Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Balakandam !! 52. The legend of Sage Vishwamithra continues…!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Thamam Dhrushtva Paramam Preetho Vishwamithro Mahabala: |
Pranatho Vinayath Veero Vashishtam Japatham Varam ||
Swagatham Thava Cha Ithi Uktho Vashishtena Mahathmana |
Asanam Cha Asya Bhagavan Vashishto Vyadhidhesha Ha ||
Upavishtaya Cha Thadha Vishwamithraya Dheematha |
Yaya Nyayam Muni Vara: Phalam Moolam Upaharath ||
Prathigruhya Thu Tham Poojam Vashishta Raja Saththama: |
Thapo Agnihothra Shishyeshu Kushalam Paryaprucchath ||
Vishwamithro Mahatheja Vanaspathi Gano Thatha |
Sarvathra Kushalam Cha Aha Vashishto Raja Saththamam ||
Sage Shathananda continued “ The mighty King Vishwamithra  dutifully offered obeisance to the resplendent Sage Vashishta who is superior among the ascetics.  Sage Vashishta received King Vishwamithra with great honor and offered him a finer seat and respectfully offered him various fruits.  Further, King Vishwamithra enquired about the welfare of the Sage, ascetics and his disciples, proceedings of Yagna and Yagas and the progress of Vanaspathi etc… to Sage Vashishta was obediently answered.  Sage Vaishshta, son of Lord Brahma who is greatest among the ascetics enquired the King Vishwamithra who was peacefully settled on the seat “ Oh! Righteous King Vishwamithra, hope you are doing extremely well and ruling your kingdom wisely for the welfare of your subjects.  Oh! Destroyer of enemies, hope you are well taking care of your assistants who are favoring your ruler ship, you have no enemies left in the open. Oh! Naravyakhra, hope your ministers of army, exchequers and associations are doing well, and your sons and grandsons are doing their best.”  King Vishwamithra submissively replied “Oh! Revered Sage, all are doing very well.” Both the righteous men were exchanged pleasant conversation for long time, at the end of their discussion, Sage Vashishta mentioned about the legate of Raghu Dynasty to King Vishwamithra.  Further, Sage Vashishta spoke to King Vishwamithra “ Oh! Rajan, I wish to offer hospitality equivalent to your prowess, kindly accept the same.  You are my prominent guest highly appropriate to venerate.”  King Vishwamithra replied “Your reverential words will be regarded as the highest of the hospitality and they are more than enough.  I am happy to accept whatever available in your hermitage, such as fruits and tubers and fine water to wash feet and quench my thirst.  I am extremely delightful to witness a godly sage like you worshipped by everyone.  I earnestly pray to accept my obeisance and treat me as your close associate.”  But the virtuous and highly generous natured Sage Vashishta repeatedly pleaded the King Vishwamithra to accept his hospitality.  At last King Vishwamithra, sons of Sage Gadhi yielded for the desire of Sage Vashishta, who called for his unblemished divine cow Shabala/Kamadhenu and instructed to prepare a sumptuous meal of six different tastes in abundance, along with delicious drinks and crunchy items, for the King Vishwamithra and the army of men.”
Jai Sriman Narayana !!