Thursday, 26 February 2015

Balakandam !! 53. Conflict arises between King Vishwamithra & Sage Vashishta for the possession of divine cow Shabala!!

Jai Sriman Narayana !!
Yevam Uktha Vashishtena Shabala Shathrusoodhana |
Vidhadhey Kamadhuk Kaman Yasya Yasya Yepsitham Yaya ||
Ikshun Madhun Thatha Lajan Maireyan Cha Vara Asavan |
Panani Cha Maha Arhani Makshayan Cha Uccha Avachan Thatha ||
Ushna Adasya Odhanasya Api Shashaya: Parvathopama: |
Mrushta Annani Cha Supa: Cha Dhadhi Kulya: Thathaiva Cha ||
Nana Swadhu Rasanam Cha Ghandavanam Shadabanam Ththaiva Cha |
Bhajanani Bhojanani Supurnani Gaoudanicha  Sahasrasha: ||
Sage Shathananda continued “Oh! Shathrusoodhana, Rama, The divine cow Shabala provided all those sumptuous foodstuffs at the command of Sage Vashishta.  She offered various sweets and savories made of Sugar and honey, superior intoxicated drinks and produce best suited for the royal people and their men of army.  There were huge mountain sized sweltering foodstuffs, Mrushtannam, and Dhadhi/curd of various tastes in attractive vessels.  Oh! Rama, the army men of King Vishwamithra found immense pleasure in the marvelous food served by Sage Vashishta.  King Vishwamithra and his families, members of the Kings Assembly, Brahmins and royal Priests, ministers and associates, were joined in the extravagant meal offered by Sage Vashishta.  Further, King Vishwamithra spoke to Sage Vashishta in high admiration “Oh! Revered Sage, you have generously offered us with a luxurious meal, kindly listen to my words now, you can offer this divine cow Shabala to me for hundred thousand cows and these will remain as a fortune for you, Kings are the gatherers of treasure therefore kindly offer Sabala to me.”  The virtuous Sage Vashishta replied after listening to the words of King Vishwamithra, “Oh Rajan, I cannot offer Sabala for hundred thousand cow or millions of cows or not for the loads of silver either.  Oh! Destroyer of enemy/Arindhama, Its impossible for me to abandon her from my hermitage and she is reverential to the virtuous, she belongs to me and she is inseparable from me.  Oh! Rajarishey, Shabala makes the journey of my life at ease, she provides all that required for the oblations to deities and Pithrus, fire sacrifices, religious offerings etc.. The numerous offerings prescribed in the scriptures are dependent on this divine cow.  Oh! King, Shabala is everything to me and there are many reasons I cannot offer this divine cow Shabala to you or anyone.”  In this way, Sage Vashishta authoritatively replied to the King.   Vishwamithra spoke “I am ready to offer you with fourteen thousand elephants decked with jewels, various precious jewels and goads, I will grant you eight hundred golden chariots tied with four fine horses decked with marvelous bells.  I may offer you eleven thousand fine horses from the marvelous breed.  I can offer you ten million cows of various colors and diverse breed for the divine cow Shabala. Oh! Dhvijothama/virtuous Brahmin, I would offer various ornaments and gems as gift, kindly offer Shabala to me.”  But Sage Vashishta firmly replied that he cannot offer Shabala for precious gems or wealth, or elephants, or cows, or horses and Shabala is everything to him and she is the purpose in his life, further she is the provider for all the spiritual services, various essential services and Vedic rituals.”  Thus Sage Shathanandha concluded the argument between Sage Vashishta and King Vishwamithra about the divine cow Shabala.
Jai Sriman Narayana !!