oh! Devadeva, bestow me with the knowledge about the Asthras that are belongs to the deities, Dhanavas, Maharshis, Yakshas and Gandharvas, that would fulfill my aspirations.”  Lord Shiva offered the boons enquired by Sage Vishwamithra and disappeared.  The mighty Kshthriya Sage Vishwamithra became mightier than ever before after obtaining various boons from Lord Shiva.  On a full moon day, Sage Vishwamithra with mounted fury approached the hermitage Sage Vashishta, shortly burnt down the entire woodland and hermitage with those powerful weapons which made the hermits and the disciples of Sage Vashishta run into various directions. Soon, the entire woodland and hermitage of Sage Vashishta resembled like a burial ground.  Sage Vashishta pacified the hermits who were fleeing for their life, saying that he will dispel Sage Vishwamithra son of Gadhi, like the sun covered in the mist.  In an extreme rage Sage Vashishta spoke “Oh! You Arrogant and senseless King, You have rundown the hermitage which was well flourished by me, you will have no future.” Saying so, most infuriated Sage Vashishta raised his Dhandam of Vi Dhoomra Kalagni/fume less blaze which has the resemblance of vicious weapon of Lord Yama.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!